• Laserable Acrylic Sheet

Laserable Acrylic Sheet

Laserable Acrylic Sheet is known for its exceptional visual characteristics, standard thickness tolerances, impact-resistant and retains its spectral appearance when exposed to radiant light. This product is suitable for laser engraving, perfect for various industrial and personal purposes. Choose WeProFab as your laserable acrylic sheet manufacturer and supplier!

Get WeProFab Laserable Acrylic Sheets to Delight Your Customers

Our company presents a variety of acrylic products which can meet your crucial demands. But, one of our profitable and renowned products is our laserable acrylic sheet. Interestingly, we adhere to the managing principles of optimum product quality, customer first, and compensation based. We can be your trusted partner to level up your business and exceed desired financial gain.

Colored Laserable Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab provides this colored acrylic sheet with numerous advantages. They are easy to process, safe to use, non-toxic, and excellent weather resistant.

Acrylic Laserable Holographic Sheet

This laserable sheet has about 92% light transmittance. Holographic sheets have enhanced hardness and glossy surfaces.

Acrylic Glitter Laserable Sheet

You can purchase multiple glitter sheet colors for your business. This sheet is ideal for decoration applications—weProFab guarantees quick delivery.

Acrylic Mirror Laserable Sheet

These laserable acrylic sheets are available in 1mm to 120mm thickness. They are applicable for outdoor or public places utilization.

Tinted Acrylic Laserable Sheet

Tinted laserable sheets are perfect for construction, medical, public goods, transport, and advertisement applications.

Gold Acrylic Laserable Sheet

WeProFab manufactures high-quality gold acrylic sheets, ideal for laser cutting. We provide enough supplies for your starting business.

WeProFab: Your Excellent Laserable Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Since 1997, WeProFab has continually done its best to be the most satisfactory manufacturer worldwide. This mission enables us to satisfy our valued customer’s potential needs. Our company embraces rigid extreme quality inspection control procedures to confirm the product quality and durability.

All our products meet customer′s requirements, especially our laserable acrylic sheet. Also, it is environmentally friendly and meets standards of controlled quality from IQC, IPQC, OQC, and after-sales. Advanced manufacturing machinery and skilled workers ensure a laserable acrylic sheet has superior stiffness, strength, and exceptional chemical resistance.

Custom Laserable Acrylic Sheet to Boost Your Brand

Transparent Acrylic Laserable Sheet

This laserable sheet is applicable in various industries. Its outstanding surface, hardness, and other advantages surely heighten your sales.

Customized Acrylic Laserable Sheet

WeProFab manufactures customized acrylic sheets for any of your applications. You can tell us your preferred colors and sizes for OEM orders.

Acrylic Double Color Laserable Sheet

These double-colored acrylic sheets are ideal as signboard and advertising board applications. Avail of our low-cost acrylic sheets now!

Clear Cast Acrylic Laserable Sheet

You can benefit from this clear cast sheet with eco-friendly features. We provide free samples for quality and application testing.

Acrylic Iridescent Laserable Sheet

Choosing iridescent laserable sheets gives you satisfying business sales. It is available in fluorescent, clear, colored, and semi-transparent types.

Acrylic Laserable Decorative Sheet

These decorative sheets are practical for automotive, machinery, housing, electronics, and many other applications. It can be anodized or powder-coated surface.

Acrylic Marble Laserable Sheet

Buy more marble sheet types for customers’ wide selections. These sheets are perfect for your opening business. WeProFab allows your requests during production

We customized your needed dotted sheet according to your applications. They are suitable for ceiling light, light, panel, and book lights

Laserable Dotted Acrylic Sheet

We customized your needed dotted sheet according to your applications. They are suitable for ceiling light, light, panel, and book lights.

Original Acrylic Laserable Sheet

The original laserable sheets are perfect for advertising outdoor and indoor applications. They are available in 1.8mm-50mm thickness.

2mm Laserable Acrylic Sheets

2mm laserable acrylic sheets are the best solution for applications that require privacy or design effects with lighting. Designed to last a long time and is manufactured with regard to high-quality standards.

4mm Laserable Acrylic Sheets

4mm laserable acrylic sheets arrive with an elegant depth effect and a smooth high-gloss surface. Simple to fabricate making it suitable for furniture and retail displays. Can withstand almost any laser method.

8mm Laserable Acrylic Sheets

8mm laserable acrylic sheets are a construction material that is manufactured for long-term durability. Arrives with desirable architectural specifications, is capable to be lasered, and has a thickness of 8mm.

Impact Resistant Laserable Acrylic Sheets

Impact-resistant laserable acrylic sheets are designed to replace wood materials. Primarily used as laboratory cabinets and countertops. Offered high strength and undeniably better friction properties.

Black Acrylic Laserable Sheet

The black acrylic laserable sheet is suitable for peeking machining, bushings, and various applications. A great product to be used at higher temperatures. Withstands extreme threats with efficient performance and features.

