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Laser Cut Acrylic

Weprofab is focused on making most imaginative laser-cut acrylics for your branding purposes. We have huge selections offer for very competitive costs. We can also help you expand and initiate our laser cut acrylic depending on the sample layouts you specified.

Get WeProFab Laser Cut Acrylic to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab has wide-expertise in manufacturing high-quality laser-cut acrylics. Here are some of laser-cut acrylics selections to showcase your brand!

Custom Size Laser Cut Acrylic Disc

Weprofab is an executive supplier and manufacturer of custom size laser cut acrylics in mainland China. We value our customers so that we offer this special finish.

Laser Cut Acrylic Jewelry Tags

Weprofab is known for supplying the best & well-structured laser cut acrylic jewelry tags. We can help you finalized your projects without a waste of money.

Laser Cut Acrylic Machines

Weprofab is proudly featuring laser-cut acrylic machines that have a huge contribution for fast laser-cut acrylic productions.

Laser Cut Acrylic Pin on Words

If you want a responsible manufacturer of laser cut acrylic pin on words, please don`t go far from Weprofab! We know what strategy to do in making high-quality laser-cut acrylics.

Laser Cut Acrylic Place Cards

Your ideal laser-cut acrylic place cards are available here in Weprofab! Our products passed from different ranges of standards.

Laser Cut Acrylic Storage Box

Weprofab laser cut acrylic storage box has a broad use in operational industries. It come from different dimension to suit your business necessities.

WeProFab: Your Leading Laser Cut Acrylic Manufacturer

As a joint-venture company working in China, WeProFab is liable for providing one-stop laser-cut acrylic productions.

So, if you`re searching for the most exceptional quality of laser cut acrylic, you bump finally to the right place. As the leading laser-cut acrylic provider, Weprofab creates and delivers within the scheduled time.

Forward your laser-cut acrylic ideas to Weprofab; we will assist you urgently.

Custom Laser Cut Acrylic to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Laser Cutting Services

In China where Weprofab is operating, is offering high-quality acrylic laser cuts. Service packages from Weprofab are at budget-friendly costs.

Crystal Clear Laser Cut Acrylic Letter

We have the high capacity to manufacture crystal clear laser-cut acrylic letter and we used our most advanced technology.

Digital Painting & Laser Cut Acrylics

Digital painting & laser cut acrylic is also obtainable in Weprofab. We are an internaitonal-based manufacturer of various laser-cut acrylic finish.

Acrylic Enclosure Laser cut

If you are looking for any type of acrylic enclosure, we can offer the best process of laser cutting. Wiring and tubing enclosure, machine enclosure, and more have great properties of resistance.

Acrylic Key Chain Laser Cut

Laser Cut acrylic key chains are durable and impact resistant. Longer life span and affordable perfect for your wholesale and retail business at a very affordable price.

Acrylic Laser Cut Ceiling light Box

Acrylic laser-cut ceiling box has great durability and long life span. Frosted light diffuser acrylic and decorative laser cut enclosure to add more elegance. Easier to install and affordable light box.

Acrylic Ornaments Laser Cut

There are different styles of acrylic laser-cut ornaments you can choose from. You can request blank ornaments for customizations with your own logo, message, picture, and different styles.

Acrylic Signage Laser Cut

Acrylic signage is made of premium materials with high replicating results. Durable and long-term use acrylic signage suitable for wall, tabletop, hanging, and other types of applications.

Decorative Acrylic Laser Cut Box

There are different types of decorative acrylic boxes and their applications. Variety of colors, sizes, and styles of laser cuts based on your demands and sent designs. Lightweight and easier to clean perfect for room decoration.

Decorative Room Partition Acrylic Laser Cut

Choose all decorative acrylic room partition selections from various sizes, laser cut styles, colors, polishing, coatings, and more. Full-length sizes, home division, and more for your customer’s selections and business.

