• Extruded Acrylic Tube

Extruded Acrylic Tube

WeProFab is an intelligent, quick-witted manufacturer of the perfect extruded acrylic tube. We produced quite a few extruded acrylic tube designs for your walling and architectural projects. We can supply you your ideal finishes in speediest terms.

Get WeProFab Extruded Acrylic Tube to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is your ultimate partner in providing the highest-quality extruded acrylic tube selections. Here are the top 6 outstanding types of the perfect-structured extruded acrylic tubes.

Clear Round Extruded Acrylic Tube

WeProFab had brilliant knowledge in providing the greatest quality of clear round extruded acrylic tube types in a fastest procedures.

Extruded Acrylic Tube Manufacturer

WeProFab is a leading and original source of long-lasting extruded acrylic tubes classifications. We can supply depending on your demands.

Fluorescent Extruded Acrylic Tube

You can check out the newest quality and designs of fluorescent extruded acrylic tubes at WeProFab, the greatest productions are offered for 80% cheaper rates.

Square Tubing Extruded Acrylics

WeProFab also offered square tubing extruded acrylics with ultimate uniqueness. Better purchase now before its late. Effective solutions are offered for general tubing applications.

Transparent Cast Extruded Acrylic Tube

WeProFab is the first-rate manufacturer of high-quality transparent cast extruded acrylic tube classes. When you need high-quality of our productions in a rush way, WeProFab can provide for you.

Purple-colored Extruded Acrylic Tube

WeProFab highly represents unique purple-colored extruded acrylic tubes. With the cheapest price offers, you can truly enjoy how quality it has. Quality inventions are experienced through our expertise.

WeProFab: Your Leading Extruded Acrylic Tube Manufacturer

WeProFab offers thousand of unlimited extruded acrylic tube stocks. With our high capabilities and wide-ranging expertise, you`ll truly experience good service and valuable qualities through us.

With over years in the manufacturing industry and still keep going, we now become a stronger team that`ll provide your necessities.

Message us for your prior concerns, we will respond in the quickest way.

Custom Extruded Acrylic Tube to Skyrocket Your Brand

Colored Extruded Acrylic Tube

When you need the durable, discoloration-proofed colored extruded acrylic tube, WeProFab can provide an ultimate solution. Give us time to manufacture as fast as 3 days working hours.

Long Thin Extruded Acrylic Tube

We are your number one fabrication provider of long thin extruded acrylic tube class rates. We surely provides the nicest quality you need in faster ways.

Small Extruded Acrylic Tube

The uncommon small size of the small extruded acrylic tube can be surely be found in the most trusted and reliable manufacturers, the WeProFab team. We supply unlimited stocks.

Robust Acrylic Extruded Tube

The robust acrylic extruded tube comes in different colors and measurements. They are tubes, made as a result of pressing an extruded acrylic through cooling, circular die, and precise cutting.

Acrylic Sustainable Extruded Tube

Acrylic sustainable extruded tube is accessible in different shapes, sizes, colors, and custom styles. They are used to manufacture window frames, shower stalls, deck railing, pipe joints, rods, fencing, and more.

Wholesale Acrylic Extruded Tube

Weprofab offers wholesale acrylic extruded tubes at reasonable rates. They come in various colors, sizes, and designs. They are ideal for creating many products, like shower stalls, rods, fencing, and more.

Non-Toxic Acrylic Extruded Tube

The non-toxic acrylic extruded tube is superior in quality and very durable. They feature Uv protection, impact-resistant, and crack-resistant. They are often used to create pipe joints, fencing, etc.

Rigid Acrylic Extruded Tube

Rigid acrylic extruded tube is easy to form, cut to size, and fabricate. They come in different colors and sizes to fit desired applications. And also, they are flexible and super rigid.

Blue Acrylic Extruded Tube

Aside from the blue acrylic extruded tube, you can also avail red, yellow, green, and other colored acrylic extruded tube. They are very flexible, making them useful for various applications.

Colorless Acrylic Extruded Tube

The colorless acrylic extruded tube features lightweight properties and is easy to install. They are also very bendable and easy to fabricate. They are the best alternative to glass material.

Acrylic Extruded Pink Tube

The acrylic extruded pink tube has a low weight making them easier to install precisely. They are also affordable yet superior in quality. Their colors won’t easily fade as well.

