• Cast Acrylic Tube

Cast Acrylic Tube

WeProFab provides lots of necessities in the industry. Our cast acrylic tube is one of the in-demand for your business purposes. We can produce plenty of gorgeous cast acrylic tubes for you. Get in touch with us!

Get WeProFab Cast Acrylic Tube to Delight Your Customers

Our cast acrylic tube is very essentials in all plenty of applications since it has greater visual clarity, better machining properties, has higher bending strength, and has better resistance to heat deformation.

Cast Acrylic Tube Manufacturer

WeProFab is the leading fabricator of all types of cast acrylic tubes. We can assure you the best and high-quality product we have. You can also give us your cut-to-size dimension so we will cut base on your exact sizes.

Clear Cast Acrylic Tube

WeProFab clear cast acrylic tube gives transparent appearance since it has excellent clarity and effective in resisting water. It is perfect for constructing architectural projects, home improvements, and lighting.

Diameter Cast Acrylic Tube

We have fabricated different diameter cast acrylic tube to have satisfaction with the product since it can be obtainable in measurements ranging from ½ inch to 6 inches outside diameter.

Engraved Cast Acrylic Tube

At WeProFab, we have made a very attractive engraved cast acrylic tubes. It will depend on your applications. Perfect for business which people could love for their project as well.

Resistant Cast Acrylic Tube

Our resistant cast acrylic tube can have excellent resistance for long-term exposure. It can be easy to machine and can be purchase at lower costs.

Seamless Cast Acrylic Tube

Our seamless cast acrylic tube can be used in many businesses like gas and oil process, sign making, display, precision engineering also as reaching requisition for the food and medical industries.

WeProFab: Your Leading Cast Acrylic Tube Manufacturer

Over 20 years in the industry, WeProFab has plenty of experience and sufficient capabilities regarding fabricating acrylic tube products. Our cast acrylic tube is in demand since we produce many types of it that are suitable for all businesses and personal necessity.

We have produced our products in high-quality and very durable materials. We also guarantee our customers to have satisfaction with our products since it made of 100% acrylic material. WeProFab has a production procedure that includes laser cutting and thermoforming.

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Cast White Frost Acrylic Tube

It is ideal for lighting applications since it has high efficiency with excellent diffusing properties.

Colored Cast Acrylic Tube

If you want to have colored for your cast acrylic tube, WeProFab can be your solution since it can be obtained in colors upon your request.

Large Diameter Cast Acrylic Tube

If you wanted to have a huge selection for your cast acrylic tube, WeProFab can have cut-to-size your desire dimension.

Square Cast Acrylic Tube

WeProFab also provides shapes for your acrylic tube because of the wide range of uses in the industry and product design.

50mm Cast Acrylic Tube

If 50mm is your desire measurement for your cast acrylic tube, we can provide it for you.

Transparent Clear Cast Acrylic Tube

Transparent clear cast acrylic tube features outstanding resistance to sunlight and weathering. Extruded using lightweight and rigid acrylic with excellent optical properties. Available with dozens of variations.

Large Diameter Cast Acrylic Tube

Large diameter cast acrylic tube is popular across a wide range of industries. Perfect for applications that require a high level of optical clarity. Frequently utilized as displays, decorations, arts, and crafts

50cm Cast Acrylic Tube

50cm cast acrylic tube is supplied with a clear protective film on the surface. Capable to be machined and glued. Provides a similar clarity to glass and is smoothly polished inside and out. Guarantees a long-lasting solution.

Flexible Threaded Cast Acrylic Tube

Flexible threaded cast acrylic tube arrives in an assortment of sizes and colors. Specifically designed for decorative purposes. Manufactured using a rigid and UV stabilized material. Meets FDA standards.

Square Cast Acrylic Tube

Square cast acrylic tube is a perfect material for do-it-yourself projects. This will not crack, craze, or corrode easily. Commonly used for aquariums, corporate gifts, and trophies. Built with a higher quality standard.