Decorative Table Acrylic Laser Cut

The decorative acrylic table has a durable decorative stand. Add elegance because of its high transparency and high gloss appearance but at affordable rates. You can attract your customer’s attention with this application.

Impact Resistant Laser Cut Acrylic

Acrylic laser cut fabrication offers the great property of resistance, especially in impacts. Durable and lightweight products, are available in any product. Made of premium materials but affordable price offers according to your products.

Laser Cut Acrylic Hinge

You can choose solid colors and clear acrylic laser-cut hinges in different sizes. Suitable for box cover applications, cabinets, and more featuring impact resistance at a very affordable price.

Laser Cut Acrylic Parts

Laser-cut acrylic parts offer great durability and cost-effectiveness. Widely used for toys, machines, clocks, chairs, shelves, and more. High quality and friendly price perfect for your expandable business.

Photography Acrylic Signage Text Laser Cut

WeProFab can custom your sent drawing for your photography acrylic signage text laser cut. We offer friendly prices according to your orders and signage sizes. Choose different types of applications such as walls. Hanging, and table top.

Souvenir Acrylic Laser cut

Souvenirs are widely fabricated through laser cut. Offered different styles with perfect durability and effectiveness. You can choose different colors, styles, sizes, and many selections for your business.

Table Top Decorative Acrylic Laser Cut Dim Light

Choose various laser-cut dim lights for your tabletop décor. Impact resistant and heat proof to protect the surface for outdoor application. Suitable for coffee shops, personal use, and kitchen island.

Table Top Name Tag Acrylic Laser Cut

You can send your own name and company name so we can customize your ideal acrylic laser cut name tag. Durable and lightweight, safety from fall featuring impact and UV resistance.

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Why WeProFab Laser Cut Acrylic

Weprofab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Limited institutions and Chinese Local manufacturers. We are operating in China with 20 years of involvement in laser cut acrylic fabrications. You can really count on us with your laser cut acrylics.

We know how to handle the entire design process, so if you have your own ideas and want them implemented, all you need to do is discuss them with us. We have a complete design staff that can provide the exact design you desire.

Laser Cut Acrylic

As a well-known and reputed manufacturer of laser-cut acrylics, Weprofab provides custom designs to achieve your business missions. Most of the clients who gave trust to Weprofab and truly rely on us are never failed. We won`t let you and your business failed, we always do our best to manufacture high-quality laser-cut acrylics. We will always treasure the trust and privilege you give to us. We are glad to produce laser cut acrylics to reach your business goals.

Our laser cut acrylics are divided into different properties and characteristics. You can avail laser cut acrylic letters, laser-cut acrylic boxes, and much more. By using our laser cutting machines and devices, we produced a premium-quality laser-cut acrylics. It can be customized as well so you can set your logos here pleasantly.

Laser Cut Acrylic

Most of all, Weprofab laser-cut acrylics are highly presents to showcase your business. We will always make you satisfied with each laser-cut acrylic necessities. It integrates smooth and clean finishes. In varying industries applications, our laser cut acrylic also took an important role. You may use them for Epilog Laser machines, for critical circumstances, and so on.

Weprofab has large laser-cut acrylic production lines. We can produce 5000+ pieces of laser-cut acrylic every day with our advanced and most automatic production machines. Even in peak season, you will always have sufficient stocks of laser-cut acrylics.

Laser Cut Acrylic

Weprofab obtained CE, ISO 9001, SGS, and more international certifications. We are qualified to serve you and your customers.

Don`t delay to contact Wepro team! Send inquiries about laser cut acrylics.

For your next purchase, better choose us!

Laser Cut Acrylic: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for laser cut acrylic.

Or, you would like to learn more about laser cut acrylic.

Whichever the case, this guide has all information you’re looking for about laser cut acrylic.

Whether you want to learn about cutting parameters, quality checks or properties, you will find all information right here.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What is Laser Cut Acrylic?

It refers to different components designed and cut from acrylic sheet material using a laser machining process.

