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For more than two decades, WeProFab is specializing in the production of a cotton swabs. We are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of cotton swabs that will suit your business. Here in WeProFab, we are committed to making your business more successful. You can trust us to be your no.1 solution provider for your cotton swab needs.

Get WeProFab Cotton Swab to Delight Your Customers

You can find the broadest selection of cotton swab at WeProFab. It comes with unlimited sizes and designs. Choose the right cotton swab that will suit your preference.

200pcs Bamboo Stick Ear Buds

We offer high-quality 200pcs Bamboo Stick Ear Buds made from 100% pure cotton. It is used for medical cleaning and cosmetic remover.

Swab Stick Laboratory Cotton Swab

Our Swab Stick Laboratory Cotton Swab is made from flocking foam head and plastic handle. It is for single use only.

Disposable Sterile Medical Cotton Swab

These are nylon flocked swab made from nylon fibers and medical grade plastic handle. It is widely used for medical, hospital, home nursing, and so on.

15cm Round Single Head Cotton Bud

Our 15cm Round Single Head Cotton Bud is normally used for wound cleaning, wax cleaning, medical sampling, etc. It is made from 100% cotton and wood handle.

Sterile Biodegradable Cotton Swabs

WeProFab manufactures Sterile Biodegradable Cotton Swabs with anatomical and ergonomic design. It is safe and features convenient breakpoints.

100pcs Eco Friendly Bamboo Stick Cotton Swabs

We offer 100pcs Eco Friendly Bamboo Stick Cotton Swabs with different sizes. It has a white color made from 100% cotton and bamboo stick handle.

WeProFab: Your Premier Manufacturer and Supplier of Cotton Swab in China

At WeProFab, we are committed to boost your business by providing excellent quality products. We can supply you a broad selection of cotton swab so your business will fully run. We are providing high-quality cotton swab that is useful in wide range of application. ‘

WeProFab can provide you a one-stop solution to your cotton swab needs. We are also accepting customization based on your exact specification. If you need more information regarding our cotton swab, contact us immediately. We are always willing to accommodate your needs.

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Custom Cotton Swab to Boost Your Business

Double-Tipped Glycolic Applicator Swabs

Our Double-Tipped Glycolic Applicator Swabs has a perforated center and double-ended. It is ideal for applying any products to your face.

6’’ Long Cotton Swabs

WeProFab manufactures 6’’ Long Cotton Swabs that are non-sterile. It features sturdy handle, more lint, and multipurpose.

Double Precision Tip Cotton Swabs

Our Double Precision Tip Cotton Swabs are made from organic cotton that is high absorbent, soft, and undergone strict sterilization process.

Double Tipped Organic Cotton Buds

WeProFab Double Tipped Organic Cotton Buds are chlorine-free, absorbent, gentle, soft, and biodegradable.

200pcs Cotton Swab

200pcs cotton swab is compact and practical. Made of pure cotton and delivered with 200 pcs in a box. Highly absorbent, non-irritating, and hygienic Perfect for a variety of cosmetic uses and hygienic needs

6" Long Cotton Swab

6″ long cotton swab features a non-toxic, non-fluorescence, and non-chemical material. Designed to clean effectively, highly functional, and convenient. The handle is tougher and healthier than the others.

Antimicrobial Cotton Swab

An antimicrobial cotton swab can be biodegradable and is resistant to bending. The handle is made of imported wood pulp paper. Typically used for first aid, baby care, and more. Available with an extra thin stem.

Biodegradable Cotton Swab

The biodegradable cotton swab is designed for easy cleaning of small areas like ears, nose, or belly button. Made from high-quality 100% pure cotton. The pliable soft paper stem provides added safety and protection.

Cotton Organic Wooden Swab

Cotton organic wooden swab contains bio-degradable paper stems which are environmentally friendly. Designed for greater flexibility and softness than others, making it suitable for newborn babies.

