• Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is an excellent clear polycarbonate sheet manufacturer in China. We produce all kinds of clear polycarbonate sheets according to our customer’s requirements. We are proud to distribute our products with the highest quality. Send us your ideal clear polycarbonate sheets, we are glad to deliver all your polycarbonate sheets need!

Get WeProFab Clear Polycarbonate Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is the leading clear polycarbonate sheet manufacturer for your polycarbonate sheet business. We have all types of clear polycarbonate sheet that may offer to our clients and make your business become larger.

Triple Wall Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

In Weprofab, we only used high-grade materials in manufacturing our triple wall clear polycarbonate sheet. We always make sure that all of our triple wall clear polycarbonate sheet passed the standard quality.

Frosted Glossy Mat Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is a great manufacturer of frosted glossy mat polycarbonate sheets in China. We are featured by our great quality products and outstanding services to our valued clients.

5mm Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab offers a cut-to-size clear polycarbonate sheet in order for you to choose the exact sizes that you may need to complete your project without any scrap.

Hard-coating Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is one of the fast-growing manufacturers of hard-coating clear polycarbonate sheet. Offering all kinds of clear polycarbonate sheets that you need for your great business.

Translucent Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

If you need a translucent clear polycarbonate sheet, Weprofab offers its best clear polycarbonate sheet that has a protective film and absolutely has a perfect quality.

Corrugated Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

Corrugated clear polycarbonate sheets in Weprofab are safe and meet the highest standard of customer gratification. If you are in need of a corrugated clear polycarbonate sheet for your business, check on Weprofab.

WeProFab: Your Leading Clear Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also metal fabrication.

Weprofab can create different clear polycarbonate sheets that are lightweight and easy to install, both UV and weather resistant. Weprofab offers a one-stop solution for all your clear polycarbonate sheets needed.

Send us an inquiry now, we will be sure to answer you immediately.

Custom Clear Polycarbonate Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

U Shaped Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab retractable clear polycarbonate sheet gives you a stronger cover for your enclosure instead of glass.

Polycarbonate Clear PC Hollow Sheet

Weprofab offers a wide variation of the thickness of polycarbonate clear PC hollow sheet excellent indoor and outdoor applications without compromising the strength and durability.

Clear Plastic Polycarbonate Sheet

In making our clear plastic polycarbonate sheet, Weprofab using tough grade materials to secure that it’s not easy to break or explode unlike with other types of polycarbonate sheets.

Clear Colored Polycarbonate Sheet

The clear-colored polycarbonate sheet reaches the best light transmission depending on its colors. Therefore, this sheet is extremely saved energy costs.

Solid Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

The solid clear polycarbonate sheet is lighter in weight than the glass. It saves more installation, shipping, and production cost. Has good resistance to weather and chemical.

Clear Polycarbonate Sheet for Greenhouse

The clear polycarbonate sheet for the greenhouse has great impact strength and filters the UV ray. It also features a fire retardant and temperature resistance.

Scratch Resistant Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

A scratch-resistant clear polycarbonate sheet has a normal thickness and good properties. It has a long service life and uniform quality.

Clear Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet

The clear embossed polycarbonate sheet is perfect for various greenhouse, hotel, skylight, and more applications. Available in different thicknesses and sizes.

Impact Resistance Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

Impact-resistant clear polycarbonate sheet is manufactured from 100% virgin and high-quality materials. It features excellent weather ability.

Clear Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet

The clear Lexan polycarbonate sheet has consisted of a UV protection layer. It is certificated with ISO, RoHS, SGS, and other certifications.

Clear Diffused Prismatic Polycarbonate Sheet

A clear diffused prismatic polycarbonate sheet is environmentally friendly and customizable. It can be personalized with logos and other additional features.

3mm Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

A 3mm clear polycarbonate sheet is perfect for engraving, cutting, and other processing methods. It can be used for kitchen, office, and home furniture.

Clear Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

The clear abrasion-resistant polycarbonate sheet is suitable for the windshield, window, partition, and other outdoor applications.

2mm Thick Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

A 2mm thick clear polycarbonate sheet is good for cold bending performance. It features cold resistance, heat resistance, and good electrical insulation.

Sound Insulation Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

Sound insulation clear polycarbonate sheet is widely used for roofing, cladding, glazing, and other applications. They are easy to handle and install.

