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Colored Acrylic Rods

As one of the leading colored acrylic sheet, WeProFab manufacture real promising colored acrylic sheet products with different thickness, sizes, and shapes. We also manufacture custom colored acrylic sheets, decorative colored acrylic sheets, translucent colored acrylic sheet and more.

Get WeProFab Colored Acrylic Rods to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is the perfect and most colored acrylic rods executive manufacturer. We can help you save costs in the entire fabricating process. We supply extreme quality colored acrylic rods at cheaper rates. Also, we can personalize and customize rods to achieve your satisfaction.

Colored Acrylic Rods Manufacturer

Weprofab is a suitable manufacturer for your ideal colored acrylic rods. This was manufactured from high-quality raw materials.

Colored Cast Acrylic Rods

As one professional and manufacturing expert of any colored cast acrylic rods, Weprofab produces any quantity orders.

Colored Square Acrylic Rods

If you`re hard to find colored square acrylic rods, you can select from Weprofab options. Different shapes, sizes, and colors are available for less-expensive rates.

Cut-to-size Colored Acrylic Rods

Weprofab provides different quality choices for you. We offer a cut-to-size service to satisfy your demands. After you select from any colors we offer, we can send a sample design to you.

Extruded Colored Acrylic Rods

Weprofab supplies excellent extruded colored acrylic rods in mainland China. You can avail yourself of custom thicknesses and colors for your basic applications.

Led Lighting Colored Acrylic Rods

Weprofab led lighting colored acrylic rods to have the finest collision resistance. It is very lightweight compared to other rod materials.

WeProFab: Your Leading Colored Acrylic Rods Manufacturer

Weprofab is a combination company in between of Chinese local fabrication manufacturer and WeeTect Material Limited. We are always prepared to present you an ultimate colored acrylic rods fabrications. 

We produce colored acrylic rods from very raw yet high-quality colored acrylic rods. To meet your requirements, different options are assembled.

If you have any concerns about our colored acrylic rods, contact us and we`ll provide you with some ultimate solutions.  

Custom Colored Acrylic Rods to Skyrocket Your Brand

Custom Colored Acrylic Rods

If you need custom colored acrylic rods for various intentions, you can request upon Weprofab. We are your number one choice to manufacture your ideal colored acrylic rods.

Long Colored Acrylic Rods

Weprofab proudly carries complete line of long-size colored acrylic rods. They are manufactured from high-quality and raw materials for the item`s long-lasting purpose.

Round Colored Acrylic Rods

If you basically need of round-shape colored acrylic rods, you can find several here in Weprofab. Our team has full capabilities in making unique designs.

Mixed Colored Acrylic Shower Rod

Weprofab Mixed Colored Acrylic Shower Rod is an extrusion plastic profile type. It is ideal for a curtain rod, LED parts, and shower rod applications.

Colored LED Stick Acrylic Shower Rod

Weprofab LED Stick Acrylic Shower Rod is available in irregular shape, round, or square type. It features a LED display, decoration, and illuminate lamp usage.

PMMA Color Blue Acrylic Rod

PMMA Color Blue Acrylic Rod is a high stiffness acrylic product that is readily bonded, produced, or molded. It is ideal for lighting, crafts, etc., applications with a 1.2g/cm3 density.

Solid Colored Acrylic Glass Rod

Weprofab Solid Colored Acrylic Glass Rod features a glossy and 93% high tranparency. It has excellent weather resistance and good processability.

Extruded Colored Acrylic Rod

Weprofab Extruded Colored Acrylic Rod is durable and wear-resistant. It features a high-quality material that is ideal for industrial applications.

Acrylic Bubble Colored Cast Rod

Weprofab Acrylic Bubble Colored Cast Rod shows superior transparency, high stability, and durability to weathering. It is commonly applied in a contemporary buildings.

High-Quality Colored Acrylic Rod

Weprofab High-Quality Colored Acrylic Rod has high heat distortion temperature and excellent formability characteristics. It features a 3mm to 400mm size and a 2000mm length.

