• Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab is a leading producer of amazing iridescent acrylic sheets worldwide. We have made plenty of different colors which is very attractive and useful for business purposes. WeProFab can custom your ideal iridescent acrylic sheets. Send your drawing!

Get WeProFab Iridescent Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is now 20 years in the manufacturing industry which always provides a one-stop solution. We are a professional manufacturer in China which is offering the best quality and outstanding supplies of iridescent acrylic sheets worldwide.

Cell Cast Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

We can furnish any cell cast iridescent acrylic sheets worldwide. WeProFab is furnishing lower rates of iridescent acrylic sheets which help you save your purchasing budget.

Custom Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

Our main purpose in production is to fulfill the client’s demands. Your drawings will be the following details. We can custom through our expert and qualified engineers.

Cut-to-size Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

All the customer’s demands are provided at WeProFab through the guidance of skilled staff. They are assigned to different services which are very well trained.

Glossy Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

You can choose a glossy iridescent acrylic sheet if you need to sustain your business demands. It is affordable at any type which help you boost your handled projects.

Iridescent Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is the greatest producer in China to be trusted. We are a reliable supplier and manufacturer from China. We can hold up the whole process of operation.

Laser Cut Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab can laser cut your iridescent acrylic sheet orders. We have complete facilities so we can comfortably make your ideal laser cut iridescent acrylic sheets.

WeProFab: Your Leading Iridescent Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

We create any equipment of iridescent acrylic sheets. A top graded raw material is used in the fabrication processes to make sure we can supply high class and durable products such as iridescent acrylic sheets.

Whether you need it urgently, WeProFab can satisfy your needs. We can only focus on your orders to make it more safe and secure to avoid returns and damages.

We are certificated with ISO 9001 which made us popular and qualified. If you deal with us, we have plenty of staff who can guide you all the way done. Get your ideal iridescent acrylic sheet at WeProFab.

Custom Iridescent Acrylic Sheet to Boost Your Business

3mm Reflections Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

A lot of stock of 3mm iridescent acrylic sheets and many other sizes are available at WeProFab. Just send your ideal volume of orders.

Multi-color Reflections Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

We amazingly fabricated a multi-color iridescent acrylic sheets through our very own high tech machines. Outstanding quality yet reasonable amount.

Radiant Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab radiant iridescent acrylic sheets are available in any sizes. You can demand what will be the sizes you need.

Reflections Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab created reflection iridescent acrylic sheet will be customized according to your demands. It is available in different reflections.

Semi Transparent Reflections Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab can sustain your business needs such as semi-transparent iridescent acrylic sheets. You can send your customization.

Plastic Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

The plastic iridescent acrylic sheets have glossy and high surface hardness. They have purple surface color in the light absence. These sheets give gradual effects according to the environment’s light intensity. Iridescent acrylic sheets are easy to shape as customers order.

Iridescent Dichroic Acrylic Sheet

Iridescent dichroic acrylic sheets are environmentally friendly materials with customizable thicknesses, sizes, and colors. They have extensive selections that indeed suit your applications. These sheets offer unique, perpetual, and colorful effects.

Iridescent Rainbow Cast Acrylic Sheet

The iridescent rainbow cast acrylic sheets have about 92% light transmission. These sheets feature excellent weather resistance and durability. They are suitable for various processes, like silk screen printing, laser engraving, CNC, and thermoforming.

Energy-Saving Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

Energy-saving iridescent acrylic sheets are perfect for lighting words, decorations, schools projects, sneeze guards, buildings, and more. They have high-impact strength, good sound insulation, and are safe to use. You can save energy using such extraordinary lighting sheets.

Double-Sided Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

The double-sided iridescent acrylic sheets are suitable for decorations, storage boxes, laser cutting parts, and custom shapes. For business, logos are also printable. They are available in multiple thicknesses options to fit your applications.

Holographic Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

Holographic iridescent acrylic sheets have extensive utilization, including for advertisement sheets, decorations, engraving, lamp-chimney, stationary racks, kitchens, and more. These sheets are easy to shape and customize, depending on customers’ demands.

Iridescent Acrylic Radiant Sheet

The decorative iridescent acrylic radiant sheets are perfect for forming trays, laser cut parts, decors, and jewelry. They are available in numerous shapes, like square, rectangle, hexagon, circle, or customized. These sheets change their surface colors according to the light rate and angles.

