• Corrugated Acrylic Sheet

Corrugated Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab specializes in molding corrugated acrylic sheets. We have over years of experience in molding, machining, or cutting industries. Weprofab offers various corrugated acrylic sheets finish like Coroplast Corrugated Acrylic Sheet, Corrugated Rib-type Acrylic Sheet, and much more. Send now the best product, and we`ll make them for you.

Get WeProFab Corrugated Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

WeProfab is the most reliable manufacturer. We can handle your corrugated acrylic sheet demands to boom your business!

Coroplast Corrrugated Acrylic Sheet

If you are searching for a coroplast corrugated acrylic sheet, you can find a lot in WeProFab. We have full capacity on providing customers` coroplast corrugated acrylic sheet needs.

Corrugated Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is the number one source of durable, long-lasting corrugated acrylic sheets in China. Along with great characteristics, satisfying finishes will surely be provided.

Corrugated Rib-type Acrylic Sheet

In Weprofab, you can find great quality and attractive corrugated rib-type acrylic sheet. We have a different variety of options, choose what you most like.

Corrugated Roof Acrylic Sheet

As a premier acrylics fabrication expert in China, WeProFab continues providing the best yet guaranteed corrugated roof acrylic sheet.

Lowes Corrugated Acrylic Sheet

If you`re in need of lowes corrugated acrylic sheet, WeProFab provides effective solutions. We present different types that can contribute for your business development.

Tinted Corrugated Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab can manufacture and produce any stock numbers of Tinted Corrugated Acrylic Sheet depending on you. We can advise what the best for your business applications.

WeProFab: Your Leading Corrugated Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture organization linking with WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We can offer you one-stop-shop solutions for general plastic fabrications.

As time flies, WeProFab became more expert and knows exactly what clients wanted. We keep striving on giving the best for our customers across the world. We will forever serve good services and best-quality corrugated acrylic sheets.

For further questions, email us and expect faster replies!


Custom Corrugated Acrylic Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

High-impact Corrugated Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab is professionals in manufacturing high-impact corrugated acrylic sheet. We can fabricate your most ideal design in a timely manner.

Polycarbonate Corrugated Acrylic Sheet

As the first-rated manufacturer in China, WeProfab can manufacture polycarbonate corrugated acrylic sheets base on your specifications.

Clear Corrugated Acrylic Sheet

In producing a clear corrugated acrylic sheet, we are strictly checking the quality of each material before proceed to the machining or cutting process.

2mm Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

The 2mm corrugated acrylic sheets are pliable acrylic and are easy to transport. Available in 2mm thickness and are ideal in hotels, apartments, homes, and farmhouses. Offers condensation control for maximum light transmission.

Anti Color-Aging Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

Anti-color-aging corrugated acrylic sheets are single-layer sheets that are UV-resistant and unobtrusive. This material will not crack and has a layer that protects the sheet against yellowing and surface wear.

Clear Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

Clear corrugated acrylic sheets are waterproof and impact resistant. Clear corrugated sheets are typically suitable for carports, walkways, canopies, standard roofs, and many other structures. Guarantees good impact and chemical resistance.

Colored Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

Colored corrugated acrylic sheets are one kind is compound material and are inherently UV-resistant. Offers high performance, mechanical strength, and is easy to take shape. Available in various colors with good decoration.

Double Wall Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

Double-wall corrugated acrylic sheets are characterized by a rectangular hollow structure and offer excellent insulation. Comes with a ribbed configuration and is ideal for applications where specific light transmission is required.

Embossed Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

Embossed corrugated acrylic sheets are a rigid, weather-resistant, and translucent roofing material. Suitable for long-span requirements such as for residential or commercial skylights due to its corrugated design.

Fire Retardant Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

Fire retardant corrugated acrylic sheets are a flame-inhibiting, UV-stable, and glazing product. Produced under firm quality control conditions that are perfect for projects and applications with high temperatures and fire hazards.

Frosted Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

The frosted corrugated acrylic sheets have a roughened coating resembling frost. Feature self-supporting structure, optimum impact strength, and durability. Best suited in display shelf, furniture, bathroom mirror, and skylight.

Hard Coated Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

Hard coated corrugated acrylic sheets have eco-friendly features and are available in various shades and sizes. The surface finishing is hard coated and resistant to impact and moistures.
Offers excellent scratch resistance and extreme specification in optics.

Heavy Duty Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

Heavy-duty corrugated acrylic sheets are the ideal choice for replacing or installing on a newly constructed carport or covered walkways. Available in a large variety of lengths and made with heavy-duty acrylic material.

High Impact Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

High-impact corrugated acrylic sheets are widely applicable in canopies, pergolas, awnings, and carports. Offers durability, high-light transmission and comes with a corrugated surface that adds in being a high impact acrylic sheet.