Acrylic Extruded Tube for Chemical

Acrylic extruded tube for chemical is easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to fabricate. They are effective materials used for creating fence, rods, window frame, and many more.

Frosted Acrylic Extruded Tube

The frosted acrylic extruded tube is high-quality material. They come in different sizes, colors, and styles. They have lightweight properties, which makes them easier to install.

Acrylic Extruded Opal Tube

The acrylic extruded opal tube has an excellent opal finish. They also have a glossy and attractive appearance. Unlike glass material, they are unbreakable, long-lasting, and have greater quality.

Opaque Extruded Acrylic Tube

The opaque extruded acrylic tube guarantees a high-end product. They have a matte opaque finish, which is fading resistant. This material remains quality even used under sun exposure.

Amber Extruded Acrylic Tube

The amber extruded acrylic tube has a shiny and eye-catching appearance. They are also more durable and high strength compared to glass material.

Tinted Extruded Acrylic Tube

The tinted extruded acrylic tube comes in different color tints, matte or glossy finish. The material offers great impact resistance and break resistance.

Extruded PMMA Acrylic Tube

The extruded PMMA acrylic tube has precise mechanical features, including high impact resistance. They are often used for applications that require intensive pressure.

14" Acrylic Extruded Tube

14″ Acrylic extruded tube offers extreme resistance to various chemicals. They are easy to fabricate and easy to custom cut, so can fit your intended applications.

Acrylic Extruded Tube Round

Our acrylic extruded tube round comes in various colors, sizes, and styles. Their specifications can be customized to fit your applications. They are chemical-resistant and impact-resistant.

Extruded Standard Acrylic Tube

The extruded standard acrylic tube provides high tolerance to extreme temperatures and weather. They are long-lasting, more durable, flexible, and quality than other materials.

Custom Extruded Acrylic Tube

Weprofab provides custom extruded acrylic tubes in different colors, such as green, red, clear, white, black, bronze, and many more. They are UV-resistant, with +1″/-0″ length tolerance and ±. 05″ OD & ID tolerance.

Translucent Extruded Acrylic Tube

Translucent extruded acrylic tubes are UV stabilized, lightweight, stronger, have low water absorption than glass material. They are also UL 94 HB rated.

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Why WeProFab Extruded Acrylic Tube

WeProFab Extruded acrylic tube is very relevant to use in pop exhibitions and any beautifying productions.

It contributes a lot to DIY and industrial industry projects.

The clearest extruded acrylic tube is offered at 80% cheaper than other types.

Cheap production offers yet definitely not cheap in quality.

We fully guaranteed you.

This material solution is ordinarily is distributed in paper sleeves to keep it protected while handling the rod.

This is the most economical material with wide-ranging colors and sizes availability.

Extruded acrylic tubes feature in further quality-proven classifications.

It can be purchased in bronze, green, white, black, red, or only colorless finish, it depends on you.

It has complete rigid functionality, reliable to protect itself from any bad weather circumstances.

Also, our high-quality extruded acrylic sheets are UV-resistance.

It is tightly protected from any ultraviolet rays, keeps it endure and lasts longer of uses.

It works undeniably as low water immersions.

This is a portable type of tubes, so lightweight and a very strengthened solution.

A better replacement solution from any breaking yet clear glass in a local market.

However, our extruded acrylic tubes are UL 98 HB listed which means it is based on international standards implemented.

Reach upon FDA excellence rates and BPA free purposes.

In actual appearance, extruded acrylic tubes have length sufferance within +1″/-0″ counts and OD and ID ± .05″ total tolerance count.

With the greatest 180°F inversion rates, a durable-quality of extruded acrylic tubes works the smoothest among all other tube types.

Custom and wide-ranging choices of our extruded acrylic tubes are also furnished for your ease selectivity.

We provide sure sheet alternatives for your general specifications.

If wanting personal assistance and asking a piece of advice, WeProFab can do that for you.

But when you`re in a rush, give us a call now.

Skilled and professionals are designated all ready to give you the best-extruded acrylic tubes productions.

Additionally, our own fabricated extruded acrylic tubes have the fantastic looks and surely lasts long life periods.

