• Heat-resistant acrylic sheet

Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet

In China, WeProFab is one of the leading manufacturers of heat-resistant acrylic sheets. We fabricate and develop a variety of sheet solutions specially heat-resistance. For a custom solution, we can develop heat-resistant acrylic sheets to your own design. Send us your drawings today!

Get WeProFab Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

As one of the premier heat-resistant acrylic sheet manufacturers, WeProFab can help you will all your challenges. We can assist you in finding the best quality products for you. WeProFab can give a one-stop solution all you need.

Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

As a heat resistant acrylic sheet manufacturer, we, in WeProFab offer high-quality heat-resistant acrylic sheets at best prices. We have a wide variety of products available to you.

Custom Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet

If you want to custom heat resistant acrylic sheet for your own requirements, WeProFab is your solution. We can custom-design product based on your drawings.

Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet Cut to Size

WeProFab is pleased to offer cut-to-size heat resistant acrylic sheets in a wide range of thickness, colors, sizes and more.

Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet for Cabinets

In WeProFab, we offer heat resistant acrylic sheet for cabinets in a wide range of colors, grades, and sizes. All our heat resistant acrylic sheets designed to meet the strict demands of many commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

12mm Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab 12mm heat resistant acrylic sheet are ideal products to be used outdoors. Strong heat resistance allows long-lasting service life and durability.

2mm Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab is a professional 2mm heat resistant acrylic sheet manufacturer and supplier in China. We specialize in providing heat resistant acrylic sheet 2mm dimension can be customize to own requirements.

WeProFab: Your Professional Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

WeProFab as one of the leading manufacturer of heat resistant acrylic sheet, we offer a variety of products suit different application. If you need heat resistant acrylic sheet for your own business, you can check WeProFab today.

WeProFab heat-resistant acrylic sheet has meet RoHS, REACH, UL, and other main standards. WeProFab is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. Our quality control perform in stringent way.

If you are looking for reliable heat resistant acrylic sheet partner, WeProFab is your better choice. Send us your drawing and specifications today!

Custom Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Clear Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab is a professional clear heat resistant acrylic sheet manufacturer. We offer the product to be used outdoors.

Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet for Roofing

As a professional manufacturer, WeProFab offers heat resistant acrylic sheet for the roofing industry. The product has extreme resistance to temperatures like sunlight, snow, rain, and impact.

18mm Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab 18mm heat resistant acrylic sheet is available in a wide variety. We provide lightweight, durable and long-lasting 18mm heat resistant acrylic sheet products.

Heat-Resistant Decoration Acrylic Sheet

Heat-resistant decoration acrylic sheet is specialize in providing extreme resistance from the sun. They are used to avoid the heat energy from coming into the surface.

Heat-Resistant Extruded Acrylic Sheet

Heat-resistant extruded acrylic sheet is used in diverse constructions. They are known for their durability, long service life, and wide variation. Their heat resistance can make them last for decades.

Shatter & Heat-Resistant Acrylic Sheet

Shatter & heat-resistant acrylic sheet is tested durable and high-quality. They have the strength of plastic yet with a glass-like appearance. They are completely shatterproof.

Tinted Heat-Resistant Acrylic Sheet

The tinted heat-resistant acrylic sheet provides extremely durability when used as a roofing material. They are also weatherproof, which means they can resist extreme weather conditions.

Heat-Resistant Frosted Acrylic Sheet

Heat-resistant frosted acrylic sheets are widely used because of UV resistance. They are also yellow-resistant, have high clarity, and offer great light transmission.

Polymer Polished Heat-Resistant Acrylic Sheet

Polymer polished heat-resistant acrylic sheet offers high optical transparency and clarity. They could allow up to 92% of light transmission.

High Transparent Heat-Resistant Acrylic Sheet

High transparent heat resistant acrylic sheet is known for their superior strength, optical transparency, and stiffness. They are easy to install when used in roofing constructions and projects.

Heat-Resistant Glossy Acrylic Sheet

The heat-resistant glossy acrylic sheet offers outstanding weathering characteristics. They also come in different sizes, thicknesses, and colors based on your requirements.

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Why WeProFab Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab heat resistant acrylic sheet is one of the competitive products produce by the company. We offer an acrylic sheet with heat resistant features in different types, sizes, and colors.

In WeProFab, you have a vast selection to choose from. We will help you find the high-quality heat-resistant acrylic sheet for your needs.

Or if you can’t find, we will specify your requirement. You are free to submit your buying request. One of our representatives will call to action.

