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Dome Cameras

Weprofab provides dome cameras made of high-quality materials. We provide the highest-quality dome camera in the country. Furthermore, we are a knowledgeable and dependable dome camera manufacturer and supplier who can meet any client’s needs.

We have a skilled engineering team and engineers who can assist our customers and clients with dome camera applications. Choose Weprofab for 100% authentic dome cameras in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Get WeProFab Dome Camera to Satisfy Your Customers

Weprofab is a one-stop-shop for all of your dome camera needs. Based on your drawings, we can offer you a reasonable and competitive price. We have a professional engineering team that can assist our customers and clients with their needs. Choose Weprofab to provide authentic dome cameras in a unique design.

Please contact us right away. And you can expect a response from us within 24 hours.

Speed Dome Camera

It is a weatherproof IP66 that includes all brackets. It is also very suitable for exterior IP66 and has an optical zoom 36X (4.6-165 mm).

Wireless IP Dome Camera

It features a private mold that has a 2.5 inches executive HD network camera design, beautiful and delicate, most suitable for security. It is made of waterproof IP66 plastic.

Outdoor IR Network Dome Camera

It deals with the mass video surveillance market with high-definition images. With a resolution of 2MPx, this camera is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Outdoor Mini Dome Camera with Audio

This allows for a larger coverage area while maintaining image quality. It enables faster and much more fluid remote viewing, as well as the ability to view further channels remotely.

Armour Dome Security Camera

Weprofab Armour Dome Security Camera is suitable for use in the home, store, etc. It is an analog security camera that can be directly connected to your DVR or TV monitor via BNC.

Wide Angle Mini Dome HD Camera

Weprofab wide angle mini dome HD camera can be wall-mounted. It has a led indicator, remote focus, and a reset button.

WeProFab: Your Leading Dome Camera Manufacturer

If you want to build your own dome camera business, Weprofab is the right partner for you. Weprofab guarantees that you will receive a nice and dependable dome camera of the greatest quality. Companies around the world, from small businesses to multinational corporations, benefit from our courteous, quick, and effective service.

When it comes to dome camera production, Weprofab is the name you can trust. We are a customer-focused company that can provide you with a one-stop service at a reasonable price. Simply email us an inquiry for a more in-depth conversation. 

Become one of Weprofab’s happy buyers and businesses!

Custom Dome Camera to Boost Your Business

2.0MP Weatherproof Dome Camera

It has a 1080p HD resolution that can see everything in detail. This camera can be mounted on the ceiling or the wall.

1080P Indoor Dome Camera

It is ideal for use in areas where a sleek and discreet camera is required. It is ideal for use in stores where you need to be able to zoom in on finer details from up to 40 feet away.

Vandal-Resistant Dome Camera

This allows capture images at up to 2MP at 30 frames per second. It can capture images in total darkness from a distance of up to 98 feet.

Indoor Wired Analog Dome Camera

It is a white 600 TVL mini dome analog security camera. It is also suitable for use indoors, as it has 3 axis support for simple installation.

Outdoor Vandal Proof Dome Camera

It also allows you to run video over longer distances than traditional CCTV cameras. Weprofab Outdoor Vandal Proof Dome Camera is appropriate for use where an elegant-looking camera. 

5MP Dome Camera with Microphone

It is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and is protected from dust and rain due to its wide operating temperature range. Ideal for outdoor use.

180 Degree HD Dome Camera

Weprofab 180 Degree HD Dome Camera is a 180-degree dome security camera with four video modes. It can record video in normal, low, and no light conditions.

Outdoor 1080P Dome Camera with Microphone

It has an in-built microphone that can capture audio from up to 30 feet away in a room. It will adjust the levels of infrared night vision to compensate for glare on a nearby object.

Compact Dome Camera for Indoor Security

It has 256GB of storage and a fixed lens mini dome camera. The wide field of view gives a good overall context of a location.

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Why WeProFab Dome Cameraa

Weprofab is China’s leading dome camera producer. Weprofab is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reputable dome camera supplier and manufacturer. Quality assurance through IQC, IPQC, and OQC inspections is ISO 9001 certified.

Why should you choose Weprofab dome camera? Weprofab provides custom-made dome cameras that are tailored to your specific company needs. To get a high-quality dome camera, go with Weprofab. Our firm is a Chinese manufacturer with the necessary certifications.

Weprofab dome camera is perfect for everything like residential, offices, schools, and many more. 

Dome Camera

Dome cameras are named after their dome-shaped structure. WeProFab dome cameras, often known as security cameras, are built to resist all types of weather conditions, both inside and out. One of the major benefits of a Wefrofab dome camera is that it makes it difficult to determine where the camera is pointing. Because the camera lens is shielded, dome cameras are more durable and resistant to vandalism.

What makes weprofab dome cameras amazing is that Dome cameras may also spin 360 degrees, allowing you to cover a greater area with fewer cameras. During the day, normal lenses are used, but at night, infrared LEDs can produce their image.

Dome Camera

WeProFab dome camera provides an ultra-high-definition dome camera with IP66-rated waterproof protection to survive a range of outside hard situations, regardless of the weather, it will not influence its regular operation, and it can always defend your home’s safety! 

Weprofab has a professional dome camera crew that is qualified. We produced a variety of dome cameras all over the world. Our dome camera is built of high-quality materials and has a unique design.

We have the best collection of high-quality dome cameras. We also accept OEM designs. You can send us your favorite design, and we’ll make it in the best and most attractive quality possible.

Dome Camera

Weprofab is China’s leading supplier of dome cameras. Weprofab offers a lot to offer if you’re seeking an innovative and elegant dome camera for your prospective business. 

Visit Weprofab to see the best and most unique dome cameras!

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