• Light Up Acrylic Sign

Light Up Acrylic Sign

We, WeProFab are professional in fabricating light up acrylic signs. We supply lots of light up acrylic signs worldwide to satisfy customer’s demands. We can fabricate automatic, manual and many more functions for your light up acrylic sign orders. To meet the client’s needs, WeProFab can able to provide and guide the whole process.

Get WeProFab Light Up Acrylic Sign to Delight Your Clients

WeProFab have improved the production process to make t easy and quality. We are reliable from assembling, packing, to checking products quality. Whether it is for your personal or business matters, our light up acrylic signs will purchased with lots of options.

Clear Light Up Acrylic Sign

WeProFab Clear light up acrylic signs are accessible with a lot of colors to choose. We have multi colors for remote control light up acrylic signs. Find your ideal features to support your demands.

Custom Light Up Acrylic Sign

WeProFab can customize your orders. You can send us your desired layouts. WeProFab can create unique designs suited to your requirements with affordable rates.

Engraved Light Up Acrylic Sign

We can engraved your ideal qoutes or signs. You can deside the text designs. Lots of our engraved light up acrylic sign stocks are well engineered. Lots of research done by our experts to make it perfect.

Frosted Light Up Acrylic Sign

If you look for durable and functional frosted light up acrylic signs, WeProFab has plenty of stocks to offer. We have lots of colors, shapes, and designs to offer. We can save your cash with our lower rated products.

Light up Acrylic Letter Sign

Lots of clients choose letter signs when installing light up acrylic signs. Aside from unique looks, it is a light weight materials to prevent any problems when it comes from desaster.

Light up Acrylic Sign Manufacturer

In purchasing process, it is not easy as you know. You must find a provider who always support all the process may take. WeProFab will be your great choice when finding the best one.

WeProFab: Your Leading Light Up Acrylic Sign Manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer in China, we are certified in many years in this industry. We are certified to supply products related in plastic production. With ISO 9001, our light up acrylic signs is qualified to move worldwide. We are qualified in fabricating plastic or metals.

We have top-graded raw materials. We used modern technology machines to make our production easier and fast.

As we are one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of light up acrylic signs, WeProFab can strictly control production. We have complete support in metal and plastic production to provide the best solutions. Send now your inquiries to get your ideal and perfect products.

Custom Light Up Acrylic Sign to Boost Your Brand

Hanging Light up Acrylic Sign

We, WeProFab can custom your hanging light up acrylic signs. We can make your own designs and follow details to details to meet your demands.

Tabletop Light up Acrylic Sign

We can bring amazing and unique light-up acrylic signs for every tabletop. Accessible in many features, colors, and designs created from our engineering team.

Wall Mount Light up Acrylic Sign

Wall mount is the most common when installing signages. Easy to install and to maintain to save your cash and effort.

Laser-Engraved Light-up Acrylic Sign

Laser-engraved light-up acrylic sign is ideal for use in libraries, classrooms, office breakrooms, tradeshow, event, and point-of-sale displays. Produced crisp, clean, and custom graphics.

Light-up Acrylic RGB LED Sign

Light-up acrylic RGB LED sign is made from clear acrylic plexiglass. It is energy-efficient, with eco-friendly LED Lighting ranging from 50,000 to more than 100,000 hours of life. Built to sit on a flat surface or hang on the wall.

Full Acrylic LED Light up Channel Letters Sig

Full acrylic LED light-up channel letters signs are built of superb acrylic and deliver reliable light all through the complete substance of each letter. Certifications include CE, Rohs, and UL.

Light-Up Sign Electronics Acrylic

This light-up sign electronics acrylic is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications including channel letters, logo, signs, etc. It is waterproof, low consumption, and easy to install. Available in various sizes and can be customized.

Acrylic Light up Sign Illuminated Letters

An acrylic light-up sign illuminated letters are frequently hung directly on a wall, both indoors and out. There are several different types of letters available. You can choose from a variety of different varieties to best suit your vision and image.

LED Light Up Letters Acrylic Neon

LED light-up letters acrylic neon is constructed of plexiglass, ideal for parties, festivals, weddings, and more. These acrylic letters have medium and low energy consumption can be installed quickly.

