• Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab is one considered as the most active, responsive, and intelligent Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet manufacturer. We have the most active engineers to manage the designing process of your desired sheet items. Also, if you want us to get based on your wanted designs, we will consider that. Pass it now to us, we will double-check.

Get WeProFab Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet to Delight Your Customers

We have comprehensive abilities to manufacture, distribute, and supply you enough stocks of high-quality Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet. To receive an ideal finish, select first your orders and we`ll make it for you.

Cellular Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab can supply Cellular Extruded Polycarbonate sheets in most durable and certified extreme quality finishes. A thousand stocks are already prepared for bulk way of orders.

Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet Cut-To-Sizes

When you are really wanting good, most suitable sizes to fit based on your applications, WeProFab can do ultra-special cuttings of your desired extruded polycarbonate sheet types.

Flat Extruded Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

These are produced in most quality and in most special ways. For your satisfaction to be fulfilled, the nicest quality of our flat extruded polycarbonate solid sheets is provided.

Galvanized Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab Galvanized Extruded Polycarbonate sheet designs are made extra-quality for your specified specifications. These are also good inclusion at business development.

Heat Insulated Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

If wanting to have further quality-checked Heat Insulated Extruded Polycarbonate sheet types, WeProFab can offer some premium quality designs for 80% cheaper rates.

Triple Wall Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

A unique structured Triple Wall Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet is now highly presented and introduced by most WeProFab manufacturing experts. Avail your own ideal designs now.

WeProFab: Your Leading Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab has the highest capabilities to assemble Extruded Polycarbonate Sheets into different sizes, texture, and designs. As WeeTect Material Finite and the Chinese Regional Plastic Producer joint institutions, we continue showing our skillful strategies in general manufacturing activities.

We can give all you want for WeProFab Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet designs. Don`t hesitate on asking for help from us. All effectual advices on selecting the most-suitable Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet is only encountered through us.

Contact us now.

Custom Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Thick Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab can supply numerous Thick Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet type solutions. Effective sheeting compounds are found here at the WeProFab marketplace.

High-quality Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

If you are in need of High-quality Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet designs, WeProFab can offer an outstanding one. The most preferred in weather-enduring applications.

Corrugated Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

You come to the right place. WeProFab is the answer to your Corrugated Extruded Polycarbonate sheet necessities. For business or any custom inclusions, these are very perfect for sure.

Transparent Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

The transparent extruded polycarbonate sheets have high impact resistance, excellent light transmission, and high clarity. They are flame-retardant, lightweight, and easy to install. They can be used for greenhouses, skylights, motorcycle fairings, windows, barriers, and many more.

Frosted Twin Wall Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

The frosted twin wall extruded polycarbonate sheet has high flame resistance, excellent tensile strength, and superior weather resistance. They are commonly used for indoor partition, awnings, office desk partition, garden house, carport, and many more.

Light Grey Solid Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

The light grey solid extruded polycarbonate sheets are highly durable, lightweight, and easy to machine. They are anti-UV, anti-scratch, and have a frosted or glossy surface finish. They can be used for windows, ceilings, decoration, signage, and more.

1mm Solid Clear Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

The 1mm solid clear extruded polycarbonate sheets are widely used for membrane switches, nameplates, electroplated mirrors, monitor displays, toy models, etc. They are fire-retardant, highly durable, and bendable. They can be bent without cracking or breaking.

2.5mm Flat Solid Clear Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

The 2.5mm flat solid clear extruded polycarbonate sheets are ideal to use for glazing, roofing, skylights, greenhouse, carport, awning, and many more. They have a high light transmission of up to 88%. Also, they are UV-protected so they can resist fading, yellowing, and loss of light transmission.

Mirrored Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

The mirrored extruded polycarbonate sheets are one of the most durable mirrors available. They are more lightweight, safer, and have superior impact strength than the usual glass mirrors. They are hard to break and shatter-proof. They will not shatter like glass when they break.

8mm Solid Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

The 8mm solid extruded polycarbonate sheets are polished with an anti-UV coating on one or both surfaces. They have high light transmission, great impact strength, excellent weather resistance, and a smooth surface. Also, they can be used for greenhouse panels, police riot shields, and many more.

Embossed Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

The embossed extruded polycarbonate sheets are commonly used for outdoor decoration, indoor decoration, room partitions, door panels, and more. They have a lot of features such as great sound insulation, heat insulation, lightweight, excellent durability, and weather resistance.

