Acrylic Manifolds

Product Name: 11mm clear thick acrylic manifold for bioreactor

Key Functions: Complex pipes and holes inside, posting the heated insert in the acrylic manifold, no block in the thin pipe.

Used Capabilities: High precision CNC machining, Acrylic Bonding

Quantity and Other Expectations from Customer: Customer required all pipes and holes are flow through, required manufacturing it according to the drawing, no good appearance requirement. We also can provide the one-piece casting option which have no obvious bonding mark. Considering customer’s bargain of the project, we finally offer the acrylic bonding to customer.

Client Detail Requirements:

The client is a multidisciplinary product development company which designs precision solutions, also in medical industry from the USA. The client requires the acrylic manifolds used for bioreactor. Required the heated insert on the manifold, we can use your provided gun to post the heated inserts.

More Detail Requirements:

Nontoxic, the thickness of both should be 11mm, transparent, post the heated insert in the manifold, acrylic bonding and one-piece casting.

WeProFab Solution

Material Choose: optical clear casted acrylic sheet, acrylic glue

Thickness:  5mm and 6mm sheet

Color, Surface Treatment: transparent.

Features of Acrylic Manifold:

CNC Machining tolerance +/- 0.1mm, The small inner holes can be connected

WeProFab Capabilities on Acrylic Manifolds:

WeProFab has a vast technology and know-how database which can support customers to develop acrylic products with inner hole. In this case, if the inner hold is very thin, the holes maybe not connect, that the product will deactivation.  WeProFab can customize the acrylic manifold according to the drawing. We provide one-piece casting and bonding to manufacture the product according to your requirements. Please send us the drawing, we will support you to start your business.

Acrylic Manifolds

We choose optical clear casted acrylic sheet as the base material. They have a better transparency. The precise CNC machining secured the tolerance for all pipes and holes. Then, we bonded the two pieces with our optical acrylic blue precisely to make sure all pipes and holes are flow through. Finally, we use thermal gun to insert the metal connecters.

Manufacturing Processes:

Optical Clear Acrylic Sheet Casting, High Precision CNC, Acrylic Bonding

Manufacturing Equipment:

Glass Casting mold; Acrylic casting Machine, CNC machine, Fixtures

Other Products We Can Offer Based on These Capabilities:

Acrylic boxes and displays, acrylic box with aluminum base, large acrylic bonded domes, swimming pool.

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