Laser-cut acrylic comes in a wide variety, such as acrylic letters, gifts, numbers, toys, signs, patterns, and jewelry tags among others.

Ideally, they refer to items you can derive from an acrylic sheet by laser cutting method.

You can find them in different shapes, sizes, patterns, colors, and thicknesses among others.

 acrylic larser cut

acrylic laser cut

What are the Main Types of Laser Cut Acrylics?

They are available in a wide range of varieties depending on your preference.

However, the common ones include the following;

Size Laser Cut Acrylic Disc

This design is used in different settings, mainly for decorative purposes.

You can use them in offices, living rooms, bedrooms, or any space, which may require additional décor accessory.

acrylic laser discs

acrylic laser cut discs

Laser-cut Acrylic Jewelry Tags

They are name tags made from acrylic material and customized to suit the individual needs.

You can include name, title, or nickname on these types of tags.

Also, they are available in different shapes, designs, and colors.

 laser cut acrylic jewllery tags

 laser cut acrylic jewelry tags

Laser-cut Acrylic Storage Box

It refers to a small piece designed with a compartment, which you can use to store different types of things.

These range from ornaments such as rings, ear-rings, spectacles, and other relatively tiny accessories.

You can always find laser-cut acrylic storage boxes in different sizes, colors, and dimensions, which suit your needs.

acrylic laser cut storage box

 acrylic laser cut storage box

Laser-cut Acrylic Pin-on- words

These are letters designed in different classy fonts made of acrylic material.

 acrylic laser cut pin on words

acrylic laser cut pin on words

Laser Cut Acrylic Place Cards

They are also available in different designs, colors, and shapes, which makes it easy for you to choose right one for your needs.

laser cut acrylic place cards

 laser cut acrylic place cards

What is the Ideal Thickness For Laser Cut Acrylic?

Laser cut acrylic comes in a variety of thicknesses.

Ideally, these elements are derived from acrylic sheets of different thicknesses.

When selecting a suitable thickness, you need to figure out the specific use of the laser cut acrylic.

Of course, some will require relatively large thicknesses, such as laser-cut acrylic boxes.

On the other hand, others will need a relatively thin acrylic sheet, such as a laser-cut acrylic pin on words.

In other words, the suitable thickness is largely dependent on the particular use, and design of the laser cut acrylic element you’re making.

What are the Common Types of Projects You Can Make with Laser Cut Acrylic?

Laser-cut acrylic are common in a wide variety of applications across different industries.

Some of these projects include the following;

  • POS materials
  • Architectural modern building and construction
  • Displays in retail and commercial outlets
  • Advertising technology
  • Outdoor and indoor signage
  • Acrylic gifts
  • Exhibition and shop stand construction
  • Digital printing
  • Letters

What are the Parameters to look Into When Preparing Laser Cut Acrylic?

Machine Setting

Making laser cut acrylic is somewhat detailed since it involves several aspects of technology.

Ordinarily, laser-cut machines ensure you get the right and accurate cut acrylic depending on your needs.

Therefore, the entire process has to start with an appropriate machine setup.

Principally, most laser machines for cutting acrylic entail various settings for different functions.

Laser Power Setting

One of the elements to consider during machine setup is the laser power level.

Ideally, the laser power required for cutting acrylic is dependent on the thickness of the acrylic sheet and the preferred productivity.

For efficiency, it is recommended to use a laser power of 60 watts or more.

In most instances, you are required to use 10-watt laser power for every 1mm acrylic sheet thickness to attain a high cutting quality.

Selecting the Correct Lens.

Finding the right lens is vital when cutting laser cut acrylic.

Often, the thicker the acrylic sheet material you are cutting, the longer the lens focal length you need to have.

Once you select the appropriate lens, move the focal point to the material’s interior when it’s more than 6mm thick.

This enables you to attain a continuous and homogenous cut.

Selecting the Right Nozzle and Set Air Assist

When cutting laser cut acrylic, always use a nozzle with a large diameter.