Clear Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheet

The clear anti-static polycarbonate sheet has good tensile strength and modulus elasticity. It is commonly utilized for medical and pharmaceutical devices.

Clear Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Sheet

A clear flame retardant polycarbonate sheet is suitable for decoration and construction applications. It features an excellent physical and good performance.

10mm Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

The 10mm clear polycarbonate sheet is perfect for the railway station, building partition, subway entrance, and exterior wall. It has a durable and sturdy construction.

Clear Anti-UV Polycarbonate Sheet

The clear anti-UV polycarbonate sheet can be bent, printed, and coated. It blocks the UV rays and features explosion-proof, soundproof, and non-toxic.

Clear Polycarbonate Sheet for Panel

The clear polycarbonate sheet for the panel has anti-glare, scratch-resistant, high-hardness, and other desirable properties. It can handle different applications and temperatures.

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Why WeProFab Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab clear polycarbonate sheet is an alternative application for glass that has a UV filter.

It is popular in the whole world since it is the most affordable, more lightweight and more adorable.

It is also most versatile in the market.

All of our clear polycarbonate sheets offer scratch resistance and surface solidity that has a greater impact on strength and also clarity.

Weprofab is one of the leading manufacturers of clear polycarbonate sheets in China.

We are experts and well-trained in designing and developing of clear polycarbonate sheets.

We always continue to produce the highest level of quality when it comes to our finished products to pass and meet international standards.

Weprofab always provides eco-friendly clear polycarbonate sheets that supply the demand of the market as well as our client’s requirements.

Weprofab offers clear polycarbonate sheets with the exact size that you needed in your business and other projects.

Weprofab clear polycarbonate sheet offers heat declination temperature and absorbs moisture.

It is an ideal material for definite transparent structural implementation.

A clear polycarbonate sheet has an advantageous feature including a higher strength impact which can be greater than other glass.

Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

It is guaranteed 100% flammability resistance and heat resistance with the highest optical clarity.

As a professional manufacturer, we preserve the values of loyalty and honesty of our engineers and staff in dealing with our clients.

In Weprofab, we are able to supply and produce a wide variety of clear polycarbonate sheets at competitive prices.

We guaranteed that all of our clients always receive the best quality of products and satisfying services of our clear polycarbonate sheets.

Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

When you need a clear polycarbonate sheet for your business, we ensure that you will gain high-quality products to raise your brand name in the market.

If you are interested in our clear polycarbonate sheet, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

Clear polycarbonate sheets are widely used in the market.

These sheets have a dynamic and versatile usage, varying from manufacturing medical equipment to food processing products.

A majority of builders and product manufacturers find clear polycarbonate sheets highly functional and advantageous.

This ultimate FAQ guide will provide you with all the information you need to know regarding clear polycarbonate sheets.

What Is A Clear Polycarbonate Sheet?

A clear polycarbonate sheet is a thermoplastic and comes in a transparent sheet.

It is tough and absorbs minimum moisture, which makes it resistant to impact damage as well as damage from water.

It is an excellent and immensely popular choice for the manufacturing of multiple products.

These include signs, covered passageways, skylights, and other items wherein you require transparency.

Clear polycarbonate sheets are extremely sturdy and a better alternative to clear glass sheets.

You can purchase these sheets without experiencing any damage or defect in the long run.

A clear polycarbonate sheet is a functional material that offers you consistent durability and clarity, even in harsh environments.

 Clear polycarbonate sheet

Clear polycarbonate sheet

What Are The Common Applications Of A Clear Polycarbonate Sheet?

Clear polycarbonate sheets are immensely reliable and long-lasting.

Owing to its attributes, such as its tenacity and transparency, these sheets are effective in many applications.

You can make use of a clear polycarbonate sheet for several purposes.

For example, you can use them in enclosures, medical equipment, aerospace, window glazing, astronaut visors, and riot shields.

You can also use them in exhibits and displays, clear windows for prototypes, light pipes for LEDs, machinery guards, and bulletproof glasses.

Greenhouses, digital disks such as DVDs, CDs, and Blu-ray, other impact-resistant “glass-like” surfaces, and clear molds for silicone casting are other applications for clear polycarbonate sheets.

Additionally, if you want to manufacture an appliance that requires a strong and transparent plastic, a clear polycarbonate sheet would be the ideal solution.

 Clear polycarbonate sheet in a building

 Clear polycarbonate sheet in a building

What Are The Features Of A Clear Polycarbonate Sheet?

