• Custom Acrylic Box

Custom Acrylic Box

Weprofab is your best partner for the successful business as your supplier and manufacturer since 1997. We are always setting up first the demands and requirements of your desired custom acrylic box. We have a lot of types and sizes available that are perfect for any of your applications. Assuring you the best quality and conclusion by our custom acrylic box is what Weprofab can do. Trust us for we can fully support your full supplies of any kind of custom acrylic box.

Get WeProFab Custom Acrylic Box to Delight Your Customers

Providing our customers great qualities and features of our manufactured custom acrylic boxes becomes our proficiency. Weprofab is maintaining our good name in the manufacturing and supplying industry by continuously producing only high-quality products, especially custom acrylic boxes. Cost effective custom acrylic boxes are what you can have in Weprofab.

Personalized Acrylic Box

This Weprofab personalized acrylic box is available in glossy and clear color. It is also suitable for organizing cosmetics and any personal things.

Custom Acrylic Rose Box with Drawer

Weprofab custom acrylic rose box with drawer is manufactured with environmentally friendly features. It is available in white, yellow and even your chosen color.

Waterproof Acrylic Show Box

This type of acrylic box is usually being used on car model collection displays. It helps your collections be more protected from dust. We offer this with an economical cost.

Acrylic Jewelry Storage Box

This Weprofab custom acrylic jewelry storage box is made to secure your jewelries and any small items at home. It is usually in a square shaped acrylic box.

Custom Acrylic Compartment Display Box

We made this custom acrylic compartment display box with high-quality acrylic materials that endures strongly. We sell it with low cost but great features.

Customized Acrylic Organizer Box

Weprofab usually manufacture custom acrylic organizer box that measures 16.5*17.8*12.7 cm, but we also welcome your customized size and design you prefer.

WeProFab: Your Ideal Custom Acrylic Box Manufacturer

Weprofab is a professional manufacturer in China that truly satisfies your needed custom acrylic boxes for business or personal use. Durable and enduring quality type of custom acrylic  box is what you can receive from Weprofab. The best fabrication and appearance is also what can be offered to you by Weprofab.

Achieved design and style of custom acrylic boxes are what Weprofab can source you. You can tell us your customized specifications and we directly manage the processes of your orders. We can offer you with it at an economical cost. Ensuring worthy purchased custom acrylic boxes are what you can get for the improvement of your running business.   

Custom Acrylic Box to Level Up Your Brand

Custom Acrylic Bathroom Box

Weprofab provides you samples to check the quality of this custom acrylic bathroom box. We have multi colors available and you can also request your own design that is perfect for your bathroom.

Acrylic Wishing Well Box with Lock

Our custom acrylic wishing well box with lock is available in white, black, clear and any color you wanted for your personal or business. Weprofab made it with locks for protected letters at parties.

Custom Clear Acrylic Shoe Box

Weprofab manufacture this custom clear acrylic shoe box with high-quality type of acrylic that makes it more durable and reliable at any of your applications. It secures your items from dirt.

Customized Acrylic Cube Box

This eco-friendly and modernized custom acrylic cube box can attract more of the customers because of its elegant appearance and design. Weprofab offers you with competitive cost.

Custom Plastic Acrylic Box

Weprofab accept your preferred thickness of this customized plastic Acrylic box. This is applicable in displaying your daily goods. We packed it in a secured box.

Acrylic Box with Dust Proof Lid

This custom acrylic box with a dust proof lid is being used to display in a store. It’s clear colored surface makes it easy for the customer to see what item you are selling.

Acrylic Box with Gold Metal Decor

Own this unique custom acrylic box with gold metal decor by sending us your desired design and color. Weprofab offer this with an economical cost that fits on your budget.

Customized Acrylic Ballot Box

This customized acrylic ballot box is secured by locks. It is usually applicable in school and office elections. It can also be used as a raffled promo box.

Acrylic Wedding Invitation Card Box

Weprofab offer this high quality custom acrylic wedding invitation card box at a low cost. It is one of the best selling acrylic boxes.

Acrylic Nut Display Box

 Our custom acrylic nut display box usually measures 1100x350x350mm or can be  customized. Weprofab avail this in different colors.

Customized Acrylic Riser Display Box

This environmentally friendly custom acrylic riser display box is fashionable. Weprofab allows the shape you want. It may be square or rectangle.

Custom Acrylic Candy Box

This custom acrylic candy box is usually being used as gifts. Weprofab made it more secure and clean to store unwrapped candies and other foods.

Custom Square Cube Acrylic Box

The square-cube acrylic boxes are customizable in colors, sizes, and styles. They are perfect materials for displaying and storing goods or items. These acrylic boxes also have an immense thickness for customers’ wide selections. Acrylics are more durable and eco-friendly than other materials.

Animation Lock Acrylic Show Box

Animation acrylic show boxes have a pre-assembled structure with LED light and lock design. These boxes accommodate customers’ approved logos, hues, and sizes. They are suitable for showcasing animation, collectible, and other sentimental items.

