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Decorative Acrylic Sheets

As one of the leading decorative acrylic sheets manufacturers in China, WeProFab provides up-to-date products. Our decorative acrylic sheets come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and colors. We could also custom-made products to your exact specifications.

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Get WeProFab Decorative Acrylic Sheets to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab could offer you a broad range of eye-catching decorative acrylic sheets. We can customize the ideal decorative acrylic sheet to your own project needs.


Decorative Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a professional decorative acrylic sheet manufacturer. We offered superior quality products in best prices.

Cut-to-Size Decorative Acrylic Sheet

As a premier manufacturer, WeProFab is pleased to offer cut-to-size decorative acrylic sheets in a range of colors, sizes, textures, and shapes. This fabrication method is handled by our technical team.

Best Decorative Acrylic Sheet

Explore the WeProFab decorative acrylic sheet. Without doubt, you can find the best one to suit any particular set of needs.

Decorative Plastic Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab decorative plastic acrylic sheet is made from new technology and modern materials. For your business/special projects, please email us your request.

Decorative Acrylic Sheet Assembly

Combining professional’s expertise and high tech equipment, the assembly period of decorative acrylic sheet is efficient. We can make a decorative acrylic sheet for your drawings.

Custom Decorative Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab is pleased to offer custom decorative acrylic sheet. You can choose from our standard acrylic sheet then we can specify it for you.

WeProFab: Your Premier Decorative Acrylic Sheets Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication.

WeProFab decorative acrylic sheets are manufactured through our up-to-date product equipment. We have full capability to produce new, attractive decorative acrylic sheet. Also, WeProFab provides comprehensive options such as size, style, design, colors and more.

You can trust WeProFab. Over 20 years in the field, WeProFab has the expertise and knowledge in this domain you look forward to. 

 Please don’t hesitate to contact us. WeProFab will help you. 

Custom Decorative Acrylic Sheets to Skyrocket Your Brand

Interior Decorative Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab interior decorative acrylic sheet will make your space attractive. Able to enhance interior impact. WeProFab carries a line of products. Discuss your idea, we will make it for you.

Decorative Colored Acrylic Sheet

In WeProFab, we have a wide variety of decorative colored acrylic sheets ideal for signage, show-stopping displays, and other decorations. Find yours today!

Decorative Acrylic Sheet for Fence

If you are looking for scratch-resistant decorative acrylic sheet for fence, look no further, WeProFab is here to help. Our professional engineers will design you high-quality products based on your details.

Patterned Decorative Acrylic Sheets

The patterned decorative acrylic sheets are perfect for beauty salons, kitchens, cafes, and bathroom places. They have high transparency and no yellowing advantages. Your requested colors are granted.

Glittered Decorative Acrylic Sheets

Glittered decorative acrylic sheets have secured internal glitters that don’t fall. They have smooth surfaces with unfading colors. These sheets have excellent chemical resistance and oxidation resistance.

Marble Decorative Acrylic Sheets

The marble decorative acrylic sheets are practical for windows, advertising displays, furniture, doors, and bathtub applications. Their thicknesses are customizable according to your requirements.

Laser Cut Decorative Acrylic Sheet with Glitter

Laser-cut decorative acrylic sheets with glitters are available in 1mm to 15mm thicknesses. They are durable acrylic sheets that last for a long time. These decorative sheets feature nonpoisonous and elegant shapes.

High Gloss Decorative Acrylic Sheet

The high-gloss decorative acrylic sheets are suitable for construction and building industry applications. They come in various colors with a hundred wood grain designs.

Decorative Acrylic Sheet for Ornament Doors

The decorative acrylic sheet for ornament doors can be reprocessed and molded. They feature non-toxicity, are lightweight, have excellent weatherproof and UV resistance.

Decorative Acrylic Sheet for Walls

Decorative acrylic sheets for walls have marble, solid color, 3D, and wood colors. These decorative sheets are waterproof and environmentally friendly material for wall decorations.

Copper Mirror Decorative Acrylic Sheet

The copper mirror decorative acrylic sheets feature non-toxicity and eco-friendliness. They are ideal for wedding decorations and advertising applications. Your desired colors are available.