Polycarbonate is an amorphous thermoplastic with high impact strength.

They are also incredibly lightweight.

These sheets are highly malleable, and you can conveniently fold them for the construction of nameplates, overlays, etc.

A clear polycarbonate sheet is commercially available in various colors.

Owing to its construction, it is transparent and allows high transmission of light, the same way as a glass sheet.

Hence, you can choose a clear polycarbonate sheet as a better and lighter alternative to glass.

A clear polycarbonate sheet is also impact-resistant.

It has excellent heat-resistance capabilities that you can combine with flame retardant materials, without considerable material deterioration.

You can use a clear polycarbonate sheet to engineer plastic products since they require construction with a robust material.

A clear polycarbonate sheet is extremely pliable, similar to that of an aluminum metal sheet.

It is non-conductive and carries good insulation properties.

Moreover, you can heat it to its melting point, let it cool, and reheat it again without any significant degeneration.

Rather than burning, a clear polycarbonate sheet liquefies to facilitate easy injection inside molds in injection molding.

These sheets are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

These properties allow you to use a clear polycarbonate sheet in a broad range of applications.

Clear polycarbonate sheet strength graph

Clear polycarbonate sheet strength graph

What Are The Types Of A Clear Polycarbonate Sheet?

There are a variety of clear polycarbonate sheets that you can use.

All these sheets carry more or less similar features.

However, each of these is used for different purposes.

1. Triple wall Clear polycarbonate sheet

 Triple wall clear polycarbonate sheets

Triple wall Clear polycarbonate sheets

These sheets possess greater strengths and resilience.

Hence, triple wall clear polycarbonate sheets are ideal for larger projects.

For instance, they are used in the construction of conservatory roofs, carports, and canopies.

Moreover, they offer great superior light transmission.

It is fairly easier to work with triple wall clear polycarbonate sheets.

Additionally, these sheets have ultraviolet-radiation resistance on one side so you can use these sheets for roofing with the assurance they will last for a long time.

2. Frosted glossy, matte clear polycarbonate sheet

Frosted glossy matte polycarbonate sheet

Frosted glossy, matte polycarbonate sheet

You can use frosted glossy, matte clear polycarbonate sheets if you are looking for added privacy in your workspace.

These are lightweight and easy to work with.

You may also be looking for frosted clear polycarbonate sheets for windows or privacy screens.

If you don’t like to use curtains, frosted windows may be the way to go.

It still allows for light transmission but diffuses light uniformly to reduce light glare.

3. Clear polycarbonate sheet – 5 mm

Clear polycarbonate sheet

Clear polycarbonate sheet

These sheets offer impact resistance 250 times greater than that of glass.

You will find that they do not inherit any unwanted coloration, such as yellowing of the glass surface.

Even in the harshest of environments, clear polycarbonate sheets do not lose their clarity.

You can get these sheets in a variety of widths and thicknesses, depending upon your requirement.

These sheets provide you with exceptional clarity and are ideal for purposes such as windows and transparent glass doors in workplaces.

4. Hard-coating clear polycarbonate sheet

Hard coating clear polycarbonate sheet

 Hard coating clear polycarbonate sheet

A hard-coating clear polycarbonate sheet is a suitable option for building roofs.

These have exceptional scratch-resistant attributes.

Moreover, they feature enhanced abrasion resistance and are best for outdoor uses.

Their surface is 2 to 3 times harder and sturdier than that of a normal clear polycarbonate solid sheet.

These come in a variety of color variants, even neon colors.

Hard-coating polycarbonate sheets are shatterproof.

Therefore, they never break or shatter, even if you apply immense pressure.

Although they are relatively thicker, you can use hard-coating clear polycarbonate sheets in cases wherein decent visibility is of paramount importance.

5. Translucent clear polycarbonate sheet

Transluscent clear polycarbonate sheet

Translucent clear polycarbonate sheet

Translucent clear polycarbonate sheets are easy to alter and are extremely flexible.

Hence, you can use translucent clear polycarbonate sheets for applications that involve higher bending and crimping.

They are not completely transparent and clear, so they are great for applications where you need some privacy or need to reduce the glare of light coming into the building.

6. Corrugated clear polycarbonate sheet

 Corrugated clear polycarbonate sheet

 Corrugated clear polycarbonate sheet

A corrugated clear polycarbonate sheet is ideal for projects that need a high-performance material.