Transparent Colored Acrylic Rod

Transparent Colored Acrylic Rod is a transparent thermoplastic with outstanding mechanical and chemical qualities. It uses an excellent glazing material since it is resistant to sunlight and weathering.

Solid Round Colored Acrylic Rod

Weprofab Solid Round Colored Acrylic Rod has a 93% tranparency and high resistance impact. It features excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

High-Quality Colorful Acrylic Rod

Weprofab High-Quality Colorful Acrylic Rod has over 93% light transmittance. It has 3mm to 150mm thickness ideal for lighting, crafts, decoration, etc., application.

Polished Colored Acrylic Rod

Weprofab Polished Colored Acrylic Rod features 1.2g/cm3 density and 12mm diameter. It is ideal for furniture decoration, advertising, lamps, crafts, etc.

Personalized Colored Acrylic Rod

Weprofab Personalized Colored Acrylic Rod is made of 100% PMMA acrylic material. It features a 5mm to 150mm size smooth without defect surface and high tranparency. 

Colored Glowing Acrylic Flourescent Rod

Weprofab Colored Glowing Acrylic Fluorescent Rod is a round acrylic rod with more than 92% transparency. It is perfect for used lighting, gift, furniture, and decoration.

Colored Acrylic Pole Rod

Weprofab Colored Acrylic Pole Rod has a high hardness and smooth acrylic surface. It features 1.3g/cm3 acrylic density ideal for decoration, industrial, etc., applications.

Custom Colored PMMA Acrylic Rod

Weprofab Custom Colored PMMA Acrylic Rod features lightweight and is naturally UV resistant. It has a 2mm to 200mm diameter available in customized color.

Transparent Colored Acrylic Rod Bar

Weprofab Transparent Colored Acrylic Rod Bar has excellent transparency and good mechanical performance. It is a non-toxic, stable, and durable acrylic rod.

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Why WeProFab Colored Acrylic Rods

Do you find difficulties searching for durable and most flexible colored acrylic rods? Weprofab is very prepared to help you. We have a huge variety of colored acrylic rods to support your business.

There are numerous standard colors and you`re free to select from them. They carry different properties and durable finishes. There`s a lot of colored acrylic rods choices that waits for you!

Colored Acrylic Rods

Weprofab uses acrylic for your ideal colored rods due to their relatively smooth materials. Acrylic thermoplastics are scratch-proof and a kind of unbreakable finish. This was naturally constructed upon stable charges. Even it can easily allow dust entry, Weprofab manufacture colored acrylic rods easy to maintain. No expensive maintenance and hassle cleaning at all. This is the most cost-effective product we offer for the fast growth of your business!

They are thermoformable, affordable compared to cast acrylics of fragile glass. It has additional impact-proof and tightly UV-protected.

Colored Acrylic Rods

Weprofab colored acrylic rods are available in custom color options. They are available with opaque black and white-colored acrylic rods. Also, our colored acrylic rods are obtainable in transparent yellow, red, purple, green, blue, fluorescent red-pink and fluorescent green-colored acrylic rods finish. Every color mentioned is perfectly polished through our machines. They allow faster usage and installment process.

In a broad mix of applications, our colored acrylic rods perform very exceptionally. They are practically applied to stairway handrails, curtain rods, and other industrial building intentions to fulfill customer`s requirements.

Weprofab Colored acrylic rod undergoes a rigorous machining process. After that, their quality properties are higher than expected. Our team also customizes different dimensions and sizes for your ideal colored acrylic rods. Just give us your specifications and we`ll conduct the next procedures. We always make sure our colored acrylic rods able to last a long period of time.

Colored Acrylic Rods

All of our Colored acrylic rods finishes are certified by UL, RoHS, and REACH protective standards.  Your 100% satisfaction is our mission to accomplish!