3D Acrylic Light up Acrylic Sign

This 3D acrylic light-up acrylic sign is composed of high-quality materials that are sturdy and have a long service life. They are ideal for adorning areas – indoor and outdoor. Provide high-brightness as it comes with an ultra-bright LED letter.

Light Up Toilet Acrylic Signs

Weprofab light-up toilet acrylic signs have low power consumption and a long lifespan. Ideal for use in restaurants, shopping mall, restaurants, etc. Available in various elegant and colorful styles.

Indoor Backlit LED Light Up Acrylic Sign

Indoor backlit LED light-up acrylic signs are instantly recognizable and interesting. They are readily programmable and produce outstanding advertisements with stunning videos, photos, and messages.

Business Light Up LED Acrylic Sign

Business light-up LED acrylic signs are simple to set up in any setting, and they’re also simple to maintain. Features effective operation, extended life, and high-quality outputs. Can be custom-made to meet your advertising requirements.

Light-up Etched Acrylic Sign

Light-up etched acrylic signs provide superior quality and efficiency. Made of the highest quality clear acrylic plastic and lighting. Great for displaying at restaurants, bar, rooms, club, pubs, or wherever else.

Custom Acrylic RGB Flashing Light Up Sign

Acrylic RGB flashing light-up sign can be custom with your logo or name. It is long-lasting and difficult to break, and safe to use. Durable and has a long service life. Suitable for all kinds of places.

Light-Up Acrylic Sign Wall Decor

Light-up acrylic sign wall decor adds a pop of color to any room in your house, office, or business. They are sturdy, lightweight, affordable, and energy-efficient. Colors, dimensions, and shapes can be customized. Competitive price.

Light up Floating Wall Mounted Blank Acrylic Sign

Weprofab light-up floating wall mounted blank acrylic sign has several solid color options. LED lights are bright and long-lasting. The material used comes in various thicknesses. Free of burrs edges. Ideal for in-office directions, branding, and more.

Outdoor 3D Light up Acrylic Sign

An outdoor 3D light-up acrylic sign can be used in outdoor settings including boundary barriers, building facades, and events. Complies with certifications such as ISO, SGS, and more. Includes on-the-spot installation.

Light Up Acrylic LED Bar Signs

Light-up acrylic LED bar signs are available in solid colors like green, blue, white, red, purple, yellow, color-changing fade, and flashing color change. Provides a soothing glow when lit up in the base.

Double Side Light Up 3D Acrylic Sign Board

Weprofab double side light up 3D acrylic sign board involves three-phase: surface panel, back panel, and LED illuminant. They are attractive, environmental-friendly, and well-made. Anti-corrosion and high waterproof.

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Light up Acrylic Sign Manufacturing

WeProFab Acrylic Light Profile, WeProFab can customize the acrylic light profile according to the drawing. We also can customize the pattern and colors according to your requirements and manufacture the suitable product according to your actual sample. We offer ordinary and light diffusion options and help you upgrade your products. Please send us the drawing or sample, we will support you to start your business.


  • Ordinary or Light diffusion is an option
  • Customized pattern
  • Customized size
  • Optional colors

Client requirement and pain point:

  • Required acrylic light profile on aluminum LED profile
  • Ordinary light diffusion
  • Customized pattern
  • White color

Our Solutions

  1. Design the extruded mold according to the drawing
  2. Choose the appropriate PC particle grade according to the customer’s demand
  3. Extrude the correct product as customer’s requirements

Why WeProFab Light up Acrylic Sign

If your top priority is to find a reliable provider of light up acrylic signs, WeProFab is an outstanding and trusted supplier from China. We can supply plenty of stocks worldwide.

In managing a business, it is always hard to start. It is hard to find a long term partner. We, WeProFab can take good care of all the processes and the safety of your order. Including the quality of the products, we can develop and check before we move out.

In China, WeProFab is one of the leading fabricators. We created to light up acrylic signs with lots of advantages. We can sure your satisfaction with your order. We have manufactured durable light up acrylic signs suited for outdoor or indoor applications. It is weather resistant that can last longer than other types of signage.