These sheets have maximum light transmission and are built in a way such that they can last you for a long time.

They combine superior strength and good impact-resistance.

Moreover, corrugated clear polycarbonate sheets are extremely clear and viewable.

Also, they are lightweight.

Hence, they are ideal for roofing applications for long-term performance.

You can also use these sheets for industrial, agricultural, and architectural purposes.

How Is A Clear Polycarbonate Sheet Manufactured?

Similar to other plastics, the manufacturing of a clear polycarbonate sheet begins with the distillation process.

Hydrocarbon fuels are distilled into lighter groups.

These are known as “fractions,” some of which associate with other catalysts to produce plastics through the process of polymerization.

Polymerization is the most common process and involves the reaction of Bisphenol A (Bis-A) and phosgene.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Clear Polycarbonate Sheet Over A Glass Sheet?

Clear polycarbonate sheets have become very popular and a better alternative to glass sheets, owing to their durability and resistance.

A clear glass sheet can easily break off and dismantle with the slightest of harsh conditions.

Since it has steep and sharp edges, a glass sheet causes potentially hazardous situations and may injure you.

Clear polycarbonate sheets, on the other hand, significantly lessen the risk of injury as they will not shatter upon hard impact.

Moreover, these sheets can save you a considerable amount of money and efficiency.

Here are some of the benefits that a clear polycarbonate sheet has:

1. Impact resistance

Clear polycarbonate sheets are almost unbreakable, which gives it an advantage over glass sheets in terms of safety aspects.

These sheets can withstand acute force and wind during difficult weather conditions.

Hence, it is a popular option to replace glass in public areas like educational institutions, subways, greenhouses, and hospitals.

Some of you may intend to purchase clear polycarbonate sheets for security purposes.

Their indestructible properties protect your home much better against vandalism and burglaries.

2. Heat resistance

Unlike glass, a clear polycarbonate sheet can combat extreme temperatures due to its strong heat resistance properties.

This makes it safer to use in terms of building construction and in household appliances.

You can expose these sheets approximately to around 270 degrees without observing any damage, distortion, or absorption of heat.

On the other hand, a traditional glass sheet is incapable of enduring high temperatures.

Moreover, it absorbs heat at a much faster pace, making it impossible to touch.

This escalates the chances of breakage if you hold it firmly.

3. Advanced insulation

Conventional glass sheets have a very poor insulation quality if pitted against clear polycarbonate sheets.

Sheets made with polycarbonate have an immense thermal efficiency that stabilizes and evens out the rising temperature of a space.

In turn, this reduces the cost of utilities for construction and minimizes your carbon footprint.

Additionally, since clear polycarbonate sheets possess superior thermal efficiency, they are ideal for greenhouse construction.

This is because, with their usage, growing seasons can be extended for a longer duration.

Clear glass sheets have less insulation.

Hence, they allow cold temperatures to seep in and significantly alter the plant life.

This results in a dramatically shorter span of growing season and boosts the cost to keep the heat running for a long time.

Clear polycarbonate sheet skylight

 Clear polycarbonate sheet skylight

4. Light diffusion and UV protection

Clear polycarbonate sheets provide soft light, whereas, traditional glass sheets do not.

A glass sheet allows harsh lighting to enter through its surface.

This is problematic in the construction of greenhouses and other buildings where you do not want direct sunlight to enter.

In such cases, you can use a clear polycarbonate sheet, since it prevents direct sunlight that can harm the growth of plants.

This extends their lifespan and helps them to grow with efficacy.

How Long Does A Clear Polycarbonate Sheet Last?

The above-mentioned features of a clear polycarbonate sheet cut down the cost of its replacement.

Usually, these sheets can last you around 5 to 10 years.

However, if you use them with care, then the lifespan of a high-quality clear polycarbonate sheet can rise up to 15 years.

Hence, these sheets are ideal for buildings and places with hundreds of windows and glass applications that require maintenance.

Does A Clear Polycarbonate Sheet Turn Yellow Over Time?

Generally, a clear polycarbonate sheet without UV protection can acquire a yellowish hue.

Its color clarity diminishes over time with prolonged exposure to UV rays.

This reduces their overall performance and minimizes its aesthetic value.

However, most high-quality clear polycarbonate sheets should come with a UV resistant coating to prevent yellowing.

