• Homecare Oxygen Concentrator
  • Homecare Oxygen Concentrator

Homecare Oxygen Concentrator

Weprofab is one of the outstanding reliable homecare oxygen concentrator manufacturers in China. As the most trusted manufacturer, we are able to give the best services for your ideal homecare oxygen concentrator solution. Our range of homecare oxygen concentrators is highly rated in the international market.

We can be your reliable homecare oxygen concentrator manufacturer and perfect partner in the business.

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Choose WeProFab as Your Homecare Oxygen Concentrator Manufacturer to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is an executive homecare oxygen concentrator manufacturer for almost a decade. We offer a one-stop solution for your specific design to reach your expectations.

Adjustable Homecare Oxygen Concentrator

WeProFab creates an adjustable homecare oxygen concentrator that regulates and purifies the air to 90-95% oxygen. For this product, Weprofab offers an after-sale service which is free spare parts.

CE & ISO Certified Homecare Oxygen Concentrator

WeProFab is a professional homecare oxygen concentrator that is ISO and CE certified. It totally purifies the air and makes it 90-95% oxygen. The concentrator uses a compressor and then gives out purified oxygen through hoses inside the nostrils.

Factory Wholesale Homecare Oxygen Concentrator

All our homecare oxygen concentrators are CE and ISO13485 certified. You can purchase wholesale with our products at Weprofab! Our homecare oxygen concentrator has a cleaning filter alert, accurate big-screen touch, and immediate monitoring.

High Flow Homecare Oxygen Concentrator

At Weprofab, we can offer you a wide range of high-flow homecare oxygen concentrators. We also offer customization of high flow homecare oxygen concentrator to fit your requirements.

High Performance Homecare Oxygen Concentrator

If you require a high performance homecare oxygen concentrator for your application or business, Weprofab is the right provider for you. This item comes in different sizes, features, and designs depending on your requests.

High Purity Homecare Oxygen Concentrator

Weprofab manufactures high purity homecare oxygen concentrator which provided with free spare parts as our after-sale services offer. This functions well in purifying oxygen and passed it into the patient`s nostrils.

WeProFab: Your Leading Homecare Oxygen Concentrator Manufacturer

Weprofab highly offers a broad range of homecare oxygen concentrators for different clients in the world. We manufacture our machine products through our modern and advanced technology. So here at Weprofab, you can really guarantee long-lasting and durable homecare oxygen concentrators.

Afar from that, we also have a professional and strict quality control team to make certain checking of every homecare oxygen concentrator`s quality. Weprofab has been trusted by many in manufacturing homecare oxygen concentrators.

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Trusted Customized Homecare Oxygen Concentrator to Boom Your Business

1-5L Homecare Oxygen Concentrator

Homecare oxygen concentrator by Weprofab flow from 1-5L. This product is available in 38*32.5*59 cm sizes. It also offers multiple functions and features like low maintenance.

Electric Homecare Oxygen Concentrator

Weprofab Electric homecare oxygen concentrator is manufactured especially for medical and in-house use. It features 48dB noise and 30-70 kPa output pressure.

Medical Grade Homecare Oxygen Concentrator

Weprofab is your perfect medical grade homecare oxygen concentrator one-stop provider. It comes with customized designs, sizes, and colors.

Mobile Homecare Oxygen Concentrator

Mobile homecare oxygen concentrator made by Weprofab is CE and ISO certified machines. It may available in 38*32.5*59 cm sizes and customized designs to fit your needs.

Portable Homecare Oxygen Concentrator

Our portable homecare oxygen concentrator is featured with an amazing LED display button. We distribute always the good conditioned concentrators for your business.

Remote Control Homecare Oxygen Concentrator

Weprofab remote control homecare oxygen concentrator is medical standard oxygen equipment that purifies 90% of oxygen. While the machine noise is lesser than 45Db, so it won’t disturb you in sleep.

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Why Choose WeProFab as Your Homecare Oxygen Concentrator Manufacturer

Oxygen Concentrator - Entrusted Medical Devices | Entrusted Medical Devices

For many years, Weprofab has been trusted by more than thousands of customers as their homecare oxygen concentrator manufacturer in China. Due to our strong commitment to supplying high-quality services and products, we gain a reputation as a manufacturer of homecare oxygen concentrators from China.

With our many years in the industry, Weprofab became more expert in the whole production of homecare oxygen concentrators. We offer different options for homecare oxygen concentrators including Adjustable Homecare Oxygen Concentrator, Electric Homecare Oxygen Concentrator, Medical Grade Homecare Oxygen Concentrator, Portable Homecare Oxygen Concentrator, Remote Control Homecare Oxygen Concentrator, and more.

Our homecare oxygen concentrator is obtainable for 2 people use. This model is a medical standard machine that is capable of purifies 90% of oxygen from the air and flows 1L to 5L.

However, the homecare oxygen concentrator has a running noise that is less than 45Db, so it won`t intrude on the user`s normal sleep and life. And even after you go to bed, you don’t have to turn off the machine and get up. So, it is best convenient to use for the elderly.

Longfian Oxygen Concentrator 5L at Rs 25000/piece | Portable Oxygen Concentrator | ID: 22794666912

The advantages of Weprofab homecare oxygen concentrator are:

  • High concentration,
  • Fast oxygen production,
  • Good adsorption,
  • High stability,
  • Long service life,
  • Preventing disease, and
  • Higher tightness

These homecare oxygen concentrators manufactured by Weprofab can serve with a life of more than 5 years. It is efficient and quiet to use at the same time. If you require the best homecare oxygen concentrator, Weprofab is the best manufacturer for you.

3L Homecare Oxygen Concentrator

Afar from that, our homecare oxygen concentrator is primarily applied for generating health care use oxygen. This could prevent disease and improve the absorption of the medicine taken. Most elderly and patients with cardiopulmonary diseases are the people who need these. Weprofab is the leading manufacturer that you can also trust.

We, Weprofab would like to be the ones who provide you with unique products and machines that are competitive and practical. We are always trying our best to support everyone. Please allow us to help you. Contact now!

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