Light up Acrylic Sign
Light up Acrylic Sign

If you choose to purchase our light-up acrylic signs, we can help you gain the best profits. Our acrylic signs are negotiable and profitable which is very eye-catching to all customers. We created to light up acrylic signs, from wall-mounted, free stand, tabletop signs, outdoor signage, or either light up acrylic letter signs. All of these have different features for you to choose from.

Because of its great durability from our production, WeProFab light up acrylic signs can last longer even for outdoor installations with broad temperature. Compared to other materials, it is strong from any weather conditions because of high resistance.

In all applications, acrylic designed for outdoor use. It is protected with direct sunlight. Acrylics will scratch easily so we fabricate scratched resistant light up acrylic signs.

WeProFab light up acrylic signs is simple yet sophisticated. We can create and customize your designs according to your business requirements. Just send your layout and let WeProFab make your ideal design and feature.

You can trust the quality of our products. We are trustworthy in terms of handling the whole process to make it easy for you. In many years in this industry, we already build great relationships with many customers. We built long term partnerships in terms of supplying plastic or metal fabrication.

For fast business success, choose us as your long term partner. Choose those who can satisfy your demands when purchasing products.

Don’t hesitate to contact WeProFab and deal with our great offers. Get our professional and very attractive light-up acrylic signs and let us help you save lots of your cash

Send your questions today!

Light Up Acrylic Sign: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for light up acrylic sign.

That’s why this guide will answer all questions you have about light up acrylic signs.

Whether you’re asking about the design, features, working principle, characteristics or applications.

You will find the answers here.

Let’s dive right in:

What is Light up Acrylic Sign?

Acrylic light up sign

Acrylic light up sign

It refers to a type of signage designed from acrylic material integrated with different types of lighting and comes in different colors.

It is formed by laser imaging, symbolling or lettering different elements on the acrylic sheet as well as lighting the edges of the signage.

It’s the engraved parts on this signage that will light up, while the rest of it stays dark.

And this is what enables it to produce the magic of floating graphics, images or letters.

This type of signage provides you with an attractive and innovative approach to advertising your business and services.

How do you create Light-up Acrylic Sign?

You can use different methods to make a light-up acrylic sign.

Generally, here is a basic process for creating it;

· Prepare all the Tools and Materials

First of all, you need to ensure that you have all the relevant materials and tools.

Some of these include sizeable acrylic sheet, edge-lit profile, design software, light tape, laser cutter, end caps, pins, and screws.

· Create the Design

It is at this point that you’ll choose the size of your design.

Ensure that you use an ideal computer graphics program to design the text and image.

Create a mirror image of the model using a feature of the graphics software you are using.

The essence of this is that it allows engraving on the back of the acrylic material and looked at from a soft front.

It is here that you are also encouraged to change the design’s format to black and white if at all, it contains color or shading.

· Laser the Acrylic Sheet

At this stage, you can choose to engrave the acrylic panel on the top or back surface.

This makes it possible for the engraving to view-through acrylic.

Ensure that the letters and graphics are mirrored when engraving from the backside of acrylic material.

While at it, also ensure that the speed and power on the laser system are adjusted accordingly to attain better results.

· Assemble the Signage

Choose the ideal effect for your requirements, and it could be white, multicolored or colored LED.

Measure the thickness and attach the LED tape and strips along the backside of the acrylic panel.

Follow the supplier’s instructions to ensure that you connect power supply then switch the LEDs on and off to verify the operation.

Place you engraved acrylic sheet inside a frame with a smooth surface towards the front.

Now you can switch the LEDs to view the signage and even install it accordingly to start the operation.

Is there Color Limitation to Light up Acrylic Sign?

Not at all.

It is available in clear, colored and multicolored options.

Most suppliers, such as WeProFab often provide a color tab to guide you in making an informed choice.

For example, you can find that quite a number of the available colors are white when the sign is turned off and colored when switched off.

You can as well find others that come with covers on the tube, which continues to display the color even when the sign is turned off.

What are the Advantages of Light up Acrylic Sign?

The benefits of these type of acrylic signage are quite several, and some of them include the following;

Light up acrylic sign

Acrylic light up sign

a) Affordability – Light-up acrylic signs are relatively cheap compared to conventional signage options.