These are all come from superior substances, really great for your extruded acrylic tube additions.

Options are highly involved in some lamination arrays, wood and alder wood thin decorative covers.

All nicest finishes like the semi-gloss and satin permit everyone interested to accomplish perfect designs for product stands.

Regardless of their aerodynamic and most classy aspects, our extruded acrylic tubes are unusually powerful and indestructible.

Because of this quality capacity, our extruded acrylic tubes can exhibit as much 200 pounds product weighing.

To have this powerfully built Extruded Acrylic Tube, WeProFab can assists you all through.

WeProFab is an experienced manufacturer that can really handle your extruded acrylic tube necessities. Contact now for assistance.

Extruded Acrylic Tube: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Probably, you’re looking for more information about extruded acrylic tub.

Today’s guide will answer all questions you have about extruded acrylic tube.

Whether you want to learn about extruded acrylic tube types, products, uses, surface treatment, manufacturing process or quality control, all answers are here.

Take a look:

What is Extruded Acrylic Tube?

It refers to a tube formed as a result of pressing an extruded acrylic thermoplastic material through a circular die, cooling, and then cutting it up accordingly.

Extruded acrylic tubes come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs depending on clients’ preferences.

Acrylci tube

Acrylic tube

What Products can you make from Extruded Acrylic Tube?

You can make a variety of items using the extruded acrylic tube as long as you choose the right size and thickness for the application.

But some of the common products include the following;

Window frame – It is the portion of the window, which holds the glazing panel and often sits between the glazing and structural wall.

Shower stall – It refers to the booth; which people use for bathing. Most modern structures incorporate this material in constructing the shower stalls.

Deck railing – It is a guard rail commonly fixed to prevent people from falling from the balconies, decks, and staircases of buildings.

Tubes and pipes – These are circular devices you can use to convey a number of fluid and gaseous substances, such as water and oil, among others.

Fencing – You can use it to create or facilitate the creation of barriers in different spaces for different reasons.

Rods – These are thin straight bars you can as well use for conveying fluid and water substances in different applications.

Pipe joints– These refer to a fitting or adapter used in a wide range of piping systems for connecting different sections of the pipe.

The essence is always to ensure the different pipe sections adapt to the various sizes, shapes, and also to regulate fluid flow.

What are the Advantages of Extruded Acrylic Tube?

 Extruded acrylic tube

Extruded acrylic tube

1) It is easy to fabricate, thus making it possible for you to use it a wide variety of applications.

Ideally, acrylic is a flexible material hence making it easy to bend, especially in applications, which require alteration and different size adaptation.

2) It is lightweight, which makes it easier to install accordingly.

Fixing most of the applications using extruded acrylic tubes do not necessarily require assistance or support more so, for DIY applications.

3) This component is relatively affordable per part compared to other materials offering similar solutions.

And this is essential especially when purchasing it in large volumes since you’ll be able to save of significant cost.

4) Extruded acrylic tube integrates different types of raw materials through compounding, thus guaranteeing high-quality end-product.

5) It has suitable mechanical properties such as high impact resistance, which is essential in enhancing its durability.

It merely shows you can use it even for applications, which require intensive pressure and still obtain desirable results.

6) It is available in different sizes, shapes, and colors, a clear indication you can find the most suitable piece for your particular application.

7) It has excellent resistance to different types of chemicals. It thus makes it easy to use it especially, for applications, which require the use of different chemical substances.

8) It also has a high tolerance of extreme temperatures and hence ideal for applications, which require the transfer of hot or cold substances.

What is the Cost of Extruded Acrylic Tube?

It varies depending on several factors, and one is the size and shape of the extruded acrylic tube.

They come in different dimensions in terms of length as well as thickness.

And of course, the pricing differs in regard to such measurements.

The relatively big will, in most instances, be somewhat expensive compared to comparatively small ones.

The actual type of acrylic material is also another element, which determines the cost of this material.

Acrylic comes in different materials in terms of grade or quality.

Therefore, high grade extruded acrylic tubes will obviously be pricier than relatively low-grade ones.

It is also dependent on the specific manufacturer you are procuring the item from.

And this is quite broad since different suppliers have various policies determining the price of this piece.

Some will determine the cost in terms of MOQ.

And most importantly, the destination where the product needs to get to is also a determinant.