Cotton Pointed Tips Swab

Cotton-pointed tips swab is built for convenient storage and easy retrieval. Features spiral and pointed shape tips with a healthy pulp paper handle. These long cotton swabs are made of 100% cotton that is soft and highly absorbent.

Cruelty-Free Cotton Swab

Cruelty-free cotton swab features a long and sturdy wooden stick. The cotton tip can be used for both cleaning and smearing. Works well for pet care, cosmetic applications, topical dressings, and wound care.

Double Tips Cotton Swab

Double tips cotton swab is an all-purpose material for industrial uses. Perfect choice for any application with a natural, highly absorbent tip. Offers excellent softness, cushioning, and heat resistance making it a good pick for everything.

Large Size Cotton Swab

Large size cotton swab is suitable for static-sensitive environments and medical applications. Includes styles that are longer than the standard cotton swab. Made from pharmaceutical-grade cotton fiber.

Medical Cotton Swab

The medical cotton swab is available with different tip options depending on your preferences. Primarily designed for medical applications. Equipped with an extra-long wood handle that is sturdy enough for cleaning.

Microblading Cotton Swab

Microblading cotton swab is ideal for wound care, makeup removal, and more. Features non-sterile regular cotton tips with a long wooden shaft. The tips are manufactured to a uniform length and shape.

Sterile Cotton Swab

Sterile cotton swab has a durable cotton head that doesn’t unravel easily. Perfect for minor wound care and precision cleaning. Long enough to reach the small corner. Contains the softest cotton at the tip than any other swab.

Strong Bamboo Cotton Swab

Strong bamboo cotton swab includes tapered pointed tips making it suitable for industrial applications, minor wound care, and makeup removal. Features soft cotton for better absorbency and comfortability.

Travel Size Cotton Swab

Travel size cotton swab is specifically designed for beauty and personal care uses. Includes gentle flexible stick and is made with 100% pure cotton. Packaged in a convenient plastic case for traveling purposes.

White Plastic Cotton Swab

A white plastic cotton swab is ideal for a variety of detailed applications. Soft and gentle for baby and toddler care. Contains 50% more soft cotton at the tip and is highly absorbent. Available in white color.

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WeProFab Cotton Swab


Double Precision Tip Cotton Swabs

WeProFab is an experienced manufacturer of a cotton swab in China. You can rely on WeProFab to supply you with the best quality cotton swab for your business. We have thousands of expert employees that will manufacture your cotton swab orders.

At WeProFab, you can find the largest selection of cotton swabs. You can choose our wood-handled cotton swab, plastic-handled cotton swab, PP handled cotton swab, PET cotton bud and swab, family size cotton swab, and more.

6’’ Long Cotton Swabs

We are also offering customization services. WeProFab can customize your cotton swab packaging with your logo or other requests. Just send us your specification so we can deal with and produce your final cotton swab orders.

All our cotton swabs are made from medical-grade cotton. It is 100% biodegradable. It also has organic cut, chlorine-free, and 100% cruelty free. Thus, you can assure that your cotton swab manufactured by WeProFab is safe to use.

Additionally, we manufacture cotton swabs through precision processing. It features a round cotton head full to add extra comfort. Cotton will not easily fell off the handle, thus, assuring you high durability.

WeProFab also manufactures cotton swabs with different handle materials. We can assure you that its handle will not break easily. Thus, you can use it with a smooth feel and comfort. We also make sure that has waterproof and dustproof packaging for long-term preservation.

Disposable Sterile Medical Cotton Swab

Our cotton swabs are useful in a wide range of applications such as makeup, handicraft cleaning, painting, ear cleaning, equipment cleaning, wound cleaning, pet cleaning, and more. You can surely find the right cotton swab for your application.

WeProFab is a certified manufacturer of a cotton swab. All our products have passed international standards for quality and safety. Aside from that, we also offer competitive prices, excellent services, and low MOQ.

Through our advanced facilities and hygienic manufacturing process, we can assure you of the fastest turnaround time. You can guarantee that your cotton swab orders will arrive on time. Make WeProFab your reliable cotton swab supplier today.

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