If using LED bulbs, they are readily available, easier to replace and maintain, but the efficiency is still upheld.

b) Easy to install – You do not require any special installation professional or support to assist you in fixing this item.

You just install it by hanging or mounting it like you would any other artwork piece, as long as you have the right tools.

c) Lightweight and portable – The acrylic panel used for creating this signage is quite light, almost half of glass panel.

And this is vital because it enables you to merely use it everywhere given that you can easily carry it around and use it just about anywhere.

d) Quiet – This type of signage hardly produces any form of buzzing sound. And this is essential since it gives you peace of mind and averts irritation.

e) Energy-efficient – Ideally, light up acrylic sign often utilizes power sufficiently.

It is bright and provides desirable results, but you’ll come to learn that the bill is usually reasonable, after all.

f) Durability – The materials used for making this type of signage have outstanding strength and resilience.

Therefore, it enables it to withstand different impact and environmental elements, making it quite durable.

g) Safe – It is also safer to use light up acrylic sign because they do not interfere with the environment nor corrode with the elements within.

h) Nostalgic and aesthetic appeal – This type of signage gives a vintage look, which at the same time provides eye-catching signage.

Which Applications best Suit Light up Acrylic Signs?

You can use it in several applications both for a commercial and residential setting.

Some of the specific areas include the following;

  • Boutiques
  • Product display boards
  • Menu boards
  • Office buildings
  • Department stores
  • Bookstores
  • Gas stations
  • Tradeshow exhibits
  • Showrooms
  • Retail stores
  • Coffee shops
  • Automobile bazaars

How does Light-up Acrylic Sign Work?

A light-up acrylic sign contains neon or LED lights, which have tiny amounts of gas under low pressure.

So it happens that electricity offers adequate energy that enables it to strip electrons away hence ionizing them.

It then attracts ions to terminals of the lamp, thus completing an electric circuit.

So the light will be produced when the atoms become excited after gaining energy.

The atom can then return to a relatively low energy state hence releasing light.

It is this light that in turn illuminates the acrylic panel from the edges thus giving you a well lit up acrylic sign.

How do you Diffuse Lights evenly on Light-up Acrylic Sign?

In most instances, you’ll find that LEDs are the types of light sources often used on this type of acrylic signage.

What happens is that they are designed to emit light from a small point evenly in each direction.

So this source of light typically, have a beam angle of 120-140 degrees.

However, 5mm LEDs can have a beam angle that stretches up to 180 degrees.

It thus means that the same amount of light is often emitted over the entire angle of the particular beam.

Even so, the light is shone from a single point of origin of an LED on a flat surface to yield brightest light spot in the middle.

And this leads to uniform light diffusion on light-up acrylic sign.

Is Light up Acrylic Sign Anti-glare?

Light up acrylic sign

Light up acrylic sign

Absolutely 100% yes!

What happens is that this type of signage tends to emit quite a significant amount of light, especially when it is dark.

So the essence is always to ensure that the signage is visible even from a longer distance.

Glares, in most cases, typically hinder better visibility of such signs.

So the anti-glare element is always integrated to help in reducing or eliminating excess and unwanted light emitting from this sign for a better view.

In some instance, the anti-glare comes fully coated with the sign directly from the manufacturer.

However, you can as well choose to apply an anti-glare coating on the surface of this signage depending on how you deem it appropriate.

Are Light up Acrylic Signs Environmentally Friendly?


First off, the primary material for making this signage is an acrylic panel.

Now, acrylic is known for its eco-friendliness since it does not react with any elements within the surrounding.

It also does not corrode, making it environmentally friendly.

Secondly, acrylic is recyclable.

It thus implies that these signs won’t necessarily fill the landfills when disposed of.

And this is fundamental because it helps in conserving the environment.

The fact that they are durable also shows that they won’t be disposed of or often replaced hence lowering cases of environmental degradation.

How much does a Custom Light up Acrylic Sign Cost?

Light up acrylic signage

Light up acrylic signage

Generally, this type of signage is quite affordable, given that most of the material used for making it also come at cheaper costs.

However, it is important to understand that there is no fixed cost for a particular custom light up acrylic sign.

The price often varies based on different factors.

For instance, the level of your customization needs is an important aspect that defines the cost of this type of sign.

