• CNC Acrylic Sheet

CNC Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab CNC acrylic sheet is one of the best innovations of the current days. It is very ideal for your necessity and produces more products for your business demand since you can choose plenty of types in our CNC acrylic sheet. Get in touch now!

Get WeProFab CNC Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is your great choice regarding the CNC acrylic sheet and we can produce more products even if it is custom-made products. We can fully support and supply your special requirements.

Clear CNC Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab clear CNC acrylic sheet is very ideal for all business purposes and known because of its crystal clarity and impact resistance. We can produce good and high-quality products.

CNC Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a premiere fabricator of acrylic sheets in the business industry. We can fabricate lots of CNC acrylic sheets and produce more for your desire that can help with your business progression.

Custom CNC Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab can customize the CNC acrylic sheet which is perfect for everyone’s necessity since we can produce base on your specification even if it is a large or small project you have and we do product processing like thermoforming.

Cut-to-size CNC Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab, is using the latest CNC cutting technology to perfectly cut the desire sizes of our dear customer. We also produce accurate product demand for your business.

Mini CNC Cutting Machine

At WeProFab, the mini CNC cutting machine is perfect for daily use since it can works accurately as displayed and it is easy to use. It is accessible in high-quality, durable, and affordable costs.


Resistant CNC Acrylic Sheet

Our resistant CNC acrylic sheet is best for long-term products. We can produce very durable, impenetrable, and translucent products since we have plenty of experience in regards to fabricate the CNC acrylic sheet.

WeProFab: Your Leading CNC Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

If you’re running a business that needs bulk orders of CNC acrylic sheets, WeProFab is a great choice. WeProFab is the main producer of acrylic sheets, especially CNC acrylic sheets. We are a leading producer from China who supplies stocks worldwide.

We provide you the best and highly recommended products that suit your business demand or other personal needs. We have various types of our CNC acrylic sheet and we can also provide you your custom-made CNC acrylic sheet. We are happy to assist our clients in their business development. Message us now!




Custom CNC Acrylic Sheet to Expand Your Brand

Extruded CNC Acrylic Sheet

Very ideal for everyone’s needs since it is economical and high-quality material. It has good optical clarity and lightweight.


MDF CNC Acrylic Sheet

If you’re searching for a wide range of applications for your CNC acrylic sheet-like decoration industry, MDF CNC acrylic sheet is best for you.

Router CNC Acrylic Sheet

If you’re wanted to have straight or curved cuts and achieve the finished shape, our router CNC acrylic sheet is best for you.

Translucent CNC Acrylic Sheet

It has a multitude of uses, both home, and garden. It has a high gloss finish and scratch-resistant best for daily use.

3D CNC Acrylic Sheet

If you wanted to have a 3D shape, WeProFab produces a 3D CNC acrylic sheet for your project and your business demand.

10mm CNC Acrylic Sheet

10mm CNC acrylic sheet is a superior clear material that can easily be cut, milled, and drilled. Easy to shape with the help of a heat gun. Perfect for thermoforming or vacuum forming. Suitable for both DIY and professional projects.

CNC Acrylic Anti Scratch Sheet

CNC acrylic anti-scratch sheet is shatter resistant and has great mechanical properties. Features high optical clarity and excellent light transmission. Guarantees outstanding electrical resistance volume.

CNC Acrylic Decorative Sheet

CNC acrylic decorative sheet offers endless possibilities in the design and is easy to work with. A versatile plastic material that has great impact strength and is lightweight. Widely used for a number of applications.

CNC Acrylic Mirror Sheet

CNC acrylic mirror sheet is thermoformable, lightweight, and rigid. Guarantees excellent optical properties, good electrical, and UV resistivity. Offers outstanding resistance to long-term exposure to sunlight and weathering.

Colored CNC Acrylic Sheet

A colored CNC acrylic sheet is commonly used for displays, signage, custom computer cases, and much more. Can be easily shaped, machined, and laser-cut. Known due to its higher molecular weight and moisture resistance.

Customized Size CNC Acrylic Sheet

Customized size CNC acrylic sheet is available in a wide range of thicknesses and sizes. Typically used for pop displays, acrylic furniture, and retail accessories. Features greater thermal stability than in extruded form.