You can check with your manufacturer to confirm that your clear polycarbonate sheets have this coating.

Can You Get Scratches Out Of A Clear Polycarbonate Sheet?

Yes, you can remove scratches from a clear polycarbonate sheet.

Some people swear by home remedies such as toothpaste.

Products such as toothpaste inherit properties that eliminate unwanted scratches and marks on these sheets.

Rubbing the toothpaste onto your sheet, using a clean cotton cloth, in a circular motion can remove all kinds of scratches.

Scratches on a clear polycarbonate sheet

Scratches on a clear polycarbonate sheet

A more commonly used industrial method is to use a heat gun to remove scratches.

This video shows you how you can remove scratches from a clear polycarbonate sheet with a heat gun.

Is It Easy To Remove Oxidation On A Clear Polycarbonate Sheet?

A clear polycarbonate sheet becomes highly susceptible to oxidation during wet or humid weather.

However, you can remove the oxidation from your sheets by adopting a quick process.

Rinse and slide your sheet in a downward direction with water.

This removes excess dirt and dust particles.

Create a liquefied mixture of five cups of vinegar along with a gallon of lukewarm water.

Store the mixture in a bottle and spray it onto the affected area.

Wipe off the mixture with a soft and clean cotton cloth.

This will remove any oxidation and make your clean polycarbonate sheet appear brand new.

Can You Use Normal Cleaners On A Clear Polycarbonate Sheet?

Some harsh cleaners such as Windex will harm your clear polycarbonate sheet.

Hence, it is advisable to use relatively dilute and gentler cleaners that do not damage your sheet.

Is A Clear Polycarbonate Sheet Extremely Pricey?

No, clear polycarbonate sheets are not pricey.

These sheets are full of useful features that make it ideal for usage in several ways so they are very worth it for the price you pay.

You can consult your manufacturer and supplier for the prices and any bulk discounts they may be able to offer you.

How Are Clear Polycarbonate Sheets Ideal For Building Construction?

Clear polycarbonate sheets are the ideal choice of many builders, due to their advantages.

One of the most important noteworthy features of these sheets is their strength, along with the design flexibility.

This is essential for the construction of buildings.

Moreover, polycarbonate is 30 times stronger than acrylic, and over 150 times sturdier than that of glass.

Yet, you can mold polycarbonate easily since it is extremely lightweight.

Also, polycarbonate sheets are scratch-resistant.

Because these sheets do not absorb moisture, you can conveniently sanitize their surface for food and medical applications.

In an earlier section, we mentioned that a clear polycarbonate sheet works well for glazing security lights or covering skylights.

This is because it has superior insulating properties that are better than that of glass.

In fact, since it appears similar to glass, you can use a polycarbonate sheet as a highly viable replacement.

 Clear polycarbonate sheet for superior construction

 Clear polycarbonate sheet for superior construction

Can You See Through A Clear Polycarbonate Sheet Completely?

Yes, you can completely see through a clear polycarbonate sheet.

This transparency remains irrespective of the thickness or type of clear polycarbonate sheet.

Therefore, you can replace these sheets as your windows to have more durability and impact resistance.

Is It Difficult To Install A Clear Polycarbonate Sheet At Your Home?

No, the installation of a clear polycarbonate sheet is not a difficult process.

These sheets are six times lighter than that of a standard glass panel.

This makes the process of setting them up, quick and easy.

This is a huge advantage since you need less material to support a polycarbonate sheet.

Installation of a polycarbonate sheet roof

Installation of a polycarbonate sheet roof

Can You Cut A Clear Polycarbonate Sheet At Home?

You can cut a clear polycarbonate sheet using a standard circular saw.

Since you can easily carve a clear polycarbonate sheet on-site, you can rectify potential sizing errors to eliminate costly replacements.

You can watch this video to find out different ways to cut a clear polycarbonate sheet depending on the thickness of your sheet.

What Is The Appropriate Thickness Of A Clear Polycarbonate Sheet For Roofing?

It is best to use a clear polycarbonate sheet for roofing applications.

Any thickness between 6 mm to 25 mm is ideal for this.

However, it is not recommended that you use a thinner polycarbonate sheet to build a roof.

How Long Does A Clear Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet Last You?

Clear polycarbonate sheets are well known for their longevity and durability.

They can last you for approximately 10 to 20 years.

