Tinted Acrylic Block

Product Name: 33mm thick colored acrylic block 

Key Functions: Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, Blue, Silver, Translucent Black, Clear color, Thick acrylic block, Have the customized shape, good appearance.

Used Capabilities: CNC machining, polishing, dying.

Quantity and Other Expectations from Customer: 900 sets with different color and have good appearance, no scratches on the surface.

Client Detail Requirements:

The client requires an acrylic base which is used for IMAC and support the IMAC and collect the data lines. The acrylic block includes three parts, used for containing the data lines, HUD plugs and bearings. The client wants the best height adjustable base for iMac computers. The good appearance is needed, at the same time, require the base has the enough thick and different colors.

More Detail Requirements:

The client requires yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, silver, translucent black, clear 8 colors. The thick should beyond 30mm, and the surface is glossy and no obvious scratches.

WeProFab Solution

Material Choose: Casted Acrylic Sheet

Thickness:  35mm

Color, Surface Treatment: Clear color, Dyed color

Features of Tinted Acrylic Block: Surface is glossy and no obvious scratches. 

Grey Acrylic Block

WeProFab Capabilities on Tinted Acrylic Block:

WeProFab Tinted Acrylic Block, WeProFab can customize the acrylic block according to the drawing. We also can customize the different colors according to your requirements and manufacture the suitable product according to your actual sample. We also support small batch customization. Please send us the drawing or sample, we will support you to start your business.

We choose the casted acrylic sheet as the base material which has a flexible thickness choice. We polish the acrylic sheet as the universal thickness-33mm. We cut the big acrylic sheet to be a small block which is a little bigger than the actual final product. We use the CNC machining to manufacture the final product. Then we dyed it to be the specific color.

Manufacturing Processes:

Polishing, CNC machining, Dying colors.

Manufacturing Equipment:

Casting Production Line, CNC Machine, Dying Equipment

Other Products We Can Offer Based on These Capabilities:

Acrylic blocks, Acrylic place card holders, and Various CNC processed products.

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