• Engraved Acrylic Sign

Engraved Acrylic Sign

WeProFab is your quickest solution provider when planning to purchase a high-quality engraved acrylic sign. We manage higher capabilities varying from any plastic, polycarbonate, and acrylic sheet manufacturing. All the processes in a successful fabrication of your engraved acrylic sign, WeProFab is ready to provide. To have quality customizing, we offer a partnership for successive business growth.

Get WeProFab Engraved Acrylic Sign to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab broadens and has largest the selection of our engraved acrylic sign. We are specialized in giving satisfactory productions for both OEM and ODM customers. For your free selection activity, we provide contrasting quality of engraved acrylic signs.

Custom Engraved Acrylic Sign

WeProFab offers custom engraved acrylic signs with definitely affordable rates. These are good for your booming business process.

Edge Lit Engraved Acrylic Sign

When looking for edge-lit engraved acrylic signs, here at Weprofab you can find countless customarily designs. We provide colored finishes with unfaded quality sources.

Engraved Acrylic Sign Manufacturer

WeProFab has fullest capacity to manufacture premium quality of the engraved acrylic sign. We are one leading manufacturer equipped to perform various needed applications.

Frosted Engraved Acrylic Sign

Are you searching out for a frosted engraved acrylic sign that has unbreakable and has thickness quality? In WeProFab, we offer authentic quality of what you are searching for.

Laser Engraved Acrylic Sign

WeProfab offers special services, to laser cut engraved acrylic sign for your diverse implementations required. We have complete machinery that able to give the latest finishes.

Solid Engraved Acrylic Sign

All Solid engraved acrylic sign that comes from WeProfab engineering skills are proven with genuine styles. Have all-purpose decorating and personalizing purposes.

WeProFab: Your Leading Engraved Acrylic Sign Manufacturer

WeProFab is a great institutionary company dedicated to supplying high-quality finishes such as an engraved acrylic sign. We are determined and totally engaged since from the start we fabricate.

All metalized and plastic integrated products, WeProFab is sufficiently skilled to do tasks highly-related from engraved acrylic sign finishes.

When you find us your perfect partner for manufacturing, WeProFab offers a lot of right manufacturing solutions.

Custom Engraved Acrylic Sign to Skyrocket Your Brand

Backlit Engraved Acrylic Sign

WeProFab is specialized when comes to producing higher quality backlit engraved acrylic sign. You can put here your promoting brand names and expect successions.

Personalize Engraved Acrylic Sign

Actually placed and located at interior offices designs, rooms, etc. WeProFab produces it very elegant for your satisfaction achievements.

Transparent Engraved Acrylic Signs

WeProFab is your great sourcing provider when needed transparent engraved acrylic signs. We have lot of stocks, enough to supply your own retail customers.

Anti Color Aging Engraved Acrylic Sign

Anti color aging engraved acrylic signs can be altered to include a message, artwork, or logo. Both indoor and outdoor use is appropriate. Usually created to blend in effortlessly with modern workspaces thanks to its sleek modernity.

Clear Acrylic Engraved Sign

The clear acrylic engraved sign is offered for color printing for a striking, eye-catching design. There are numerous mounting solutions available. Excellent for memorial and award displays. The corners of the sign will be drilled with holes.

Engraved Acrylic Hanging Sign

The engraved acrylic hanging sign comes printed with waterproof and anti-UV technology. Delivered with a tasteful and polished look. Both are easily removed and readable. A lovely present for friends and family.

Engraved Acrylic Lighting Sign

The engraved acrylic lighting sign offers a sophisticated and expert design. An excellent present for teachers and therapists who do their job from home. Prevents impacts and damage that are unauthorized or unwelcome.

Engraved Acrylic Table Top Sign

The engraved acrylic tabletop sign uses UV and water-resistant inks to write identical text on both sides. This product can be used indoors or outdoors and is scratch resistant. Simple to hang with no extra supplies needed.

High Gloss Engraved Acrylic Sign

High gloss engraved acrylic sign is engraved using cutting-edge 3D surface and line technologies. Attractive from every angle and made from the best transparent acrylic available. Has a shiny exterior.

