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Weprofab is a known professional manufacturer of helmet pads in China for over 20 years. We highly offer a wide range of best quality helmet pads to meet your specified requirements.

You can get helmet pads in a wide range of sizes, colors, and designs depending on your specifications. As your one-stop solution provider, we can guarantee to supply cost-effective and durable helmet pads.

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Get WeProFab Helmet Pads to Delight Your Customers

For over 20 years, Weprofab is fully dedicated to supplying customers with a broad range of helmet pad designs. With our help, you will be satisfied and can grow your business quickly.

Universal Helmet Pads

Weprofab provides universal helmet pads with tested quality. It is very soft, easy to wash, and clean for next use. If you request custom designs, we are glad to work with you.

Helmet Replacement Pads

Our helmet replacement pads feature easy to install and clean. You can use only mild soap and water to clean helmet replacement pads. All sizes are available.

Helmet Pads for Kids

Weprofab helmet pads for kids are easy to remove and install. By using the exact pad shapes and sizes, a safer and comfortable fit is possible to achieve.

Helmet Interior Comfort Pads

Our wide range of helmet interior comfort pads is used to reduce the strong force during the impact. It is impact protected and offered at competitive rates.

Cycling Helmet Pads

Aside from giving comfort, our cycling helmet pads also provide user`s fresh air and safety. It has an unbeatable quality that meets your higher standards.

Custom-made Helmet Pads

We manufactured custom-made helmet pads exactly based on your ideal design. This padding solution cannot be affected by moisture, altitude, and any temperature conditions.

WeProFab: Your Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Durable Helmet Pads

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer of durable helmet pads? Now you got your problem solved! Weprofab is your dependable supplier as well as manufacturer of quality helmet pads, available in different sizes and shapes.

All our helmet pad designs are manufactured with great features to meet your high demands. For over 20 years of expertise, we have gained a wide understanding of our customers` needs. Our company is engaged to deliver the best customer care to everyone.

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Custom Helmet Pads to Skyrocket Your Brand

Fully Removable Helmet Pads

Weprofab fully removable helmet pads have the quality you been looking for. It has resistance to moisture, altitude, or temperature. Its robustness also is on the highest level.

Helmet Pad Set for Switchblade

We designed a helmet pad set for switchblade purposes. It is easy to install and reposition. Plus, it provides extra comfort to the users.

Washable Helmet Pads

These washable helmet pads are not a hassle to clean and wash. It comes in different sizes and colors. It can be custom-made also based on you specific ideas.

Breathable Helmet Pads

Our range of breathable helmet pads reduces the force of impact in an accident. It is placed inside the helmet, providing comfort and safety at the same time.

Helmet Pads for Cycling Helmet

Aside from cycling application, Weprofab helmet pads are also good for snowboarding helmets, motorcycle helmets, skateboard helmets, and more. Available with custom designs at a lower cost.

Helmet Pads for Military

For helmets used in the military, using helmet pads will help to user protected from different circumstances. It is very lightweight and provides the comfort every helmet user asks for.

High Density Helmet Pads

Our high density helmet pads come with unique features, colors, and sizes. It is available in color green, black, grey, white, and so on.

Silicone Helmet Pads

Weprofab Silicone helmet pads are available in various figures and sizes. It is perfect for motorcycle and bike helmets. It is expected to deform in a crash but has good quality to offer.

Waterproof Helmet Pads

Weprofab designed waterproof helmet pads with numerous features and benefits to perform. It can provide both security and comfortability to its wearers.

4 Sizes Helmet Pads

4 sizes helmet pads are designed to fit snugger on a person’s head. Manufactured with a high-quality material foam that is washable and breathable. Features sturdy and durable ABS material that is widely used in skating activities.

Adjustable Helmet Pads

Adjustable helmet pads are suitable for biking, skateboarding, scooters, and so on. Protect the head effectively without breaking when hit. Includes foam lining for energy and shock absorption.

Airsoft Helmet Pads

Airsoft helmet pads arrive with ventilation holes making them breathable and comfortable. Made of polyester fabric to provide maximum comfort and durability. Offer custom flexibility to different sizes of knee, elbow, and wrist.

