• Delrin Film

Delrin Film

WeProFab Delrin film is the greatest choice for machined plastic parts. We have plenty of different types in our Delrin films such as tensile strength, anti-static, ESD, POM, and many more. We also offer to customize your Delrin film. Message us now!

Get WeProFab Delrin Film to Delight Your Customers

WeProfab is a delrin film supplier and fabricator in China who produce lots of stocks worldwide. For construction and electrical materials, Delrin film is your best choice since it has more stiffness and tensile resistance.

Anti-static Delrin Film

At WeProFab, the anti-static Delrin film has a wide range of uses since it can be used for electronics and electronics medical packaging applications. It has abrasion resistance and static discharging.

Customized Delrin Film

WeProFab can customize your Delrin film base on your design drawing. You can send us your designs and we fabricate it using our latest machine equipment to meet the exact specifications of every customer.

Delrin Film Manufacturer

WeProFab has plenty of experience and capabilities with regard to fabricating Delrin film products. We can produce made-to-order products and custom-made Delrin film to suits every business’s needs.

ESD Delrin Film

Our ESD Delrim film also known as Electrostatic Discharge cannot cause a charge when properly grounded and it is perfect for use in fabricating and building operations for charge sensitive electronic components.

POM Delrin Film

WeProFab POM Delrin film also known as Polyoxymethylene is perfect material in parts makes to restore metal. It has low-friction and great wear-resistance with high durability and toughness.

Tensile Strength Delrin Film

Our tensile strength Delrin film gives superior dimensional stability in high precision molding. It also provides toughness, creep and fatigue resistance, higher tensile strength, and higher impact resistance.

WeProFab: Your Leading Delrin Film Manufacturer

As a joint-venture of WeeTect Material Limited and Chinese local fabrication manufacturer, WeProFab can provide you a one-stop-shop for plastic fabrication.

WeProFab fabricates Delrin film that is suitable for all kinds of construction and businesses. WeProFab produces plenty of types in our Delrin film such as tensile strength, anti-static, ESD, POM Delrin film. We can fabricate finish products and we can customize a Delrin film for you. You can send us your sizes, colors, and designs.

WeProFab performs product procedure that includes laser cutting, injection molding, thermoforming, and bonding. We can guarantee to reach our customer’s expectations in regard to custom-made Delrin film.

As a CE certified, we strictly manage the quality of our products before delivering to our customer’s. We can assure you to have high-quality products and gain satisfaction with our services.

Custom Delrin Film to Boost Your Brand

Black Delrin Film

If having a black color for your Delrin film is your needs, WeProFab can produce it since we have plenty of various brilliant colors available.

Colored Delrin Film

WeProFab provides various colors for your Delrin film. Just send us your colors and we will produce it having brilliant colors for your Delrin film.

Delrin Packaging Film

Our Delrin packaging film is a common plastic film in use such as food packaging, bottles for storing water, juice, milk, and more applications.

Large Delrin Film

Having large sizes for your Delrin film is your desire, WeProFab is your best selection for that since we perform cut-to-size.

White Delrin Film

Our white Delrin film is also in demand due to its high crystalline composition and ideal for all types of a company uses.

Automotive Delrin Film

Automotive Delrin film is one of the most widely used plastic varieties in the industrial, construction, and other fields. Chemically resistant to solvents and performs extremely well in hot environments.

Black Acetron Delrin Film

Black acetron Delrin film is commonly utilized in agriculture, packaging, and public utilities. Offers good electrical properties and greater room temperature strength. Available in black color with varying thicknesses.

Delrin Food Processing Film

Delrin food processing film is primarily used in many industrial applications. Offers outstanding stiffness and toughness. Known for its exceptional versatility and can be customized to meet exact specifications.

Delrin Medical Delivery Film

Delrin medical delivery film is commonly used in moving part applications and other medical purposes. A highly customizable product that is available in a variety of dimensions, thicknesses, and colors.

High-Performance Delrin Film

High-performance Delrin film is capable to withstand corrosion well. A high-performance material with several desirable physical properties. Widely favored for its stiffness and exceptional dimensional stability.

Impact Absorbing Delrin Film

Impact-absorbing Delrin film boasts an impressive compressive strength combined with its high stiffness. A perfect solution for high-impact applications with superior dimensional stability. Offers high resistance to moisture.

Industrial Delrin Film

Industrial Delrin film has excellent impact and creeps resistance. Exceptionally durable under extreme stress. Provided with an ability to resist denting and deformation under heavy loads. Chemical resistance to fuels and solvents.

Static Dissipative Delrin Film

Static dissipative Delrin film can be used without property degradation or deterioration. Delivered with exceptional wear and abrasion properties. Applicable in piping systems and many other purposes.

Thick Delrin Acetal Film

Thick Delrin acetal film is favored due to its high wear resistance and high-tensile strength. Offers overall durability and toughness making it perfect for demanding use. Include superior density and chemical resistance.

White Acetron Delrin Film

White acetron Delrin film is designed with outstanding fatigue resistance and excellent impact toughness. Exceptionally resistant to organic solvents and oxidizing agents. Guarantees excellent mechanical properties.

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Why WeProFab Delrin Film

Looking for the best thermoplastic material that can be used to fabricate parts that need increased hardness, low friction variable, and excellent dimensional stability? WeProFab Delrin film is just right for you.

WeProFab fabricates plenty of handy materials for construction and for businesses purposes.

WeProFab exceeding 20 years in the industry and we have full capabilities and plenty of experiences in regards to producing Delrin film products.

Delrin Film

Our Delrin film has plenty of types such as tensile strength Delrin film, anti-static Delrin film, POM Delrin film, ESD Delrin film, and much more.

WeProFab ESD Delrin film has a clear, adhesive-backed film product make to manage static electricity for a wide range of end of applications. Our anti-static Delrin film makes with enough high electrical conductivity or low electrical resistivity electronic.

WeProFab Delrin film has a wide range of applications and ideal for company uses for displays or signs, machining or food services, construction materials, food packaging, electronics, and plastic film.

Our Delrin film has fine electrical properties that allow these materials for electrical uses to make long-term stability. Our Delrin film is the best choice for construction and for types of businesses since it has more rigidness and ductile strength.

Delrin Film

Our Delrin film has excellent creep resistance, high tensile toughness, low water absorption, and superior dimensional stability. You can pick from our finished products that include Delrin packaging film, colored, white or black, and a large size for your Delrin film.

WeProFab performs cut-to-size your Delrin film and you can send to us your specified sizes. We provide customized Delrin film base on your sizes, colors, and dimensions.

WeProFab performs a production process that includes laser cutting, injection molding, thermoforming, and bonding. If you are a dealer or a personalize Delrin film for your construction and businesses, WeProFab can be your best fabricator.

Delrin Film

We can assure you to have satisfaction with our products since we fabricate it using our advanced equipment and WeProFab also an ISO 9001 certified in which all of our products in tested-quality.

We can deliver the purchased products at the exact date and time since we have good services in our company. For further information or questions regarding our Delrin film products, please message us now to have a quick response.

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