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WeProFab is one of the professional nameplate manufacturers. We can manufacture machine nameplate, aluminum nameplate, custom acrylic nameplate, PVC nameplate, and another plastic nameplate. Send us your drawing and specifications. You will get an awesome product.

Get WeProFab Machine Nameplate to Delight Your Customers

A professional nameplate manufacturer could improve the taste of your machine. WeProFab is one of the professional nameplate makers who can offer you high-end outstanding machine nameplate to delight your customers.

Name Plate Raw Material

You can choose a suitable raw material for your name plate. The raw material could be aluminum, stainless steel, polycarbonate, acrylic, PVC, or other plastics and metals.

Aluminum Machine Nameplate Anodizing

If you choose an aluminum machine nameplate, we could use anodized aluminum which is more durable. If you choose stainless steel machine nameplate, we could offer brushed stainless steel which looks more gorgeous.

Machine Nameplate Engraving

Engraved aluminum nameplates or stainless steel engraved name plates will offer clear identifiability and great durability under different environment. WeProFab is the right machine name plates manufacturer for you.

Silk Screen Machine Nameplate

WeProFab can silk screen on your machine nameplate, aluminum name plate, stainless steel name plate, acrylic name plate, PVC name plate and other plastic name plate

Machine Nameplate Embossing

An embossed machine nameplate is easier to catch your customers’ attention of your equipment. WeProFab can use two die cuts to raise the text and image of your custom aluminum nameplates, SS nameplate and brass nameplate.

Laser Cut Acrylic Name Plate

In advance, WeProFab can also offer plastic name plate. We can laser cut acrylic name plate, PVC name plate and other engraved plastic name plates.

WeProFab: Your Leading Name Plate Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also a metal fabrication.

WeProFab can make a different kind of equipment nameplates for you. Those nameplates include machine nameplate, aluminum nameplate, stainless steel engraved nameplates, acrylic nameplate, acrylic name board, acrylic door nameplates, PVC nameplate, and other plastic nameplates.

The raw material of your nameplate could be aluminum, stainless steel, brass, acrylic, PVC, other plastics or metals. We will choose suitable manufacturing processes to make your name plate. Those processes include anodizing, engraving, silkscreen, embossing, laser cut, CNC machining, and more.

As an ISO 9001 certificated name plate supplier, WeProFab controls the quality of name plates strictly. We can follow up different standards such as RoHS, REACH, and UL according to your demand.

As one of the professional name plate manufacturers, WeProFab could offer the best machine nameplate to you based on your own application. Our full capacity of plastic fabrication and metal fabrication can give you a one stop solution. So you can focus on how to deliver value to your customers. Send us an inquiry now; we will give you back with a perfect product.

Custom Equipment Nameplates to Skyrocket Your Brand

Aluminum Name Plate

WeProFab anodized aluminum nameplates can help you identify your equipment permanently. WeProFab is one of the aluminum name plate manufacturers who can custom aluminum nameplates with your own design.

Acrylic Name Plate

As an acrylic name plate manufacturer, WeProFab can custom acrylic name plate, acrylic desk name plates, acrylic door name plates, and acrylic name plates for wall according to your drawing.

Stainless Steel Name Plate

WeProFab is a stainless steel name plate manufacturer as well. We can make stainless steel name board, stainless steel name tags and other custom stainless steel name plates.

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Why WeProFab Machine Nameplate

That’s not easy to find a reliable name plate manufacturer with a reasonable price; WeProFab is the right one for you.

A custom design and good looking machine nameplate could offer a great first impression to you customers. WeProFab could support you to custom the design; choose the right raw material and installation method.

WeProFab offers fairly extensive name plate options for different kind of applications. We normally will suggest you to use metal such as aluminum, stainless steel or brass to custom your machine nameplate. You can choose acrylic, PVC or other plastic for general applications.

The name plates could have special surface treatment, suitable pattern, your designed embossing, reliable adhesive or mounting. Our name plates can be used in general equipment manufacturing, mining, construction, electronics, automotive, consumer products and other OEM products.

WeProFab Machine Nameplate (WPFMN) Manufacturing Process:

Machine Nameplate: The Complete FAQ Guide

What is Machine Nameplate?

It refers to a plate or sign which is fixed on a particular thing and bears the name of the owner, maker, occupier as well as the product itself to purposely serve a commercial or informative function.

In most instances, a nameplate is used in numerous types of parts and equipment.

It comes in a wide range of shapes but often, rectangle.

Name plate


What Types of Name Plates are there?

Nameplates are classified according to their applications and areas where they are predominantly used.

Some of the common types of this item include the following;

  • Industrial nameplates: They are those which are put mainly around the industrial facilities, especially for labelling a piece of equipment, as well as particular workpieces.

In some instances, they’re also known as equipment nameplates. Of course, they are made using hardy materials which can withstand the environment.

  • Office nameplates: These refer to the types that are mounted to identify building spaces, or offer instructions or directions to the staff and visitors of the building.

In most instances, they are usually attached on walls or doors of the building.

  • Digital nameplates: It is a type that’s designed to provide information linked to digital tools, including product pages and customer support, among others.