WeProFab heat resistant acrylic sheet is sure safe. Understanding the standards and guidelines provided by industry, rest assured that the product provides appropriate performance.

No doubt, WeProFab is a reputable and reliable supplier you can count in.

Excellent heat resistance of the unit provides a great ability to work in a harsh environment.

Tough weather such as snow, wind, rain, and sunlight will nothing to say. WeProFab heat resistant acrylic sheet is great to use for buildings and indoor decorations.

Heat-resistant acrylic sheet-1

Aside from heat resistant, it has great shatterproof performance and aging-resistant. The sheet won’t turn yellow in years to come.

WeProFab heat resistant acrylic sheet is your safer and economical choice for interior and exterior applications.

It has a lightweight and flexible structure making it good for windows, room dividers, cabinet, door panels, and related products.

Utilizing WeProFab heat resistant acrylic sheet, you will ensure a reliable and innovative unit.

WeProFab is a reputable and outstanding manufacturer of heat resistant acrylic sheet.

We tend to offer the best range of heat resistant acrylic sheet products.

WeProFab is your strong source of high-quality yet cost-effective heat resistant acrylic sheets.

Our heat resistant acrylic sheet is the best alternative for glass sheeting. It offers better transparency, durability, and effectiveness. WeProFab heat resistant acrylic sheeting can be cut to size.

You can check out WeProFab for more heat resistant acrylic sheet options and further services. We have a variety of finishes including clear and mirrored.

Heat-resistant acrylic sheet-2

WeProFab heat resistant acrylic sheet can be customized. In order to fit each specific project need, we offer heat resistant acrylic sheeting with several choices of colors.

WeProFab heat resistant acrylic sheet can be made from cast or extruded acrylic sheet. You can choose what’s best for your application.

In thicknesses, our products come with different dimensions from 2mm – 30mm. WeProFab will provide everything.

Currently, we are working and developing new styles of heat resistant acrylic sheet to add in our collection. WeProFab provides a range of innovative products to supply a variety of sectors.

Heat-resistant acrylic sheet-3

From the start, WeProFab is dedicated to producing the best and finest quality heat resistant acrylic sheet.

As of today, we have evolved to be the leader of providing heat resistant acrylic sheet and plastic components.

WeProFab is proud to provide complete service for you. Save time and money as WeProFab service is economical.

If you are interested in WeProFab heat resistant acrylic sheet, please feel free to contact us today!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet

Heat resistant acrylic sheets are highly beneficial for multiple purposes due to their unique qualities.

These are lightweight, cost-effective, and strong.

You can easily cut the acrylic into fine shapes without much effort.

Moreover, due to the wide array of varieties of the sheet, it is a suitable candidate for construction or decoration.

In this guide you will have all your frequently asked questions about heat resistant acrylic sheets answered.

These will help you in understanding the material and its uses in-depth.

What Are Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheets?

It is a specialty acrylic sheet that helps to mitigate the penetration of heat from the surface.

These sheets are made from acrylic which is also a thermoplastic homopolymer.

The sheets are processed using a process known as polymerization.

These sheets have a heat-reflective coating that effectively reflects solar energy.

What Type Of Acrylic Are These Heat Resistant Sheets Made Of?

Heat resistant acrylic sheets can be made from both cast acrylic as well as extruded acrylic.

The cast acrylic is stronger and more durable.

It also gives a finer finishing while laser cutting, router cutting, etc.

On the other hand, the extruded acrylic sheets are cheaper.

You can decide on the type of acrylic sheet for heat resistant sheets as per your requirement.

How Are These Sheets Compared To Polycarbonate Or Glass?

The heat resistant acrylic sheets have certain advantages over any other material like polycarbonate or glass.

The acrylic sheets are less expensive as compared to polycarbonate and glass.

As compared to polycarbonate, these acrylic sheets are glossier and are available in a wider range of colors.

The polycarbonate sheets have a limited array of varieties in terms of colors and types.

The acrylic sheets are also clearer and offer better light transmission than polycarbonate.

Moreover, unlike acrylic, polycarbonate might yellow after prolonged exposure to UV rays.

In comparison to glass, acrylic is more impact resistant and durable in nature.

It has half the weight of glass and offers more resilience.

Moreover, the heat resistant acrylic sheets are shatterproof, unlike glass material.

Other benefits include better insulation and lower price of the acrylic.

What Are The Unique Features Of Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheets?

· Heat resistant

These sheets specialize in providing resistance to heat from the sun or other sources.

They reflect the heat energy and prevent them from entering the surface.