Weprofab is your ISO 9001 guaranteed manufacturer, strict inspections and quality test are manipulate while on the process. Without hesitation, Weprofab is your one-stop colored acrylic rods supplier.

Contact us freely if you need more info about Weprofab Colored Acrylic Rods!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Colored Acrylic Rod

Personalized and customized to your satisfaction, the colored acrylic rod is either cast or extruded using high-quality raw materials.

Colored Acrylic Rod

Colored Acrylic Rod

You can get a vast variety of short and long, round and square colored acrylic rods that are designed to be stable, scratch-proof, and easy to maintain.

How Is The Cast Colored Acrylic Rod Made?

Colored Acrylic Rod Casting

Colored Acrylic Rod Casting

Here are the five steps involved in making the cast colored acrylic rod.

1. The design process involves creating the mold with two parts that hold the acrylic rod of specific diameter.

Several processes including computer-aided systems are used to create the mold that gives the colored acrylic rod its dimensions.

2. The mold itself is often coated with a release agent that works well with the acrylic raw material poured into it.

Also, during this stage you preheat the mold to the required temperature to prevent stress from building into the hardened colored acrylic rod once it is cast into the mold.

3. The curing stage comes next where the mold is subjected to controlled heat to cure the colored acrylic rod as it hardens inside the mold.

4. The de-molding stage follows. The mold is opened to release the perfectly formed and cured acrylic rod.

5. Finishing involves cutting and sanding away signs of seams, flashes, and sprues.

How Is The Extruded Colored Acrylic Rod Made?

Colored Acrylic Rod Extrusion

 Colored Acrylic Rod Extrusion

1. A single screw extruder is used to make colored acrylic rods. The process generally involves feeding dried acrylic pellets into the extruder from a hopper.

An extrusion screw pushes forward the molten acrylic melted by heating elements and a shear.

2. Often, a single-screw extruder is provided to create customized inner bubble effects for special applications.

3. You introduce other polymers into the co-extrusion to add features to the finished colored acrylic rod.

4. The acrylic mix is then cooled with the help of a water-spraying cooling trough.

5. Once the correct diameter and color is established, you transfer the acrylic rod into the automatic haul-off machine with the online cutter cutting the finished colored acrylic rods to required size.

6. The last stage is the product collector rack that collects these finished colored acrylic rods and dispatches them for packing.

What Are The Advantages Of The Cast Colored Acrylic Rod?

Cast colored acrylic rods have less built-in stress as compared to extruded rods.

You can easily machine these rods without leaving behind burrs or other surface impurities.

These cast rods absorb less water and demonstrate superior chemical resistance.

Use them in fluid applications.

The professional colored acrylic rod manufacturer provides a list of chemicals these rods are resistant to.

You can use cast acrylic rods in applications that demand stronger rods.

Get thick rods up to 4 inches in diameter to meet specific application requirements.

Cast rods are bullet-resistant as well.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, you will find that cast colored acrylic rods demonstrate better resistance to both weathering and sunlight over the long term.

Cast colored acrylic rods have outstanding UV and electrical resistivity and excellent optical properties.

What Are The Advantages Of The Extruded Colored Acrylic Rod?

These rods are cheaper than most cast acrylic rods and even glass rods.

Extruded colored acrylic rods can be processed again.

Finished acrylic products can be melted again and thermoformed.

The rods easily replace glass rods with the same dimensions.

You can use them in applications that need better impact resistance than glass.

You can ask for +/- 10% thickness tolerance limits on your extruded colored acrylic rods.

Extruded rods demonstrate good UV and electrical resistivity.

What Are The Different Types Of Colored Acrylic Rods?

· Cast Colored Acrylic Rod

Colored Cast Acrylic Rod

 Colored Cast Acrylic Rod

If you need a specific design for your cast colored acrylic rod, then expert manufacturers are able to fabricate the rod exactly as per your sample layout.

Stocked in a wide variety of exciting colors, you can get your exact shade in standard diameters ranging from 5 mm to 200 mm and in custom sizes offered by the manufacturer.