Milky White Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

Milky white corrugated acrylic sheets are highly glossy, bright, and easy to clean. Made with long-lasting and anti-UV milky white acrylic. Some application includes train and car windows, handicraft product, food packing, acrylic aquarium, and bathroom.

Opaque Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

The opaque corrugated acrylic sheets are attractive, durable, and easy to install. Designed for an endless range of glazing and roofing applications because it does not transmit, reflect light, and is impenetrable to sight.

Patterned Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

Patterned corrugated acrylic sheets have a great appearance and surface. Comes with a wide range of patterns. Can be customized and easier to fabricate which makes it perfect to use for tables, paneling, partitions, and decorations.

Solid Color Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

Solid color corrugated acrylic sheets are hand-made and have high optics. Made with solid color and hard-coated acrylic sheet. Offers excellent scratch resistance and has a variety of colors, sizes, and thicknesses.

Translucent Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

Translucent corrugated acrylic sheets are ideal for a variety of industries and applications. Made with a clear and extremely durable acrylic allowing light to pass through diffusely. Have excellent resistance against UV rays, yellowing, and aging.

Transparent Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

Transparent corrugated acrylic sheets are made of crystal clear and sturdy acrylic materials that can offer consistent services over the years. Equipped with enhanced impact strength and can be smoothly drilled while construction.

Weather Resistant Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

Weather resistant corrugated acrylic sheets are suitable for different covering purposes. Can resist extreme weather conditions and can be tinted in different surface texture options. Safe from color fading and have a great ability for any hazards.

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Why WeProFab Corrugated Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab is the best manufacturer in China for your corrugated acrylic sheet.

Weprofab corrugated acrylic sheet for a business could make a faster boom! For over 20 years in service, Weprofab can really guarantee quality productions.

We can form them with any shapes, amounts, etc.

Depending on your demand, we can make excellent executions.

As a leading fabrication expert, Weprofab produced corrugated acrylic sheets with extreme features including UV-proof, Yellowing-resistance, and much more.

Our team made corrugated acrylic sheets protected against UV rays because if not protected, the following damages might occur.

So, we made them with excellent-quality, lightweight and safe to use. All in all, we made them for each handler`s safety.

Weprofab corrugated acrylic sheet is made thicker compared to other corrugated sheets.

The acrylic material used in the corrugated sheet has built-in rigidity and load relevance capacities make them appealing and safer.

Our corrugated acrylic sheet version has excellent brilliance.

The item is recognized for its stylish aspects. So, as a result, many business traders prefer corrugated acrylic sheet to include in business.

Also, the Weprofab corrugated acrylic sheet was manufactured in different color options like the bronze corrugated acrylic sheets, white corrugated acrylic sheets, or more.

If you ask for an exact color, the Weprofab team is all you can put trust in.

WeProFab can provide different finishes in any quantity orders.

We can provide you a corrugated acrylic sheet that is applicable for windscreens, patios, greenhouses, and many more intended applications.

All that we offer are attractive and quality-guaranteed. We used our latest technology machines to meet your expectations.

So, for your next purchase project, don`t forget WeProFab as your number 1 manufacturing provider.

For your inquiries, expect fast replies from us!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Corrugated Acrylic Sheet

Corrugated acrylic sheets are made up of three layers of acrylic, two flat and one wavy.

This version is commonly known as the twin-wall version.

They are recognized by the topmost ribbed layer.

Another variant is available with only one zigzagged layer.

They are generally used as rooftops for garages, garden sheds, rooftops, and more.

If you have a question about the corrugated acrylic sheet, you have come to the right place.

This ultimate guide will tell you everything you need to know about corrugated acrylic sheets.

 Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

How Are Corrugated Acrylic Sheets Made?

As a good-quality thermoplastic, acrylic makes for a suitable choice of material for corrugated acrylic sheets.

Some of its properties, like resistance to UV radiation, fire, and certain chemicals, are preferred for making a corrugated sheet.

Other materials like polycarbonate are less versatile in comparison to acrylic.

Therefore, corrugated sheets are made with acrylic itself.

To make a corrugated acrylic sheet, you first need to extrude an acrylic sheet.

This involves pumping molten acrylic on the sheet through a screw.

You can then use dies to provide the wavy profile to the sheet.

There are two different processes – mono and co-extrusion – which are used as per the requirements of the profile.

Corrugated Acrylic Sheet Production

Corrugated Acrylic Sheet Production

What Are Corrugated Acrylic Sheets Commonly Used For?

You may have noticed some ribbed sheets on people’s garage shutters or over gardens or roofs.

These are corrugated sheets.

They are made of many different materials, ranging from metals like steel to plastics like polycarbonate and acrylic.

You can use corrugated acrylic sheets for many different purposes owing to their versatile properties.

Some of their common uses are discussed here.