However, if it is controllable, reduce the air assistant to a maximum of 0.2 bar.

It enables the material to get enough time to cool off and glass clear edges result.

On the other hand, if you use a nozzle with a small diameter, it will result in a dull and milky cutting edge because material cools off faster.

This also happens if the air pressure is too high.

Choosing the Right Table

Finding the correct cutting table is an imperative criterion for attaining ideal results on laser cut acrylic.

You can use several versions depending on your application’s size.

However, it is recommended to go for an acrylic slat-cutting table.

This table design prevents kick-back during cutting process, thus ideal for comparatively thick acrylic sheets of 6mm and above.

It is also suitable for laser cut acrylic larger than 100mm.

Alternatively, you may choose acrylic cutting grid table based on the actual size of your application.

This is most suitable for laser acrylic cut parts smaller than 100mm since it allows the parts to remain flat after cutting.

Exhaust System

With laser cut acrylic, using the correct exhaust system is indispensable.

It allows vapors created in the machine room during the cutting process to be suctioned out.

Adequate ventilation is necessary to obtain a high-quality cut.

Nevertheless, insufficient ventilation may trigger vapor to ignite and lead to a fire.

You should never leave laser cutting machines to operate unattended.

What is the Best Material for Laser Cut Acrylic?

Of course, acrylic thermoplastic.

Acrylic material has better qualities making it easy for laser cutting machines to produce high-quality cuts out of it.

For instance, this material is highly machinable, given that it is relatively flexible and soft.

Additionally, acrylic is resistant to high temperatures.

It thus implies that the sheet won’t necessarily melt when cut using a laser cutting machine.

Moreover, the material has excellent dimensional stability.

Essentially, it has a high degree of maintaining its original dimensions when subjected to extreme temperatures and humidity.

In other words, it means the material won’t degrade or deform when you cut it using a laser machine, which often uses high temperature.

Acrylic material is also available in a variety of thicknesses.

This is vital, especially when cutting different types of parts using laser machines.

You are guaranteed to get desired cut parts out of the various sheet thicknesses available.

What is the Suitable Speed for Cutting Laser Acrylic?

In many instances, the suitable cutting speed for cutting laser acrylic parts is dependent on the thickness of the sheet.

You, therefore, need to set the laser cutting machine for acrylic sheet to attain a particular power level, which allows it to attain optimum speed.

The recommended power is at least 60 watts on the machine.

This power level on the laser cutter guarantees speed, which yields desired productivity.

Why Should You Consider Laser Cut Acrylic?

Laser cut acrylic offers a wide range of advantages, thus an ideal investment to consider.

Some of these advantages include the following;

Quality Precision

Laser cutting gives high-quality and accurate parts.

The technique and machine used to allow you to customize the parts to any graphic design and still obtain quality precision.


Laser cut acrylic gives you as many varieties as possible to choose from.

For instance, you can find it in pigmented colors or still paint them to fit your specifications.

They are also available in different thicknesses, sizes, and designs.

Advantageously, this allows you to get the best choice, which suits your specific needs.

Improves Business

If you use laser cut acrylic parts in your business, it is more likely to attract more customers.

Essentially, these parts are attractive given the design and finishing.

You can use laser cut acrylic to promote your business since they make it appear relatively upscale.

Easy to Produce

Most important thing to have when producing laser cut acrylic in the design, laser cutting machine, and acrylic sheet.

If you’re knowledgeable, you’ll find the procedure for producing these parts quite easy to execute.


Technically, the laser cut acrylic parts are relatively lightweight.

This is advantageous since it makes it easy to install.


The material and design construction used in making laser cut acrylic parts guarantee exceptional durability.

You will rarely need to replace these parts due to wearing out or degradation since they can withstand the most unfavorable conditions for long.

What are the Available Laser Cut Acrylic Shapes?

Laser cut acrylic parts come in a wide variety of shapes.

You can make it out of virtually any shape you may think of since the material is highly machinable.