Multi-Purpose Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

Multi-purpose iridescent acrylic sheets have personalized styles. These sheets are applicable for homes, workshops, supermarkets, jewelry stores, and more. They are non-toxic, lightweight, have excellent overall performance materials with high hardness and glossy surfaces. 

Iridescent Fluorescent Acrylic Sheet

The iridescent fluorescent acrylic sheets are for displays, signages, lightings, and more. Their patterns, colors, sizes, and thicknesses are customizable. They have anti-scratch, high impact resistance, fireproof, and lasting characteristics.

Glittered Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

Glittered iridescent acrylic sheets are used for handbags, furniture, lighting, crafts, and decorations. These sheets have various designs, colors, and shape selections. Their glittered designs make them more beautiful and unique for suitable applications.

Frosted Board Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

The frosted board iridescent acrylic sheets are made from imported, harmless, and non-toxic materials. They are easy to clean and have no accessible yellowing capacity. These sheets are unbreakable but easy to shape and process, like cutting, engraving, and more.

Panel Plate Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

Panel plate iridescent acrylic sheets have a unique film with excellent mirror-like coatings. The surface color changes at every viewing angle. They have excellent transparency that allows seeing things on the other side. These sheets give attractive designs for suitable applications.

Extruded Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

The extruded iridescent acrylic sheets are perfect for wedding decorations and advertising display applications. These sheets have high gloss and high reflection surfaces. Their sizes, colors, thicknesses are according to customers’ requests. Also, they feature water resistance and impacts.

Engraved Color Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

Engraved color iridescent acrylic sheets have high surface hardness and environmentally-friendly features. These sheets are also designed with excellent scratch resistance, smooth, anti-static, and fireproof properties. They are available in various desirable designs that suit every application.

Crystal Color Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

The crystal color iridescent acrylic sheets are suitable for architecture, displays, furniture, lighting, vehicles, and more usages. They are also available in different colors, such as opal, yellow, red, black, white, and more. These sheets are available in all thicknesses measurements you need.

5mm Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

The 5mm iridescent acrylic sheets are easy to install, durable, and high-quality design materials. These sheets indeed satisfy your finished display and decoration projects. They are also eco-friendly materials ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Recycled Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

Recycled iridescent acrylic sheets are perfect for transport, lighting, public goods, constructions, and more applications. They are an excellent and affordable substitute for glass. Hence, these iridescent acrylic sheets are lightweight, more substantial, and advantageous.

New Style Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

A new style of iridescent acrylic sheets is available in multiple colors, including red, green, transparent, blue, etc. These non-toxic sheets are easy to mold and process. They are also durable, have a high gloss surface, and lasting quality.

Double Glossy Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

Double glossy iridescent acrylic sheets give eye-catching motions and produce dazzling changes in colors. These sheets enhance and form their lighting effects. Their double-polished surface provides unique hues for your displays or stores.

Rock Grain Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

The rock-grain iridescent acrylic sheets are the best for display cases, engraved signages, home decors, protectors, and more. These iridescent sheets have high flexibility, making them easy to form, cut, and shape. They are non-toxic and have high portable protection features.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic File Box

Finding a supplier and manufacturer for your iridescent acrylic sheets is not easy. You have to be watchful and look for their capability first. WeProFab is the best for your choice.

In purchasing iridescent acrylic sheets, WeProFab is responsible to hold the whole of your operation. You will be guided by our skilled and friendly staff to make sure the safety at all times.

Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

We created iridescent acrylic sheets types such as multi-color, reflections, radiant, and make different sizes. Through this, we can able to sustain your project demands.

WeProFab has followed the design detail according to the sent designs.

Iridescent acrylic sheets have an amazing color which is commonly used for signage. If the light hits, the amazing color changes into a unique and elegant look.

This type of sheet is perfect for indoor applications.

WeProFab iridescent acrylic sheets create different reflections which are perfect for any application.

Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

If your business needs this urgently, WeProFab can manage a fast yet secured process to make it on-time. We have our very watchful and skilled team who can make it possible.

If you are purchasing an iridescent acrylic sheet, we assure you that we always offer a competitive cost so we can help you save your budget.

There are different types of iridescent acrylic sheets for you to choose from. Each of these has own advantages.

We can suggest the best application for your project. We can suggest what type of sheet will be great for your final application.

Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab has the capability to give a piece of effective advice and suggestions. This is the reason why the customer always prefer us when purchasing products.