· Buildings

Most prominently, corrugated acrylic sheets are used as storm shutters in commercial and residential buildings.

Manufacturers prefer these sheets due to their durability and strength in comparison to other materials like glass or plywood.

They are also resistant to insects or rodents and do not possess any danger of rotting over time.

You can also use them as sheds for balcony roofs and gardens.

You can find a corrugated sheet in many variants of acrylic, like transparent, matte, or other.

They are a perfect choice for greenhouses to prevent the plants from excessive UV rays.

 Corrugated Acrylic Sheet Roof

Corrugated Acrylic Sheet Roof

Industrial buildings use corrugated acrylic for protective covering over walls for a temporary basis.

You can also use them at your house for decorative purposes.

One of the best ways to beautify your house or any space with corrugated acrylic sheets is to pair them up with colorful light strips.

This will add amazing visual accents to your place.

Overall, corrugated acrylic sheets are used extensively in buildings for many purposes.

· Disaster Relief

Another key area of use for the corrugated acrylic sheet is relief work after any natural disasters such as floods and cyclones.

Their lighter weight makes them easily portable for building temporary shelters for the evacuees.

They are also easily pliable.

Therefore, you can hammer in some wooden frames to create a sturdy shelter.

Some of their properties such as water-resistance and insulation make them a more suitable alternative to traditional choices like tarpaulins.

Their ability to resist water makes them a good fit for roofing in areas that experience heavy showers.

· Packaging

Corrugated acrylic sheets are widely deployed in packing heavy goods, like agricultural produce, for transport.

As a lightweight and flexible material, these sheets are easy to work with.

You can pack any goods by yourself with some common household supplies, such as a knife, a pair of scissors, and a stapler or some glue.

Boxes made of corrugated acrylic sheets are extensively used in packaging companies as well as commercial offices.

 Corrugated Acrylic Packaging Box

 Corrugated Acrylic Packaging Box

· Pet Enclosures

If you are a pet owner looking to create a safe outdoor space for your pet, then corrugated acrylic sheets are a great option.

As a super versatile material, corrugated sheets are available in multiple colors and textures.

They are also scratch-resistant to a great extent and will not require heavy maintenance.

You can always keep an eye on your pets with a transparent barrier made of corrugated acrylic sheets.

On top of that, you can easily drill and fix these sheets on the walls or ground.

You can also add some creative elements to your pet enclosures by attaching fairy lights with the sheets.

 Enclosures Made of Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

Enclosures Made of Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

· Signage

You must have come across various signboards, like ‘work under construction’ or ‘for sale’ and similar.

Acrylic sheets are widely used for making these signage boards.

Corrugated acrylic sheets are commonly used for creating such signposts since they are durable and easy to paint on.

They are available in a variety of colors as well.

You can also easily print anything on these sheets and fix them up on the wall without any hassle.

 Signboards Made of Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

Signboards Made of Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

What Are Some Benefits Of Using Corrugated Acrylic Sheets?

· Durability

Corrugated acrylic sheets are widely used for roofing because of their strong and durable character.

You can trust these sheets to weather all climatic conditions without weakening.

They are also invulnerable to attacks by rodents, termites, and insects.

They can even take a good deal of weight without breaking.

It is an ideal blend of lightweight and rigid material.

· Pliability

Corrugated acrylic sheets are flat and flexible for multiple uses.

You can use it just like you use sheets of paper.

You can easily cut them, glue or staple them, bend them, and drill them.

Their pliability makes them more suitable for an array of uses.

 Easy Pliability

Easy Pliability

· Lightweight

Another great advantage of corrugated acrylic sheets over other materials is its lightweight nature.

You can easily transport the sheets from one place to another or work on building a roof yourself.

Even if there is a mishap, you do not have to worry about any injury.

The sheets are light, easily portable, and easy to work with.

· Variety

Another great benefit of choosing corrugated acrylic sheets is the variety of colors and textures available.

You can go for either a transparent and clear sheet or a matte and embossed finish.

They are also available in multiple colors and thicknesses.

 Variety of Colors

Variety of Colors

What Are The Drawbacks Of Corrugated Acrylic Sheets?

While a corrugated acrylic sheet is fit for a variety of uses, it is not suitable for certain purposes.

There are some drawbacks to a corrugated acrylic sheet that you should keep in mind before purchasing.

· Not Permanent

A corrugated acrylic sheet is bound to experience some wear and tear over time.

They are certainly not permanent and can chip or break down under extreme conditions, like a violent storm.

This makes it unsuitable for roofing in areas that experience extreme weather events regularly.

· Bendability

If exposed to extremely hot temperatures, a corrugated acrylic sheet is likely to bend or warp into itself.

Acrylic is an easily bendable material and softens at a certain temperature.

If you use a corrugated acrylic sheet for any outdoor purpose, then it can warp when the temperature goes very high.