Milky White Laserable Acrylic Sheets

Milky white laserable acrylic sheets are an easily machined and rigid product with high impact strength. A tough engineering acrylic delivered with a milky white appearance, excellent friction, and wear specs.

Transparent Color Laserable Acrylic Sheets

Transparent color laserable acrylic sheets offer unmatched abrasion resistance, clarity, and durability. Produced with moderate properties, easy handling, and processing. Suitable for theatrical applications.

Laserable Flexible Acrylic Sheets

Laserable flexible acrylic sheets are structured with great clarity, durability, and sturdiness. A non-glare acrylic sheet co-extruded with a museum-quality material with an ultraviolet filtering feature.

Hard Coated Laserable Acrylic Sheets

Hard coated laserable acrylic sheets arrive with protective optics coating and are very durable. These tough outdoor acrylic sheets offer excellent weather resistance. Perfect material for garden and safety.

Laserable Roofing Acrylic Sheets

Laserable roofing acrylic sheets are frequently applied in the outdoor homes, industrial screens, skylights, and covers. Delivered with varying degrees of transparency, finishes, and standard colors to fit your needs.

Plain Laserable Acrylic Sheets

Plain laserable acrylic sheets are widely utilized in enclosures, accent walls, signs, and pop displays. Can be lasered, machined, and heat bent. Capable to resist extreme force and impact to prevent cracking.

Multiwall Laserable Acrylic Sheets

Multiwall laserable acrylic sheets are a safe and reliable choice for everyone. Suitable for a broad range of recreational and industrial use. Designed with premier quality material with exceptional optical quality.

Laserable Solid Acrylic Sheets

Laserable solid acrylic sheets are a waterproof product that won’t shatter or crack over a long period of use. Can be used for sketching and as a mirror alternative. Guaranteed 100% risk-free functionality.

15mm Laserable Acrylic Sheets

15mm laserable acrylic sheets are utilized in furniture, skylights, and much more. Characterizes an anti-static acrylic sheet with self-lubricating properties and high impact strength. Can be easily machined and lasered.

Bulletproof Laserable Acrylic Sheets

Bulletproof laserable acrylic sheets are engineered to meet a variety of forced entry and ballistic applications. An impact-modified acrylic which offers an outstanding bulletproof feature. Can withstand high impacts.

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Why WeProFab Laserable Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab is known internationally for creating high-quality finished products. Our enterprise puts high regard on the pleasure of our valuable customers. You can be confident that we can be a dedicated partner in boosting your sales. We are what you need!

As your leading manufacturer, WeProFab maintains excellent performance serving our customers. We have a complete set of equipment for guaranteed offered products. We conduct strict quality inspections before releasing your ordered laserable acrylic sheets.

Choosing WeProFab as your laserable acrylic sheet supplier and manufacturer is your best choice. For over more than two decades in the industry, our company evolved and acquired all these remarkable advantages:

  • Fast Delivery
  • Strict Quality Control
  • Standardized production
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Internationally certified
  • Renowned Brand
  • Export products worldwide
  • Adept production team
  • Multi services: OEM and ODM service


WeProFab Laserable Acrylic Sheet comes at an economical price. It will allow entrepreneurs to compete and exceed other competitors in the market. Thus, making your business profitable and your products marketable.

Including our offered affordable acrylic sheet products to your business surely heighten your sales and income. We can be the best partners in business. Our skilled workers always make sure of satisfying quality and sheet effectiveness.

In WeProFab services, you will experience hassle-free ordering processes. We can guide you from selecting to securely delivering your orders. Our services expect a quick and safe transporting of your ordered laserable acrylic sheet.

Laserable Acrylic Sheet as the in-demand material for various purposes possesses these salient features:

  • Superior laser engraving capabilities
  • Perfect for different real-life applications
  • Weather-resistant
  • Light stability
  • lightweight
  • Protected on both sides for optimal fabrication
  • Engineered to last many years


WeProFab has a professional service team that provides excellent services for our customers worldwide. Our line is always open 24/7 for your anytime inquiries. You can expect gratifying answers to your concerns and questions from our friendly staff.

Your calls and email are always welcome and accommodated. Our company has broad experience conducting such business partnerships. Trust our assistance, and you will enjoy our advantageous laserable acrylic sheets. If you prefer WeProfab as your constant manufacturer and supplier, your business is in good hands.

So if you are looking for a high-featured yet economical cost laserable acrylic sheet, rely on WeProFab. Our immense acrylic sheet production can indeed supply your business constantly. Let us know your choice, and we will do the rest of the processes.

Being honest and diligent in doing things is our compass. We provide the best laserable acrylic sheets that exceed customer′s expectations. Therefore, WeProFab is your excellent choice. 

We warmly invite you to build a promising future together with us.

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