Two Way Mirror Decorative Acrylic Sheet

Two-way mirror decorative acrylic sheets have vacuum forming, present, stationery, and engraving properties. They are perfect for home, handicrafts, decoration, and advertising applications.

Double Layer Decorative Acrylic Sheet

The double-layer decorative acrylic sheets have high-impact resistance and water-resistant features. Their thicknesses are customized or optional. These sheets can are easy to cut and mold.

Decorative Wood Grain Acrylic Sheet

Decorative wood grain acrylic sheets have excellent mechanical resistance. These sheets are suitable for hotel supplies, construction, and crafts applications.

Waterproof Decorative Acrylic Sheet

The waterproof decorative acrylic sheets are easy to install and non-toxic. They are made with natural finishing surfaces. You can request your required sizes.

Custom Wedding Decorative Acrylic Sheet

Custom decorative acrylic sheets for wedding decorations are affordable yet give beauty to function halls. They feature eco-friendly, non-toxic, excellent light transmittance, and colorfulness.

Translucent Decorative Acrylic Sheet

The translucent decorative acrylic sheets have high hardness surfaces. They have laminated transparent base colors. They are usually installed in kitchen and toilet areas.

Decorative Water Bubble Acrylic Sheet

The decorative water bubble acrylic sheets feature excellent weather resistance. They come in various colors options, including red, yellow, gold, blue, and transparent.

Artificial Adhesive Decorative Acrylic Sheet

Artificial adhesive decorative acrylic sheets are eco-friendly materials used for ceilings, offices, walls, and bathroom applications. They are available with high glossy, marbled, or UV-coated surfaces.

Decorative Dotted Acrylic Sheet

The decorative dotted acrylic sheets are suitable for lighting applications, like ceiling lights, panel lights, lightboxes, and book lights. You can request your desired shapes for your specific usage.

3D Colored Decorative Acrylic Sheet

3D colored decorative acrylic sheets are applicable for KTV, hotels, and bath centers. These sheets have UV-coated, Painted, or high glossy surfaces. You can choose your desired colors.

Anti-Static Decorative Acrylic Sheet

The anti-static decorative acrylic sheets have extreme impact resistance, attractive look, anti-static, and smooth characteristics. They are typically applicable for building construction utilization.

Decorative Soundproof Acrylic Sheets

The decorative soundproof acrylic sheets are easy to cut and mold. They have glitters that never fall. These sheets are perfect decorations at home, offices, and hotel rooms.

Colored Decorative Acrylic Panel

The colored decorative acrylic panels have glossy surfaces with customizable logos. They are perfect material for advertising. More than a hundred colors selections are available to be appropriate for your applications. Their thicknesses also depend on customers’ requests.

High Reflective Decorative Acrylic Panel

Decorative acrylic panels with high reflective characteristics are applicable for crafts, windows, signs, bathtubs, and more. These materials feature ease of drilling, cutting, vacuum forming, and more. They have high-impact strength and lighter weight than glass.

Textured Decorative Acrylic Panel

Textured decorative acrylic panels are the perfect material for LED panel lighting, LED downlighting, and liner lighting. They are available in various shapes, including circles and squares. Many industries benefit from textured decorative acrylic panels, like business and education.

High-Quality Decorative Acrylic Panel

The high-quality decorative acrylic panels are practical for cabinet and wardrobe applications. Approved logos are customizable for business brands. An immense range of colors and sizes are available to suit every utilization. They are the durable panel that lasts for a long time.

Carved Partition Decorative Acrylic Panel

Carved partition decorative acrylic panels have UV-coated surfaces. They are available in numerous designs, like marble, wood grain, solid, 3D colors, and more. These materials are environmentally friendly, waterproof, and easy to install. 

Artificial Marble Decorative Acrylic Panel

The artificial marble decorative acrylic panels are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, offices, hotels, and lobbies. They are easy to ship and environmentally friendly material used for decorations. Any colors are available to fit your usages and tastes.

Hot Stamp Decorative Acrylic Panel

The hot stamp decorative acrylic panels are east to clue on the walls. They are perfect for KTVs, offices, hotels, bath centers, public places, and more. These panels feature fireproof, waterproof, and wear-resistant characteristics. 