Choose from a range of bronze, amber, green, yellow, fluorescent, and pearl colors.

Easy to install, these cast colored acrylic rods are very rigid and do not lose their hard-wearing capabilities even in extreme weather conditions.

Use the colored cast acrylic rod for signage, retail displays, door handles, and in other specialized commercial applications.

· Square Colored Acrylic Rod

Colored Square Acrylic Rods

Colored Square Acrylic Rod

One of the most popular rods in global markets, colored square acrylic rods are available with genuine suppliers at highly affordable rates and in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

You can order custom large-sized colored square acrylic rods in thicknesses that exceed 200 mm for your specialized applications.

The square colored acrylic rod can be formed, bonded, and fabricated quite easily.

Precise fabrications limits are established with CNC turning and billeting.

These colored rods come with high-gloss surface finishes and are highly transparent.

Square colored acrylic rods are used extensively in LED light fittings, retail and POS displays, and as curtain rods.

· Cut-to-size Colored Acrylic Rod

Cut-To-Size Colored Acrylic Rod

 Cut-To-Size Colored Acrylic Rod

Attractive and made of versatile acrylic material, the cut-to-size colored acrylic rod contain all the benefits of extruded acrylic products including attractive aesthetics.

This cut-to-size acrylic rod is hard wearing, rigid, extremely tenacious, and can withstand extreme weather changes.

It allows more light to pass through than a glass rod of the same diameter and demonstrates exceptional clarity.

Extremely light in weight, the cut-to-size colored acrylic rod is easy to work with and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Use them in retail displays, and restaurants as towel bars, signs, door handles, and other decorative items.

Standard-sized colored acrylic rods are 1 meter in length.

However, you can order custom-sized rods from established suppliers.

· Extruded Colored Acrylic Rod

Extruded Colored Acrylic Rods

Extruded Colored Acrylic Rod

Extruded to different diameters and lengths, the extruded colored acrylic rod is a lightweight, economical, and versatile product.

Reinforced with high impact strength, these extruded acrylic rods are able to retain their colors when exposed to water in indoor as well as outdoor conditions.

The extruded colored acrylic rod retains its hard-wearing properties with nearly 10 times the impact strength of a glass rod of similar dimensions.

Inexpensive and recyclable, these acrylic rods pass through economical production processes that yield acrylic rods that can be fully recycled.

You can use these extruded colored acrylic rods in interiors and cake design, signage, retail display, modelling, arts and crafts applications.

· LED Lighting Colored Acrylic Rod

LED Lighting Colored Acrylic Rod

 LED Lighting Colored Acrylic Rod

Reinforced with extremely high collision resistance, the LED lighting colored acrylic rod is one of the lightest acrylic rods you will find in the market.

These colored acrylic rods are treated to exhibit unique light-conducting properties.

For example, you can use them in applications that demand even light distribution throughout the length of the acrylic rod.

Light is passed through one end, which diffuses and spreads throughout the acrylic rod.

It then exits at smaller angles though the other end creating uniformly-bright illumination effects.

If you need dazzling light effects in your lighting application, then choose specified LED lighting colored acrylic rods for exhibitions, POS displays, illuminated handrails, and other lighting fixtures.

Design high-gloss cabinet doors and other fixtures with these LED acrylic rods.

You can get high-translucent, transparent, PMMA, bubbled, profiled and UV-resistant lighting colored acrylic rods.

These LED colored acrylic rods can be easily thermoformed into different shapes and usually come with 10-year warranties.

You can watch this video that compares the light transmission through acrylic rods with light pipe.

· Custom Colored Acrylic Rod

Custom Colored Acrylic Rod

 Custom Colored Acrylic Rod

Special applications need custom colored acrylic rods, and professional manufacturers are capable of making rods that meet your exact design requirements.

These custom acrylic rods weigh half the weight but offer 10 times more impact strength than standard glass of similar dimensions.

For applications that need specific levels of endurance, you can get long-lasting custom colored acrylic rods with high tolerance limits.

