• Large Acrylic Tank

Large Acrylic Tank

WeProFab large acrylic tank is durable and lightweight. Suitable for different applications like large aquariums. Durable and longer life span than glass tanks with a great property of resistance and custom dimensions. Acrylic tanks are suitable for outdoor and indoor applications. They are featuring high impact resistance and great durability for a longer life span.

Get WeProFab Large Acrylic Tank to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab large acrylic tanks have complete selections from features, types, styles, and dimensions. They are designed framed and frame-less acrylic tanks available in different shapes such as square, round, and more. The large acrylic tanks are lightweight and easier to move whatever their dimensions. Malleable and impacts resistant with a quality clear, see-through use for various purposes.

UV Resistant Large Acrylic Tank

UV resistant large acrylic tanks, as the name implies, has high UV protection. Made with eco-friendly material and has an extreme weather resistant capability. Offers enhancement of the aesthetic looks of the aquarium.

Coated Large Acrylic Tank

Coated large acrylic tank has a high transparency and ideal for aquariums decorated in parks, hotels and restaurants. Features a glossy finish, simple to clean, color and also resistant in cracks. Made with hard coated acrylic.

Clear Lightweight Large Acrylic Tank

Clear lightweight large acrylic tanks are ideal for food and beverage industries. Comes with filters to remove carbon and sand that makes the water clear and safe. Features a durable and a safe material.

Transparent Large Acrylic Tank

Transparent large acrylic tanks are made by complex materials that are efficient enough especially in commercial necessities. Best suited for displaying small transparent acrylic aquarium.

Tall Acrylic Large Tank

Tall acrylic large tanks are suited in displaying your things in a fabulous way. Arrive with compression loads for extra sufficiency, simple to install and to configure. Available in tall heights and also powder coated.

Large Clear Acrylic Tank

Large clear acrylic tanks come with a tempered glass base for extra efficiency. Offers an excellent acrylic clarity and makes the appearance more natural. Commonly applicable in big aquariums.

Large Acrylic Cylindrical Tank

Large acrylic cylindrical tanks are ideal for interior aquariums as it enhances the aesthetic appearance of the surroundings. Permits 360-degree view inside the aquarium, have a high clarity and scratch resistance.

Custom Large Acrylic Tank

Custom large acrylic tanks has various custom models, styles, capacities, sizes and shapes according to your needs. They are equipped with LED lights and has admirable weather and chemical resistant properties.

Custom Dimension Large Acrylic Tank

Custom dimension large acrylic tanks come in a wide range of styles. It has an exceptional strength and optical clarity. The thickness depends on your aquarium sizes and lengths which can be customized based on your needs.

WeProFab: Your Leading Large Acrylic Tank Manufacturer

Weprofab large acrylic tanks are quite durable and high-impact resistant. High-quality made from high-tech and advanced CNC machines and equipment. High-quality made of heavy-duty acrylic suitable for several processes like laser cutting, moulding, polishing, and more.

Weprofab made with different dimensions shaped in round, rectangular, cylindrical, and more. We can offer customized large acrylic tanks at competitive prices. Send your inquiries!

Custom Large Acrylic Tank to Boost Your Business

Ultra-clear Customized Shape Large Acrylic Tank

Ultra-clear customized shape large acrylic tanks are ideal for commercial applications. Made with eco-friendly and transparent materials that enhances stunning aesthetic looks. Also available to be customized.

Transparent Custom Coating Large Acrylic Tank

Transparent custom coating large acrylic tanks have a good weather and acid resistant. They have high plasticity and they are simple to process and shape. They have also good transmission of lights

Tall Large Cube Acrylic Tank

Tall large cube acrylic tanks are an excellent choice for museums, offices and waiting areas. Comes in a variety of styles and configurations. Have the ability to retain its color even when exposed to sunlight.

Shatter Resistant Large Acrylic Tank

Shatter resistant large acrylic tanks have a clear transparency and hard-wearing properties. Surely a great material for aquarium manufacturing. Guarantees a scratch free material and can resist extreme damages.

Rimless Large Acrylic Tank

Rimless large acrylic tanks have a high optical quality. Accessible with a foam levelling mat and the corners are seamlessly bonded. Made with rimless, non-toxic, stable and weather resistant acrylic.

Mount Rectangular Large Acrylic Tank

Wall mount rectangular large acrylic tanks are easy to clean and maintain. Wall mounted and rectangular in shape. Ensures a long lifespan and excellent insulation features.

Impact Resistant Large Acrylic Tank

Impact resistant large acrylic tanks have a good weather and impact resistance and has a good insulation property. Features a good light transmission and have attractive shades and brightness.

Large Acrylic 20mm Tube Tank

Large acrylic 20mm tube tanks are made from innovative and advanced materials. They are suited for piping tube applications. Available in a large size and has a specific dimension which is 20mm.

Large Acrylic Square Tank

Large acrylic square tanks are available in various models, styles and dimensions. Available in square shaped and can be customized. Features weather resistant capabilities and are environmentally friendly.

Large Diameter Clear Acrylic Tank

Large diameter clear acrylic tanks have a great mechanical performance and they are crack resistant. Available with a stable color to resist excessive sunlight and commonly applicable outdoors.

Rectangular Large Acrylic Tank

Rectangular large acrylic tanks are lightweight and free from scratch. Can be easily formed, molded and have a smooth finishing surface. Available also in a rectangular shape.

Large Round Acrylic Tank

Large Round Acrylic Tanks have a trendy design with vibrant colors that are perfectly suited in round acrylic aquariums. Made with intricate details that guarantees durability and can surely last a lifetime.

Custom Surface Large Acrylic Tank

Custom surface large acrylic tanks are UV and chemical resistant. Available in a customized surface finishing and large size. Arrives with an outstanding optical clarity and have a high transparency.

Custom Curved Large Acrylic Tank

Custom curved large acrylic tanks have no harmless pointed corners or pointed edges. Characterized for high quality, well designed and aesthetically appealing material. Can also be customized and curved based on the requirements.

Clear 10mm Large Acrylic Tank

Clear 10mm large acrylic tanks are made with transparent materials. Available in 10mm thickness that are ideal for a lot of purposes. The size are large enough for the efficiency and stability.

400mm Large Cylinder Clear Acrylic Tank

400mm large cylinder clear acrylic tanks have a long-term durability and are also maintenance friendly. Offers an efficient capability that makes them ideal for industrial applications. Available in large shape and have a thickness of 400mm.

300mm Lightweight Large Acrylic Tank

30mm large acrylic cylindrical tanks are high quality materials that ensures sufficiency in its function. Measures 30mm large and cylindrical in shape. Can withstand extreme weather conditions.

250 Gallon Large Acrylic Rectangular Tank

250 Gallon large acrylic rectangular tanks are made from high density acrylic materials. Available in freestanding with a flat surface and are translucent. Commonly used in above grounds applications.

30mm Large Acrylic Cylindrical Tank

300mm lightweight large acrylic tanks are best suited in model applications and display. Simple to work with and to fabricate. Measures 300mm and features a lightweight and hard-wearing material.

120 Gallon Large Acrylic Tank

120-gallon large acrylic tanks are made with reinforced acrylic frames. Primarily designed to resist moistures and can specifically hold 120 gallons of water. Large enough to be strong and efficient.

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