Resin Toy

Product Name: Resin Toy

Key Functions: Display, Collection, Multiple colors, Artistic Creativity.

Gloss resin toyMatte toy

Used Capabilities: 3D Printing, Casting, Color Matching, and Painting.

Quantity and Other Expectations from Customers: Customers expected different designs in small batches at an affordable price and make sure of the excellent workmanship and a stable delivery time.

Client Detail Requirements: 

This client is a designer from Europe. She has an animal toy design in different colors and needs 5 units of each color. We are required to customize one first, which should be consistent with the drawing.

More Detail Requirements:

We are required to sign NDA to keep the design safe (So, we can’t put the exact picture here). Some colors are gloss, and some colors are matte. The toys need to stand but not be too heavy.

WeProFab Solution

Material Choose: Resin

Thickness:  1.0mm

Color, Surface Treatment: According to the Pantone Color and professional painting.

Features of resin:

Impact Resistant; Light; smooth after polishing.

Transparent 3D Printing-A

WeProFab Capabilities on Resin Toy:

WeeTect can support you to customize vinyl toys, plastic toys, and designer resin figures online. We help many designers to create countless toys and figures which have been sold all over the world. WeeTect allows you to have different designs in small batches.

We use suitable mold to create the figures and check every color with customer according to pantone color. We are professional worker and technology to realize the complex paint design, 100% realize the appearance you desire. We will choose different materials and process according to the quantity and quality you required. We will control the cost to make sure that the unit price of the figures affordable.

Manufacturing Processes:

3d printing for first one. Resin Casting for more quantity which can be small batch; Curing; Painting; Drying.

Manufacturing Equipment:

3D Printer; Casting Production Line; Painting in a Cleaning Room

Other Products We Can Offer Based on These Capabilities:

Vinyl toys, plastic toys, and designer resin figures.

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