Transparent Decorative Acrylic Panel

Transparent decorative acrylic panels are easy to bend and vacuum formed. They have high-impact strength, weather resistance, and high-quality features. These acrylic decorative panels are practical for advertising and decoration applications.

Decorative Acrylic Panel for Accessories

Decorative acrylic panels for accessories have unique designs and polished surfaces. Their thicknesses and hues are customizable, depending on customers’ choices. They are also suitable for making hotel supplies and handbags.

Laminated Decorative Acrylic Panel

The laminated decorative acrylic panels are used for cabinets, doors, and more. They have multiple advantages, including scratch resistance, discoloration, and high glossy surfaces. Customizable thicknesses and patterns are also accessible.

Decorative Acrylic Marble Panels

Decorative acrylic marble panels have UV-coated surfaces. They are suitable for wall and ceiling decorations. These marble decorative acrylic panels have rigid PVC boards and UV coating structures. They are accessible in a wide range of thicknesses to fit your applications.

Acrylic Plastic Decorative Ceiling Panels

The acrylic plastic decorative panels for the ceiling have customizable colors and designs. They are eco-friendly materials with waterproof, moistureproof, fireproof, and non-toxic features. Acrylic-made decorative panels have lasting quality.

Laser Cut Acrylic Decorative Panels

The laser-cut acrylic decorative panels have outstanding weather resistance, smooth surfaces, and have stable performance. These high-quality panels never discolor and lose lights. Laser-cut acrylic panels with decorative designs are odorless when processing.

Decorative Resin Partition Acrylic Panel

Decorative resin partition acrylic panels have a high-hardness surface and high impact strength. They come in multiple top finishes, like super matte, sandstone, and renewable matte. According to customers’ orders, their thicknesses, resins, and colors are customizable.

Pearl Colored Decorative Acrylic Panel

The decorative acrylic panels with pearl colors are perfect for lightings, crafts, furniture, handbags, and more. They are easy to process, like cutting, printing, bending, and more. Various pattern options are available, including clouds, water waves, celluloid, and more.

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Why Decorative Acrylic Sheets

Looking for decorative acrylic sheet? WeProFab carries a wide variety of patterned and decorative acrylic sheets ideal for interior design. Our line of specialty products creates an innovative, eye-catching furniture space.

If you are interior decorators, designers, then you can’t ignore WeProFab. With high-end design and finishes, you can create unparalleled products.

Decorative Acrylic Sheet-10

WeProFab decorative acrylic sheet is strong and easy to work in indoor applications.

We have an extensive product line offering attractive textures, colors, and finishes. You can change and upgrade you’re your interior impact with a decorative acrylic sheet.

By the way, it is environmental-friendly, therefore, it is safe. Whether used for signage or displays, you can discuss all you want with our personnel.

Our representative got the expertise and skillfulness in the allied domain. Always ready to help and guide you in finding the perfect decorative acrylic sheet for your project.

In addition to that, WeProFab is open to customizing orders. As one of the leading manufacturers in China, WeProFab knows the importance of fulfilling its own request.

With that, we are striving to complete every detail sent on us. The exact sizes, colors, shapes, thicknesses, and other main features can be design to exact configurations.

Or you can select on our standard product then made on your own specs. You must decide which one is right for your installation.

Decorative Acrylic Sheet-11

WeProFab decorative acrylic sheet is lightweight and durable. It has strong impact-resistant than glasses. This is one reason why designers today prefer acrylic products than glasses.

Our high-gloss decorative acrylic sheet products can give an appearance like a classy one. We offered a decorative acrylic sheet both commercial solutions and own interior projects.

For home, room or building, our decorative acrylic sheet suits well. Due to effective material, WeProFab decorative acrylic sheet provides a sleek, clean, easy to maintain surface.

Another function of decoration is to cover the unattractive wall surface. In the living room, dining, to any part of a home, you may install a decorative acrylic sheet giving a state-of-the-art touch of your wall.

WeProFab decorative acrylic sheet can be cut to size to your specifications. Our professionals will manage that and all the production processes.