As a user of this type of nameplate, you’ll need to access the information by scanning the nameplate.

These types of nameplates help in enhancing the efficiency of a product without the need for manufacturers to add more information on the nameplate.

  • Graphic overlay nameplates: These refer to the types which feature embossing, transparent window displays as well as selective texturing.

Most users prefer to acquire them to place them over, or overlay, control panels, LEDs, switches or windows.

  • Metal nameplates: Are the types made from a wide range of metallic materials ranging from copper, aluminium, stainless steel, bronze and brass among many more.

Most of these types are designed to adorn a particular aspect outdoors such as statues or building fronts, and equipment among many others.

  • Gold nameplates: These types are regarded as the most expensive in the market owing to the material used for making the same.

In most cases, they are used in institutions and office environments such as cathedrals, display cases, museum doors and highly lucrative businesses’ offices.

  • Wooden nameplates: They are designed from wood and in most instances preferable for hanging on doors, children’s rooms and office desks.

They come in a variety of whimsical shapes such as animals and are regarded as the safest nameplates to have around.

  • Plastic nameplates: These are nameplate made from a wide range of plastic materials.

The most common materials that produce high-end plastic nameplates include polyester, polycarbonate and acrylic, among others.

How do you Manufacture Machine Nameplate?

There are three primary ways of manufacturing a machine nameplate;

  • Etching
  • Engraving
  • Embossing/stamping
  • Photo anodizing

Etching is typical for machine nameplates which have to include colour design.

It is a process which involves removal of chemical elements from a material, especially metals in specific spots hence leading to a sharp-looking design.

The etching and filling process makes it possible for the manufacturer to add color to the text characters once they are marked.

Engraving is also the other process for manufacturing nameplates.

You can engrave these items using two ways which include; laser and mechanical engraving.

Embossing, also known as stamping is preferably for a basic nameplate which has a serialized number on your equipment.

It is also an ideal process for manufacturing machine nameplate that entails plain tags which only marks the name of your company.

This procedure provides a simple but more efficient approach to mark your equipment.

In the process, the embossed characters are often raised while stamped are indented, thus providing two hard-wearing solutions.

Photo anodizing as the process of manufacturing nameplates involves embedding your design in between the layers of anodized aluminum.

This helps in creating a nameplate which is easy to read and exceptionally durable.

This process also allows you to manufacture a nameplate which is resistant to corrosion, weather elements, and scratching, among others.

Additionally, you can use this process to create nameplates of a wide range of designs including standard text, barcodes and logos.

What are Machine Nameplate used for?

 Machine nameplate

 Machine nameplate

It used as a tool for branding, which is essential, especially from a commercial perspective, given that it enhances awareness of the business.

It is used for recording the manufacturer’s technical data of the product to help the users to identify with it.

It is used for providing crucial information regarding the company, which makes it easier for the interested parties to be associated with it.

It is used for identifying the employees’ spaces, particularly in an office environment where they’re mounted on walls or doors.

What are the Key Art Formats for Producing Nameplate?

  • CorelDraw® cdr files
  • Adobe® Illustrator eps
  • High Res PDF (300 dpi)

How do you choose Nameplate Marking Machine?

Here are some of the fundamental elements that you must always consider whenever you’re choosing a nameplate making machine;

Technology – It has revolutionized all industries nowadays, and it is essential to ensure that you go for one that is technological apt.

The importance of this is that it facilitates the efficiency of producing the nameplates irrespective of the design or any other required aspect.

Size – Of course, these machines come in a wide range of sizes.

Therefore, you need to ensure that whatever size you are going for matches your requirements.

User-friendliness – Most of the modern nameplate making machines are somewhat complicated hence require in-depth knowledge to operate.

So it is vital to go for one that you’re sure you can easily and effectively operate.

Features – Most of these machines always come with a myriad of elements, of course as a way of ensuring that they meet the requirements of different clients.

So it would be necessary to ensure that you also choose one with features that fit your needs.

Cost – Well, different nameplate making machines and priced differently depending on numerous factors.

So whenever you’re choosing one, it would be advisable to seek assistance from reputable professionals to assist you in determining what price is worth the machine.

 Name plate marking machine

 Name plate marking machine

What are the Benefits of Machine Nameplates?

  • It is a way of portraying confidence in a product or service.
  • This is in the sense that these items are often appealing to the eyes hence a likely assumption to the potential clients that the product or service is high quality.
  • Installation of these items is relatively easy since you can choose to mount them by fastening, holding with adhesives or still use another object to support them.
  • Nameplates in office environment help in motivating the employees since they feel valued, recognized and appreciated.
  • They increase brand awareness among the targeted clients since they are visually appealing, thus making it easy for the clients to notice.
  • They are relatively durable when attached on a product thus help in providing the needed information for as long as you’d still require it.
  • They are resistant to a wide range of aspects which make it possible for them to be used in numerous environments regardless of elements that might affect the surrounding.

Which Materials are used for making Nameplates?

You can make nameplates from numerous materials, and the predominance of every material tends to vary depending on the industry and application.