Customized Wood Base Acrylic Gift Box

Customized acrylic gift boxes with wood bases have custom compartments and dimensions. These acrylic gift boxes are the perfect packaging for candies and any food you desire to give. They are multifunctional, eco-friendly, recyclable, and affordable.

Custom Acrylic Wine Bottle Box

Acrylic wine bottle boxes have transparent and customizable colors. Their dimensions are formed as per customers’ requirement applications. These acrylic boxes are designed for countertop or tabletop placements. Using these packaging will give more elegance to a displayed or gifted wine.

Acrylic 5-Sided Box with Lid

The five-sided acrylic boxes with lids can accommodate customized logos. They are ideal for displaying or storing foods or flowers. These unique boxes have lighter weight. They feature durability, scratch-resistance, more convenience, and multifunctional properties.

Custom Acrylic Letter Candy Box

Customized acrylic letter candy boxes are ideal for children’s parties. These letter acrylic boxes are available in all letter designs. Their transparency makes the candies inside more accessible. However, colors, thicknesses, and sizes are customizable, depending on orders.

Rectangular Acrylic Flower Gift Box

The rectangular acrylic lower gift boxes are available with printed or engraved logos. They are designed with customized specifications, like their holes for flowers, thicknesses, lengths, and sizes. These flower gift boxes are secured with hat lid covers.

Eyelash Extension Acrylic Box

The eyelash extension acrylic boxes are perfect for organizing falls eyelashes collections. They have appropriate sizes and hues to suit customers’ desires. These acrylic boxes are unbreakable, easy to clean, waterproof, and have lighter weight.

Mini Acrylic Wedding Candy Box

Mini acrylic wedding candy boxes are also come in various shapes, including rectangle, star, heart shapes, and more customized designs. They give a decent, simple, yet unique appearance as a gift. These acrylic boxes are suitable for weddings or any occasion giveaways.

Mirrored Acrylic Wishing Box

The mirrored acrylic wishing boxes catch the attention of anybody. With their unique reflected colors, many wedding, birthday, or christening organizers include these boxes. Depending on customers’ choices, they have customizable sizes, tints, and shapes.

Slide out Acrylic Shoe Box

Slide-out acrylic shoe boxes design makes easy access on stored or displayed shoes. They can be formed as cabinets at home, stores, and mall applications. These acrylic shoe boxes are available in multiple sizes to fit specific shoes for kids or adults.

Acrylic Glove Box Holder

The acrylic glove box holders come in different layers. They are multifunctional and ideal for storing gloves, masks, and other disposable items for hospitals. Using them will keep the gloves or mask more organized and secure from dust or dirt.

Acrylic Colored Organizer Box

The acrylic-colored organizer boxer has brighter hues with glitter designs. They are practical for organizing make-ups or other personal stuff at home or stores. These acrylic boxes are customized using laser engraving, silk screen printing, CNC, and thermoforming processes.

Custom Iridescent Acrylic Box

Custom iridescent acrylic boxes have rainbow colors with different designs and dimensions available. These acrylic boxes have consistent colors over outdoor exposure. Their acrylic compositions resist chemicals and weather effects with high transparency features. 

Mirror Based Acrylic Jewelry Box

The mirrored-based acrylic jewelry boxes accommodate engraved or printed logos. Their dimensions, colors, and designs are provided as customers’ requirements. They are not easy to break, have a lighter weight than glass, and last long.

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Why WeProFab Custom Acrylic Box

The Weprofab custom acrylic box is widely applicable and used as bins, risers, covers, including trays and many other purposes. We are your ideal manufacturer that can expertly craft your high-quality and needed custom acrylic boxes. 

Custom Acrylic Box

We are confident to deal with our high-reliable custom acrylic boxes with our customers outside the country. Weprofab have a complete technician knowledge and fabrication procedures to fully satisfy your needs.

Weprofab operates by simplifying the ordering processes of your desired custom acrylic boxes. You can select the height, width and length of your custom acrylic box and even its thickness that is perfect for your application needs.

Customize sizes, printing, engraving, coloring and many other capabilities of customization is available in Weprofab. What you demand and expect from designs and styles are what exactly you can get when delivered.

Custom Acrylic Box

Weprofab always uses high-quality materials when manufacturing custom acrylic boxes for you. We make sure that our offered types of custom acrylic boxes can last in a long period of time. Experience satisfaction by our introduced custom acrylic boxes.

In Weprofab your aim feature and specifications are achieved considering that our teams are professional enough to handle such manufacturing custom acrylic boxes. We made this custom acrylic box according to its purpose and benefits.

High-quality custom acrylic boxes are very useful to secure or protect your items on display at the same time it contributes to a pleasing look of an area. It also helps take care of your objects from any dirts and debris. It also helps keep your item secure in high movement surroundings.

Custom Acrylic Box

Because of its perfectly designed transparent nature, it is also being used for decorations that allow and emphasize the item being showcased inside. When you choose Weprofab, you will never regret not only for the quality but also our services.

