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Automotive Plastic Parts

Weprofab has spent more than 20 years in manufacturing and supplying the world’s finest automotive plastic parts. We are capable of producing automotive plastic parts for any brand and even for luxurious companies. Our company offers you’re a profitable business.

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Get WeProFab Automotive Plastic Parts to Delight Your Customers

Our automotive plastic parts have the look and designs that surely fits your customers taste. Weprofab automotive plastic parts are capable of skyrocketing your business in the domestic and international markets.

Automotive Plastic Parts Manufacturer

Weprofab is one of the most reliable automotive plastic parts manufacturers in China. We hold a large product line of automotive plastic parts.

Customize Automotive Plastic Parts

Weprofab customizes automotive plastic parts according to your specifications. You can send us your drawings or ideas for automotive plastic parts and we will create them for you.

Plastic Injection Molded Automotive Parts

Weprofab plastic injection molded automotive parts are handled by our professionals. We ensure that you receive satisfactory products and services.

Automotive Parts Car Air Conditioning Mold

We have a wide range of services in automotive parts car air conditioning mold. Our expertise allows us to develop world-class products.

Automotive Interior Plastic Parts

Our main goal is to provide top-quality services on automotive interior plastic parts. We make that this product is lightweight, durable, and high-performance.

Injection Molded Car Components

Weprofab produces injection molded car components using high-grade material and innovative technology. We offer a wide range of products at the best prices.

WeProFab: Your Expert Automotive Plastic Parts Manufacturer

For years, Weprofab has been developing and upgrading the quality and performance of our automotive plastic parts. We have all the knowledge and skills to produce products with the latest trend and advanced performance.

Weprofab is composed of the latest machines operated by our experienced workers. It enables us to provide automotive plastic parts with satisfactory performance. You can order automotive plastic parts in standard and custom designs. Weprofab can deliver products anywhere in the world in a short period of time. We can guarantee that our automotive plastic parts are 100% certified and approved by ISO 9001.

Custom Automotive Plastic Parts to Skyrocket Your Brand

Automotive Plastic Parts Mould

We have the best automotive plastic parts mould with high-performance capability. Using this product, you can increase the numbers of your customers.

Automotive Dashboard Plastic Injection Auto Parts

Our automotive dashboard plastic injection auto parts are developed to showcase your company and brand in the domestic and overseas markets.

POM Automotive Plastic Parts

Weprofab offers to customize POM automotive plastic parts that are perfect for your business. We can assure you that with this product your business profit is guaranteed.

Plastic Injection Molded Automotive Parts

We provide high-end plastic injection molded automotive parts for affordable prices. We have a wide variety of this product.

Precision Automotive Plastic Parts

Our precision automotive plastic parts are manufactured using premium quality materials. We want to make sure that you produce satisfactory products for your customers.

Automotive Plastic Injection

Weprofab is one of the leading manufacturers of automotive plastic injection in China. We have spent years discovering the latest ideas to create more reliable automotive plastic parts.

Stable-Performance Plastic Parts Automotive Door Handle

Weprofab has all the capabilities in producing stable-performance plastic parts automotive door handle. This product is approved by ISO 9001.

Functional Automotive Plastic Parts with Sliders

We make sure that our functional automotive plastic parts with sliders have passed our strict quality control to ensure its’ long-lasting performance.

Automotive Air Conditioning Fiter System Plastic Parts

If you are looking for unique and advanced automotive air conditioning filter system plastic parts, Weprofab is your perfect choice in this industry.

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Why WeProFab Automotive Plastic Parts

Weprofab manufactures high-performance automotive plastic parts. This product is designed lightweight and durable.

It is to lessen the weight of a vehicle while having a reliable performance.

We continue to develop our automotive plastic parts in order to make them environmental-friendly and equipped with modern technology.

Weprofab automotive plastic parts offer you a productive and profitable business in the automotive industry.

Automotive Plastic Parts-9

Our automotive plastic parts have high effectiveness and efficiency in this field. We can help you provide automotive plastic parts for your customers around the world.


Weprofab is manufacturing automotive plastic parts for all types of automotive machines including luxurious brands.

Using our automotive plastic parts, you can skyrocket your business into a success. Our company’s main goal is to provide you a flexible and long-term service.

All the materials we used to develop automotive plastic parts are 100% certified and approved by ISO 9001.

Weprofab has all types of automotive plastic parts including polyurethane, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene and etc.

Automotive Plastic Parts-10

Our automotive plastic parts have enhanced heat resistance, impact resistance, toughness, and abrasion resistance.

Our company is dedicated to helping you find your ideal automotive plastic parts that will speed up your sales and profits. We have a wide variety of automotive plastic parts for you to choose from.

Rest assured, our products are budget-friendly and cost-efficient. Weprofab is offering you the most stringent automotive plastic parts at reasonable prices.

Weprofab automotive plastic parts extend the vehicle life. It has little corrosion, greater safety, greater comfort, and more versatility. These automotive plastic parts will surely fit your customer’s demands.

Automotive Plastic Parts-11

In fact, we can assure you that with our automotive plastic parts, you can increase the number of your customers internationally.

We have spent years mastering all the skills needed to manufactures automotive plastic parts. Weprofab is composed of professional engineers that are dedicated to producing more innovative automotive plastic parts.

Our automotive plastic parts are created using our advanced manufacturing system. We make sure that each product we produce is tested in quality before the delivery.

Weprofab is your perfect option for automotive plastic parts. We can be your most reliable manufacturer and solution provider in this industry.

Automotive Plastic Parts-12

Our company has all the capabilities and qualities for a top manufacturer in China.

We can assure you that we are capable of all your orders whether it’s a small or large quantity.

We assigned a well-disciplined team just to assist you 24/7. They are eager to help you find your ideal automotive plastic parts.

You can check on us anytime need. Just send us your inquiries!

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