Decorative Acrylic Sheet-12

With more than 20 years in the service, WeProFab offers all types of acrylic sheet that meets main standards. We can also follow up with other international standards like Rohs, Reach, UL and more.

By reason, you can ensure high-quality, reliable products providing a high impact on your business. WeProFab will certainly your ideal interior decorative acrylic sheet manufacturer and supplier.

We are acknowledged to be one of the most efficient providers. All types of establishment, hotels, restaurants, and eateries, a decorative acrylic sheet from WeProFab are your answer. We can produce products on-time. No delay. Expect it.

Now, if you have any questions about WeProFab decorative acrylic sheets and services, please feel free to contact us right away!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Decorative Acrylic Sheet

A decorative acrylic sheet is made with acrylic material and plays a massive role in interior design and architectural work.

It gives an appearance of a tinted glass sheet, but it carries various features that make it far more superior in terms of usage.

Today, decorative acrylic sheets are instrumental for various applications.

You will find that these sheets come in an array of models to meet your requirements.

This ultimate FAQ guide will provide you with everything you need to know about decorative acrylic sheets.

What Is A Decorative Acrylic Sheet?

A decorative acrylic sheet features all the properties of traditional acrylic sheets.

It belongs to the category of decorative materials.

Since a decorative acrylic sheet has several attributes that make them an ideal option to customize, it is widely used in different kinds of places.

You will find that these sheets possess fewer limitations and minimal installation restrictions.

Decorative acrylic sheet

Decorative acrylic sheet

Where Can You Use A Decorative Acrylic Sheet?

You can use a decorative acrylic sheet to create appealing and innovative spaces, decorative pieces, and furniture.

A decorative acrylic sheet is ideal to use for interior designs for your home as well as commercial solutions.

You can also use these sheets to design both advanced projects and mini-models.

You can install these sheets in your kitchens and bathrooms.

A decorative acrylic sheet makes up for an excellent splashback for your kitchen.

For bedrooms and living rooms, these sheets effectively cover unappealing wall surfaces.

You can use a decorative acrylic sheet to add a modern touch to an outdated space.

A decorative acrylic sheet is also ideal for creating attractive handicrafts.

You can design protective coverings for your tables and dining table tops by using decorative acrylic sheets.

A frosted decorative acrylic sheet looks beautiful as window panes.

Decorative acrylic sheet for the interiors

 Decorative acrylic sheet for the interiors

What Are The Typical Features Of A Decorative Acrylic Sheet?

A decorative acrylic sheet offers a line of features that aid you to tailor it to your requirement.

Some of these features are as follows:

· Lightweight

A decorative acrylic sheet is extremely lightweight.

It facilitates a quick and easy installation process.

·  Flexibility

A decorative acrylic sheet is highly flexible.

Its flexible composition helps you to mold and reshape it into various models.

·  Low Maintenance

It does not take much effort to maintain decorative acrylic sheets.

You can simply clean their surface by using a solvent-based cleaner.

Moreover, these sheets do not require frequent repairing.

· Durable

In addition to their lightweight composition, decorative acrylic sheets last you for decades.

These sheets are mostly thin and bendable.

Yet, you will find they do not break off easily, even in the harshest conditions.

· Weather Resistance

A decorative acrylic sheet endures unfavorable weather conditions.

These include heavy rains, snowfall, dust storms, and more.

· Impact Resistance

Any forceful impact or collision does not hamper a decorative acrylic sheet.

These sheets are a reliable material for the construction of outdoor signages and boards.

· Safety Attributes

A decorative acrylic sheet is an extremely safe option to have around your home, in workplaces, in universities, schools, or laboratories.

Additionally, you can use these sheets even in areas where children are present.

· Contraction And Expansion

A decorative acrylic sheet contracts and expands when you expose it to high temperatures.

Since these sheets react to alteration in temperature, you need to leave an expansion gap around the sheet.

Different kinds of textured decorative acrylic sheets

 Different kinds of textured decorative acrylic sheets

Does A Decorative Acrylic Sheet Offer Different Color Options?

Yes, a decorative acrylic sheet comes in a wide range of unique colors that appear significantly attractive as compared to traditional thermoplastics.

With colorful decorative acrylic sheets, you can even build a high-end design tabletop or signage display.