Chemical Resistant Cast Acrylic Tube

Chemical resistant cast acrylic tube features excellent water absorption which can be bent and strip heated. Highly popular in various chemical processing industries. Offers outstanding optical clarity and UV resistance.

Frosted Cast Acrylic Tube

Frosted cast acrylic tube offers high impact resistance making it suitable for point-of-purchase display and other commercial applications. Maintains clarity for a long period and has a dual side paper masking for added protection.

Translucent Cast Acrylic Tube

A translucent cast acrylic tube resists aging and maintains good stability over a period of time. Optically perfect and functions better. Guarantees enhanced shatter resistance and excellent durability.

Light Diffusion Cast Acrylic Tube

Light diffusion cast acrylic tube delivers superior performance and extended durability. Features flawless optics and a perfectly-smooth surface. Ensures excellent light diffusing properties and superior UV resistance.

Watertight Cast Acrylic Tube

Watertight cast acrylic tube is available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. Transparent and effective at resisting water. Features a lightweight and rigid solution making it an ideal glass replacement.

Cast Colored Acrylic Tube

Cast-colored acrylic tube comes with maximum design specifications with high tolerance. Strictly produced with extended life, high purity, and strength. Frequently used in sanitary and biopharmaceutical tubing applications.

200mm Diameter Cast Acrylic Tube

200mm diameter cast acrylic tube is undeniably stronger and more chemical resistant than any other solution. Popular for all kinds of lab applications and provides dimensional stability. Comes with a 200mm diameter.

Tinted Cast Acrylic Tube

Tinted cast acrylic tube offers good electrical resistivity and maximum temperature resistance. Perfect material for various architectural projects and setting improvement. Available in numerous lengths and diameter options.

Custom Shape Cast Acrylic Tube

Custom shape cast acrylic tube is known for its dimensional accuracy and excellent circularity. Provides even illumination and is ideal for internal and external applications. Custom shapes are available to choose from.

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Why WeProFab Cast Acrylic Tube

WeProFab has fabricated plenty of acrylic tubes which is very commonly used in construction. We have fabricated cast acrylic tubes to have plenty of options in your application. One of the popular cast acrylic tubes we produced is the resistant cast acrylic tube which is long term-use for your building.

We have fabricated also a seamless cast acrylic tube, engraved cast acrylic tube, diameter cast acrylic tube, and a lot more.

Cast Acrylic Tube

Our cast acrylic tube is very essential in a wide variety of applications like in a scientific apparatus, structural supports, storage containers, jewelry, industrial goods, children’s toys, pet cages, and candy dispensers. It is also excellent for constructing architectural projects, home improvements, instruments, lighting, and more.

In commercial constructions, our cast acrylic tube is inexpensive but has better machinability and optical clarity.

Also, our cast acrylic tube is generally used in food procedure industries as well as oil, gas, fabrication work, pipeline research, signs, precision engineering, and displays.

Cast Acrylic Tube

At WeProFab, the cast acrylic tube has lots of characteristics that can be suited in your plan. Our cast acrylic tube has good electrical resistivity, has an excellent UV resistance, lightweight and firmly alternative to glass, easy to fabricate, machine, and glue. It has excellent optical effects and lastly, it has excellent resistance to long-term display to sunlight and weathering.

WeProFab cast acrylic tube is unaffected by sunlight and fluorescent lights, prevents aging, and sustain stability under a wide range of conditions.

Our cast acrylic tubes have a higher weight and provide their versatility so it is easier to machine, shape, and cut. We conduct product processing like laser cutting, CNC routing, and thermoforming.

Cast Acrylic Tube

WeProFab accepts custom-make for your cast acrylic tube and also we provide cut lengths and custom extensions for your cast acrylic tube. Message us your exact sizes and dimensions. It has aWe can produce tubes to the length requested, we are pleased to assists your necessities.

WeProFab provides a cast acrylic tube that can be accessible in cut-to-size, full length, or finished parts.

As an ISO 9001 certified, we strictly control the quality of our products. We make sure our products are tested quality and obtain in sturdy materials.

