• Bubble Dome Tent

Bubble Dome Tent

Do you want to bring camping and hanging out to the next level? Bubble Dome Tent from Weprofab is your ultimate choice. We manufacture outstanding quality bubble dome tents at the best price. Get the latest bubble dome tents at Weprofab to boom your brand. Contact us immediately!

Get WeProFab Bubble Dome Tent to Rocket Your Business

Weprofab is your #1 manufacturer and supplier of bubble dome tents. We also offer OEM and ODM to the products you require.

Transparent Bubble Dome Tent

This transparent bubble dome tent is environmentally friendly materials such as high-quality TPU/PVC. It is windproof, rain resistant, and heat resistance, best for outdoor camping.

Inflatable Bubble Dome Tent for Events

Our inflatable bubble dome tents for events are perfect and attractive for displaying all types of products. These are anti-leaking, waterproof, and do not aid dust is accumulating on the product

Outdoor PVC Clear Bubble Dome Tent

Outdoor PVC clear bubble dome tent is very convenient and flexible to use in different outdoor activities. It is fire-proof, security-guarantee, durable, and cheaper than still or solid building.

Bubble Dome Tent High Security 360 Degree

With this bubble dome tent high security 360 degrees, you can enjoy a 360-degree outdoor view, for it is windproof, insect-proof, and moisture-proof.

Luxury Transparent Bubble Dome Tent

This luxury transparent bubble dome tent has ample space that can fit into multiple people. It also has a convenient and firm ventilation air outlet design, easy to inflate and deflate.

Large Outdoor Bubble Dome Tent

Our large outdoor bubble dome tent has heavy-duty molded handles, stainless fittings, and convenient interlock straps. It also has high-quality and durable hot-air welded seams.

WeProFab: Your Trusted Bubble Dome Tent Manufacturer

As a professional manufacturer, Weprofab provides a one-stop solution for your bubble dome tents need. All products we provide have outstanding quality and performance. It is built with excellent durability and stability. This product is attractive with unique designs, graceful elegance, safety, and environmental protection, etc. Thus, many high-end users choose Weprofab bubble dome tents.

Weprofab has been manufacturing bubble dome tents for 20+ years. Our expertise and complete manufacturing equipment allow us to produce thousands of high-quality products. We are an ISO, SGS, CE certified company with skilled employees working with us to complete your requirements.

You can find what you need at Weprofab. We offer a complete line of products suitable for your business. Do you want to customize your bubble dome tent? Message us now. We have a cooperative team willing to work closely with you.

Custom Bubble Dome Tent to Boost Your Brand

2 Room Bubble Dome Tent

This two-room bubble dome tent is perfect for camping. It has unique features such as waterproof, heavy-duty, and water-resistant.

8-10 Person Bubble Dome Tent

It is perfect when your having camping, hiking, and traveling with your friends or family. This 8-10 person bubble dome tent, is stable and durable enough to resist wind and rain.

Customize Outdoor Camping Bubble Dome Tent

We can customized outdoor camping bubble dome tent in its size, color, design, and dimension.

Igloo Dome Bubble Tent

Our igloo dome bubble tent is non-corrosive,100% recyclable PVC and PA6 materials. It can withstand strong wind conditions.

Luxury Dome Transparent Bubble Tent

This luxury transparent bubble tent is available in different sizes. It is suitable for any occasion.

5M Dome Clear Bubble Tent for Glamping

This 5M dome clear bubble tent for glamping has 0.8mm clear PVC + 0.6mm PVC tarpaulin. We can customize the size, design, and color if you want.

Outdoor Bubble Tent Dome House

Our outdoor bubble tent dome house has 6m x 4m and 3.5m in height. It has high-quality material and also it is waterproof.

Giant Transparent Bubble Dome Tent

This giant transparent bubble dome tent has excellent quality material protecting against rain, moisture, warmth, wind, sun, and insects. It is ideal for travel, business, culture, and other activities.

Bubble Dome Tent Round Inflatable Crystal

This bubble dome tent round inflatable crystal is very eye-catching due to its fresh color and appearance. It is available in different designs, sizes, and colors according to your need.

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WeProFab Bubble Dome Tent

Bubble Dome Tent

Are you looking for the best bubble dome tents? Weprofab is your excellent manufacturer in China. We are an ISO-certified company capable of producing superior quality bubble dome tents. Our products are commonly used within the glamping industry. We offer it at a very cost-effective rate that can boom your business.

Our series of bubble dome tents are a blank canvas. This is ideal to create a perfect themed environment. You can use it to create an event space, holiday display or to feature a new product.

Each bubble dome tents structure is manufactured with hospitality professionals and entrepreneurs like you in mind. The unique style of our bubble dome tents will draw the attention of your customers. Your guests will have a good sky seeing with a 360 panoramic view of the night sky. It is a totally see-through bubble tent and enables your guest to install a curtain system for privacy.

Bubble Dome Tent

Weprofab Bubble Dome Tents Benefits

  • Sleek and simplistic design
  • Extremely durable
  • Weatherproof
  • Family-friendly designs
  • Elegant structure
  • Easy to set up
  • Able to be stored
  • Totally see-through bubble tent
  • Allows you to install a curtain system for privacy
  • Used over and over again for years
  • UV coated materials
  • Customize designs

Bubble Dome Tent

We provide customized bubble dome tents for branding and holiday scenes. Our team is dedicated to working with you every step of the way. Even after your purchase, we have an after-sales service to help you.

Whether you’re a hotel or resort brand, glamping site developer, holiday parks owner, or a bubble dome tent supplier, Weprofab can satisfy your needs and requirements.

Weprofab is your one-stop solution for any giant globes and event dome structures. Whether it’s an outdoor bubble room, dining domes, transparent camping tent, clear bubble tent, glamping dome, bubble hotel, or dome glasshouse, Weprofab got you covered.

Our bubble dome tents can help your hospitality business reach its goals. Let Weprofab help you develop an authentic glamping experience with bubble dome tents.

For more information, contact Weprofab now!

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