Light Diffusing Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

The light-diffusing extruded polycarbonate sheets have an excellent light reflection capability, efficient light diffusion, and temperature resistance. They have the ability to spread the light evenly and brightly. So, they are great to use for fluorescent lights, LED lighting, advertisement billboard, and other lighting applications.

Yellow Diamond Embossed Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

The yellow diamond embossed extruded polycarbonate sheets have strong impact resistance, excellent weather resistance, good sound insulation, and good light transmission. They can be used for glazing, roofing, partitions, door panels, decorations in hotels, homes, and more.

Prismatic Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

The prismatic extruded polycarbonate sheets have a textured design on their surface. They are a translucent material that offers excellent light transmission, flame resistance, great light diffusion, superior impact resistance, etc. They are widely used for lighting applications.

Frosted Solid Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

The frosted solid extruded polycarbonate sheets are great to use for bathroom doors, sound barriers, carport, swimming pool cover, office partitions, and more. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They have excellent UV resistance, impact resistance, flame resistance, and light weight.

10mm Solid Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

The 10mm solid extruded polycarbonate sheets are ideal for skylights, shields, canopy, roofing, and more. They are made with many features such as excellent energy-saving effect, high impact strength, fire resistance, excellent weather resistance, and more.

Clear Twin Wall Hollow Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

The clear twin wall hollow extruded polycarbonate sheets are the popularly used material for many greenhouses, skylights, awnings, carports, swimming pool covers, and more. They have a high rate of light transmission, impact resistance, good heat insulation, and are easy to install.

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Why WeProFab Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab Extruded polycarbonate sheet has its extra strength and transparency that creates most ideal option for wide lighting, security, and glazing applications.

An extruded polycarbonate sheet is more often used at diffuser`s productions, luminaires, and lenses additionally.

These are also useful and implemented in both sheets and profiling forms.

Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet Cut-To-Sizes

Our Extruded Polycarbonate Sheets have definite properties and ideal features.

It is extraordinarily strengthened and comes from polymer substances.

A high inversion resistance and has superb optic possessions due to its transparency level.

All because of these quality possessions, an extruded polycarbonate sheet material is now known due to shatterproof complexions.

It is a wonderfully-built sort of extruded polycarbonate sheet.

An extruded polycarbonate sheet is the most perfect glass replacement material used for varying representative cases.

Uses of our extruded polycarbonate cases are very important in industrial and all commercial applications.

This is frequently used to give security and protection for electrical cabinets/boxes, walls, exhibited cabinets, and refrigerators as well.

It is color-tinted and easily puts the desired colors.

High-quality Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

The colors can be printed with ease, its glazing looks and attractive appearance are also displayed for a long period of time.

Besides, the nicest light transfer is one featured classification of our extruded polycarbonate sheets.

Perfect lighting transmissions can last 50,000 hours of usage.

Frosted or only transparent clear designs are highly presented by WeProFab institutions.

These 2 kinds of designs are perfectly produced for fluorescent LED lighting purposes.

With enhanced LED`s attached on sheets, enlarged portfolios of opal and crystal finishes are needed to spread out lights.

It lessens the perceiving and maximized light results all at once.

Galvanized Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab Extruded polycarbonate sheets are lightweight, color-tinted, comprised of high tech LEDs, fire and weather-resistance, and also possessed 40℃-+120℃ inversion temperatures.

All of our extruded polycarbonate sheets are of trusted and reliable quality.

In sheeting, roofing installments, are ideal for the faster and speedy installation process.

As leading trustworthy manufacturers of high-quality Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet, WeProFab is now continuing on giving support to all OEM and ODM customers.

With many years in this industry, we have wide-ranging capacity and knowledge to handle your Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet bulk of orders.

Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today’s guide will answer all questions you have about extruded polycarbonate sheets.

It focuses on the benefits, manufacturing process, uses, fabrication, and surface treatment, just to mention a few.

So, if you want to be an expert in extruded polycarbonate sheet, read this guide.

What is Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet?

It refers to a type of an extremely strong polymer with high optical properties and excellent resilience material made of polycarbonate.

Extruded polycarbonate sheet

Extruded polycarbonate sheet

It is formed through a continuous process and largely used in a wide range of applications owing to its fundamental properties.

Extruded polycarbonate sheet is available in numerous designs, colors, sizes, and shapes.