You can find these sheets in an assortment of distinct block color options.

Also, there are several variants of a decorative acrylic sheet with transparent and pastel hues.

Depending upon your project, you can get access to matte and glossy finish sheets.

Colored decorative acrylic sheets

Colored decorative acrylic sheets

How Is A Decorative Acrylic Sheet Better Than Any Other Kinds Of Sheets?

A decorative acrylic sheet is a versatile building material.

Apart from its dynamic range of features, you can expect these sheets to last you for years.

Decorative acrylic sheets have an exceptional demand across the market.

Depending upon the purpose, you can find and customize various kinds of models that provide different functions.

These include frosted decorative acrylic sheets, matte decorative acrylic sheets, embossed decorative acrylic sheets, and fluorescent decorative acrylic sheets.

Decorative acrylic sheets for intricate designs

 Decorative acrylic sheets for intricate designs

Can You Cut A Decorative Acrylic Sheet At Home?

If you have a thin decorative acrylic sheet of around 5mm thick, you can cut it at home.

You must use a sharp scoring tool for this purpose.

You can watch this video to find out how to cut your decorative acrylic sheet at home.

Can You Use Laser To Cut A Decorative Acrylic Sheet?

Yes, you can use a laser in order to cut a decorative acrylic sheet in order to achieve intricate and detailed shapes.

This is a laser cutting technique that manufacturers can use to cut your decorative acrylic sheets to size.

Cutwork over decorative acrylic sheets

 Cutwork over decorative acrylic sheets

Are Decorative Acrylic Sheets Waterproof?

As mentioned earlier, decorative acrylic sheets are weather-resistant.

This means that these sheets are fully waterproof.

Because of their waterproof nature, decorative acrylic sheets act as an impeccable exterior shell for various products.

Are The Products Built With Decorative Acrylic Sheets Long Lasting?

Yes, owing to the properties, all kinds of products built with decorative acrylic sheets last for years.

These sheets are appropriate for installation in gigantic spaces and you can install them in your washroom or backyard.

You will find that these sheets also do not crack easily.

This is why you can see decorative acrylic sheets used in high-end hotels and multi-storeyed buildings.

Does A Decorative Acrylic Sheet Begin To Appear Dull After Prolonged Usage?

Even after you use decorative acrylic sheets for a long duration, they do not appear dull.

In fact, these sheets are known to retain their luster and sheen for years.

Also, a high-quality decorative acrylic sheet does not exhibit any discoloration.

How Can You Work With A Decorative Acrylic Sheet?

Since a decorative acrylic sheet requires modeling and furnishing, it is essential to know the most common ways to the process.

If you are equipped with the right tools, there are several options for working with a decorative acrylic sheet.

However, you need to follow proper safety measures and precautions while following the process.

A few of these ways are listed below:

· Flame Polishing

You can polish a decorative acrylic sheet by carrying out flame polishing.

For this, you can begin by gradually brushing the flame from a MAPP torch or propane gas torch across your decorative acrylic sheet’s edges.

Subsequently, the corners of your sheet will have a smooth appearance.

However, you must always ensure that you do not lay the gas torch over the joint vertices of your decorative acrylic sheet.

· Cutting

If your product requirement demands a straight cutting of your decorative acrylic sheet, you can do it by using a plastic-scoring blade.

Follow the straight edge of your sheet as a guide, and proceed further by pulling the blade towards you.

This will result in the formation of a score on your decorative acrylic sheet.

Repeat the process multiple times along the same line on your sheet.

Next, you can place the sheet over a table, and use a quick and steady pressure to snap your sheet in two pieces.

Moreover, you can cut a decorative acrylic sheet by using more conventional blades.

These include table saws, jigsaws, and band saws.

 Cutting a decorative acrylic sheet

Cutting a decorative acrylic sheet

· Gluing

You can glue a decorative acrylic sheet with the help of solvent-based adhesives.

One of the best glues for this purpose is Weld-On 4.

Unlike various other kinds of gluing processes, solvent-based glues soften on the surface of a decorative acrylic sheet.

Also, it welds them in place and results in chemically bonding two separate pieces into one.

In order to glue your sheets with an adhesive, follow the steps mentioned below.