Impact Resistant Engraved Acrylic Sign

Impact resistant engraved acrylic sign is accessible in every color scheme and emits a stunning display. Provides full customization. More malleable and less brittle. Impact-resistant acrylic was used to make it.

Large Outdoor Engraved Acrylic Sign

The large outdoor engraved acrylic sign offers any office sign, hallway sign, or lobby sign a polished corporate appearance. Offers the appearance of glass signs without the cost or fragility. Creates perfection for the indoor sign.

Matte Finish Engraved Acrylic Sign

Matte finish engraved acrylic sign is one of the most distinctive materials for indoor signs. Perfect for communicating excellence and style on organizational plaques, prizes, or even wedding invitations.

Pin On Engraved Acrylic Lighting Sign

Pin on engraved acrylic lighting sign has gained a lot of popularity due to their high-end corporate appearance and affordability. A technique for advertising that is economical. Available with a wide range of choices.

Round Solid Wall Mounting Engraved Acrylic Sign

Round solid wall mounting engraved acrylic sign is given with a unique form, a finished background, and mounting options. Perfect for any marketing or commercial endeavor. Provides a huge variety of engravable materials in different colors, effects, and styles.

Smash Engraved Acrylic Sign

Smash engraved acrylic sign is thin, stiff, and flexible. offered in a range of thicknesses. Excellent for nameplates, name badges, and corporate signage, and simple to install. Ideal for all kinds of businesses.

Solid Color Engraved Acrylic Sign

Solid color engraved acrylic sign is appropriate for personalized engraving on pen sets, wall plaques, prizes, and business signage. Widely accessible for a polished, finished appearance. Small and lightweight signage comes with adhesive backing.

UV Resistant Engraved Acrylic Sign

UV resistant engraved acrylic sign is appropriate for ornaments, desk accessories, and frames with engraving. Designed with excellent printing on high-quality acrylic material. A chic replacement for signage made of wood, cardboard, or mirrors.

Wall Mounted Engraved Acrylic Sign

Wall mounted engraved acrylic sign is well-designed and has visuals of great quality. Ensures excellent smudge- and fade-resistant inks. Add elegance, opulence, and individuality with ease. Obtainable in a range of styles.

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Why Choose WeProFab Engraved Acrylic Sign

WeProFab Engraved acrylic sign is made customize.

These are exceptionally manufactured and professionally appealed to some hallways signs, lobby signs, or office signs.

These are made enlightened and well-known for having extreme glossy glass looks.

Usually located and installed uniquely at indoor places.

The acrylic material used for engraved signs has its overload uniqueness.

And that makes it very appropriate to use for a grand and elegant environment.

WeProFab engraved acrylic sign is open to any available designs and cut measurements.

You can freely select laser cut accuracy here at the Weprofab market.

Any image, designs, and texts you want to be printed here, perfectly placing it into a durable signage holder would be much ideal.

And if our engrave acrylic sign combined with laser engraving, these would be so great to used at regulatory awards, plaques, and to use for wedding invitations which highly transmit classy and excellence designs.

Our custom and clear engraved acrylic signs are an item in which you can read opaque letterings on illuminated color walls.

And to have your lettering stand out and extend additionally, create backing and add acrylic material as possible.

You will never regret the outcomes for sure.

For an effective placing of these engraved acrylic signs, these can be placed at offices for private signage and perfect for memorial and directive markings.

Have basic rectangular shapes, clearer acrylic letterings and signage.

These can also be with engraved frosting and colored printing availability, very useful for both outdoor and indoor uses.

Weprofab Engraved acrylic signs are very appropriate for your brand booming, promotions, advertisements, office directives, and more.

Besides, these engraved acrylic signs actually look like from the images you have seen.

Toughly designed, clear, and exactly appears like glossy glass.

WeProFab offers drilling holes and mounted installing for your satisfaction and high qualifications.

These also have slant edges for fine and smoothness looks.

Engraved acrylic signs are highly accessible with 8 sizes, comes from 3″ x 8″ up until 24″ x 36 exact sizes.

Not only with that sizes, but WeProFab offering also the measurements that are right for your application needs.

If you want WeProFab to handle your manufacturing essentials, we have brilliantly skilled staff who completely serve you every time you needed.