And this is vital since it makes it possible for you to select the specific item, which suits your needs accordingly.

Is Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet Flexible?

Absolutely correct!

One of the intrinsic properties of extruded polycarbonate material is that it is highly pliable.

It implies you can typically form it at room temperature without necessarily cracking or breaking.

Deforming or bending polycarbonate may be a bit simple with application of heat, but you can as well manage small bends without it.

Bending extruded polycarbonate sheet

Bending extruded polycarbonate sheet

The pliability of this material is one feature, which makes it particularly essential in a wide range of prototyping applications.

Moreover, it is also the reason you can easily customize it without distorting its properties.

What is the Difference between Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet and Extruded Acrylic Sheet?

Extruded polycarbonate and extruded acrylic sheets tend to have a few but far difference between them.

They share quite a number of properties the more reason; they are often substituted for each other in many applications.

However, some of the difference between these two materials include the following;

Strength – Extruded polycarbonate is seemingly stronger than extruded acrylic.

To be precise, polycarbonate is about 30 times stronger than acrylic.

And this is a clear indication extruded polycarbonate has better impact resistance than extruded acrylic.

Clarity – Extruded polycarbonate has a better optical clarity compared to extruded acrylic sheet.

Of course, this is as a result of polycarbonate’s ability to permit more light to pass through it than acrylic.

Pliability – Extruded polycarbonate is easily bendable, often better than extruded acrylics.

You can always cold form or bend polycarbonate without necessarily heating it.

Acrylic, on the other hand, needs to be heated to bend easily.

Thermal insulation – Extruded polycarbonate exhibits relatively better thermal insulation properties compared to extruded acrylic sheet.

Scratch resistance – Extruded acrylic sheet has better resistance to scratches than extruded polycarbonate sheet.

Of course, this results from the fact acrylic’s surface is a bit harder compared to polycarbonate’s surface material.

Where can you use Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet?

An extruded polycarbonate sheet is generally a versatile material.

It thus implies you can use it in a wide range of applications and industries.

Some of the common residential, commercial and industrial areas where you can use this component include the following;

Greenhouses – It is a lightweight but strong material, thus making it ideal for such an outdoor application.

It can resist all forms of harsh punishments it could be exposed to in a greenhouse setting.

Point of purchase display – You can also use it in various retail outlets as POS displays.

Its excellent optical clarity is an added advantage, particularly for this application.

Signage – You can as well use extruded acrylic sheet for creating a wide range of signage boards.

Its pliability makes it possible for customization; hence you can use it for creative signage designs.

Commercial glazing – It offers an ideal solution for a wide range of commercial glazing.

And it provides a better alternative to the traditional glass since it is available in various grades, is stronger, and relatively lightweight.

Lighting – You can use this component for various lighting appliances.

It offers a great solution for such appliances, given it also permits a substantive amount of light to pass through it.

Food processing and handling – This component is also ideal in different suppliers, dealers, and retailers in food handling industry.

You can use them to store, preserve, and display various types of food substances.

Why should you Invest in Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet?

Extruded polycarbonate sheet is one of the popular thermoplastic materials used across different sectors, be it commercial, residential, or industrial.

Of course, this popularity arises from the ideal properties, quality, and functionality it exhibits.

It thus implies it is a worthy investment worth undertaking and some of the supporting reasons include the following;

  • It is highly thermoformable hence making it relatively easy to fabricate and customize it to certain desirable shapes for your application.
  • It offers excellent impact resistance compared to a wide range of materials you might consider for similar solutions.

This is advantageous because it means you’ll cut unnecessary expenses related to replacement.

  • It is lightweight, almost half the weight of glass of a similar size.

The benefit of this is enhanced convenience, especially when it comes to handling, shipping as well as installation on different surfaces.

  • It displays incredible optical clarity, given it allows a significant amount of light of about 94% to pass through it.

This, of course, makes it a better choice, especially for applications, which require transparency.

  • It is easy to clean, maintain, and repair the surface material of this component.

It does not require special attention, knowledge, or tools to maintain it when the need arises.

  • It has excellent electrical conductivity, and this is fundamental, particularly when you are incorporating various types of electrical equipment.
  • It is durable since it has better resistance to a wide range of elements, both environmental and chemical.

Also, it can withstand harsh conditions for an extended period without wearing out, distorting, or degrading.