Glitter CNC Acrylic Sheet

Glitter CNC acrylic sheet features outstanding optical clarity and is lightweight. Available in a variety of colors and thicknesses. Common applications include picture frames, skylights, and trade showpieces.

High Gloss CNC Acrylic Sheet

High gloss CNC acrylic sheet combines high impact and temperature resistance with optical clarity. An excellent candidate for fabricating a wide range of indoor applications. Available with a glossy surface.

Marble CNC Acrylic Sheet

Marble CNC acrylic sheet is widely utilized for secondary glazing for economical protection against breakage. Can be easily thermoformed into complex parts. Guarantees excellent properties.

Patterned CNC Acrylic Sheet

Patterned CNC acrylic sheet is capable to be decorated using a wide variety of modern techniques. Can undergo large plastic deformations without cracking. Offers excellent light transmission and fire performance

Rose Gold CNC Acrylic Sheet

Rose gold CNC acrylic sheet features good fire behavior characteristics. Widely favored by a lot of industries because of its greater resistance to temperature fluctuation. Offers optical clarity in combination with anti-fog behavior.

Solid CNC Acrylic Sheet

Solid CNC acrylic sheet offers excellent resistance to abrasion and UV rays. An excellent candidate for safety and security glazing. Available with unique formable hard coating and solid structure. Can be handled and machined easily.

Super Thick CNC Acrylic Sheet

Super thick CNC acrylic sheet maintains enough flexibility to be formable within the specified limits. Primarily applied in the moderately shaped glazing components and many other typically formed products.

Translucent CNC Acrylic Sheet

A translucent CNC acrylic sheet is a highly versatile product that can be used for non-automotive glazing and post-coated applications. Offers superior mechanical properties and crystal-clear transparency with low distortion.

UV Resistant CNC Acrylic Sheet

UV-resistant CNC acrylic sheet is virtually unbreakable and resistant to common chemicals. Ensures outstanding impact strength, UV resistance, and high optical quality. Available for a wide range of applications.

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Why WeProFab CNC Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab CNC acrylic sheet is one of the best innovations of the present times. WeProFab guarantees you the best and grants your desire products. Since it is frequently used in fabricating and for industrial applications, our CNC acrylic sheet has a wide cutting area.

We have plenty of products in our CNC acrylic sheets one of our fabricated is the resistant CNC acrylic sheet which is very resistant that cannot be easily broken down.

We have also a clear CNC acrylic sheet, it is very ideal for all types of businesses because of its crystal clarity.

CNC Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab is your best option regarding your CNC acrylic sheet.

In our CNC acrylic sheet, we have a fabrication process which uses computerize that control and operate the machine. We have cutting tools to shape the materials into custom parts and design.

WeProFab CNC acrylic sheet is a great choice for a variety of industries since it has consistency in thickness all over the sheet that makes it very ideal for fabrication. It has good optical clarity and impact resistance and it is very easy to cut in which we can easily cut your kinds of form. It is also good for polish, and it is easy to bend.

CNC Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab CNC acrylic sheet is best for producing windows, aquatic enclosure, household appliances, and decorative products. Our CNC acrylic sheet gives uniformity of the sheet that creates a better end product.

We accept customize products for your CNC acrylic sheets. Our CNC acrylic sheet has a wide cutting area, has a cutting speed, and high expertise. It is accessible in very durable, resistant, and transparent. It is very commendable for your necessity since WeProFab has a lot of alternatives.

If you’re searching for a CNC acrylic sheet dealer or a personalize CNC acrylic sheet, WeProFab has a resolution. As an ISO 9001 certified, we strictly manage the quality of the product and guarantee you the best since we fabricate it using our newest machinery types of equipment.

We conduct product processing in our services that include CNC cutting, routing, thermoforming, and a lot more so we can guarantee you with our products.

CNC Acrylic Sheet

Besides our CNC acrylic sheet, WeProFab fabricated plenty of acrylic sheets that include a clear acrylic sheet, colored acrylic sheets, decorative acrylic sheets, and more. To get more information about our CNC acrylic sheet or other acrylic sheet products, just send us a message now.

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