• Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

Architectural Polycarbonate Panels

WeProFab is a world-leading architectural polycarbonate panels manufacturers in China. With 20+ years in this industry,  we can guarantee to satisfy your needs. We provide all types of premium quality architectural polycarbonate panels at a very cost-effective rate. WeProfab is your one-stop-shop solution. Contact us immediately!

Get WeProFab Architectural Polycarbonate Panels to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab has strong manufacturing capabilities in producing a wide range of architectural polycarbonate panels. We are a well-equipped company with advanced technology and equipment. Our team understands the polycarbonate market dynamics and can supply satisfying products to all customers. Be one of our satisfied clients now! You can choose the standard or custom architectural polycarbonate panels based on your requirements.


Architectural Polycarbonate Panel Cut To Size

At Weprofab, we offer architectural polycarbonate panels cut to size depending on your request. Our team is skilled and experienced in this field ensures an excellent outcome for your order.

Clear Multiwall Architectural Polycarbonate

Get affordable clear multiwall architectural polycarbonate with excellent designs and superior workmanship. As an architect, you can achieve exactly the look you are going for with our clear multiwall architectural polycarbonate.

Custom Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

Custom architectural polycarbonate panel here. You can choose the style, color, designs, thicknesses, length, the width of your desired architectural polycarbonate panel.

Solid Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

Weprofab solid architectural polycarbonate panel is manufactured under strict quality control and standards. Thus, you can guarantee to receive superior quality products.

Twinwall Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

For your twinwall architectural polycarbonate panel needs, rely on WeProFab. Our team can advise and recommend the best polycarbonate for your needs.

UV Resistant Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

Our architectural polycarbonate panels are UV resistant perfect for various architectural applications. It is fabricated using the highest quality plastic materials.

WeProFab: Your Leading Architectural Polycarbonate Panels Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture of WeeTect Limited Material and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We are specialized in producing an extensive line of architectural polycarbonate panels. We provide high-class products and services. Our range of architectural polycarbonate panel systems is available for a variety of flat or curved polycarbonate cladding, roofing, and designs. This product allows architects or builders to integrate thermal insulation, natural light, and structural strength into facades, skylights, and roof designs.

Weprofab architectural polycarbonate panel is designed lightweight and leak-proof. It can withstand very high loads, and accommodate thermal expansion and contraction. Thus, Weprofab architectural polycarbonate panel is perfect for long-term use in industrial, residential, commercial, architectural applications.

WeProFab is the best architectural polycarbonate panels manufacturer that can offer you a one-stop solution. We are equipped with a wide range of plastic fabrication capabilities. It includes 5 Axis machiningpolishing, silkscreen, bending, thermoforming, plastic injection molding, plastic extrusion, CNC cutting, and assembly. We can custom architectural polycarbonate panels based on your requirements. Contact us today for more information!

Custom Architectural Polycarbonate Panels to Expand Your Business

Color Coated Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

Weprofab color coated architectural polycarbonate panel are suitable for architectural roofing & glazing, commercial and retail roofing, etc.

Scratch Resistant Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

Avail architectural polycarbonate panel features scratch-resistant and leak-proof at Weprofab. We use high-quality materials in producing the best product.

Impact Resistant Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

Our impact-resistant architectural polycarbonate panels are fast and easy to install. It also accommodates thermal expansion & contraction.

Leak-Proof Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

Whether you’re a builder, architect, or engineer that needs assistance assessing your design, Weprofab is your ultimate partner. Our range of leak-proof architectural polycarbonate panels gain a good reputation in the market.

High Thermal Insulation Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

Get high thermal insulation architectural polycarbonate panel only at Weprofab. Our team will help you consider which solution best fulfills your design aspirations.

Curved Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

Weprofab architectural polycarbonate panel is ideal for curved designs. It is designed with double-sided UV protection for high-performance and long-lasting use.

Chemical Resistant Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

Weprofab Architectural Polycarbonate Panel has excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of acids, oxidizing/reducing agents, neutral chemicals, and alcohols. It is available in many different sizes with variations in length, thickness, width, and even color.

