IR Transmittance Glass

Product Name: IR Transmittance Glass

Key Functions: IR blocking rate on 850nm should below 0.5%, Anti-scratch, anti-rain, anti-dusty

Used Capabilities: Anti-reflective coating + anti-scratch coating

Quantity and Other Expectations from Customer: 2,000pcs for each model per year. Expect will packed. We pack them one by one with protect.

Client Detail Requirements:

IR blocking rate on 850nm should below 0.5%, because his camera is IR sense.

Anti-scratch, he needs to clean the glass frequently.

The lens should be used in mining, so anti-rain, anti-dusty is required.




WeProFab Solution


Material Choose: Tempered Glass

Thickness:  2.0mm for the glass

Color, Surface Treatment: Clear, anti-scratch/AR/anti-scratch coating.


WeProFab Capabilities on 1.5mm to 2mm silk screen glass with anti-fog film laminating on

WeProFab IR Transmittance Glass with anti-scratch/AR/anti-scratch coating. WeProFab can customize IR Transmittance Glass according to your band requirements. We also can customize the different colors and sizes according to your requirements and manufacture the suitable product according to your drawing or actual sample. We also support small batch customization. Please send us the drawing or sample, we will support you to start your business.

We choose tempered glass as the base material which has a better hardness and flexible thickness choice. Meanwhile we also can arrange surface coating according to your band requirements, and we have strictly inspection process to make sure the products can meet the demands which we agreed from the beginning.


Manufacturing Processes:

Glass profiling, Optical coating, Spectral testing.

Manufacturing Equipment:

CNC glass cutting machine, vacuum evaporator, Spectral testing instrument.

Other Products We Can Offer Based on These Capabilities:

For different bands, Optimize materials for the environment.

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