We have plenty of skills in regards to producing cast acrylic tubes and other acrylic tube products, so we can guarantee you that we reach your desire outlook for your cast acrylic tube products.

To know more about our cast acrylic tube or other acrylic tube products, leave us a message now.

What is Cast Acrylic Tube?

The cast acrylic tubes are the acrylic material manufactured by casting.

The casting process of acrylic sheet to form your needed tube size.

These tubes are known for their high rigidity and enhanced color surface characteristics.

What are the Features and Benefits of Cast Acrylic Tube?

Using cast acrylic tubes provide various features and benefits, which includes:

  • Lightweight
  • More sturdy alternative to glass
  • Outstanding UV resistance
  • Easy to process like fabricating, gluing, and machine
  • Less water absorption
  • Highly transparent
  • Better machine than extruded tube
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Available in various colors
  • High impact strength
  • Highly polished
  • Display quality
What are the Common Applications of Cast Acrylic Tube?

The cast acrylic tubes are manufactured for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • As scientific equipment
  • Jewelry
  • Storage containers
  • Children’s toys
  • Pet cages
  • Industrial goods
  • Structural supports
  • Candy dispensers
In What Sizes Does the Cast Acrylic Tube Available?

Manufacturers commonly design cast acrylic tubes about 1.0 to 1.2 long.

However, according to your heavier applications, you can also have a suitable cast acrylic tube length.

Below are some length options:

  • If you have 127 to 350 O.Diameter, 1.2 meters is its length.
  • 400 to 600 O.Diameter for 1.0-meter length
  •  800 to 1000 O.Diameter for 2.0 size long
What are the Things Needed when Cutting Cast Acrylic Tube?

What are the Things Needed when Cutting Cast Acrylic Tube?

As you cut the cast acrylic tube, you will need some tools to prepare, like:


Tape measure

Bench vise


Work gloves

Medium flat file

Eye protection

Dust mask

Painters tape

Cast acrylic tube

How to Cut the Cast Acrylic Tube?

Below is the procedure for adequately cutting the cast acrylic tube.

Step 1: Measure the cast acrylic tube length you desire to cut using a tape measure.

Using a pencil, mark the tube length.

Step 2: Wrap the tube with painter’s tape for the right edges line-up.

The tape will be your cutting direction.

Step 3: Place the cast acrylic tube in the bench vise. Tighten it for secure tube holding.

Step 4: This time, you need to wear eye protection, a dust mask, and work gloves.

Your safety is vital in the next step.

Step 5: Coordinate the hacksaw blade and the tape’s external edge on the cast acrylic tube.

Step 6: Precisely cut the tube into two pieces with long, slow strokes. 

Do not move the saw so fast to prevent the blade from overheating.

It may result in a messy cut and cracks.

Step 7: Smoothen the tube’s cut edges with a medium flat file.

How to Bend the Cast Acrylic Tube?

For bending cast acrylic tube, you should consider some things, like:

Pliers, boiling water, propane torch, and vise grip.

Below are some steps on proper bending cast acrylic tubes.

Step 1: First, you have to boil water over a fire. 

Hang from above the part you desire to bend for 10 minutes.

Step 2: Clear away the cast acrylic tube. 

Place the acrylic tube in a vise grip.

From vise grip in one end, pliers on the other part.

Gently pull the cast acrylic tube into shape.

Repeat the processes if you want to bend a larger tube. 

Step 3: Hold 3 inches of the tube over the propane torch fire.

Heat and wait until the cast acrylic tube is pliable.

Locate the tube at one end of the viae grip. 

Use pliers to bend and shape the cast acrylic tube.

This process is ideal for larger tube bending applications.

What are the Differences Between Cast Acrylic Tube and the Extruded One?

The cast acrylic tube is more expensive than the extruded acrylic tube.

Cast acrylic tube resists more bullets compared to the extruded one.

They can endure more harsh weather than the extruded acrylic tube.

Hence, the cast acrylic tube is a sturdier, more complex, and more rigid product. 

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