Anti-Fog Eye Shield

Product Name: 0.15mm both side anti-fog eye shield

Key Functions: Anti-fog coating, Lens frame, Both-side protection film for the lens, Pull-tape for protection film, East to install, Individual package, Disposable use, Comfortable to wear.

Used Capabilities: Anti-Fog coating.

Quantity and Other Expectations from Customer: Customer request a good anti-fog performance and easy to installation for lens and frame, meanwhile request the lead time for 100,000, 250,000, 500,000 and 1,000,000 sets.

Client Detail Requirements:

The client is developing the purpose of making people safely when the COVID-19 pandemic happened all over the world. Afterwards client and his team focus on research and development the transparent anti-fog anti-scratch face mask, face shield and eye shield etc. products to pursue people’s safe. The single use eye shields come to fast and release to the market quickly, due to the wide application of dental, clinic, prescription glass, medical, residential, and daily office etc. to make the demand quantities increase rapidly.

More Detail Requirements:

This client is more pay attention to details, to make end users to use the products more convenient, we times and times to improve the details, like anti-fog protection film to make the lens transparent when users wear them. Meanwhile add the pull-tap for easily to peal off the protection film. In addition, for the punched holes, we did waste discharge to make sure that without any cut circle pieces inside of each individual package. Below pictures for reference:

WeProFab Solution

Material Choose: anti-fog PET film

Thickness:  0.15mm

Color, Surface Treatment: transparent anti-fog coated PET film

Features of Anti-Fog Eye Shield:

Quality anti-fog performance, optical clear, no cut off left, all protective films are well protected

WeProFab Capabilities on Anti-Fog Eye Shield:

WeeTect anti-fog eye shields are flimsy and light, so that when you wear them, you will feel comfortable. In addition, WeeTect anti-fog eye shields provide excellent anti-fog performance. It won’t be fogging up when you wear them.

To overall speaking, WeeTect anti-fog made the simple design for easing to installation. Pull tape for easy to peel off both side protection film. Each single package with one anti-fog lens and one frame for keeping them clean. Except that we can custom the size and diameter according to your demand.

To fulfill customer’s quality requirements, we chose optical clear PET film to do quality anti-fog coating. We also redesigned our die cutting process to make sure all cut off can be removed. At the same time, secure the protective films were not peeled off.

Manufacturing Processes:

Optical PET biaxial stretching, optical anti-fog coating, Die Cutting, Cut Off Removing, Packaging

Manufacturing Equipment:

Optical PET biaxial stretching equipment, roll to roll anti-fog coating, automatic die cutting

Other Products We Can Offer Based on These Capabilities:

Medical Face Shield; Anti-fog Goggles, Transparent Face Masks, Anti-bacteria Face Masks

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