With this feature, the acrylic sheets help to reduce the energy loss arising from the change in temperature inside the given space.

· Durable

The heat resistance acrylic sheets are very durable and can last for decades.

Moreover, using these sheets for laminating other material like wood can prolong the material’s lifespan.

· Impact strength

These sheets have the strength of plastic and the look of a glass material.

Acrylic sheets are shatterproof, making them highly durable.

Even if they break, they will break into large pieces instead of large numbers of tiny pieces that can be dangerous.

These are also weatherproof and can withstand rain, hail, snow, or extreme temperatures.

· UV resistant

The heat resistant acrylic sheets are also suitable for resistance from UV rays.

The sheets will not turn yellow easily which improves clarity and light transmission.

· Clarity

The sheets have high optical clarity and transparency.

The material allows up to 92% of light transmission, which is more than glass or polycarbonate.

Though clarity may differ along with the thickness and type of sheet, it is useful for lighting applications.

What Is The Key Benefit Of Using A Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet?

The heat resistant acrylic sheets can save energy consumption by up to 40%.

These sheets prevent the heat build-up in a particular area while allowing adequate light to pass through.

While using it in a residential building, these reduce the load on air conditioners hence saving costs.

Moreover, these sheets are naturally UV stable and weather resistant.

What Are The Types Of Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheets?

· Clear Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet

This type of sheet provides a high level of optical clarity which is almost similar to that of glass.

The clear heat resistant acrylic sheets have a flat surface with rectangular edges.

You will find that the sheets are naturally transparent and impact resistant.

Due to its nature, it is the most widely used form of acrylic sheet.

The clear heat resistant sheets are most useful for outdoor applications, requiring adequate transmission of light while controlling the heat.

 Clear heat resistant acrylic sheet

Clear Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet

· Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheets For Roofing

You can find heat resistant acrylic sheets specifically for the roofing industry.

These sheets are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Heat resistant corrugated and multiwall acrylic sheets are the most common types of roofing sheets.

These sheets are transparent or translucent to allow adequate light to pass through them.

Moreover, these have high durability and strength.

The material is ideal for roofing due to its weather resistance abilities.

It can withstand hail, snow, or rain.

It also provides protection from extreme sunlight or impact arising from weather conditions.

Heat resistant acrylic sheet for roofing

Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheets for Roofing

· White Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheets

These sheets have a white coating over the acrylic.

This type of heat resistant acrylic sheet is used to control the amount of light passing through the material.

You will find a white heat resistant acrylic sheet quite useful in lighting applications, LED light covers and greenhouse glazing.

The heat resistance makes it more suitable for all these applications.

 White heat resistant acrylic sheet

White Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet

· Colored Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheets

While these sheets have a high utility, these are also great for creative purposes.

The colored heat resistant acrylic sheets are useful for adding an aesthetic look while providing high impact strength.

The colorful sheets have a glossy finish and are more attractive than glass material.

You can find several colors of your choice, including but not limited to red, green, blue, purple, and so on.

 Custom colored acrylic sheet

 Custom Colored Acrylic Sheet

· Mirrored Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet

Mirrored heat resistant acrylic sheets have a high-quality mirror laminate on them to provide a stunning finish.

This reflective surface is as good as a glass mirror, only with added strength and much lesser weight.

The shatterproof nature of these sheets makes them a great alternative to other mirrors.

Moreover, you will find these sheets useful for sign making and architectural applications.

 Mirror Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet

Mirrored heat resistant acrylic sheet

· Laser Dotted Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheets

These are special optical grade acrylic sheets that feature ultra-slim laser dotting.

These sheets have high mechanical strength and rigidity and promote energy saving.

With a service life of 5-6 years, the sheets are quite useful in all kinds of lighting applications.

For instance, the laser dotted technology is used for a slim lightbox, exhibition cabinets, luminous lights, city lighting and decorative lighting.

You will find these sheets available in various sizes, while the most common thickness parameter for it is 5mm.

- Laser Dotted Acrylic Sheet

 Laser dotted acrylic sheet

· Custom Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet

The heat resistant acrylic sheets can also be custom made as per the user’s requirements.

You can specify your needs pertaining to the size, thickness, color and ore to the manufacturer.

The product will thereafter be custom designed based on your drawings.

The cut-to-size sheets are quite useful for any customer needing specific requirements regarding their product.

What Sizes Are The Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet Available In?

The heat resistant acrylic sheets are available in a wide range of thicknesses and sizes.

The choice of thickness depends on the end application of the product.

Some applications require thin and crisp finishing to the material, while others require thickness to ensure strength.