What is the Suitable Size for Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet for your Project?

Extruded polycarbonate sheet

Extruded polycarbonate sheet

Ideally, there is no size limitation for extruded polycarbonate sheet.

So the specific suitable size is generally dependent on the type of your project.

Of course, different projects often require sheets of varying dimensions depending on specific factors surrounding the same.

So you have to merely ensure you get the right measurements for your structure before making an order for this component in regards to size.

Nevertheless, it is also necessary to understand extruded polycarbonate sheet is soft-surfaced material.

It thus means you can easily reduce its size by cutting it if need be.

Moreover, you can as well bond it by joining different pieces as a way of making it a bit large.

Either way, you can always find a solution as far as size requirement for your project is concerned.

How do you Cut Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet?

This component is generally hardy, but the material is relatively soft.

Therefore, cutting it into smaller pieces is not necessarily difficult.

Also, the specific method or approach for cutting extruded polycarbonate sheet is dependent majorly on its thickness.

For the extremely thin sheet, you might consider using a scriber just like it is done on glass.

In this case, you’ll need to draw the scriber severally across the component and but on a straight edge.

While at it, clamp the sheet tightly, apply downward pressure then snap the sheet along the seam.

For relatively thick sheets, use fine-toothed handsaws.

Ensure you clamp the polycarbonate panel but also apply light pressure only.

Preferably, you may consider power saws with alternate beveled teeth such as jigsaw, band saw or fret saw.

For exceedingly thick sheets, you may consider using advanced techniques such as CNC and laser cutting.

These involve use of hi-tech machines, which are set accordingly, to ensure they slice the sheet appropriately.

The advanced methods are arguably the best when it comes to accuracy, speed, and surface finish.

Why is Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet Expensive?

Generally, extruded polycarbonate sheet is comparatively costly than a wide variety of materials you can consider for same solutions.

But this is attributed to various dynamics, which range from one supplier to another.

In most instances, the price for this component often factors in the overall production and related costs.

And this is to imply the raw materials, manufacturing process, equipment maintenance, and finishing quality, among others.

Additionally, other after-sales aspects such as marketing and warranty, among others, also contribute to overall pricing model of this product.

Even so, expensive is somewhat symbolic since not all types of extruded polycarbonate sheets are seemingly costly.

The actual cost, of course, varies depending on grade of material, shipping needs, brand, and customization needs, among others.

How is Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet Manufactured?

Extrusion process

Extrusion process

It is a highly intensive process, which starts with feeding raw resin into an extruder to allow them to melt to the necessary temperature.

Besides, the molten polycarbonate is then forced through a die, which is designed to a specific shape.

The essence here is to enable it to take the specific shape to produce of varying length, width, and thickness with consistent cross-sections.

At this stage, the material is then driven through a series of rollers, which ensure gauge and texture are added until it forms a sheet.

Furthermore, these series of rollers also imprint a pattern, design, or finish as it cools.

In other words, it is during this process where you can choose to produce extruded polycarbonate sheet in textured surfaces, high or low gloss, and colors in single or multiple layers,

Once the process is over, the sheet can further be processed to attain the specific final product.

What is Diamond Polishing in Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet?

It refers to a type of polishing technique recommended for cleaning and professionally finishing the edges of polycarbonate sheet. I

Also, it entails moving the edges of this component over a relatively sharp and fast-rotating diamonds.

Even so, it is ideal to note this type of polishing is particularly suitable for straight-edged polycarbonate and not necessarily the round-edged shapes.

Also, it removes about 2mm of the material from the component, hence ideal for factoring it in when making your order.

What Types of Sheeting Options are available for Extruded Polycarbonate?

Extruded polycarbonate has a wide range of sheeting options.

The choice for a particular alternative is highly dependent on the specific use of the material and the preference of the customer.

Some of the common sheeting options for this component you can choose from including the following;

  • Clear extruded polycarbonate sheet
  • Heat insulated extruded polycarbonate sheet
  • Mirrored extruded polycarbonate sheet
  • Colored extruded polycarbonate sheet
  • Corrugated extruded polycarbonate sheet
  • Flat extruded polycarbonate sheet
  • Flame retardant extruded polycarbonate sheet
  • Tinted extruded polycarbonate sheet
  • Triple wall extruded polycarbonate sheet
  • Cellular extruded polycarbonate sheet
  • Thick extruded polycarbonate sheet
  • Galvanized extruded polycarbonate sheet

Does Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet Scratch easily?