The brand is the other factor that creates a variance in the pricing of this component.

Different manufacturers, including WeProFab, often price their custom light up acrylic signs differently.

Again, the dimension, coloring and other add-on factors also determine this type of signage.

Furthermore, if you are importing this signage, the cost will also vary depending on the shipping charges.

What is the Ideal Font to use in Light up Acrylic Sign?

The ideal font type for this signage will depend on your preference and the application.

The fonts are always available in numerous options, thus giving you the liberty to choose what suits your needs.

The most essential thing, in this case, is making sure the supplier you’re choosing can create or work with your preferred font.

How does Custom Light up Acrylic Sign compare with Glass Materials?

Light up acrylic sign is generally stronger than glass materials.

The former is almost 17 times stronger than the latter, which indicates that it has excellent durability.

The other difference is that acrylic can better withstand a wide range of unfavorable conditions than light up glass signs.

For example, acrylic has better resistance to corrosion, impact, UV rays, and extreme temperatures compared to light up glass signs.

Light up acrylic signs has a fair glare, which does not deter the vision, whether in darkness or otherwise.

Light up glass signs, on the other hand, tend to produce a lot of glare, particularly at night hence deterring visibility.

It is comparatively easy to fabricate light up an acrylic sign than it is to fabricate its glass counterpart.

And the essence of this is that it allows you to customize the former to fit your requirements compared to the latter.

Light up acrylic sign is relatively lightweight, almost half the weight of glass.

And this shows why it is easier to handle and install the former compared to the latter.

The light up acrylic signs are comparatively eco-friendly than the glass counterparts.

Glass cannot be recycled, and this creates a hazard, especially in landfills every moment they are disposed of.

And this leads to severe environmental degradation.

Can you use Light up Polycarbonate Sign?

Absolutely yes!

In fact, light up polycarbonate sign is deemed as an ideal substitute for light up acrylic sign.

Polycarbonate is a hardy material, which makes it is suitable for this item since it will be able to resist numerous elements such as impact and temperature.

It is about 200 times stronger than glass.

Secondly, polycarbonate is also lightweight, a bit lighter than acrylic.

And this is vital since it shows that you can easily install it without the need for support.

You can as well easily fabricate light up polycarbonate.

This, of course, gives you an edge when it comes to customization since you will make it suit your specific application requirements.

The other reason why you can use light up polycarbonate sign is that it has excellent dimensional stability.

This aspect is important, especially for outdoor applications, since it makes it possible for the signage to maintain its stature.

What’s more is that light up polycarbonate also has high light-diffusing ability, which a core element in any type of effective signage.

You can clean it easily and maintain it without difficulty.

Are Light up Acrylic Signs safe?

 Acrylic light up signage

Acrylic light up signage

Most definitely!

These signage are designed using acrylic material, which ideally, does not break even when hit. In other words, the surface of this material has excellent resistance to impact.

And should it break, the signage never shatters.

For that reason, it comes out as one of the safest types of signs that you can use even in areas that experience high human traffic.

Another reason is that the LED lighting in this signage also never overheat.

They are low voltage bulbs that only consume energy efficiently, thus preventing them from overheating.

And this is an ideal safety measure since it shows that you can as well use them even where there are kids given that they don’t pose hazardous.

What Design Options can you Choose for Light up Acrylic Sign?

The design options for these items are manifold.

Of course, this is essential because it makes it possible for you to select the design that suits your specific needs.

Some of the available options, especially when you consider buying from WeProFab include the following;

Clear light up acrylic sign – It is the type of acrylic signage that entails an integrated LED light and a graphic on acrylic panel.

It is usually clear, and only the letters, images or graphics come in colors.

Frosted light up acrylic signage – This design is available in a blurred finish, more or less of foggy glass.

This overlay is combined with LED light to produce a quality frosted light up signage.

Engraved light up acrylic signage – It is a lit acrylic panel with etched graphics, letters or image.

Light up acrylic letter sign – It refers to a design that comes with relatively large letters, or symbols organized to create word on acrylic panel.

How can you Fix/Install Light up Acrylic Sign?

Light up acrylic sign installations come in different methods depending on the type of signage that you are fixing.