Can A Person Walk On Polycarbonate Roofing?

No, a person cannot walk on polycarbonate sheet roofing.

This is because clear polycarbonate sheeting does not support the weight that an adult has so you should not walk on a roof made of clear polycarbonate sheets.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using A Clear Polycarbonate Sheet?

Despite the multitudes of advantages to using a clear polycarbonate sheet, there is one downside to it.

These sheets are not immune to scratches so you will need to remove scratches as part of maintenance or put up with scratched roofs or windows.

Also, in some cases, they can result in denting on the surface if you do not handle them with caution and care.

Does A Clear Polycarbonate Sheet Maintain Its Transparency throughout life?

Yes, a clear polycarbonate sheet maintains its transparency and shape for several years.

Purchasing a high-quality sheet can cut down the necessity to replace these after some years.

Why Should You Build Your Greenhouse With A Clear Polycarbonate Sheet?

Using a clear polycarbonate sheet is beneficial for the growth of your plants.

While building a greenhouse, it is essential to use a material that can maximize the transmission of light as light is essential for plants to grow well.

At the same time, you need to ensure that no excess heat harms the leaves of your plants.

In this case, a clear polycarbonate sheet works in your favor, since it possesses an extremely high thermal value.

Moreover, it reduces the heating intensity by up to 30%.

 Greenhouse made by clear polycarbonate sheet

Greenhouse made by clear polycarbonate sheet

What Are The Other Kinds Of Polycarbonate Sheets In The Market?

Here are a few more kinds of polycarbonate sheets in the market:

1. Multiwall polycarbonate sheet

A multiwall polycarbonate sheet facilitates a layered construction that makes it even more powerful, in terms of versatility, durability, and insulation.

They maintain decent lightness that makes them a superior glazing material for the environment.

You can use a multiwall polycarbonate sheet in greenhouse construction, solariums, atriums, and more.

If you need a sturdy material for a similar endeavor, multiwall polycarbonate sheets are the ideal material that you can use.

2. FDA approved polycarbonate sheet

Getting FDA approval for a material is a very challenging process.

If you are in the food-handling industry, you may struggle with this complexity especially when you need customizable molds or dies that have to be made from FDA-approved material.

Fortunately, FDA approved polycarbonate sheets meet the standard of FDA and NSF 51.

Products that use these kinds of polycarbonate can safely handle food and other substances.

3.  Anti-static polycarbonate sheet

Several scientific and sterile environments tend to avoid static materials at all costs, owing to their ability to harm other sensitive equipment.

Anti-static polycarbonate sheets are ideal for use if you require a strong and durable material for equipment used in a sterile environment.

These are coated with a plastic and metal mixture that prevents the generation of static electricity.

Additionally, they are less prone to humidity.

4. Flame retardant polycarbonate sheet

A flame retardant polycarbonate can be used in an environment with the risk of fire.

This plastic sheeting inhibits the curation of flames.

Hence, you can use them in the construction of aircraft components, electrical devices, and switchgear covers.

Additionally, you can use these sheets where there is a presence of electrical current because that means there is a risk of electrical fires.

5. Bulletproof polycarbonate sheet

Polycarbonate sheets also come in several bulletproof varieties.

These sheets are ideal across banking, security, law enforcement, and correctional industries among other applications.

6. Tinted polycarbonate sheet

You can also use tinted polycarbonate sheeting as an eye-catching piece of artwork.

Tinted polycarbonate sheets possess striking hues, along with the typical properties of polycarbonate which include the ability to customize on-site.

Also, these sheets are capable of reflecting up to 70% of solar energy.

Hence, this reduces the incoming radiation and helps you keep the areas cool, as their temperature rises up during summers.

What Is The Strongest Clear Plastic In The Market?

A clear polycarbonate sheet is a strong, multi-purpose, and transparent plastic.

It has many characteristics that are similar to polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), also called acrylic, and so they are often compared together.

However, a clear polycarbonate sheet is much stronger and is better able to endure extreme temperatures.

It is also much more flexible than acrylic and can be shaped at room temperature.

Clear polycarbonate sheets also have much higher chemical resistance and are lighter than acrylic.

On the other hand, clear polycarbonate sheets scratch more easily and cannot be polished, unlike acrylic.

They also do not have as high a light transmission percentage as acrylic.

 Clear polycarbonate sheet brand

Clear polycarbonate sheet brand

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