If you are shipping it from China to overseas nations, the cost would slightly be higher since it will have to factor in shipping and related tax expenses.

How do you Manufacture Extruded Acrylic Tube?

Acrylic tube manufacturing process

Acrylic tube manufacturing process

The process of manufacturing extruded acrylic tubes primarily involves melting, processing, and re-melting acrylic thermoplastic resins.

Melting of these materials is to ensure they change into a state, making it possible to be formed into a continuous shape for cross-sectioning.

What happens is, the raw material is fed into a hopper of an extrusion machine, where it melts and forced through dies to form a pipe.

In the process, the molten material hardens as it continues to cool gradually.

In most instances, the materials are often available in terms of pellets, resin, or other raw forms.

The manufacturing process typically is set up as gravity-fed; hence the hopper is mounted on top of the barrel where the actual melting occurs.

So heating of the raw materials takes place in various stages hence making it progressively hotter.

It is always advisable to go for gradual heating since it helps in preventing overheating damage of the polymer during the acrylic extrusion process.

What methods can you use for Producing Extruded Acrylic Tube?

You can use a wide range of techniques to produce extruded acrylic tube, but the main ones include the following;

Hot extrusion; It is a process, which involves melting the material above the recrystallization temperature.

This helps in preventing the materials from work hardening and also making it easy to push through the material die.

Cold extrusion; It is a process, which occurs at or near room temperature.

It is advantageous since it lacks oxidation, and the product attains higher strength due to cold working.

It also yields a product with closer tolerances, and an ideal surface finish.

Micro extrusion; It involves pushing the material through a dying office but results in a product cross-section, which can fit through a 1 mm dimension.

How do you choose Best-extruded Acrylic Tube for your Project?

 When looking for an ideal extruded acrylic tube, you have to consider several factors.

And of course, all these help in enhancing the functionality, efficiency, and quality of the component.

Some of these elements include the following;

Purpose – You ought to know beforehand the specific intention for the extruded acrylic tube you are selecting.

They are often designed for different applications in regard to various aspects.

So to get the ideal one, choose in line with your application.

Size – It is also an important aspect when choosing an extruded acrylic tube.

They are often available in different dimensions, for obvious reasons since different projects have varied measurements.

So ensure you get the right measurement that would suitably fit your application.

Customization – Most manufacturers of the extruded acrylic tubes can produce both standard and customized pieces.

But if you’re looking for personalized pieces, ensure you engage the supplier appropriately to figure out all the aspects of customization required.

Color – It is also another vital element to look into when buying an extruded acrylic tube.

You can find some of these products in different colors.

This is essential, especially when it comes to a project which requires aesthetics such as window frames or shower stalls.

Budget – In most instances, the budget you are operating within is a great determinant when it comes to choosing the ideal extruded acrylic tube.

You ought to evaluate and find out the type of this component your budget can afford.

Quality – It is an aspect you can never overlook when choosing an ideal acrylic tube for your project.

Of course, the come in different categories as far as quality is concerned.

Therefore, depending on your budget, and application, you can choose a quality, which suits it.

Can you Repair Clear Round Extruded Acrylic Tube?

Most definitely!

Extruded acrylic is a highly flexible material.

It thus makes it easy to repair it in any unlikely event it has a particular deformation.

For instance, if it shows some signs of cracking, you can simply drill a thin hole at both ends of the crack.

Seal the crack using acrylic adhesive, allow it to dry, and polish it to restore the original shape.

If it is a scratch, especially for the aesthetic applications, you merely need to locate the spot.

Apply toothpaste and scrub it in a circular motion on the spot for at least 20 seconds.

Then wipe off the paste using a dump piece of soft cotton cloth.

In other words, it is quite easy to repair an extruded acrylic tube depending on the nature or repair you require.

As long as you have the right tools, you’ll restore this material to its original state effortlessly.

What is the Ideal Extruded Acrylic Tube Size?

Different sizes of acrylic tube

Different sizes of acrylic tube

The perfect size of the extruded acrylic tube varies depending on the dimensions of the specific application of this material.

They come in different sizes to suit the needs of a wide range of projects.

Additionally, you can as well cut the extruded acrylic tube into an ideal size using different types of hand and power tools.