However, some of the available shapes include the following;

  • Square
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Rectangle
  • Cube-shape
  • Pyramid
  • Dome
  • Hexagonal
  • Micro-blading

What is the Price of Laser Cut Acrylic?

The cost of purchasing laser cut acrylic often varies depending on a wide range of factors.

One is the quality of acrylic material used to make the laser cut parts.

Ideally, acrylic material comes in wide variations, including cast, extruded, and continuous cast acrylic.

These materials are also available in different grades.

It means the higher the grade, the costlier the parts.

Another variable is the thickness of acrylic sheet from where the laser cut part is derived.

The thickness can range from as low as 4mm to as high as 100mm, depending on the type and application of the part.

Nonetheless, the higher the acrylic sheet’s thickness, the more expensive the parts and vice versa.

Notably, thickness also affects laser machining process, thus the variance in cost.

The extent of customization you need to attain on the laser cut acrylic parts also determines the actual cost.

Comparatively, standard or less customized parts tend to be a bit cheaper than highly customized components.

Moreover, the quantity you purchase at a given time is another fundamental determinant of cost.

Many manufacturers offer better discounts on high volume purchases than purchasing on small quantities.

Therefore, you are likely to save a significant amount of money when you buy more laser cut acrylic parts than purchasing a few.

In other words, there is no precise cost for purchasing laser cut acrylic parts.

All the above mentioned and other factors determine the exact price.

How Do You Choose Laser Cut Acrylic?

When purchasing laser cut acrylic parts, there are numerous factors you must consider to allow you to get what suits your needs.

Some of these elements include the following;

a) Application

b) Acrylic Material grade

c) Level of customization

d) Manufacturer

e) Cost

f) Design quality and construction

How Does Laser Cut Acrylic Compare with Laser Cut Polycarbonate?

Both acrylic and polycarbonate are the dominant thermoplastic materials used for manufacturing laser cut parts.

These materials have outstanding qualities making them the most suitable for such parts.

However, there is a slight variation between the two, thus making their respective parts marginally different as follows;

polycarbonate laser cut

polycarbonate laser cut


Both laser cut acrylic and laser polycarbonate parts tend to be quite stronger, given that they are manufactured from sturdy materials.

However, polycarbonate is slightly stronger than acrylic, making its parts relatively sturdy and more resistant to impact.


In terms of weight, both parts tend to be almost the same.

They are about half the weight of similar fiberglass.


Laser cut polycarbonate parts are more machinable than laser cut acrylic parts.

Ideally, the former is fairly soft and more flexible than the latter.

Dimensional Stability

Both laser cut acrylic and polycarbonate parts have exceptional dimensional stability.

It means they can withstand temperature and humidity changes without necessarily altering their respective dimensions.

However, laser cut polycarbonate seems to be faintly better than laser cut acrylic regarding dimensional stability.

Naturally, polycarbonate has better tolerance to extreme temperatures than acrylic, making it relatively stronger than the latter.

Optical Clarity

Polycarbonate allows more light to pass through it than acrylic does.

Even though the variance is marginal, it makes laser-cut polycarbonate parts brighter, glossier, and clearer than laser cut acrylic parts.

Polycarbonate permits up to about 94% of light, whereas acrylic transmits up to about 92% of light through its surface.

Is Laser Cut Acrylic Strong?


Laser cut acrylics are made from a material, which is inherently sturdy.

Acrylic is derived from natural elements that have strong molecules.

These molecules make it difficult for these components to break or crack even when subjected to intense mechanical stress.

Furthermore, the manufacturing process of these materials often incorporates strength-enhancing additives.

The essence is to reinforce the sturdiness of the ultimate products; in this case, laser cut acrylic.

In other words, laser cut acrylic is relatively strong, about 17 times stronger than similar laser cut glass.

Of course, this is advantageous since it implies it can last for many years if subjected to normal weather and environmental conditions.

Can You Reuse Laser Cut Acrylic?