The starting range of thickness for the sheets is from 2mm onwards.

The sheets below this thickness are easily breakable and might not endure for long.

Other thickness levels are 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm.

You will find that the thinner sheets of up to 10mm are widely used for indoor applications or residential glazing.

The sheets with higher thicknesses are mostly used for commercial projects, furniture, signages, etc.

The dimensions of the sheets can be customized as per your individual needs.

 Thick Acrylic Sheets

 Thick Acrylic Sheets

Where Can You Use Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheets?

· Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheets For Kitchen Cabinet

The heat resistant sheets are the perfect addition to your kitchen cabinets.

It is a replacement for glass to provide a premium look for the cabinets.

These sheets are used for laminating the kitchen wooding to increase their lifespan and prevent any damages.

The sheets prevent heat, moisture or spillage from reaching the cabinets.

It also makes it easy for you to wipe and maintain your kitchen cabinets.

 Acrylic Sheets on Kitchen Cabinets

Acrylic Sheets on Kitchen Cabinets

· Other residential applications

Due to its qualities, the heat resistant acrylic sheets can be used for other indoor applications as well including interior decoration and backsplashes in the kitchen.

Some of the common uses of the sheets in an indoor environment are:

  • Room dividers
  • Windows
  • Door panels/ sliding doors

Heat resistant Acrylic Sheets for windows

Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheets for Windows

·  Outdoor applications

A very important use of heat resistant acrylic sheets is for architectural applications.

These sheets prevent heat from entering the space and maintain the temperature.

This helps to minimize energy loss in the area.

Most often, these sheets are in use as a glazing or glass replacement in outdoors.

Some common uses for heat resistant acrylic sheets are:

  • Greenhouse
  • Skywalks and skylight
  • Windows
  • Patio Cover

· Commercial applications

You can also use the heat resistant acrylic sheets in stores and showrooms for certain purposes.

These are a durable alternative to glass.

You can use these in the following:

  • Signage
  • Gyms
  • Retail shopfitting
  • Feature walls
  • Display cases

-Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet for Commercial Buildings

Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet for Commercial Buildings

What Are The Certifications For The Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheets?

Various international organizations provide standards and certifications for the heat resistant acrylic sheets.

These sheets have met the standards of ROHS, REACH, UL, and many others.

It is also certified by ISO 9001 for the manufacturing process.

What Is The Lifespan Of The Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheets?

The acrylic sheets last for several years without incurring any severe damages.

The actual life will depend on the type of sheet, thickness, and quality.

However, on average, the sheets last up to a decade without yellowing or damaging.

Under normal circumstances, the higher quality acrylic sheets can last up to 30 years too.

What Precautions Should You Take While Dealing With The Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet?

There are certain things you need to keep in mind while using heat resistant acrylic sheets.

The sheets are susceptible to cracking, crazing, or to discoloration while bringing into contact with incompatible materials.

Avoid using saw blades with side-set teeth.

As acrylic is a combustible material, do not bring it in direct contact with flames.

Do not use the sheets in the kitchen oven.

Avoid using substances like gasoline, acetone, and benzene to clean the sheets.

Along with these precautions, follow the manufacturers’ guidelines for safety and maintenance to avoid damage to the material.

How Can You Use The Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheets For Glazing?

As acrylic is much lighter and break-resistant than glass, it is safe and easy to use while glazing.

However, there are certain factors to consider while glazing the acrylic sheets.

Use power drills with lower pressure while drilling the material.

While drilling, back the sheets with a sturdy material like scrap acrylic or hardwood to avoid cracking.

As acrylic can expand and contract with varying temperatures, allow space between the sheets and the frame.

Drill holes with larger diameters than the size of screws to allow expansion or contraction.

Use a removable stopper at the edges that have proper butyl tape.

Use round-head screws instead of the flat heat counter screws.

 Acrylic Sheets for glazing

Acrylic Sheets for glazing

How Can You Cut The Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet?

Fur cutting sheets up to 4.5 mm, you can use a similar technique as that employed while cutting window glass.

You can use a metal scriber or a craft knife for the purpose.

For cutting sheets with higher thickness, use power saws instead.


 Cutting of Acrylic Sheets

Table saws, circular hand saw, saber saw, hand saws or jigsaws are used for cutting the acrylic sheets.

While cutting any type of acrylic sheets, clamp them to a sturdy surface to reduce vibrations.

Moreover, make sure to use sharp blades for all kinds of saws.

You can watch this video to find out how to cut your heat resistant acrylic sheet.


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