Engraved Acrylic Sign: The Ultimate Guide

Today’s guide will help you choose high quality engraved acrylic signs.

It will show you the features to look for, how to assess quality, determine cost, manufacturing process and many more.

So, before you contact engraved acrylic sign manufacturer in China, read this guide.

What is Engraved Acrylic Sign?

Laser engraved acrylic sign

Engraved acrylic sign

It refers to a type of symbol, emblem, or logo made by etching or inscribing an extremely versatile plastic sheet known as plexiglass.

This sign often has a high gloss finish, thus ideal choice when it comes to selecting signs with a somewhat sophisticated and high-tech look.

It integrates a number of elements in its various designs, it is highly durable and often used in a wide range of applications.

What are the Benefits of Engraved Acrylic Sign?

Unlike the normal acrylic signs, these accessories offer the following key benefits:

It is versatileEngraved acrylic sign can be used in a wide variety of applications.

For instance, office parks, real estate developments, hospitals, banks, and other establishments are using this type of signage.

It is lightweight – The significance of this comes in during installations. This aspect makes it easy for you to fix the engraved acrylic sign both indoors and outdoors.

Highly customizable – Ideally, acrylic material is pliable, which makes it easy for you to customize it to suit your specific needs.

You can choose to hang it for indoor signage, such as office space and retail stores.

You can as well decide to customize its size, add colorful graphics, and layered multiple dimensions.

It is resistant to different elements, both physical and environmental.

It can withstand unfavorable conditions but, at the same time, maintain its efficiency, functionality, and quality.

And this makes it an ideal investment, especially for outdoor installation.

Simple yet sophisticated – This type of signage provides a transparent look of glass with durability of plastic. In other words, it provides a professional and attractive look.

It enhances aesthetic value – Using engraved acrylic sign is vital since it helps in making the space to look more upscale.

And this is vital because it helps in adding the value of your establishment and attracting many customers.

It is cost-effective – Using engraved acrylic sign is a cheaper alternative to using engraved glass sign.

Nevertheless, it is easy to install, maintain, and gathers less dust that makes it possible for you to cut on costs surrounding the same.

Lighting – It is easy to integrate this type of signage with lighting, which makes it look amazing and create a huge impact.

Since it provides for different degrees of transparency, it implies that you can create a different look with spotlights and backlighting.

Is there Size Limitation for Engraved Acrylic Sign?

Not at all.

The size of any engraved acrylic sign is dependent on the preference of the user and other factors revolving around functionality.

For example, outdoor installations require this signage to be relatively sizeable to enhance its visibility from a distance.

Another aspect that determines the size of engraved acrylic sign is the actual purpose.

For instance, if you intend to use it for decoration, the size would ideally need to conform to other elements within that particular space.

The bottom line, nonetheless, is that the size for engraved acrylic sign has to enhance the quality of being suited to serve the purpose.

How does Clear Engraved Acrylic Sign compare to Colored Engraved Acrylic Sign?

Both clear and colored engraved acrylic sign serves the same purpose of creating identity and brand placement of the establishment.

They tend to share a wide range of similarities, with only a few variances as far as functionality and efficiency are concerned.

Both Clear and colored engraved acrylic signs display excellent impact resistance since they are made from sturdy material and incredible durability.

These types of signage are also lightweight hence making it easy for you to handle and install them.

They can as well tolerate extreme temperatures, weatherability, and UV rays, which is vital in enhancing their durability.

But colored engraved acrylic sign gives you the option to choose a wide range of shades.

It is available in many tints hence making it easy for you to pick the right one that suits your requirements.

Clear acrylic shade, on the other hand, is only available in one color hence limiting your options as far selection is concerned.

Clear engraved acrylic sign is also seemingly, more susceptible to scratches than colored engraved sign.

With colored options, it would the marks would not necessarily be visible unless they are deep.

However, with clear options, the marks, even if they are light, will always be visible.

Maintaining colored engraving signs is somewhat more challenging compared to clear acrylic signs.

Are Engraved Acrylic Signs Eco-friendly?

Yes, to a certain extent.

