Hexagonal Acrylic Rod

Hexagonal Acrylic Rod

Hexagonal Acrylic Rod Manufacturer in China

Hexagonal acrylic rods often have a hexagonal cross-section.This means that when you look at the end of the rod, it appears to have six sides, similar to a hexagon. Acrylic is known for its transparency, durability, and versatility. The hexagonal acrylic rod can be used for various applications, such as crafts, displays, signage, lighting fixtures, and architectural models. Due to the hexagonal shape, these rods have a unique aesthetic appeal. Therefore they are well known for high structural integrity in some applications.

Our hexagonal acrylic rods are easy to polish, paint, saw, drill, and sandblast, allowing for a wide range of customization options to meet a variety of needs and preferences. They also have high impact strength while being lightweight. In addition, we also supply customization services including different sizes, lengths, surface finishes and colors.

Below is our detailed technical specifications

Temperature Range-40° to 180° F
Tensile Strength9,195-11,030 psi (Good)
Impact Strength0.040 ft.-lbs./in. (Poor)
HardnessRockwell M89-M96 (Hard)
Colortransparent/clear, red, black, orange, frosted, white, yellow, purple, blue, fluorescent or any customized color

The Distinctive Features of Hexagonal Acrylic Rods

Hexagonal acrylic rods are transparent, durable, and lightweight rods. They offer excellent optical clarity, strength, weather resistance, and versatility for various applications such as lighting fixtures, displays, and architectural models. The surfaces of these rods can be polished. What’s more, our hexagonal acrylic rods also have outstanding heat resistance, great rigidity and large processing plasticity to work with your important projects. Their cost-effectiveness and aesthetic appeal make them popular choices for projects requiring transparency and design flexibility.

The Distinctive Features of Hexagonal Acrylic Rods
Wide Applications of Hexagonal Acrylic Rods

Wide Applications of Hexagonal Acrylic Rods

Hexagonal acrylic rods find extensive application across various industries and creative projects due to their versatility and clarity. From providing even light diffusion in lighting fixtures to serving as clear and attention-grabbing displays in retail and signage, these rods offer practical solutions. They are also used for precision representation in architectural models, crafting and DIY projects, structural support in aquariums and terrariums, and as components in medical equipment and laboratory setups. Additionally, their aesthetic appeal makes them popular for decorative elements in interior design and art installations. Due to their flexibility, durability and transparency, hexagonal acrylic rods can not only be used in education, but also robotics or greenhouse construction.

How to Maintain Hexagonal Acrylic Rods

How to Maintain Hexagonal Acrylic Rods
How to Maintain Hexagonal Acrylic Rods

To maintain hexagonal acrylic rods:

  1. Clean with mild soap and water using a soft cloth.
  2. Avoid harsh chemicals and high temperatures.
  3. Handle with care to prevent scratches.
  4. Inspect regularly for damage and address promptly.
  5. Protect from UV radiation and store in a cool, dry place.

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