Use a squeeze-bottle application with a thin needle tip.

Place your decorative acrylic sheet over another, and carefully start applying the glue-filled applicator over the area where both the pieces meet.

While following this process, capillary action will draw the adhesive into the joint.

Hold the pieces for a few minutes, and allow the glue to sit for 15 minutes before handling it.

Lastly, wait for 24-48 hours for the joint of your decorative acrylic sheets to attain complete strength.

You can watch this video to find out how to glue your decorative acrylic sheet.

· Bending

In order to bend your decorative acrylic sheet at different angles, you must use a strip heater.

However, if you want to bend your sheet without bearing the expense of a costly store-bought strip heater, you can adopt other ways.

One such alternative as a makeshift arrangement is using a toaster oven.

Set the temperature of the toaster to around 200 degrees Celsius and leave the door unlatched.

Place the part of your decorative acrylic sheet to be bent above the open door and wait till it sufficiently softens.

Then, bend your sheet to the desired angle.

Additionally, using a heat gun to bend your decorative acrylic sheet is another viable substitute.

· Drilling

Do not try to drill a decorative acrylic sheet using traditional wood or metal drill bits.

If your sheet is thin, make sure to use a step drill for the purpose.

However, in case you are working with a thicker decorative acrylic sheet, you can use conventional drill bits.

You must remember to seal the area to be drilled with masking tape.

A good-quality decorative acrylic sheet does not break off, or crack while you drill it.

Yet, you must take proper caution while following the process.

Also, in order to complete drilling your decorative acrylic sheet without hampering its quality, you can spray WD-40 as a lubricant.

Subsequently, this facilitates the removal of unwanted chips and dissipates excess heat generated while drilling a hole on your sheet.

A nail for the drilling process

A nail for the drilling process

How Can You Clean And Repair A Decorative Acrylic Sheet?

Before you begin cleaning a decorative acrylic sheet to eliminate any blemishes or dirt, it is recommended to wipe off the area to remove debris or other materials.

Always use a microfiber cloth to clean a decorative acrylic sheet.

However, if you want to repair your sheet for more serious issues such as scratches, follow the processes mentioned below.

· Sanding

Sanding is an extensive way to get your decorative acrylic sheet to look brand new.

It not only removes unwanted machining marks on your sheet but also provides it a matte finish.

To sand your decorative acrylic sheet, use any form of a sander, including a drum, belt, disc, or hand.

However, the surface area and size of your sheet is a crucial determining factor for the type of tool you choose.

Also, always remember to wear a protective face mask or shield while sanding your decorative acrylic sheet.

This helps you to avoid dust inhalation.

· Scraping

In order to scrape your decorative acrylic sheet, use a razor blade or any other kind of sharp scraping tool.

You can initiate the scraping process on your sheet to erase any machine markings that might have persisted on the surface.

Also, while scaping your decorative acrylic sheet, always be careful not to dig too heavily into the surface.

Using this method is also ideal for shaping the uneven or jagged edges of a decorative acrylic sheet.

· Buffing

Every once in a while, it is recommended to buff your decorative acrylic sheet to attain a smooth finish.

You can follow this procedure for the sheets in your kitchen or bathroom.

To buff your decorative acrylic sheet, you can use a stationary polishing wheel.

In order to ensure a decent finish, consider making use of a polish compound for your sheet.

The kind of polish compound you use results in the finishing quality of the sheet.

In some cases, a medium cutting compound leads to a glossy finish.

However, you can achieve a higher, lustrous finish by applying fast cutting compounds and fine compounds.

 A polishing wheel

A polishing wheel

Is A Decorative Acrylic Sheet Expensive?

A fine-quality, decorative acrylic sheet is a material that fits your budget at all times.

Since you get various options and models to choose from, you can invest in a sheet that meets your requirement and is not too costly.

Decorative acrylic sheets are used in bulk all over commercial buildings, resorts, hotels, and even at homes.

Their versatility offers you a wide spectrum of pricing.

For instance, a fluorescent decorative acrylic sheet does not cost as much as a textured decorative acrylic sheet.

Color variants among decorative acrylic sheets

 Color variants among decorative acrylic sheets

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