Anti-Sweat Helmet Pads

Anti-sweat helmet pads absorb shock and fit comfortably against your skin. Includes mesh fabric that is more breathable and comfortable. Applicable for airsoft helmets, ski helmets, and motorcycle helmets.

Cooling Helmet Pads

Cooling helmet pads are made of high-quality and non-toxic foam padding material. Features a soft and durable structure that provides maximum comfort and stability. Guarantees easy installation.

Helmet Racing Pads

Helmet racing pads are easily washable and durable. Guarantees quick drying, provides maximum comfort and stability. Three different sizes of helmet pads are available for a different position.

Kids Helmet Pads

Kids helmet pads feature a curved design, comfortable fit, and are more stable. Provides a disposable moisture-wicking performance liner that sticks inside any helmet. Engineered to instantly absorb sweat.

Men Bicycle Helmet Pads

Men bicycle helmet pads are made with hypoallergenic materials that are thin, soft, and lightweight. Offered in a variety of thicknesses and configurations. Features a customized and perfect fit.

Motorcycle Helmet Pads

Motorcycle helmet pads range from thin, standard, and thick options. Lined with soft knit for added comfort. Specially designed to relieve pressure and inspired in its shape by the legendary grabbing ability.

Universal Helmet Pads

Universal helmet pads can be used as a personalized and comfortable upgrade to any helmet. The only universal pad-replacement kit for bicycle helmets. Easy to customize, utilize, and machine washable.

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WeProFab Helmet Pads

Have been everywhere looking for a reliable helmet pads manufacturer? And realized, it`s too pressuring and difficult? No worries! Because finally, you came to the right place!

Weprofab is a 20-years experienced manufacturer in the industry of helmet pads. Our services and product quality have been tested by most of our customers nationwide. We offer long-term partnerships and willing to help your business grow fast.

Helmet Pads Supplier

One of the products we offer is helmet pads. Weprofab helmet pads formed as spongy foam pads inside a helmet. These could be available in various sizes and shapes, depending on the helmet design. Weprofab also provides special services by providing customization, which means we can manufacture products based on your exact requirements. You just have to send us your technical specifications.

Our complete selections of helmet pads are easy to clean and install. With only water and mild soap, you can able to wash the helmet pads for the next use. Plus, it is removable from the helmet for easy washing.

Using exact sizes and shapes of helmet pads will make the helmet more stable, safer, and comfortable to use. These helmet pads use to reduce the force during the moment of strong impact.

Helmet Pads Supplier

Aside from providing wearer`s safety, pads on the helmet also help to get fresh air. It is impact-resistant and obtainable at reasonable prices but still reaches your high standards. They cannot be affected by altitude, moisture, or even by temperature. Easy to reposition and install. It is super comfortable and also has the robustness to the highest level.

Well, those are just some of the features and benefits that our helmet pads offered. In fact, there are more you still need to know! Weprofab helmet pads are carefully manufactured by our professional engineers.

These helmet pads in various designs create both comfortable fit and security for their wearers. We can guarantee that helmet pads are what your business is lacking to have. So, choose the best variant of helmet pads in Weprofab. We are sure to supply good-quality helmet pads for you!

For bikes and motorcycles helmet, Weprofab helmet pads are best suitable. These are designed with the potential to deform in an accident. This padding makes the helmet fit better for each user.

So, for businesses that relate to motorcycle helmets, you can add our unique helmet pads. These are sure to boom your running business!

Helmet Pads Supplier

Weprofab is one you must consider to be your partner. Since we only provide quality sets of helmet pads, your business will grow quickly as expected. There are more than thousands of customers who have given us their trust, and they were never disappointed. To also experience our services and full support, reach out! We are glad to help you.

Whatever business you are in, whether you`re a distributor or retailer, Weprofab will provide you full support. Our company`s life is to provide customers` satisfaction that they deserve. That is why we assure you all products you order from us will fit your requirements.

Working as your partner in business will be our great privilege. All solutions you need in terms of helmet pads are all here.

Anytime you need help, give Weprofab team a call or email!

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