We have full time support and assistance for your processing orders and packaging. Ensure transporting and shipping is always a big deal when ordering our custom acrylic box. And Weprofab assures your secured  procedures and methods until you will receive undamaged ordered custom acrylic boxes.

Please don’t hesitate to inquire with us now, right here!

What is a Custom Acrylic Box?

Custom Acrylic Box is storage made from bona fide acrylic. 

Perfect for sophisticated displays of numerous stuff. 

It befits various personal and enterprise purposes.

Can our Company Logo be Imprinted into the Custom Acrylic Box?

Absolutely yes! You can customize the acrylic box with your company logo.

The logo can be screen-printed or engraved.

What are the In-Demand Custom Acrylic Boxes?

The marketable design of custom acrylic boxes is the following:

  • Five-sided acrylic boxes
  • Acrylic Display Boxes with bases
  • Acrylic Boxes with lids and covers
  • Colored Acrylic boxes
  • Acrylic Display Cabinet with Lock
  • Tube Acrylic Display Case
  • Acrylic Display Trays
  • Acrylic Food storage and display
  • Acrylic Wall mounts
  • Acrylic Table box
  • Acrylic Storage bins
What are the Salient Features of Top-Tier Custom Acrylic Boxes?

An excellent Custom Acrylic boxes portray the following notable features:

  • High-quality acrylic
  • More impact resistance than glass
  • Highly reflective characteristic
  • Resistant to ultraviolet
  • Lightweight 
  • Secured design
  • High-durability
  • Weather-resistant
  • Fire-retardant
What to Keep in Mind in Choosing your Custom Acrylic Box?

When selecting your preferred acrylic box, consider the following:

Product Height:

The measurement is from bottom to top. 

Product Width: 

The size or extent from side to side.

Product Length: 

The minimum extent of the two base dimensions.

Wall Thickness: 

Pick from the thicknesses possible for the box dimensions you selected.

Go for a thinner wall for subtle utilization, such as a display cover.

Go for a thicker wall for heavy-duty applications, such as storing massive objects inside the box or displaying heavier items on top.

Custom Acrylic Boxes are Ideal for What Purpose?

The transparent acrylic display boxes with stable bases are ideal for various uses. 

It is perfect for keeping retail merchandise and object display cases, as well as 

For commerce display exhibits

Your cherished sports memorabilia

Awards and trophies





Fish tanks

Toys display

Does the Custom Acrylic Boxes Certified Approve?

Absolutely Yes.

The custom-made acrylic boxes acquire Canadian Standards Association (CSA), FAA, and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certifications.

How Long Does the Custom Acrylic Box Last?

Genuine custom acrylic boxes last up to 30 years in application. 

Acrylic-made custom boxes will maintain their transparent feature even for indoor or outdoor uses.

They will not crumble or lose their durability. 

Does Custom Acrylic Box Scratch Easily?

Acrylic boxes can scratch easily.

Evade contact with sharp-edged or abrasive objects. 

Yet, the acrylic-made box is extremely scratch-resistant compared to glass.

How to Preserve the Scratch-Free Feature of a Custom Acrylic Box?

 A renowned designer recommends utilizing felt pads to prevent boxes from scratching upon the delicate surface.

Using felt pads is applicable mainly when you need to put a metal or similarly hard-edged item inside or on top.

Why should you Consider Investing in an Excellent Custom Acrylic Box?

Choosing a top-tier custom acrylic box is vital since it serves as storage, specifically for breakable and irreplaceable items. 

Moreover, the box guards any other variety of items from damages. 

How to Remove Unwanted Scratches from a Custom Acrylic Box?

It depends on how severe the damage is.

 Although, in most circumstances, we can get rid of scratches relatively quickly.

Follow this guide on fixing apparent damage to your custom acrylic box.

For slight scratches on the acrylic box

The following materials are needed to remove slight scars on the acrylic box:

  • Acrylic or synthetic polish
  • 800 and 1200 grit sandpaper
  • Clean water to dip the sandpaper

Step 1: Damp a piece of the 800-grit sandpaper and work it over the marked area in a circular movement.

Then repeat the process with a dry sheet of the same grit sandpaper. 

You must do this alternatively for around three minutes. 

Step 2: Once you have finished, continue to 1200 grit sandpaper. 

And replicate the same process until all the scratches disappear. 

Step 3: Finally, blot the area with a sanitary cotton fabric and apply the acrylic polish.

The outcome should be an acrylic box that looks as great as new, with no noticeable marks.

For Deeper Scratches on the Custom Acrylic Box

Deeper marks on custom acrylic boxes need a little more work to eliminate. 

For you to determine whether a scratch is deep or light, fret over the box your fingernail. 

The method is comparable to eliminating light scratches but starting with 600-grit sandpaper. 

However, if the mark is more extensive than 5mm, it is not worth taking. 

How to Clean your Custom Acrylic Box?

Using a non-linting cloth, wipe the box to take out the dirt.

Use professional cleaner and water for cleaning.

 Utilize an anti-static solution to clean and maintain the clarity of acrylic boxes.

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