What happens is that these items are made from acrylic material, which is generally friendly to the environment.

It does not react with any components within the surrounding.

Also, it does not corrode even when installed in areas likely to experience corrosion.

Secondly, engraved acrylic signs are almost unbreakable.

And in case it breaks or cracks, it does not shatter.

So this implies that it would difficult to find it scattered all over even when disposed of.

And this is fundamental because it prevents the degradation of the environment.

The fact that it does not break nor shatter also indicates that it is safe for the users.

So even if it breaks, it will hardly cause any harm to the people around.

Is Engraved Acrylic Shatterproof?

Absolutely yes.

This signage does not shatter even in the unlikely event that it breaks or cracks, which is still an impossibility.

The units that make up this component are quite stiff, thus making a high impact resistance bondage that would never shatter even when it breaks.

Where can you use Engraved Acrylic Signs?

Engraved acrylic sign

 Engraved acrylic sign

You can use them in several commercial, industrial as well as residential establishments.

Typically, the essence of this signage is to provide identity and uniqueness as a way of providing information.

So you will mostly, find it in many applications such as the following;

  • Showrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Menu boards
  • Tradeshow exhibits
  • Office buildings
  • Retail outlets
  • Point-of-purchase products
  • Product display boards
  • Hospital buildings
  • Department stores
  • Learning institutions
  • Bookstores
  • Gas stations
  • Fashion outlets
  • Automobile bazaars

These items come in handy in different sectors that require or use signage as a form of names and logos.

How can you Customize Engraved Acrylic Sign?

Customized engraved acrylic sign

Customized engraved acrylic sign

Creating a 3D effect – This effect helps in giving the perception of depth to the signage.

Cutting-to-size – It is a common customization technique that you can use on engraved acrylic sign.

The essence of this is to make it possible for you to get the right size of the signage to place on your establishment and guarantee functionality.

Styling – It merely implies creating a different elegance on the surface of the engraved acrylic sign.

In most cases, it involves the use of stylish fonts and other related decorations as preferred by the customer.

The use of multiple lettering colors helps in making the signage somewhat unique.

Lighting – It is another common technique that is used for customizing this type of signage.

It involves the use of different types of lighting, especially the LED lighting, to illuminate the entire signage and make it eye-catching.

Applying anti-glare coating – This film is vital when it comes to reduction or elimination of excess light when looking at the engraved acrylic sign.

Branding – You can also choose to engrave your corporate logo or graphic symbol on this signage.

It is vital because it helps in marketing the trade since many people will be able to see it from a distance and get attracted.

Adding stripes and borders – It involves incorporating bands of colors and edges on this signage.

If need be, you can blend the stripes and borders with your corporate colors to enhance style and professionalism.

How do you Engrave Acrylic Sign?

There are several techniques that you can use to engrave acrylic sign.

However, it is always essential to go for one that guarantees desirable quality results, especially for this type of material.

Some of the ideal methods include the following;

Laser engraving – It is arguably the most popular one among many suppliers manufacturing this type of signage.

It involves use of high tech equipment to etch the graphics or letters on this type of signage.

Besides, it involves use of a highly concentrated laser beam by fixing it on the surface of the acrylic material to inscribe the mark.

You can always adjust the laser beam to carve more deeply as well as adjusting the thickness to increase or decrease the size of engraving.

CNC Engraving – It refers to computer numerical control engraving. It involves manipulation of the designs by machines, which respond to a pre-programmed computer.

It thus results in creation of high level of microscopic details that can hardly be attained by marking techniques.

Hand engraving – This technique is more or less traditional approach for engraving acrylic signs. It is quite laborious and involves a combination of artisan’s skill and precision of the tool they are using for engraving.

There is a pattern that you need to follow, which guides your hand as well as the machine.

And this is what enables you to determine the depth of the grooves you are creating on the acrylic sheet.

Rotary engraving – This method utilizes a piece of equipment that is regulated by a machine to create the engravings on acrylic material.

The inscriptions are preset using a computer program, thus allowing the details to be as precise as possible.

It is also a popular technique, which you can use to engrave acrylic sings and at the same time, yield beautiful grooves.

Of course, you can also include acrylic sign holder for a better look.

