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WeProFab is a well-trusted and 20 years experienced manufacturer and supplier of cheaper but effective gauze sponges in China. We reach gauze sponge and related products all over the world. We always satisfy our customers with our high-class quality gauze sponge. We can lowest your gauze sponge cost as well. Send inquiries!

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Looking for a reliable partner who can supply your ideal gauze sponge in China? WeProFab is the trusted quality gauze sponge supplier worldwide. We have complete gauze sponge samples in 3D photos and videos. Our excellent services in more than 20 years always provide customer’s satisfaction. Send your gauze sponge ideas and needs.

10cm Square Gauze Sponge

Our 10cm gauze sponges are perfect to supply in different medical facilities. Your desired quantities are available including sizes, surface, packing, and more options.

Absorbent Gauze Sponge

Our gauze sponge is disposable and absorbent perfect for wounds protections and medical purposes. It is widely accessible in your desired sizes and number of ply.

Medical Non-Sterile Gauze Sponge

Our gauze sponge is suitable for medical purposes. It is perfect for medical purposes since it is durably made with latex. There is also a non-sticky medical gauze sponge for you.

Natural Cotton Medical Gauze Sponge

We have natural cotton gauze sponges for medical purposes. It has great benefits and more advantages than other healing support. You can get a gauze sponge cheaper cost.

Non-Woven Gauze Sponge

Our non-woven gauze sponge is a water-absorbing type of material made of cotton. It is convenient to use, inexpensive, and an excellent healing process.

Sterile Gauze Sponge

You can choose different selections of gauze sponge-like sterile and nonsterile. It has great healing support for wounds, strains, and more to prevent bacteria and blood flow.

WeProFab: Your Professional Adhesive Bandage Wrap Manufacturer

Choosing the right gauze sponge supplier in China is not easy but a great advantage to secure your business, products, and payments. WeProFab is a reliable partner that able to handle all processes needed. WeProFab effective solutions for your gauze sponge orders and handled business.

WeProFab professionally supports your expandable business to gain perfect sales and gain customer trust. We have excellent production using our complete facilities, equipment, and expert manufacturing staff. We ensure highly trained staff for quality production.

You can trust our faster service ensuring faster shipment and base your transport on your orders. Our quality packaging can prevent returns and save your time. We assure to support your urgent needs wherever your locations. Get in touch!

Custom Adhesive Bandage Wrap to Boost Your Business

4x4 12 Ply Gauze Sponge

Our 4×4 gauze sponge is accessible in 12 ply with different plastic packing. We designed different types of packaging and also base on your packaging ideas.

8 Ply Medical Gauze Sponge

We have different sizes of gauze sponge accessible in 8 ply. It has different types of packaging and types of gauze sponge surface.

Disposable Abdominal Gauze Sponge

Our disposable abdominal gauze sponges are accessible in different sizes and numbers of ply. You can request your desired gauze sponge packaging, sizes, types of surface, and more.

Hospital Quality Gauze Sponge

We have hospital quality gauze sponge at affordable and effective for any applications. We have your desired surface and texture at plenty of stocks.

Surgical 100% Cotton Gauze Sponge

Our surgical gauze sponge is made of 100% cotton. It has a great role in medical and health assistance. You can get your desired gauze sponge amount.

8-Ply Woven Gauze Sponge

8-ply woven gauze sponge is ideal for bandaging, wound dressing, cleaning, and prepping procedures. Accessible in a wide variety of sizes, and quantities, and sold by boxes. Made with natural rubber latex.

Colored Gauze Sponge

A colored gauze sponge is available as sterile or non-sterile. Comes in a broad range of sizes making it applicable for economical dressing, wound packing, and debriding. Conveniently indexed in 10s for easier handling.

Custom Gauze Die-Cut Sponge

A custom gauze die-cut sponge is well suited for a variety of applications. Guarantees superior quality with assured economy. Available in a wide range of standard sizes and plies. Highly customized with a die-cut structure.