Some of these methods include the following;

Hanging – It merely involves suspending the light up acrylic sign to dangle on a particular surface.

You can use different items such as threads, or ropes to hang these types of acrylic signage.

It is ideal for relatively small light up acrylic signs since the weight for bigger ones might overwhelm the hanging threads and hence fall.

Hanging acrylic light up sign

Hanging acrylic light up sign

Wall mounting – It is a common technique for installing most of the light up acrylic signs in different applications.

It involves drilling holes on the surface edges of the signage.

These holes are then used for driving the stand-off screw into the wall surface to attach the signage.

Wall mount acrylic light up LED

Wall mount acrylic light up LED

Using adhesive – It is also a typical technique, especially for the small light up acrylic signage often used as decoration.

You’ll find them on office tables, bedrooms and living rooms, among others.

They do not need a sophisticated installation process because they are often for temporary placement.

Are there Light up Acrylic Signs that can Stand up without Mounting?


These usually come with a flat base, mostly made from wood.

In most instances, you’ll find them placed on office tables and bedrooms among other places.

They are often used for decoration or for complementing the environment.

Can you use Light up Acrylic Signs during the Day?


It depends on the type of light up acrylic sign that you are using as well as the design of LED lights you are using.

Colored and multicolored light up acrylic signage is often visible whether in darkness or during the day.

Clear light up acrylic signage can also be used during the day by integrating the LED lighting.

And this would be in a manner that allows the graphics, symbols or letters to remain white when the signage is switched off.

Why should you choose WeProFab’s Customized Light up Acrylic Sign?

When looking for light up acrylic sign, quality is one of the significant elements to always go for.

At WeProFab, high quality is guaranteed at amazingly affordable rates.

WeProFab can also provide customized light up acrylic signs of any quantity within the shortest time possible.

And this is critical, especially if you are looking for a reliable supplier for the massive production of this item.

The other reason is that WeProFab also offers a wide range of design options for your ultimate choice.

This is critical because it makes it possible for you to have different options for your customized acrylic signage.

All the light up acrylic signs manufactured by WeProFab conform to the quality standards stipulated by numerous national and international standards.

Moreover, this supplier offers an amazing warranty on any of the customized light up acrylic sign that you purchase.

WeProFab also ensures delivery of this item upon purchasing.

It doesn’t matter whether you are within China or a different country.

We ship all orders to your specific destination within the shortest time possible.

How do you Maintain Light up Acrylic Sign?

You need to clean the surface of this signage as a way of making it clear all the time.

This way, the signage will be bright and consequently effective in attracting people’s attention.

You also need to ensure that you check the LED bulbs frequently.

Of course, they are durable, but frequent monitoring helps in early detection of the dysfunctional ones for appropriate replacement.

And this significantly helps in increasing the efficiency of this signage.

You can also choose to polish the surface material of the signage.

This is particular when the surface starts dulling or has a few light scratch marks.

Are Light up Acrylic Signs Impact Resistant?


Acrylic is about 17 times stronger than glass.

It can thus withstand any form of impact without necessarily breaking.

Even under intense pressure, this signage can resist impact, and it never shatters.

What is WeProFab’s Turnaround Time for Customized Light up Acrylic Sign?

It is dependent on the nature of customization and the quantity that you require.

In general, though, WeProFab always manufactures and deliver these types of acrylic signage within 3-5 weeks for a normal order.

Nevertheless, you may also consider other option for urgent orders, which might take up to approximately 7 days.

Are there Quality Standards for Light up Acrylic Signs?

Light up acryli sign

Light up acrylic sign

Of course! Production of light up acrylic signs is often guided by specific national and international quality standards.

These standards help in enhancing the safety, efficiency, and functionality of these items in ensuring that you attain best results.

Some of these standards include ISO, UL, CE, RoHS, and ASTM, among others.

Each standard often defines the specific requirements ideal for the signage. And this helps in making sure that quality is enhanced or maintained, thus providing desirable safety and efficiency.

Now, let me hear from you:

Are you looking for high quality light up acrylic sign?

Or, do you want to start an OEM light up acrylic sign business?

Well, WeProFab is here to give you a perfect solution – cost competitive, high quality and stylish light up acrylic sign that will skyrocket your business.

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