Is there Plastic that can Replace Engraved Acrylic Sign?

Absolutely yes!

An ideal thermoplastic that you can use in place of engraved acrylic sign is polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate material has more or less the same features as acrylic material.

Polycarbonate is strong, has better impact resistance than acrylic, easy to fabricate, and has ideal dimensional stability.

Furthermore, polycarbonate does not break or crack irrespective of the technique you are using to engrave it.


LED backlit engraved acrylic sign

How can you Fabricate Engraved Acrylic Sign?

There are several ways that you can use to fabricate engraved acrylic signs.

But some of the core techniques include the following;

Lamination – It refers to the coating of the outer surface of this material.

The essence of this is to ensure that it prevents the signage from possible external impact or damage arising from environmental factors.

It also helps in enhancing the appearance, aesthetics, durability, and styling of this signage.

Welding – This fabrication method entails bonding of this material with other forms of thermoplastic that it cannot bond properly with.

It is vital, especially when installing these engraved acrylic signs on other thermoplastic surfaces.

Thermoforming – It involves the softening of the engraved acrylic sign using heat and reshaping or re-engraving it to suit your specific needs.

Foaming – It is about configuring the shape of the particular engraved acrylic sign to attain the desired characteristics.

Drilling – This fabrication technique comes in handy when you are installing the engraved acrylic sign on a surface using screws.

Ideally, it is about creating holes on the surface of this signage material for a specific purpose.

Does Engraved Acrylic Sign Yellow in the Sun?

Not necessarily.

This is also dependent on the type of acrylic material that you make this signage from.

Even so, what happens is that prolonged exposure of any acrylic material on direct sunlight would eventually result in yellowing.

During and after the manufacturing of acrylic material, the molecules that make up the material are always strong; the more reason it displays high optical clarity.

But with continuous exposure to direct sunlight and other unfavorable elements, the molecules start breaking down.

They start to weaken and, in the process, loses the clarity gradually.

So with time, you’ll notice that the surface of this material starts to appear yellowish.

It thus confirms that engraved acrylic sign can yellow in the sun but only when used for outdoor applications.

What Surface Treatment can you use on Engraved Acrylic Sign?

Laser engraved acrylic sign

 Laser engraved acrylic sign

They are quite a several, and the ideal choice is ideally based on your needs as well as the functionality of this item.

Generally, some of these surface treatment options you might wish to consider include the following;

Anti-glare coating – It is arguably, one of the most sought-after surface treatment for engraved acrylic sign.

It helps in reducing or eliminating excess light that might hinder the users and onlookers from having a perfect view of the signage.

Anti-fog coating – This is suitable for preventing moisture from spotting on the surface of the acrylic sign.

It helps in enhancing the efficiency of this item irrespective of the possible prevailing rainy or foggy condition.

Anti- UV coating – The essence of this surface treatment is to prevent ultraviolet rays from penetrating through the surface of this signage.

It thus helps in limiting possible cases of engraved acrylic sign yellowing.

Anti-scratch coating – It is also another fundamental surface treatment that helps in safeguarding the surface of this signage from abrasive elements.

It also helps in enhancing the durability, quality, and appearance of this signage.

Anti-static coating – This surface coating option helps in reducing or preventing possible build-up of static electricity.

It is vital given that in most instances, you will always integrate this signage with electric lighting.

How does Engraved Acrylic Sign compare to Engraved Polycarbonate Sign?

These two materials share quite a lot of features, which is vital as far as functionality and efficiency of the engraved signage are concerned.

Even so, the difference between them is minimal and, in most cases, based on slight variances.

Both these signs have excellent strength.

Acrylic is almost 17 times stronger than glass, whereas polycarbonate is over 200 times stronger than glass.

In that perspective, polycarbonate comes out stronger than engraved acrylic signage.

Another comparison is that both of these materials are lightweight.

Comparatively, they weigh about half of engraved glass sign.

They also have excellent weatherability, UV resistance, temperature tolerance, and resistance to impact. And that’s the reason they are equally durable.

But in terms of cost, engraved polycarbonate signs are quite expensive than engraved acrylic polycarbonate.

