Screen Printing Polycarbonate Overlay

Client Required Product: 1mm Screen Printing Polycarbonate Overlay  used for electrical equipment panel

Used Capabilities: screen printing, polycarbonate cutting, polycarbonate heating

Quantities: 100,000 pcs ship to California, US

Required Lead time: 30 days after payment

Client Detailed Requirements:

Their electrical control panel needs to design a polycarbonate sheet overlay. the overlay need to be used in area above 30 *C, They did not know which material to use, the most difficult thing is the temperature and the printing.

More Detailed Requirement:

  • 需求1
  • 需求2
  • 需求3

WeProfab Solution:

Material Choose: polycarbonate overlay

Thickness: 1mm

Surface Treatment: silk screen printing, polishing

Features of Weprofab polycarbonate overlay:

  • feature 1
  • feature 2
  • feature 3

Weprofab Capabilities on Polycarbonate Overlay

这边一段整体描述, 50 到100个字 讲一下我们这个产品的优势, 特征, 跟你们写description 那段,放这里就可以

WeProFab Acrylic Sheet, WeProFab can customize the acrylic sheet according to your requirements. We also can cut to the size as your requirements. We offer UV coating and anti-scratch coating as options and help you upgrade your products. Please send us your requirements, we will support you to start your business.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Process 1: 解释下
  • Process 2: 解释下
  • Process 3:解释下
  • Process 4: 解释下

Manufacturing Equipment

  • 设备1: 用来干嘛
  • 设备2:用来干嘛
  • 设备3:用来干嘛
  • 设备4:用来干嘛

Other products We can offer based on these capabilities:

这边列一下,基于这个工具, 我们还能够提供哪些产品。


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