 Easily Bendable Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

Easily Bendable Corrugated Acrylic Sheets

· Production Process

Acrylic is, after all, a type of plastic.

The production of corrugated acrylic sheets is not particularly eco-friendly.

The entire process produces a significant amount of carbon waste that has damaging consequences for the environment.

At the same time, it is not biodegradable and poses another risk for the environment after it has spent its life.

How Long Is The Lifespan Of A Corrugated Acrylic Sheet?

Known for its sturdiness and durability, corrugated acrylic sheets are usually regarded as a long-lasting material.

However, like any other material, the life of corrugated acrylic sheets depends on various factors.

One of the parameters to assess the lifespan of these sheets is their location.

When placed in an outdoor space, the sheet will bear some wear and tear in a year.

It will take almost five years to show the proper signs of aging.

You can safeguard your corrugated sheets against weather conditions by putting a coat of matte finish.

This will greatly increase their overall lifespan.

In an indoor environment, corrugated acrylic sheets can last as long as you wish.

Is Corrugated Metal Better For Roofing Than Corrugated Acrylic?

One of the primary applications of corrugated acrylic sheets is for creating durable roofs.

Corrugated acrylic roofing is much less expensive than metal sheets.

It is best suited for small-scale roofs, like for gardens and roof sheds at home.

You will enjoy natural sunlight flowing in through acrylic roofing because of their transparent and translucent finish.

You can even paint on these sheets and add a decorative touch to your roof.

They are more resistant to water than metals and, therefore, well-suited for protection against rainy weather.

Corrugated metal roofing, on the other hand, is appropriate for dealing with more turbulent weather conditions.

Metal sheets are also known for their ability to handle high temperatures, unlike corrugated acrylic sheets.

At the same time, metal sheets do not easily chip or break during any extreme calamity.

As a result, they are preferred for areas vulnerable to natural disasters.

How Can You Install Corrugated Acrylic Sheet Roofing?

 Corrugated Acrylic Sheets for Roofing

 Corrugated Acrylic Sheets for Roofing

If you are looking to cover up your garden or patio space, then corrugated acrylic sheets are a great solution.

Recreational places like gardens and patios require proper light and easily maintainable roofing options.

With the lightweight and UV-resistant corrugated acrylic material, you can enhance your garden space with a good-looking roof.

Its pliability makes it all the easier to install the roof with a few tools.

Here are the steps to follow while putting up a corrugated acrylic roof.

First and foremost, cut the sheet as per the dimensions required for your roof.

While some sheets specially made for roofs will have pre-drilled holes, others will require you to drill these holes.

A 5 mm drill is a good choice for drilling a corrugated acrylic sheet.

While drilling these holes, make sure that they are spaced at a good distance of 6 to 8 inches.

Now, you can put these drilled sheets on the roof’s purlins and seal off the ends.

You can get galvanized screws that are specially made for fixing corrugated roofs.

This video will show you how to install your corrugated acrylic sheet roofing.


Is Corrugated Acrylic Sheet Recyclable?

Yes, you can recycle corrugated acrylic sheets.

You can use corrugated acrylic sheets for many purposes, and once they wear down, you can recycle them to create something new.

You simply need to melt down the sheet and mold it into any shape or a sheet for using it again.

Some manufacturers buy used corrugated acrylic sheets and recycle the material into brand-new products.

If your sheet has worn out, you may be able to find a manufacturer willing to recycle it.

How Should You Clean And Maintain Corrugated Acrylic Sheets?

A corrugated acrylic sheet requires minimal maintenance in terms of cleaning and polishing.

Owing to their non-porous surface texture, you will not find a lot of dust sticking to a corrugated acrylic sheet.

You can, however, keep your sheets new as ever through consistent cleaning work.

Sheets used for outdoor purposes need more dusting and washing than those in the indoors.

One of the easiest ways to clean a corrugated acrylic sheet is by wiping it down.

All you need for scrubbing the sheets is a mix of soap and water.

You can also add some vinegar to disinfect the sheet from any insects or microorganisms.

 Cleaning a Corrugated Acrylic Sheet

 Cleaning a Corrugated Acrylic Sheet

This simple cleaning technique is for sheets that are in use for a good deal of time.

The roof, signposts, and indoor walls, for instance, will require cleaning at proper intervals.

On the other hand, if you are planning to use some corrugated acrylic sheets for a short period or seasonal use, then you should store it properly.

Choose a safe location for storing the sheets where they will not get smashed or crack under pressure.

Storing them in a cool place is also wise since acrylic can soften and bend under extremely high temperatures.

You should ideally lay the sheets flat on the ground or stand them vertically against a wall.

It is important to note that although the corrugated acrylic sheets are foldable, storing them in a folded form is not suitable.

It will cause significant damage to the sheets.

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