How do you Test the Quality of Engraved Acrylic Sign?

Before this item gets out to the market, they have to undergo several tests.

The essence of these tests is to ensure that the signage conforms to the safety, functionality, and quality features.

Such tests are often done at laboratory levels using hi-tech and sophisticated equipment.

The tests include;

  • Refractive index test
  • UV resistance test
  • Chemical resistance tests
  • Temperature tolerance tests
  • Dimensional stability test
  • Scratch-resistance tests

Are there Disadvantages of engraved acrylic sign?

Yes, albeit a few.

One is that with time if poorly handled or exposed to unfavorable conditions, the surface of this signage might start yellowing.

This, of course, might reduce the aesthetics and efficiency of the component.

Another shortcoming is that indoor engraved acrylic signs might require a lot of cleaning and maintenance.

This can be quite challenging since failure to do so might as well improvise the quality, clarity, and aesthetics of the signage.

Also, you can try other options such as acrylic sign letters, frosted acrylic sign or light-up acrylic signs.

Can you Cut-to-size Engraved Acrylic Sign?

Most definitely.

Remember that in most instances, you will always need an engraved acrylic sign that suits your needs, be it for indoor or outdoor.

And since the size will vary, one of the ideal ways of getting the right dimensions is by cutting it to size.

Does Engraved Acrylic Sign has Color Limitations?

Not at all. It comes in two categories, clear and colored engraved acrylic signs.

In that sense, it means is that you can get this item in a wide range of colors that fit your requirements.

How can you Remove Scratches from Engraved Acrylic Sign?

Laser engraved acrylic sign

Laser engraved acrylic sign

It is a simple process, especially for indoor engraved acrylic signs, since these are often prone to abrasions, unlike outdoor signage.

So what you ought to do is to determine the specific scratched spot, get toothpaste and apply on a thin film on the marks.

Now allow the paste to dry for a few minutes.

Then get a damp cloth and use it to rub the pasted gently in a circular motion.

Ensure that you do this for at least 20 seconds.

Then get another piece of cloth, this time a dry one, and use it to wipe off the paste from the surface of the signage and let it dry.

Once this is over, you will have a sparkling, spotless engraved acrylic signage surface.

It is a simple DIY project, and the fact that they come with anti-scratch coating makes it easy to remove such marks.

What is the Cost of Engraved Acrylic Sign?

It is dependent on many factors, such as size, customization, color, and add-on features.

It is also dependent on your location since shipping will be factored in.

You can, however, contact WeProFab for better wholesale deals.

Apart from Engraving, how else can you make Acrylic Signs?

Pad- printing – It is an ideal alternative to engraving. It merely involves transferring an image to an object by using a long offset printing process. It can inscribe the logos, texts, or symbols on acrylic signs.

Hot stamping – It is a printing technique that involves transferring pre-dried ink or foils to acrylic sheets at relatively high temperatures.

3D printing – It is also another suitable method commonly used for making acrylic signs. It involves building a three-dimensional object from a pre-programmed computer model.

What are the Benefits of Engraved Acrylic LED signs?

LED engraved acrylic sign

 LED Engraved acrylic sign

They are comparatively brighter, especially for outdoor signage.

It helps in attracting attention since the brightness increases visibility.

They are cost-effective because they are easy to install and also consume less electricity compared to other lighting signage.

It also requires low maintenance and replacement costs since they are quite durable.

It is easy to customize engraved acrylic LED signs, which helps in increasing the versatility of this type of signage.

It improves the overall visual appeal, which is quite significant as far as the functionality of signage is concerned.

How do you choose the Best Shape for Engraved Acrylic Sign?

It depends on your preference and other personal requirements that suit your needs.

Engraved acrylic shapes can always be customized to ensure that they match what you need.

You can check online for available designs and liaise with your supplier to ensure that they provide the precise design.

But this would need that you work with a reputable and dependable supplier that has experience in producing the exact shape that you require.

As you can see, choosing a suitable engraved acrylic sign requires you to evaluate every aspect of this guide.

At the same time, at WeProFab, we can help you realize the dream of having a custom engraved acrylic sign.

Contact us today for competitive prices in standard and custom engraved acrylic sign.

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