• Floating Acrylic Wall Frame

Floating Acrylic Wall Frame

Weprofab is one of the best manufacturers and trusted suppliers of floating acrylic wall frames in China. We manufacture floating acrylic wall frames in all styles, shapes, and sizes. We can provide all your needs in this field. Request a quote now!

Get WeProFab Floating Acrylic Wall Frame to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is your reliable provider of premium quality floating acrylic wall frames. We can produce floating acrylic wall frames with unique designs and styles.

Acrylic Sheet manufacturer

We are an acrylic sheet manufacturer which’s why we can offer you high-quality acrylic floating acrylic wall frame at the best price.

Laser cut floating acrylic wall frame

WeProFab can cut your floating acrylic wall frame to the exact configurations you desire. Smooth edges need no more acrylic polishing.

Floating acrylic wall frame manufacturer

As a floating acrylic wall frame manufacturer, we can develop high end floating wall made of acrylic that will level up your business.

Custom floating acrylic wall frame

We, at Weprofab have the capacity to custom design floating satisfying your project demand. You can specify the frame based on your details.

Floating acrylic wall frame assembly

WeProfab can do the final floating acrylic wall frame assembly for you. We can make a clear frame with lots of accessories.

Wholesale floating acrylic wall frame

At Weprofab, you can wholesale floating acrylic wall frames at a competitive factory-direct price. We can supply the frame to the quantity you desired.

WeProFab: Your Trusted Floating Acrylic Wall Frame Manufacturer

WeProFab., as a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Ltd., and a local fabrication manufacturer in China, are capable to offer a one-stop solution for floating acrylic wall frame fabrication.

If you are looking for a premium quality floating acrylic wall frame with amazing features, Weprofab manufactures a top-grade floating acrylic wall frame made from first-class materials. This product is available for standard and custom designs at competitive prices.

Just send us your inquiries anytime.

Custom Acrylic Box Frame Wall Mount to Skyrocket Your Brand

Floating acrylic wall frame 20x26

Floating acrylic wall frame 20×26 is environmental-friendly. Ideal for home decoration. Weprofab accepts customize logo design for your frame.

Double panel acrylic floating frame

This double panel acrylic floating frame is made of gorgeous acrylic sheets. The size, color, types, shape, style, all can be customized as per request.

Wall mounted A4 Acrylic frame

This fashionable wall-mounted A4 acrylic frame will take your business to a high level. Weprofab can design frames suitable for signs, photographs, and/or posters.

Floating acrylic wall frame with metal stand off

Floating acrylic wall frames with metal stand-off from Weprofab are designed with 2 durable and clear sheets of acrylic. It will showcase photo/ signage effectively.

Floating acrylic wall frame for document

This floating acrylic wall frame for a document is UV-resistant. It could be used in signs display, home, office, store, or restaurant decoration.

Easy changing picture floating acrylic wall frame

Our easy changing picture floating acrylic wall frame can be custom cut to the desired size. This is available in different shapes and sizes.

Frameless Floating Acrylic Wall Display

Frameless floating acrylic wall displays are constructed with double panels, making them sturdier. They have a glassy look appearance that emphasizes attractive and vivid photos. These acrylic walls frames suit portraits perfectly that provide floating photo looks.

Colored Floating Acrylic Wall Frame

Colored floating acrylic wall frames have customizable prints, sizes, and shapes. They feature shatter-proof, lightweight, and durable due to their acrylic structure. These colored floating acrylic frames for walls are also available in different neon colors.

Floating Acrylic Wall Photo Block Frame

Floating acrylic wall photo block frames are also available in free-standing designs. They have excellent qualities with affordable cost and stylish designs. Their dimensions and hues are customizable according to customers’ requests.

Floating Acrylic Wall Hanging Frame

The floating acrylic wall hanging frames are suitable for displaying photos, certificates, documents, and more. They feature UV resistance, waterproof, and durability. These acrylic floating hanging frames are ideal for tradeshows, advertising, and promotions.

Sign Holder Floating Acrylic Wall Frame

Sign holder floating acrylic wall frames are perfect gifts, displays, and home decorations. They are in rectangular, square, or customized shapes and sizes. These acrylic floating frames are easy to mount with metal stand-offs.

Luxury Floating Acrylic Wall Frame

The luxury floating acrylic wall frames have iridescent color effects with classical styles. They have high burning resistance and are more robust than glass features. Their dimensions, tints, shapes, and classes are open for customization.