Acrylic, which is the base material for manufacturing laser cut, is a recyclable material.

Even so, it takes a lot of effort, energy, and resources to fully recycle this material.

But once recycled, it retains all the original characteristics as a virgin acrylic.

You wouldn’t necessarily differentiate a recycled acrylic from a virgin one.

Therefore, you can recycle and reuse it to mold different types of acrylic materials.

Also, acrylic is easy to fabricate.

Therefore, you can re-mold it into different shapes or designs and use it as different items.

What are the Benefits of Made-to-Order Laser Cut Acrylic?

Customized laser cut acrylic parts are advantageous in many ways, including the following;

a) Enhances class and sophistication given that they incorporate different aspects designed to suit your particular demands.

b) Easy to maintain since they are designed to the appropriate dimensions and thickness for your respective application.

c) Easy to organize, especially for a laser cut acrylic display or gift box.

d) Improves efficiency in the respective application since different aspects of the customized laser cut acrylic part is designed accurately.

What are the Best Ways of Maintaining Laser Cut Acrylic?

Maintaining laser cut acrylic is vital since it enhances its longevity.

It also helps in making its appearance glossy and clear at all times, thus increasing its functionality.

Technically, one of the best ways of maintaining this component is by cleaning.

Cleaning laser cut acrylic is quite straightforward and only requires clean water, soft cloth, and recommended substrates.

The advantage of cleaning is it also helps remove light scratches on the surface material of laser cut acrylic.

Another suitable maintenance method for this item is by polishing.

In some instances, the laser cut acrylic may fade, discolor or become dull over time due to scratches or aging.

As such, you may choose to polish it as a way of restoring glossiness and clarity.

There are several polishing methods you may consider depending on the degree of fading or available resources.

Some of the commonly used polishing techniques include buffing, flame-polishing, and vapor-polishing.

The other suitable maintenance way for laser cut acrylic is ensuring you subject it to favorable weather and environmental conditions.

For instance, you can always safeguard it from exposure to direct sunlight, chemical spillage, and abrasive elements.

Which Quality Standards should Laser Cut Acrylic Conform to?

Laser cut acrylic conforms to a wide range of quality standards locally, regionally, and internationally.

The specific quality standard, however, largely depends on the particular market for this product.

Such standards vary based on the minimum requirements and stipulations set by a specific market.

Nevertheless, here are some of the main standards of quality that laser cut acrylic conform to in different markets;


It is the abbreviation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals.

This standard is specifically enforced in the European Community market.

Essentially, it addresses the manufacturing and use of chemical and related products and their potential impacts on human health and environment.

· UL

UL is an acronym of Underwriters Laboratories.

This organization sets standards for various products, including laser cut acrylic.

In this case, UL standard tests these products to ensure they meet the minimum set requirements.

Moreover, UL continuously checks these items to make sure they’re up to standards.

· RoHS

RoHS means the Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive.

A RoHS-compliant laser cut material merely implies the material has been tested for ten banned substances by an autonomous authority.

As such, the tests must also confirm that the levels of substances are below the stipulated RoHS threshold.

This standard is also more dominant in the European Union market.

· SGS Standard

It is the world’s leading agency responsible for the inspection, verification, and certification of products.

SGS is a global standard, which ensures products, processes, systems, and services universally comply with stipulated national, regional, and international regulations.

Does Laser Cut Acrylic have Color Limitation?


Acrylic material in natural form is transparent.

However, you can always inject different color shades to make it opaque or translucent.

This is usually a meticulous chemical process often carried on in laboratories during the manufacturing process of the material.

As such you can choose a specific color, which fit your requirements and can easily complement other elements within the surrounding.

Moreover, you can apply a specialized film of your preferred hue on the surface material of laser cut acrylic.

Most specialized color films are normally used as aftermarket options allowing you to determine the right choice.

At WeProFab, we offer a number of plastic sheet cut to size.

For any inquiries about laser cut acrylic sheet, contact WeProFab now.

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