Always count on us in terms of purchasing from plastic fabrication including metal. We are capable to entertain and prioritize your orders through the help of our staff from different services.

Contact us now and send your inquiries for quick actions. We can make it done for you on-time!

What is an Iridescent Acrylic Sheet?

It is an acrylic sheet that has a transparent, glossy, and rainbow-like appearance.

The iridescent acrylic sheet has colorful colors. And their color changes when you also change your viewing angle.

Moreover, the iridescent acrylic sheet also changes, reflects, and shines its various beautiful colors when it is hit by the lights.

It will produce its own beautiful and colorful effects when hit by the lights.

What are the Features of Iridescent Acrylic Sheet?

The iridescent acrylic sheet offers a lot of incredible features such as:

  • UV-absorbent
  • Rainbow-like surface
  • Excellent light transmission
  • High impact resistance
  • Waterproof
  • High resistance to chemical
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth surface
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to cut
  • High-quality
  • Various color patterns
What are the Uses of an Iridescent Acrylic Sheet?

The iridescent acrylic sheet can be used in many different applications.

Because of their rainbow-like colors, the iridescent acrylic sheet is used as a colorful alternative to the regular acrylic sheet and glass.

Moreover, the iridescent acrylic sheet is used especially in projects that require eye-catching and creative designs. They are used to design:

  • Dynamic signage
  • Store fixtures
  • Eye-catching POP displays
  • Colorful trade show booths
  • Entry tables
  • Hobby display cases
  • Art protector
  • Tabletop protector
  • Home decorations
  • Shelving
  • Walling
  • Mount neon strips
  • GPU backplates
  • LED light projects such as light shades and light base
  • Christmas crafting projects

Iridescent Acrylic Sheet

What are the Different Colors that Changes in an Iridescent Acrylic Sheet?

The iridescent acrylic sheet shines a variety of beautiful colors when it is hit by the lights.

It also changes without using any light by changing your viewing angle.

The colors of the iridescent acrylic sheet change from:

  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Purple
What are the Colors or Types of an Iridescent Acrylic Sheet?

The iridescent acrylic sheet comes in a lot of iridescent colors such as:

  • Blue Iridescent Acrylic Sheet
  • Pink Iridescent Acrylic Sheet
  • Aurora Iridescent Acrylic Sheet
  • Corrugated Rainbow Iridescent Acrylic Sheet
  • Iridescent Grain Surface Acrylic Sheet
  • Radiant Iridescent Acrylic Sheet
Is the Iridescent Acrylic Sheet Easy to Fabricate?

Just like other acrylic sheets, the iridescent acrylic sheet is also easy to fabricate.

You can easily do these fabrication methods on the iridescent acrylic sheets:

  • Sawing
  • Bending
  • Drilling
  • Thermoforming
  • Milling
  • Polishing
  • CNC Routing
  • Laser Engraving
  • Bonding
  • Silk Screen Printing
What is the Rate of Light Transmission in an Iridescent Acrylic Sheet?

Because of their transparency, the iridescent acrylic sheet can transmit up to 92% of light or more.

What is the Proper Way of Cleaning an Iridescent Acrylic Sheet?

The proper way of cleaning an iridescent acrylic sheet is necessary to maintain its beautiful appearance and durability.

Below are the steps on how to clean an iridescent acrylic sheet.

  1. First, use a soft and clean microfiber cloth.
  2. Next, wet the soft microfiber cloth with lukewarm water and mild soap. Do not use these things as a cleaning solution:
  • Ammonia
  • Acetone
  • Carbon tetrachloride,
  • Gasoline
  1. After that, wipe the iridescent acrylic sheet gently using the wet soft microfiber cloth.

Do not rub the iridescent acrylic sheet to avoid scratching the coated surface and iridescent film.

Also, do not use abrasive materials such as scouring pads and sponges.

  1. After wiping the whole surface of the iridescent acrylic sheet, dry it using a dry, lint-free, and soft microfiber cloth.
Why does the Iridescent Acrylic Sheet Produces Mirror-like Reflections and Colorful Lighting Effects?

The iridescent acrylic sheet produces mirror-like reflections because they are coated with a mirror-reflective coating on its side.

Also, it produces colorful lighting effects because they are protected with a rainbow-colored iridescent film on its side.

Therefore, when the iridescent acrylic sheet is hit by ambient light, it will produce reflections.

But, it also creates colorful lighting effects even without the use of lights. It produces different colors at different viewing angles.

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