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WeProFab is a professional manufacturer of gauze pads for more than 20 years. We offer a wide range of high-quality and safe gauze pad to meet your requirements. As a professional manufacturer, you can guarantee that WeProFab can provide you a cost-effective solution to your gauze pad needs. If you have inquiries, kindly contact us immediately.

Get WeProFab Gauze Pad to Delight Your Customers

For more than two decades, WeProFab is committed to providing customers a wide range of high-quality gauze pads. All our products are offered at a competitive price.

Cotton Sterile Compress Adhesive Gauze Pad

All our Cotton Sterile Compress Adhesive Gauze Pad is made from 100% cotton materials. It has an unfolded edge that comes with or without a detectable tray.

Medical 10x10cm 4ply Non-sterile Gauze Pads

We manufacture Medical 10x10cm 4ply Non-sterile Gauze Pads that is non-woven. It features 30 up to 50 GSM made from 100% cotton.

Non Sterile Green Gauze

You can choose Non Sterile Green Gauze with different colors. It comes with different sizes based on your requirements.

6 Layer Gauze Fabric Gauze Pad

Our 6 Layer Gauze Fabric Gauze Pad is manufactured using 100% cotton with bleached white color. It is best for medical bandage, first aid, and more.

Sterile Non-woven Gauze Pad

Our Sterile Non-woven Gauze Pad features virtually lint free, strong, and smooth feels. It offers good absorbency, lightweight, and little adhesion.

Medical Absorbent Surgical Gauze Pad

We manufacture Medical Absorbent Surgical Guaze Pad with different colors. It is best used for hospital and home applications.

WeProFab: Your Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of High-quality Gauze Pad

If you are looking for a trusted manufacturer of gauze pad in China, WeProFab is your best choice! We a dependable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality gauze pad that will suit your business and requirements.

Through our rich experience, WeProFab gained a rich experience and broad understanding about our customers’ needs. Therefore, you can assure that WeProFab can provide you high-quality yet affordable products. Here in WeProFab, we are committed to delivering the best services and customer care to all our clients from around the world.

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Custom Gauze Pad to Skyrocket Your Brand

Krinkle Type Gauze Roll

WeProFab offers Krinkle Type Gauze Roll that is easy to tear for securing splints, wound dressing, and more applications.

Non-Sterile Dental Gauze

Our Non-Sterile Dental Gauze are super soft for extra comfort. These are 4-ply sponges with excellent absorbent properties for variety of uses.

Abdominal Pad Medical 100% Cotton Gauze

WeProFab offers high-quality Abdominal Pad Medical 100% Cotton Gauze with high absorbency, folded or unfolded edge, soft, and pure white.

Swabs Plain Gauze

All our Swabs Plain Gauze are manufactured using 100% cotton. You can avail our sterile or non-sterile Swabs Plain Gauze.

12-Ply Gauze 4”x4” Pad

12-ply gauze 4”x4” pad is made with flexible soft-foam backing. Features an adhesive sterile gauze pad cushion responsible for protecting wounds. Stays in place for eight hours and is highly absorbent.

Breathable Gauze Pad

A breathable gauze pad forms a sterile protective barrier against dirt and germs. Easy-to-apply and breathable. Manufactured with natural rubber latex. A sterile gauze pad that stays in place for hours.

Compressed Gauze Pad

A compressed gauze pad is an ultra-compact roll of sterile. Woven using high-quality 100% cotton with a unique crinkle weave. Provides excellent fluid absorption with finished edges that are indicated for the treatment of bleeding.

Dental Gauze Pad

The dental gauze pad features an ultra-compact storage size. Perfect to have on hand for athletes, lifeguards, school nurses, ambulances, and dental clinics. Designed with superior quality and allows for ultimate absorption.

Flat Folded Gauze Pad

A flat folded gauze pad is designed for dressing open wounds, prepping, cleaning, and more. Constructed of flat and highly absorbent non-woven fibers. Highly foldable and can be used without sticking to the wound.

Flexible Gauze Pad

A flexible gauze pad is designed for quick and easy use. Available in multiple sizes and thicknesses. Guarantees full wound protection and a lower risk of infections. Offers better wicking and more absorbency.

Gauze Non-Stick Pad

Gauze non-stick pad is produced using non-woven material with a single layer. Widely used to control hemorrhage with a compression bandage. Features 100% cotton gauze with a non-stick fabric.

Gauze Rolled Pad

Gauze rolled pad is an essential item for any medical kit or wound bandaging. Features a special design, breathable, and highly absorbent. Ideal for hemostatic dressings, wound bandaging, and wrapping of injuries.

Highly-Absorbent Gauze Pad

A highly-absorbent gauze pad is perfect for nonstick dressings and hard-to-bandage areas. Features a first aid gauze pad that can secure itself to stay in place. Stretches and allows freedom of movement.

Latex-Free Gauze Pad

A latex-free gauze pad is delivered with instant absorption that can be used as a primary dressing or bandage. Ideal for medical emergencies warnings, minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. Produced with latex-free material.

Medium Gauze Pad

A medium gauze pad is commonly used for wiping or soaking up blood from a wound. Features a highly absorbent sterile gauze pad with 8-ply thickness designed for quick handling. Available in a medium size.

Non-Sterile Gauze Pad

A non-sterile gauze pad is very absorbent and is perfect for cleaning scrapes, cuts, and lacerations. Delivered with extra absorption and made with a non-sterile fabric. Keeps dressings in place and maintains pressure.

Non-Woven Gauze Pad

Non-woven gauze pad stretches up to double its original length, for more comfort and a better hold. Characterized by its non-stick feature that helps protect minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. Proven in a clinical study not to stick to wounds.

Tubular Bandage Gauze Pad

A tubular bandage gauze pad instantly absorbs fluid and pulls it away from wounds. Arrives with a hurt-free and tubular design that is highly absorbent. Designed for quick and easy use. Great for everyday cuts.

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WeProFab Gauze Pad


Krinkle Type Gauze Roll

WeProFab has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality gauze pads. We are a trusted manufacturer by thousands of international clients from around the world. Through excellent services, we are recognized as the leading gauze pad manufacturer in China.

Our gauze pads are available in different sizes. You can choose sizes according to your preference. You can also choose to customize your orders based on your exact specification. Just send us your ideas or requirements.

WeProFab gauze pads are manufactured using 100% cotton materials. Due to its long fiber, it is stronger than any other type of wound dressings. WeProFab gauze pads are available in both sterile and non-sterile forms.

Non-Sterile Dental Gauze

WeProFab specifically designed gauze pads to protect cuts, wounds, burns, or scrapes. These are perfect for general cleaning, dressings, prepping, packing, and debriding small or large wounds. It is also ideal as a temporary absorbent wound dressing.

We offer individually wrapped gauze pads that are used to wick away fluids such as blood from a wound to keep it clean and away from contamination. It is integrated with thick layers of cushioning to add maximum comfort to the user.

Non Sterile Green Gauze

Whether you are a retailer or distributor, WeProFab can provide you all types of gauze pads. We can assure you that all our products will fit your requirements. We also offer competitive prices and low MOQ to support your starting business.

Aside from gauze pads, we also manufacture cotton swabs, adhesive bandage wrap, safety vests, gauze sponge, safety helmets, and more. WeProFab is surely your one-stop solution to all your needs. Choose WeProFab as your no.1 manufacturer!

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