But some of the common materials include;

· Plastics

Plastic nameplates come in two materials, polycarbonate and polyester nameplates.

Polycarbonate nameplates ordinarily have high mechanical strength as well as ideal optical clarity.

Thus it’s popular choice particularly for industrial as well as indoor equipment applications.

Polycarbonate nameplate us also lightweight, resistant to abrasion stains, heat, corrosive chemicals and feature dimensional stability.

Polyester nameplate, on the other hand, are suitable for hardy equipment applications, and also appropriate solution for industrial and indoor equipment application.

It has high dimensional stability, versatility, clarity and tensile strength.

Acrylic nameplate is also another type of plastic nameplate that is gaining popularity in the recent past.

It is common for most of the indoor applications, and it’s also resistant to abrasion, heat, scratch, corrosive chemicals and stains.

· Metal Nameplates

This is the other type of nameplates available in the market.

They come in a wide range of materials ranging from aluminum, stainless steel, brass and anodized aluminum among many more.

Most of the metal nameplates are used in various applications, mainly outdoor and industrial equipment.

They also have ideal features such as resistant to climate changes, abrasion, UV, heat and chemical, among others.

They are arguably regarded as economical as far as durability is concerned.

Other materials include;

  • Wooden materials
  • Foils
  • Vinyl

How does Nameplate and Graphics Overlay compare?

Nameplate vs graphics overlay

Nameplate vs graphics overlay

Nameplates are often etched materials which display textual message commonly used in numerous industries.

Once etching of material is done, ink could be added to enhance the legibility of the message.

The material can as well be anodized or screen-printed depending on a number of factors.

Graphic overlay, on the other hand, refers to a top membrane of a product that is purposely for decorative and functional uses.

In other words, it refers to the main surface which the user views when interacting with the product for the first time.

What are the main Features of Machine Nameplate?

  • Designed to display textual message
  • Resistant to chemical attack
  • Available in different color options
  • Durable
  • Resistant to corrosion and abrasion
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures

Which Machine Nameplates do WeProFab manufacture?

  • Acrylic name board
  • Aluminum nameplate
  • PVC nameplate
  • Stainless steel engraved nameplate
  • Acrylic door plates

How does Plastic Machine Nameplate compare to Metal Machine Nameplate?

Plastic machine nameplate is made from a wide range of plastic materials including polyester, polycarbonate and acrylic.

They are relatively durable and resistant to numerous elements such as corrosion, chemical attack as well as extreme temperatures.

Plastic machine nameplates are, in most instances, preferred to indoor and industrial applications.

They have high dimensional stability, lightweight and also provides appropriate optical clarity.

Metal machine nameplate, on the other hand, is made from a variety of metallic materials majorly aluminum, zinc, copper, brass, and bronze among others.

They are generally hardy hence preferred in outdoor and industrial applications.

Metal machine nameplates are also resistant to weather elements, extreme temperatures, corrosion and chemical attacks, among others.

Nonetheless, both plastic and metal nameplates use more or less similar manufacturing process during production including, embossing, engraving, etching and photo anodizing.

Does WeProFab help with Machine Nameplate Design?


In fact, WeProFab offers customized machine nameplate design which makes it easy for you to obtain a product that suits your individual requirements.

WeProFab provides a one-stop solution for plastic and metal nameplate design and fabrication based on your application.

Are there Specific Standards for Machine Nameplate Design?

RoHS – It refers to Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive.

It is a standard that tends to restrict the use of hazardous materials in electronic equipment.

REACH – It is also another standard that regulates the design of machine nameplate.

Ideally, it refers to a set of standards endorsed by CQC, which introduces the fundamental principles of support for living.

Apparently, REACH remains the only standard for which is nationally recognized for underpinning supported living.

UL – It refers to a global safety certification standard that tests and provides guidance on specific substances that meet required standards.

What should you look for when buying Machine Nameplates?

Material – It is always vital to ensure that you look into the material that is used for manufacturing the machine nameplate you’re seeking.

The essence of this is that it enables you to obtain what ideally suits your requirements.

Customization – In some instances, you may decide to pick a generic machine nameplate as long as it serves its purpose.

However, for uniqueness, it is always recommendable to go for a machine nameplate that is customized to meet your requirements such as company name and logo, among others.

Size – This is essential given that the nameplates can ordinarily come in varied sizes depending on the particular application.

For instance, an office nameplate should be relatively smaller than a building nameplate.

Application – the spot you’re going to mount the machine nameplate is also an essential consideration in determining a suitable one.

Some are designed for industrial and outdoor applications, whereas others are designed for indoor applications.

Design – Machine nameplates in most instances come in four designs which include, etching, engraving, stamping and photo anodized.

It is imperative to select a configuration that fits your requirements whenever you are looking for one.

What is Graphic Overlay Nameplate?

Graphic overlay nameplate refers to an item designed from a comparatively hard coated plastic material such as polycarbonate and polyester and features selective texturing, chemical resistance, transparent windows and embossing.

It is also in most cases over some sort of control panels, LEDs windows, switch etc.

What is the Recommended Etching Depth for Nameplates?

The standard etching depths should range from 0.0015 to 0.003 inches.

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