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WeProFab fabricated LLDPE Film that is the most variable of the plastic sheeting films. We have plenty of types in our LLDPE Film products like casting, blow molding, water-soluble, transparent LLDPE Film, and much more. Message us now!

Get WeProFab LLDPE Film to Delight Your Customers

Our LLDPE Films are cost-effective and have good transparency. It is very in demand especially in the markets and other business forms.

Blow Molding LLDPE Film

At WeProFab, the blow molding LLDPE Film is ideal for making squeeze bags and other plastic bags. It has a transparent and easily colored, chemically inert, and molder-friendly.

Casting LLDPE Film

Our casting LLDPE Film can be used as rollers during the production procedure to cool the film. It is a perfect product for wrapping since it has a sturdy material.

LLDPE Film Manufacturer

As WeProFab is an entrusted LLDPE film manufacturer in China, we can produce various types of LLDPE films that have plenty of applications. It can be accessible in durable and translucent materials.

Moisture Proof LLDPE Film

Our moisture-proof LLDPE Film is frequently used in the food and nonfood packagings such as wrapping frozen foods, carrier bags, and snacks. It can provide a durable and low-cost.

Transparent LLDPE Film

At WeProFab, the transparent LLDPE Film is very ideal n wrapping because of its flexible and durable material. It is lightweight, inexpensive, high strength, and high translucent.

Water Soluble LLDPE Film

At WeProFab, the water-soluble LLDPE Film is used for packaging detergents, water treatment chemicals, agrochemicals, laundry bag production, disinfectant and dyes, and in embroidery.

WeProFab: Your Leading LLDPE Film Manufacturer

As we provide a one-stop-shop, we can assure the quality of products we have produce. WeProFab is one of an entrusted producer in China and we have fabricated LLDPE Film to suits all your necessities. We have several types of our LLDPE Films such as water-soluble, moisture-proof, transparent, casting, and a lot.

We can guarantee high durability, highly translucent, and inexpensive LLDPE Film products. You can free to pick your desire LLDPE Film like having a jumbo, a black, a mini roll, a manual, and a shrink wrap. As we are ISO 9001 certified, we can guarantee our customers and gain satisfaction with our products since we manage the quality of the products.

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Custom LLDPE Film to Expand Your Business

Jumbo LLDPE Film

We produce jumbo size for your LLDPE Film which has a wide range of usage. It can be affordable and effective for your business.

Manual LLDPE Film

If having a manual option for your LLDPE Film, we can assure the very durable and low-cost product. You can send your plan.

Mini Roll LLDPE Film

WeProFab has many options for mini roll LLDPE films. We can produce a mini roll LDDPE Film that suits your necessity.

Shrink Wrap LLDPE Film

WeProFab shrink wrap LLDPE Film can provide you strength and tough for heavier and larger items. We are able to customize it for you.

Black LLDPE Film

If you want to have a black color for your LLDPE Film, WeProFab can produce the best LLDPE Film for you. It will be perfect fi on your business.

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Why WeProFab LLDPE Film


Regarding plastic selection, polyethylene is the most ideal material in the fabrication of plastic containers, bottles, and bags to plastic toys, and many more.

Since we are exceeding 20years in the industry, we have plenty of fabricated products that are very useful in everyone’s needs, especially for business purposes. WeProFab produces LLDPE Film since it is the most in-demand for thermoplastic materials today.

We have plenty of types in our LLDPE Film that assists your business needs and even for personal use, such as water-soluble LLDPE Film which uses for wrapping of detergents, water treatment chemicals, agrochemicals, and many more.

We also have a moisture-proof LLDPE Film, blow molding LLDPE Film, casting LLDPE Film, transparent LLDPE Film, and more. It can be frequently used in things like food and non-food packaging. It is also used often for package fresh, frozen foods, and baked goods.


Our LLDPE Film has plenty of applications such as for agricultural greenhouse film, multi-layer cast stretch film, lamination packaging film, and medium to heavy-duty bags. It can also be used in pouches, covers, plastic wraps, stretch wrap, buckets, and containers.

WeProFab LLDPE Film is the most versatile of the plastic sheeting films since it is flexible, tensile, has a natural milky color, glassy with high impact durable plastic sheeting films.

WeProFab LLDPE Film is very flexible and cost-effective, because of its lower sealing temperature combined with fine mechanical things big savings in a high-performance formation.


Our LLDPE Film is in demand in several markets because of its wide range of applications. Other markets contain extrusion coatings, injection molding, and wrapping in cables applications. You can choose several types in our LLDPE Film such as jumbo, mini roll, manual, black, and shrink.

At WeProFab, you can pick the right need for your LLDPE Film.

If you have some questions in our LLDPE Film products, do not hesitate to contact us and we are happy to serve you.

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