Magnetic Floating Acrylic Wall Frame

Magnetic floating acrylic wall frames have transparent neon colors supported with magnets. They are easy to install on the walls have lighter weight and scratch resistance properties. Specific sizes, hues, and thicknesses depend on orders.

Floating Acrylic Wall Frame with Screws

The floating acrylic wall frames with screws are suitable for various applications, including offices, homes, decorations, and hotels. They are more durable and unbreakable than ordinary glass. These frames are supported with screws that are easy to mount.

UV Printed Floating Acrylic Wall Frame

UV-printed floating acrylic wall frames are available in heart, rectangular, squares, stars, or customized shapes. They have about 3mm to 20mm thickness yet are customizable. These floating acrylic wall frames feature versatility, perfect for displaying more photographs.

Fluorescent Floating Acrylic Wall Frame

The fluorescent floating acrylic wall frames emphasize the subject as unique floated designs. There are various colors and sizes available to suit specific placements and environments. They feature non-fading and non-breaking capacities.

LED Floating Acrylic Wall Frame

LED floating acrylic wall frames achieve 3D photos, prints, and portrait effects. They have polished edges for handling them safely. There are wide ranges of dimensions and colors available to fit precisely on the subject sizes.

Crystal-Like Floating Acrylic Wall Frame

Crystal-like floating acrylic wall frames are easy to install without breaking and cracking. They have available specific sizes to suit photography’s dimensions perfectly. Using acrylic materials makes them achieve a crystal-like appearance.

Modern Floating Acrylic Wall Frame

Modern floating acrylic wall frames are made from durable and eco-friendly materials. Their structures can be designed from pure acrylics, metals, woods, or aluminum. Acrylic materials compositions provide the frames’ an elegant, modern yet simple appearance.

Floating Circle Photo Acrylic Wall Frame

The acrylic floating circle photo wall frames are stunning wall decorations at home, gifts, souvenirs, and more. Pastel color frames are available with various thicknesses and sizes. They have glossy surfaces and edges to ensure safe handling and installation.

Floating Sparkle Acrylic Wall Frame

Floating sparkle acrylic wall frames are unique wall frames with sparkling sequins. Many sizes, shapes, and colors selections are available to satisfy every customer’s desires. These are great presents for different holidays or occasions. 

Liquid Glitter Floating Acrylic Wall Frame

The floating acrylic wall frames with liquid glitter feature durability without changing colors and yellowing. These acrylic wall frames are easy to assemble and mount into the wall. Various glitter colors and frame thicknesses are available.

Double-Sided Floating Acrylic Wall Frame

Double-sided floating acrylic wall frames are supported with easy to install stand-offs. Different specifications, like sizes, shapes, colors, and even logos, are customizable, as per customers’ orders. They have double-sided panels that make them sturdier and multifunctional.

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WeProFab Floating Acrylic Wall Frame

WeProFab has the widest range of floating acrylic wall frames in China. We have this product available in all sizes, shapes, colors, and designs that can choose from. Our floating acrylic wall frame has passed the CE and ISO9001 certifications and quality and performance are guaranteed.

WeProFab floating acrylic wall frame provides an excellent and stylish way to display images and other products. It is capable of enhancing the beauty of a room, office, lobby, etc.

Floating acrylic wall frame from WeProFab is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. With this product, you will surely gain customers internationally.

WeProFab floating acrylic wall frame is designed to feature modern style displays. This product is easy to install and easy to use.

We created a floating acrylic wall frame with modern styles and unique features to hit the trend in the market. With this product, you will definitely increase your sales continuously.

Our floating acrylic wall frame also comes with customizations in every part. You can choose your own designs and styles for your product.

In fact, we can put your logo or brand name in each floating acrylic wall frame. We provide products and services at affordable prices. Weprofab offers great deals for better profit.

Weprofab floating acrylic wall frame is available for both OEM and ODM orders. We can produce thousands of products every year. We are capable of handling orders in large quantities.

Rest assured, our products are new, safe, and secured while transporting. At Weprofab you will have a great business in the future.

Our floating acrylic wall frame is designed, developed, and manufactured by our skilled engineers. They focused on giving more styles and features for each product we produce.

With their support, Weprofab can guarantee you that our floating acrylic wall frame has world-class quality.

We have limitless ideas in manufacturing products with eye-catching effects and outstanding quality. Our years of experience helped us gained trust from customers around the world.

Our main goal is to provide you the same success that we have. Weporfab can give you the best solutions you need in this industry.

If you are looking for all types of floating acrylic wall frame and other related products, you can check on us anytime you want. We assigned a team ready to assist you and help you find your ideal products for the best price.

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