15mm Acrylic Sheet Case

WeProFab Acrylic Sheet, WeProFab can customize the acrylic sheet according to your requirements. We also can cut to the size as your requirements. We offer UV coating and anti-scratch coating as options and help you upgrade your products. Please send us your requirements, we will support you to start your business.


  • UV resistant
  • Customized size
  • Optional colors

Client requirement and pain point:

  • Required accurate size
  • UV resistant
  • Clear color

Key capabilities:

15mm acrylic sheet

Key Function:

Casting acrylic to thick sheet

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WeeTect can also provide you with related products based on this technology, like 18mm and 20mm thickness.

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Water curing
Remove Rubber Edge
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Keywords from capablity extended productsThick Acrylic Casting Sheet
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Our Solutions

  1. Offer UV resistant casting acrylic sheet
  2. Cut into size after getting the acrylic sheet
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