• Colored Acrylic Box

Colored Acrylic Box

Weprofab is one of the trusted and reliable colored acrylic box manufacturers in China. We can produce and supply top-grade colored acrylic boxes not just in China but anywhere in the world. We take pride in serving our customers with excellence and we serve thousands of customers. Weprofab can provide colored acrylic boxes with different designs. Discover our colored acrylic boxes, inquire us now!


Get WeProFab Colored Acrylic Box to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab can provide a colored acrylic box with desirable designs. We are capable to offer a colored acrylic box with professional looks. Choose WeProfab!

Colored Acrylic 5 Sided Box

Weprofab colored acrylic 5 sided box is a popular acrylic box that can be used for many applications. You can use the colored acrylic 5 sided box to store anything. Weprofab can manufacture a high-end colored acrylic 5 sided box.

Colored Acrylic Cube Box

Weprofab can make an attractive and durable colored acrylic box. Weprofab colored acrylic cube box is truly made of solid and reliable acrylic materials to ensure long life and durability.

Fluorescent Colored Acrylic Box

Weprofab fluorescent-colored acrylic box has attractive and elegant looks. This is perfect for home and business applications. The Weprofab fluorescent colored box is always available in different sizes and colors.

Colored Acrylic Box with Lock

With Weprofab colored acrylic box with a lock, all the things that you stored have more protection. This type of colored acrylic box is ideal for storing your important and valuable properties.

Colored Acrylic Donation Box

The colored acrylic donation box of Weprofab is very durable which means it is not easy to break. The Weprofab colored acrylic donation box applies to churches, charity foundations, and many more.

Colored Acrylic Storage Box

Weprofab acrylic storage box is ideal for storing any small and large things. Weprofab colored acrylic storage box is one of the eco-friendly storage boxes and can be used as a multifunction. 

WeProFab: Your Leading Colored Acrylic Box Manufacturer

If you are looking for a colored acrylic box, Weprofab is your ultimate solution. We are manufacturing all types of colored acrylic boxes made from high-class acrylic sheet materials. We manufactured with modern techniques to ensure the quality of the products. It is the ideal choice for your business, we offer colored acrylic boxes at affordable prices for you.

We are proud to offer our sturdy and elegant colored acrylic box nationwide. Weprofab has executive designers and engineers to design great and excellent colored acrylic boxes. We meet the client’s standards and demands.

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Custom Colored Acrylic Box to Boost Your Brand

Large Colored Acrylic Box

If you require a reliable box to stock your collections, the Weprofab large colored acrylic box is a great solution for you. It has enough space for your large things and properties.

Colored Acrylic Frame Box

Weprofab colored acrylic frame box is designed to add more protection for the frames. This frame box will keep away any rust. It will never affect the quality of the frame.

Colored Acrylic Candy Box

Weprofab colored acrylic candy box is widely used in the business industry. The main use of the colored acrylic candy box is to store and organize all of the candy’s stock.

Colored Acrylic Box with Lid

Weprofab is specialized in the manufacturing of a colored acrylic box with Lid. We can offer this type of colored acrylic box with good looking at affordable and friendly rates.

Colored Acrylic Gift Box

Weprofab colored acrylic gift box has a great surface appearance which provides a better look. This is one of the most popular acrylic gift boxes of Weprofab that has more eye-catching.

Colored Acrylic Display Box

Weprofab colored acrylic display box is very easy to clean. This is a kind of colored acrylic box that typically perfect in a house, office, restaurant, and anywhere. 

Custom Colored Acrylic Box

The Weprofab custom-colored acrylic box is much stronger than any type of boxes. Weprofab can provide a solid custom-colored acrylic box with professional looks.

Colored Acrylic Jewelry Box

If you need a perfect box for any type of jewelry, Weprofab has a better solution for you. We offer a colored acrylic jewelry box that ideal to use as a storage box for any jewelry.

Colored Acrylic Sunglasses Box

If you are handling any sunglasses-related business, the Weprofab colored acrylic sunglasses are perfect to put your sunglasses products while displaying them in your store.

