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Weprofab manufactures LDPE film in China. Weprofab provide the widest choices of LDPE film for different applications. We manufacture LDPE Film for Window Glass, LDPE Shrink Warp Film, LDPE Plastic Film, LDPE Agricultural Black Film, LDPE Film for Carpet, and Biodegradable LDPE Film and more. Contact us now!

Get WeProFab LDPE Film Delight Your Customers

At Weprofab, we have top quality LDPE film that is best for your business applications. We can give you the highest quality of LDPE film.

LDPE Film for Window Glass

Weprofab LPE fil for window glass is very useful as a barrier of protection for your windows from various elements. In Weprofab, we manufactures magnificent LDPE film that will best for your business.

LDPE Shrink Wrap Film

Weprofab LDPE shrink wrap film is ideal for product packaging like food products such as frozen food and others. It offers safetyness for your valuable items. Whether you need an LDPE shrink wrap film, Weprofab is the best choice for all your LDPE film needs.

LDPE Plastic Film

Weprofab manufactures all kinds of LDPE films for different purposes. If you like to purchase LDPE plastic film for your business, Weprofab has a lot to offer.

LDPE Agricultural Black Film

Weprofab agricultural black film usually used for farmers to protect or cover their plants from sun rays and other accidents that may be caused in damaging the agricultural products. Weprofab provides undisputed LDPE film for farmers who needs it for their farm.

LDPE Film for Carpet

Weprofab LDPE film for carpet is made from high superior types of materials and it is coated with special pressure-sensitive adhesive. In Weprofab all our LDPE film for carpet has a strong mechanical substance. You can ensure that it will not easily destroyed.

Biodegradable LDPE Film

Here in Weprofab, all our LDPE film is eco-friendly. It is designed to help and encourage businesses to use LDPE film that is biodegradable. If you are considering LDPE film for your business, then you should consider and choose Weprofab.

WeProFab: Your Leading LDPE Film Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for fabrication.

Weprofab manufactures all kinds of LDPE films in China. You can always have our LDPE film that are made from highest thermoplastic. We can supply all kinds of LDPE film for our dearest clients worldwide.

If you are looking for an LDPE film Weprofab has it all. You can avail each of our LDPE film for a very affordable rate.

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Custom LDPE Film to Skyrocket Your Brand

LDPE Film for Bread Packaging

Weprofab LDPE film for bread packaging is a popular choice for different bread packaging purposes. It makes your bread safer and clean.

Protective LDPE Film

Weprofab protective LDPE film is easy to attach and detach. In Weprofab, we can provide any protective LDPE film for you.

LDPE Film Scrap

Weprofab has a lot of stock of LDPE film scrap available and ready to deliver. We can provide your urgent orders.

Water Proof LDPE Film

Weprofab can provide all types of LDPE film for different packaging purposes.

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Why WeProFab LDPE Film

Weprofab is an expert LDPE film manufacturer that can provide the best quality LDPE film. It is very suited for different applications. You can trust and rely on Weprofab for any LDPE film needs. Weprofab LDPE film is the most commonly used for different industries and applications like protecting products and used for packaging food and other goods like bags, shipping sacks, and many more.


Weprofab LDPE film is one the best choice for packaging different goods for safety purposes. The material is very less susceptible to contamination as well as pilferage. With LDPE film the products will not easily damage and destroy against contamination. This is a kind of material that gives the food items attractive looks and is leveraged for branding purposes.

In other hand, our LDPE film is more lightweight. It is easier to print information on it when you need to put. Additionally, the LDPE films have superior barrier properties and can be recycled as well as reused. In short LDPE film is also provide cost effective.


Weprofab LDPE film can be transparent or coloured. And it is also come in single as well as multi-layered versions. Our manufacturing process for LDPE film enhancing the film’s properties and also the proficiency.

If you are looking for LDPE film manufacturer that has a full capability to provide the best kind of product, you are in a right place. We can able to provide your LDPE film with your desired customization. We built our reputation on integrating our standard modules with custom innovation to deliver a complete integrated LDPE film solution.


Aside from LDPE film we are skilled in fabricating other products such as hdpe film, plastic film, lldpe film, and other several kinds of films.

For more information regarding our LDPE film products, message us directly!

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