Disposable Gauze Sponge

A disposable gauze sponge is frequently used for minor prepping and dressing. Manufactured using a non-sterile and naturally antibacterial fabric that provides maximum absorption. 100% disposable.

Extra-Absorbent Gauze Sponge

Extra-absorbent gauze sponge is an all-natural double-sided product. 100% biodegradable, non-scratch, and odor-free. Constructed using wood pulp and coconut coir fibers. Used for a wide range of dressing and prepping procedures.

Gauze Biodegradable Sponge

Gauze biodegradable sponge has a loose weave with a textured, cheesecloth-like appearance. Guarantees good grip and is ideal for cleaning surfaces. Provides a simple, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solution.

Gauze Coconut Fiber Sponge

Gauze coconut fiber sponge is made from 100% medical-grade cotton. Provides superior absorption and extra 12-ply thickness. Offers good coverage and versatility of usage. Features soft fabric quality.

Gauze White Sponge

Gauze white sponge is far more absorbent than any other. Suitable for exfoliating, scrubbing, as well as cleaning scrapes. Created with all-cotton gauze that is super soft on the skin making for comfortable use.

Grip Shape Gauze Sponge

Grip shape gauze sponge provides extra absorption even for those with the most sensitive skin types. Contains high quality, 12-ply build that adheres to the highest standards in the medical industry.

Heavy-Duty Gauze Sponge

Heavy-duty gauze sponge is available in different densities, thicknesses, and compositions. Features tight tolerance and outstanding impact protection. Designed with optimum resistance to chemicals and UV exposure.

High-Absorbent Gauze Sponge

High-absorbent gauze sponge is delivered with admirable material density and thickness. Perfect for wound dressing and surgery prep. Supplied with adhesive backing and provides lamination to other substrates.

Medical Gauze Sponge

A medical gauze sponge can be used to meet a variety of wound care needs. Woven to increase absorbency and provide wound protection and coverage throughout the day. Very soft and are made of 100 percent cotton.

Multi-Hole Gauze Sponge

Multi-hole gauze sponge is often used to cleanse the wound and prepare it for dressing. Designed to promote and accelerate healing. Constructed with a latex-free fabric making it ideal for individuals with allergies.

Non-Abrasive Gauze Sponge

Non-abrasive gauze sponge is a must-have for a doctor’s office or any healthcare facility. Convenient to use and will provide thorough wound protection and care. Made with a non-abrasive material.

Pure Cotton Gauze Sponge

A pure cotton gauze sponge features a slightly abrasive surface. Produced with 100% purified, medical-grade cotton. A great addition to a first aid kit in case of an accident. Meets all needs for general wound care

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Why WeProFab Gauze Sponge

Are you looking for the best selections of gauze sponges and get your desired quantity for different medical facility supplies? WeProFab can support all types of business you handled. Whether you need a gauze sponge for medical facility supplies, retail and pharmaceutical support, wholesale purposes, we can offer our full support.

WeProFab gauze sponge is one of the medical supplies accessible in different sizes and numbers of ply. It is disposable wound support to prevent infections and bacteria. It is widely used for medicine and surgery and other types of medical operations.

WeProFab gauze sponge is widely used for cleaning wounds. It is also surgical sponges which used for many surgeries to help absorb blood accessible in different types of materials like non-woven and cotton. You can consider the gauze sponge sizes, the number of plays, types of fabrics, and so on. You can choose a WeProFab gauze sponge in sterile and non-sterile perfect for any type of wounds, medical purposes, and surgery.

You can request your desired gauze sponge packing from the color of plastic packaging, print, and more. We are experts in customizing different products to meet your specifications and requirements. Our 20 years of experience made us a trusted and popular supplier worldwide.

Your business will expand more by gaining outstanding profits and customer trust from different countries. All types of customers and businesses are supported. We have full capabilities offering effective solutions for your gauze sponge orders. We can do different processes to make quality gauze sponge and provide great packaging. We can support your own gauze sponge brand. Send your packaging print customizations.

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