Colored Acrylic Plastic Box

Weprofab is capable of customized to any size of the colored acrylic box as your requirements. We have a wide selection of colored acrylic plastic boxes in different colors.

Small Colored Acrylic Box

Weprofab is one of the largest factories of the small colored acrylic box. We can print your logo and advertising graphic on your small colored acrylic box order.

Colored Acrylic Square Box

Weprofab has a great colored acrylic square box that environmentally friendly. Weprofab colored acrylic square box is high-quality and stronger than other boxes.

Colored Acrylic Box with Lid

The colored acrylic box is non-toxic, eco-friendly, safe, reusable, easy to assemble and disassemble. Suitable for storing different contents.

Colored Acrylic Shoe Box

The colored acrylic shoebox is available in various shapes like rectangular, square, and more. It is highly durable and perfect for storing shoes.

Transparent Colored Acrylic Box

Transparent colored acrylic box has high transparency, good weather resistance, excellent shape, and is lightweight. Guarantees no harmful or poisonous substances.

Fluorescent Color Acrylic Box

Fluorescent color acrylic box has bright color, durable construction, and longer lifespan. Applicable for displaying and storing accessories.

Color Acrylic Box for Makeup

Colored acrylic box for makeup is good for storing foundations, lipsticks, eyeliners, blushes, powders, cosmetics, and other makeup accessories.

Color Acrylic Box for Gift Display

Colored acrylic box for gift display is sustainable, environmentally friendly, durable, and customizable. They can be customized in different customization options.

Colorful Acrylic Box

Colorful acrylic box has amazing and unique designs. Perfect for organizing shoes, toys, and other valuable items. Must be more eye-catching and attractive.

Matte Color Acrylic Box

Matte color acrylic box is available in a wide range of colors like pink, blue, white, green, and many more. Comes in various sizes and shapes.

Color Acrylic Packing Display Box

Color acrylic packing display box is passed with RoHS and other quality standards. Can be customized with logos, colors, sizes, and sizes.

Color Acrylic Packing Cosmetics Box

Color acrylic cosmetics box is great for storing grooming tools, makeup kits, perfumes, and jewelry. Achieves a sturdy and strong structure.

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Why WeProFab Colored Acrylic Box

Weprofab is the leading colored acrylic box manufacturer and factory in China.

We are specialized in supplying colored acrylic boxes for many years. Weprofab has a plentiful stock of colored acrylic boxes with great colors and great designs.

We offer comprehensive custom colored acrylic box services to a wide range of industries.  From low volume work to high volume production runs, we have the expertise and facilities to meet our customers’ contract manufacturing needs.

Colored Acrylic Box

Weprofab colored acrylic boxes are lightweight and eco-friendly boxes.

This type of acrylic box is designed for a wide range of applications.

Weprofab colored acrylic boxes are perfect to place in a bedroom, office, and especially at home.

Weprofab acrylic box is one of the popular colored acrylic boxes.

This is made of solid acrylic materials.

Weprofab colored acrylic boxes are much stronger than any type of material.

This is not easy to break as glass boxes did.

At Weprofab, we have different kinds of colored acrylic boxes like-colored acrylic jewelry boxes, custom colored acrylic boxes, colored acrylic gift boxes, colored acrylic display boxes, colored acrylic frame box, colored acrylic storage box, colored acrylic storage box, and more.

Colored Acrylic Box

We are very confident when it comes to supplying great colored acrylic boxes to our highly valued customers.

In China, we manufacture a series of colored acrylic with elegant looks.

Weprofab always professionally manufactures a colored acrylic box.

Weprofab can highly recommend the best-chosen colored acrylic boxes initially from our company.

Weprofab is a kind of company that open-handed to give you all the preferable types of colored acrylic boxes with a versatile appearance.

We owe this bright reputation and pure intention to serve you the best we can do for longer years.

Weprofab is trustworthy enough where you can lean on your trust when it comes to your colored acrylic box needs.

Weprofab is capable to manufacture plenty of colored acrylic boxes each day with different functions, appearance, and designs.

We are glad to support and provide your needs even your urgent orders.

We will be glad to help you with your next colored acrylic box order!

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