So in a nutshell, the best size for this component is relatively dependent on numerous factors revolving around the specific application.

Is Extruded Acrylic Tube Scratch Resistant?

Yes, to a great extent!

Ideally, the surface of this material is quite soft.

And so it might be somehow sensitive to scratches, especially when rubbed against abrasive materials.

However, the extrusion process, which is used in manufacturing this component makes it a bit difficult to scratch.

What happens is during the extrusion process, the acrylic tube is integrated with different elements and coatings.

Such substances help to reinforce the surface of the material and making it resistant to scratch.

And it is the reason you’ll find in many instances, most of the modern extruded acrylic tubes hardly scratch.

Even so, should they scratch, it is easy to remove the scratches and restore to original glossy state.

What are the Design Options of Extruded Acrylic Tube available?

Square acrylic tube

Square acrylic tube

The design options for this component are quite a several.

Of course, this is ideal because it helps in broadening choices when it comes to deciding the best option for your application.

Understandably, you can find them in both standard and customized designs.

But some of the common options include the following;

Square tubing extruded acrylic – As the name suggests, it comes in a square-shape but varies when it comes to size and color.

It is ideal for general tubing solutions.

The round extruded acrylic tube– It is more of a cylindrical piece available in different lengths and sizes.

You can also find it different shades, including clear, colored, and multicolored.

Transparent cast extruded acrylic tube – It is a super clear type of acrylic tubing designed for specific applications.

Small extruded acrylic tube – This is the type, which comes in a compact size, uncommonly small for a wide range of use.

You can as well find them in different colors depending on your preference.

Are there Alternatives to Clear Extruded Acrylic Tube?

Absolutely right!

You can find a suitable alternative to a clear acrylic extruded tube.

Most significantly, is to note that this type of component is quite unique, especially when it comes to mechanical properties.

Extruded polycarbonate tube thus offers the most suitable alternative.

Polycarbonate tube, naturally, is a material with high optical clarity.

It allows the light of about 94% to pass through it.

Additionally, polycarbonate is also extremely tough, and just like acrylic, it can withstand pressure and impact.

 Polycarbonate tube

Polycarbonate tube

Moreover, you can easily fabricate extruded polycarbonate tubes, thus making it suitable for your different applications.

Therefore, Polycarbonate offers the more or less the same features making it an ideal alternative for the clear extruded acrylic tubes.

Apart from Clear Extruded Acrylic Tube; What other Colors are Available?

Ideally, extruded acrylic tubes come in a wide range of colors.

In most cases, though, the color range available for this piece is dependent on the supplier.

Some suppliers can provide any color shade you’d wish to have for your acrylic tubing.

However, the most common color shades you’ll likely find include, black, red, bronze, green, and yellow among others.

But you can always find it in more than 32 colors and beyond depending on your preference.

Furthermore, it is also available in multicolored shades hence broadening more color options.

Can you Apply Specialized Coating on Extruded Acrylic Tube?

Definitely yes!

In fact, extruded acrylic tubes are often used for different unique applications.

And this is what calls for applying of varying specialized coating on this material for a suitable course.

For instance, if you’re using this component to enhance aesthetics, it would be ideal to apply UV-stabilizer.

You can as well apply the anti-glare coating, anti-scratch, and moisture-resistant coating on the same.

Such specialized coatings help to enhance the functionality, quality, and efficiency of the acrylic tubing.

Furthermore, it increases the durability, thus making it possible for you to avert incurring costs related to replacement and repairs.

The bottom line here is that you can only apply a specialized coating on extruded acrylic tube depending on the purpose it is designed for.

Are there any Disadvantages of Extruded Acrylic Tube?

Yes, albeit a few, and they include the following;

 Extruded acrylic tubes

 Extruded acrylic tube

1) It can be quite expensive, especially when purchasing a highly customized design.

Of course, complex designs require a lot in terms of artistry and materials, thus justifying the pricing.

2) It has a limitation as far as the product is concerned since it is only a single type of cross-section, which can be obtained at a specific time.

3) It also presents size variations, which makes it somehow problematic during the actual application.

It often happens during extrusion since it becomes difficult to predict the precise expansion.

How does Extruded Acrylic Tube compare Cast Acrylic Tube?

