Anti-static Acrylic

Product Name: 6mm clear anti-static acrylic sheet for conveyer line cover.

Key Functions: 106 Ohm resistance for Electrostatic Dissipative (ESAnti-static 10^6 OhmD), 4H surface hardness, 1KG 500 times abrasion resistance test (haze rate<=5%).

Used Capabilities: high abrasion resistant anti-static coating.

Quantity and Other Expectations from Customer: customer expected a better abrasion resistant performance, in advance of great anti-static performance (below 106 Ohm resistance)

Client Detail Requirements:

This client is a conveyer line manufacturer from South Asia. The booming economy is driving so strong demand on new production lines with electronic equipment. Unfortunately, their current conveyer line covers have normal anti-static which are very easily to be scratched. At the same time, the anti-static performance will drop significantly after a few months. It causes big trouble after the equipment be installed.

More Detail Requirements:

This client is eagerly to develop much better anti-static conveyer line covers. The resistance number should be below 106 Ohm for Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD). They need us to offer the covers with much better hardness and abrasion resistance.  At the same time, the anti-static performance should keep as longer as we can. This client also need the covers to be made from impact resistant transparent plastic sheets.

WeProFab Solution

Material Choose: optical clear casted acrylic sheet. 

Thickness:  4.0mm and 6.0mm.

Color, Surface Treatment: transparent 4H abrasion resistant anti-static coating.

Features of Anti-static Acrylic Sheet:

Impact Resistant; Transparent; 4H Hardness; Haze Rate<=5% After 1KG 500 Times Abrasion Resistant Test; Resistance 106 Ohm.

1KG 500 times Abrasion Resistant, Haze Rate Lower than 5%

WeProFab Capabilities on Anti-static Acrylic Sheet:

WeProFab has a vast technology and know-how database which can support customers to develop higher performance products. In this case, normal anti-static coated acrylic sheets only have HB hardness, easily to be scratched.  Our engineering team leveraged our technologies on hard coating and abrasion coating into anti-static coating which can improve the surface hardness significantly.

We choose optical clear casted acrylic sheets as the base material. They have a better impact resistance and surface hardness than extruded acrylic sheet. We also upgraded our anti-static coating to have a much better hardness and abrasion resistant performance. We also designed a new curing process to improve the anti-static performance with a long longevity. Our anti-static surface can keep Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) performance for more than 2 years.

Manufacturing Processes:

Optical Clear Acrylic Sheet Casting; Drying and Dehumidification; Anti-static Coating; Curing

Manufacturing Equipment:

Casting Production Line; Anti-static Coating Production Line in a Cleaning Room

Anti-static Coating Production Line

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