Custom acrylic rods are tough, dimensionally stable, lightweight, and have high thermal-proof properties.

Limitless fabrications are possible.

More than a thousand different kinds of finished custom colored acrylic rods are available in stock with the acrylic rod manufacturer.

You can draw, paint, and easily drill or saw through these acrylic rods.

· Long Colored Acrylic Rod

Long Colored Acrylic Rods

 Long Colored Acrylic Rod

Made of long-lasting high-quality raw material, the long colored acrylic rod comes with custom branding effects.

These longer rods are available in a range of sizes and diameters including round and square colored acrylic rods that are lightweight and reinforced with high-impact resistance.

Standard long colored acrylic rods are available in lengths up to 1000mm, but reliable rod manufacturers offer them in custom lengths to meet your application requirements.

Cast acrylic rods of longer lengths have less stress built in during the manufacturing process.

They have higher molecular weight.

You can bond two or more of these long colored acrylic rods for specialized handrail and other applications.

Adjustments are made to standard extrusion processes to draw rods of longer lengths.

Your acrylic rod manufacturer bends and fabricates these colored acrylic rods to meet custom application demands.

· Round Colored Acrylic Rod

Round Colored Acrylic Rod

Round Colored Acrylic Rod

Designed with impact-resistant polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) material, the round colored acrylic rod is cut to size to for different applications.

Use these rods in exhibitions, model making, handicrafts, and architectural applications.

Order top-quality round colored acrylic rods that are easy to cut for all your miniature modeling projects.

Available in varying lengths up to a maximum standard length of 72”, suppliers often keep stocks of ½” and even larger acrylic rods.

These round colored acrylic rods come with saw-cut edges, but you can always order for polished edges.

· Threaded Colored Acrylic Rod

Colored Threaded Acrylic Rod

 Colored Threaded Acrylic Rod

Available in innumerable designs and with enviable features, the threaded colored acrylic rod is widely used in hardware and plastic parts, lighting and furniture, and in mechanical equipment.

These threaded rods are often used as replacements in threaded rod fabrications.

Customized rods are offered to meet your basic design requirements.

Non-toxic and inert, threaded colored acrylic rods have excellent moisture-resistant properties and are more durable and sturdier than other non-threaded rods.

These acrylic lighting rods can withstand a great deal of pressure, as they do not bend easily and are quite easy to machine.

You can get colored threaded acrylic rods in different diameters and colors.

They weigh less than half the weight of glass and are reinforced with shatter-resistant properties.

Cast threaded colored acrylic rods have excellent clarity and thermal stability.

Do Colored Acrylic Rods Scratch Easily?

These rods are usually reinforced with scratch-resistant layers, but scratches may appear after regular use over long periods of time.

Consult your supplier for scratch-removing applicants available in the market to remove minor scratches.

Acrylic may develop deep scratches on contact with sharp and pointed instruments.

In that case, affected areas are sanded and buffed to remove these scratches.

Edge polishing removes any trace of impurities over these colored acrylic rods.

Do Colored Acrylic Rod Crack Easily?

Acrylic rods may crack at the notches and spread along the colored acrylic rod.

However, it is possible to easily remove these cracks.

Drill through the acrylic rod just after the crack.

This prevents the crack from extending any further.

Apply some methylene chloride on longer cracks to seal them.

In display applications that need high transparency, apply this methylene chloride only on the back of the display.

How Do You Clean The Colored Acrylic Rod?

You can easily clean the colored acrylic rod with a solution of soap and water.

Use a piece of soft cotton cloth or cleaning cloth to apply this soap and water solution over the entire length of the rod.

If you use recommended cleansers available in local markets, remove traces of this cleanser with water and dry the surface.

Can You Polish The Colored Acrylic Rod At Site?

Sand the edges of the colored acrylic rod with progressively finer grits of sandpaper until you have a smooth finish.

The edges can then be buffed and polished with a polishing compound.

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