Generally, the surface of extruded polycarbonate sheet is somewhat naturally soft.

Of course, this makes it susceptible to scratches, especially if abrasive objects are rubbed against it.

So an ordinary polycarbonate sheet can easily scratch when exposed to sharp or abrasive objects.

However, extruded polycarbonate sheet with anti-scratch coating can hardly scratch.

This surface coating treatment prevents it from such scratch objects.

Extruding polycarbonate sheet

Extruding polycarbonate sheet

What is the difference between Extruded Polycarbonate and Glass Sheet?

Extruded polycarbonate sheet stands out as a far much better option compared to glass sheet.

Polycarbonate is superior to glass sheets in almost all aspects revolving around quality, functionality, and efficiency.

For instance, extruded polycarbonate is extremely stronger compared to glass.

It is actually about 250 times stronger than glass, a clear indication of the kind of impact and pressure it can withstand.

Extruded polycarbonate is also more lightweight than a glass sheet.

It is about 50% of the glass weight hence making it relatively portable and convenient when it comes to transportation and installation.

Polycarbonate also displays extreme environmental, chemical, and mechanical resistance far much better than glass.

It can withstand harsh conditions without distorting or degrading, even when subjected to the same for a prolonged period.

Glass, on the other hand, can only handle a certain extent of harsh conditions before it deforms or distorts.

Extruded polycarbonate sheet is incredibly more flexible than glass sheet.

You can always bend, shape, mold, and fabricate it easily without breaking, cracking, or shattering.

On the contrary, glass is a bit brittle, and any post-manufacturing alterations can make it to break, crack, and shatter completely.

Extruded polycarbonate also has an exceptional optical clarity far much better than glass sheet.

It allows light of up to about 94% to pass through it as opposed to glass, which allows up to about 85% of light.

Is there Color Limitation for Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet?

Absolutely not!

Different colors of extruded polycarbonate sheet

Different colors of extruded polycarbonate sheet

Extruded polycarbonate sheet is available in wide-ranging color variations.

You can find as many as 32 different color hues of this component, depending on the manufacturer you are making your order from.

Also, this product is available in multicolored shades, which basically refers to one with at least two different colors on it.

Therefore, you can never run short of choice for this unit as far as color is concerned.

How do you Choose Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet?

When choosing extruded polycarbonate, it is always advisable to look into the basic elements.

It helps you to obtain the most suitable item, which fit your requirements. Some of the factors to consider include the following;

Application – Different extruded polycarbonate sheets are designed for various applications.

You ought to ensure you are picking the right one ideal for your project from different perspectives.

Customization – If you are going for personalized design, it would be vital to figure out all the aspects you require to be integrated into this unit.

It gives you an easy time and enhances convenience.

Thickness – It is an important consideration, especially when you are looking at the type of application for the item.

Make your choice on the basis of the pressure and weight the application is projected to hold.

Brand – It is also necessary to ensure you go for a relatively popular and reliable brand.

In most instances, such brands are tried and tested; hence the quality is somewhat guaranteed.

Budget – You also need to make your choice considering the amount you want to spend.

Of course, they are available at different rates hence the need for making sure you go for one suiting your budget.

Is Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet UV-resistant?

Yes, to a great extent!

Many suppliers nowadays integrate several elements.

These elements are ideal in preventing ultraviolet rays from penetrating through surface material of this component.

And this is phenomenal because it protects extruded polycarbonate sheet from fading, yellowing or dulling.

The most common additive often incorporated in this material is UV stabilizer.

This additive has a myriad of building units, which are effective and guarantee the best results in making this component UV-resistant.

How do you Clean Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet?

Essentially, taking care of extruded polycarbonate sheet is quite simple if you take care with it.

What you need are soft cotton cloth, liquid soap, and warm water.

In this case, the liquid soap plays two major fundamental roles.

One is it facilitates cleaning of this component and two; it acts as a lubricant for stopping dirt from scratching the surface material as you clean.

So the first step is perhaps to moisten the sheet using water before you start to wipe using the cloth.

This helps in softening the surface for easier and gentle scrubbing.

Once you are sure and satisfied it is clean, you’ll need to rinse off the detergent from the surface material with cold water and allow it to dry.