Blue Tint Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

Weprofab Blue Tint Architectural Polycarbonate Panel offers a wide range of blue-tinted polycarbonate panels, some of the best selections available.

Scratch Resistant Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

Weprofab Scratch Resistant Architectural Polycarbonate Panel provides improved haze and yellowing resistance for a longer service life. In order to prevent damage, it is also available with a robust, abrasion-resistant covering on both sides.

Impact Resistant Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

Weprofab Impact Resistant Architectural Polycarbonate Panel is an extremely impact-resistant, naturally translucent, amorphous thermoplastic material that can withstand intense heat or cold. Light transmission is nearly identical to glass and is available in a variety of opaque and translucent tints.

Frosted Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

Weprofab Frosted Architectural Polycarbonate Panel is covered in tiny particles. It is often employed in the lighting industry as a key element in establishing a hazy, elegant, and romantic mood.

Translucent Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

It is able to provide the necessary level of weather protection. It is available for various constructions in various arrangements.

Textured Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

Weprofab Textured Architectural Polycarbonate Panel is a great option for the majority of conventional lighting applications since it has been tuned for light transmission and light diffusion.

Solid Color Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

Affordable, transparent, and UV-resistant while being lightweight. For many architects and designers, it is the best option.

Waterproof Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

Weprofab Waterproof Architectural Polycarbonate Panel is Waterproof and has increased temperature resistance, making it also fireproof. It comes in a wide range of sizes that vary in length, thickness, width, and even color.

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Why WeProFab Architectural Polycarbonate Panels

WeProFab is a professional architectural polycarbonate panels manufacturer in China. We have engaged in the mature R&D, designs, manufacturing, and sales of high-quality architectural polycarbonate panels. For more than 20 years in the industry, we guarantee to supply superior quality products at the best price.

Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

WeProFab is your one-stop solution to your architectural polycarbonate panels requirements. We have the full capacity in providing your needs on time. Our team chooses the best quality polycarbonate in producing architectural polycarbonate panels. This sheet is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

As a professional manufacturer, Weprofab offers various types of polycarbonate glazing products to exceed all of your requirements. These include flat solid architectural polycarbonate panels, multi-wall architectural polycarbonate panels, single-layer corrugated architectural polycarbonate panels, complete architectural panel systems, etc.

Weprofab Architectural Polycarbonate Panel Benefits

  • Handle high loads
  • Lightweight
  • Design aesthetics
  • Extremely durable
  • Long-lasting use
  • Provide fast and easy installation
  • Leak-proof system
  • High thermal insulation
  • Flexible
  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications

Weprofab Architectural Polycarbonate Panel Applications

  • Sports facility roofing
  • Service station roofing
  • Swimming pool covers
  • Architectural roofing & glazing
  • Covered walkways, awnings & canopies
  • Residential patios
  • Carports and pergolas
  • Parking structure covering
  • Commercial and retail roofing
  • Partitions & displays in indoor applications

Architectural Polycarbonate Panel Applications

Weprofab architectural polycarbonate panel comes in various thicknesses, lengths, widths, colors, designs, and features. You can choose the best architectural polycarbonate panel at Weprofab that can skyrocket your brand. We make sure all products meet your design aspirations, budgets, efficiency, and sustainability goals.

For your specific architectural polycarbonate panel needs, you can rely on us. We can customize it according to your requirements. We can offer additional functions to your architectural polycarbonate panel such as anti-glare, anti-fog, anti-scratch, super abrasion resistant, anti-reflective, and other special surface treatments.

Whether you’re an architect, engineer, or custom company that needs assistance evaluating your polycarbonate panel design, Weprofab got you covered!

Architectural Polycarbonate Panel

Aside from architectural polycarbonate panels, we also manufacture a broad range of UV-resistant polycarbonate, bullet-resistant polycarbonate sheets, anti-reflective polycarbonate sheets, anti-fog polycarbonate sheets, greenhouse polycarbonate panels, and more. In short, Weprofab is your one-stop shop solution for any polycarbonate material needs in China.

If you have more questions about our architectural polycarbonate panels, message us now. We provide excellent 24/7 technical and online assistance. Our skilled customer service team will help you through the completion of your orders.

For more information, contact us immediately.

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