These two types of acrylic tubes have a few and far between difference but could be significant when it comes to factor in the specific application.

During manufacturing, extruded acrylic produces a consistent thickness across the tube.

And this is vital since it makes it a variety of tubing applications, which require general fabrication.

The extruded acrylic tube also has a higher tolerance to temperature and more malleable compared to cast acrylic tubes.

It bonds exceptionally well and can easily be flame polished.

Cast acrylic tube, on the other hand, is premium quality.

It offers higher optical clarity, better thermal stability, and excellent resistance to solvents compared to extruded acrylic tubes.

It also has a relatively less consistent thickness with a slightly harder surface than extruded.

Cast acrylic tube is also highly thermo-formable and can be reworked hot, which is somehow difficult to attain with extruded acrylic tubes.

In general, though, both acrylic tubes have greater durability, outstanding surface hardness, and excellent dimensional stability.

Does UV Affect Extruded Acrylic Tube?

Not necessarily!

What happens most of the time is that extruded acrylic tubes come with an already anti-UV coating.

This coating prevents the harmful ultraviolet radiation from attacking the molecules of the component through molecules.

This makes it somewhat difficult to affect this particular component.

However, if the tube is subjected to direct intensive sunlight for a prolonged period, it might lead to discoloration.

But this has to be on the extreme case.

Can you Drill through Clear Extruded Acrylic Tubing?

Absolutely yes!

Extruded acrylic tubing has a relatively soft surface, thus making it easy to drill through it.

What’s important in any case is making sure you’re using the right drill bit to create the holes on the surface material.

Additionally, it would be ideal also to regulate the drilling speed to prevent incidences of melting the material.

Is Extruded Acrylic Tube Safe for Water Pipes?

Most definitely.

Acrylic material is free from a component commonly known as BPA.

Now, BPA is a chemical typically found in a wide range of plastic and thermoplastic resins.

But in the extrusion process of the acrylic tube, BPA is not included, especially for water pipes.

It thus demonstrates the reason why the extruded acrylic tube is ideal and safe for water pipes and any other applications surrounding such piping.

Furthermore, the extruded acrylic pipe also has excellent resistance to chemical compounds.

And hence, it makes it a suitable option for piping water and related applications.

Can you Recycle Extruded Acrylic Tube?

Not necessarily.

What happens with extruded acrylic tubes is they can be recycled but not easily.

It is considered as Group 7 among the types of plastics rarely collected for recycling intentions

And since it is not readily biodegradable, it becomes challenging to recycle it.

However, extruded acrylic tubes can be reused to form large pieces of essential objects, especially if they are not suffered cracking, stress, or crazing.

It is a better approach than disposing them to landfills where they can cause varied environmental degradation.

Acrylic tube

Acrylic tube

How can you Customize Extruded Acrylic Tube?

You can use several techniques to customize this type of tubing to meet your specific needs.

However, it is always at the discretion of the supplier since not all of them can personalize the component to suit your needs.

And most importantly, is finding customization, which would enhance the efficiency and quality of this tube.

Some of the ways you can customize extruded acrylic tube include the following;

Cut to size – Different applications require tubing sizes of different dimensions.

You can, therefore, always chose to reduce the size of this component to match the one for your application.

It is soft, so cutting it is quite easy using hand and power tools.

Welding – It is about combining different pieces of acrylic tubing with the same or other compatible thermoplastics.

Also, it is an essential way of enhancing the strength of this component and at the same time reducing the cycle times.

Buffing – It involves the use of an abrasive work-piece and a buffing wheel to level out or residue or excess on the surface of this material.

Also, it is essential especially for decorative acrylic tubing since it helps to increase gloss or creating a uniform surface.

Machining – It involves shaping, cutting, or molding the extruded acrylic tube in different ways using specific types of machines and techniques.

For instance, you can use laser or CNC machines to attain the type of machining you require.

Folding – It is about bending a specific part or parts of the extruded acrylic tube. It helps to fit the component in some particular spaces accordingly.

And this is typical in applications such as piping and rods.

As you can see, there are many things you need to consider when importing an extruded acrylic tube.

With the information in this guide, am sure you can get high quality extruded or frosted acrylic tube.

Still, if you have more questions on acrylic tubes, contact WeProFab team now

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