At the same time, ensure you’re using the recommended detergent only.

Also, never use scouring pads or any other abrasive material to clean extruded polycarbonate sheet.

Can you Bond Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet using Adhesive?

Absolutely correct!

You can use a wide range of options for gluing extruded acrylic sheets.

Even so, it significantly depends on the specific material you are affixing it to.

Polycarbonate adhesives come in a variety of types.

But you have to be completely sure you are using the recommended type of glue for bonding this component.

The reason here is because some adhesives tend to offer seamless joining but hardly fill the voids accordingly.

Also, some glues might trigger a chemical reaction with extruded polycarbonate hence damaging the sheet.

Nevertheless, always ensure you read and also follow the material safety information before bonding.

Joning extruded polycarbonate sheet

Joning extruded polycarbonate sheet

What are the Disadvantages of Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet?

It is relatively expensive, particularly when compared with other materials, which might offer similar solutions such as extruded acrylic sheet.

It can be prone to scratches, especially if exposed or subjected to highly abrasive components.

Can you Engrave on Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet?

Most definitely!

Extruded polycarbonate panel is a relatively soft-surfaced material.

This makes it a bit easy for you to engrave or emboss a particular design, logo, or any graphic on it.

What you need to do in this case is making sure you use the right tools and equipment when engraving this material.

You also need to have basic knowledge of how to carve on this component.

What Quality Standards does Extruded Polycarbonate Conform to?

In China, the authorities tasked with enforcing quality in the manufacturing sector have set and ratified various standards this component needs to conform to.

Of course, this is helpful since it allows and enhances consistency when it comes to quality production and manufacturing of products.

One of the extruded polycarbonate sheet’s quality standard is ISO 9001.

This standard merely specifies the requirements for the supplier to demonstrate the ability to provide quality goods, which meet customers’ requirements.

It also shows the capacity of the manufacturer to consistently produce products, which match regulatory conditions.

Another common quality standard for this component is SGS.

This standard primarily demonstrates approval of the item and renders it suitable for customers.

It inspects, verifies, tests, and certifies the component hence guaranteeing customers of the suitability of the product.

CE is another typical quality standard, which extruded polycarbonate sheet conforms to.

It essentially exhibits the conformity of the product with environmental, health, and safety standards.

Also, it shows the product meets the required standards, accordingly.

ASTM is also a common quality standard for extruded polycarbonate sheet.

It develops, publishes, and outlines voluntary harmonized technical standards for various products and systems in general.

Can you make an Order for Customized Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet?

Absolutely right!

Many suppliers of this component nowadays, largely deal with pre-orders of customized units.

The essence here is most applications vary hence require different aspects of extruded polycarbonate sheet.

So it even becomes easier for you to order for a custom-made design of this product.

What you ought to do is ensuring you inquire from your preferred supplier to find out whether or not they can provide your customized designs.

Which Surface Treatment Options can you Integrate on Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet?

You can incorporate several types of surface treatment options on this component, depending on various influences.

One of the common integrated treatment is the anti-fog coating.

It is mostly applicable for extruded sheets used in areas experiencing high humidity.

In essence, it helps in preventing the accumulation of moisture on the surface material hence guaranteeing clarity all the time.

Anti-scratch is another fundamental surface treatment for this component.

It is vital when it comes to protecting the surface material from scratching when rubbed against abrasive elements.

You can also integrate anti-glare coating if you are using this sheet for applications surrounding lighting, such as signage.

Anti-glare coating helps reduce or eliminate excess light from reflecting on this component.

Also, you might consider anti-UV resistant surface coating, also referred to as UV stabilizer in some instances.

This particular surface treatment is vital when it comes to protecting this product from the effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Therefore, it enables it to last for as many years as possible, even when exposed to direct sunlight.

Do Extruded Polycarbonate Sheets have a Warranty?

Most definitely!

Many manufacturers of this component often offer valid warranties upon purchasing.

Even so, the terms of warranty tend to vary from one supplier to another.

Each manufacturer has its own guiding principles revolving around the terms and conditions of warranty validity and cover.

Therefore, it is always advisable to meticulously inquire from the supplier to find out the precise terms of warranty upon buying this unit.

And there you have it – everything you should know before buying extruded polycarbonate sheets.

However, if you have any question about extruded polycarbonate sheets, feel free to contact WeProFab team.

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