• Medical Device Enclosure

Medical Device Enclosure

Enclosures in the bare minimum must serve their purpose—the standard capacity to value life. Thus, each material to be used should be high quality, tough, and can be adjusted into different feature levels. WeProFab got your back. If you are looking for an excellent manufacturer for your medical device enclosure, you clicked on the right page. Send us your queries now!

Get WeProFab Medical Device Enclosure to Delight Your Customers

We have a wide array of choices waiting for you. The medical enclosures we develop are painstakingly designed to serve the medical features and quality of your client’s needs. Message WeProFab now!

ABS Plastic Medical Device Enclosure

This material went through an ISO quality audit which makes it your next competitive ABS plastic medical device enclosure that will surely meet the requirements of your medical device need.

Control Box Medical Device Enclosure

With its non-corrosive, shockproof, and deformation resistance properties, this control box medical device enclosure is intently made for excellent performance.

Custom Color Medical Device Enclosure

Medical device enclosure that matches the color of your choice. This product is what you have been looking for. We can customize the color you want raging from blue, black, silver, red, etc.

Customized Medical Device Enclosure

Remote and closed-circuit monitoring, or even wireless monitoring our aluminum enclosure is designed to advance the medical device our clients ought to develop.

Plastic Parts Medical Device Enclosure

This plastic part for the medical enclosure is designed to hold high tight pressure. Specifically, injection-molded medical device is an excellent material to develop small medical devices.

Portable Electronic Medical Device Enclosure

Portable enclosures are developed with handles for easier mobility that also fits medical practitioner’s ergonomics. We design and develop portable devices according to your desired features.

WeProFab: Your Leading Medical Device Enclosure Manufacturer

The company’s year of dedication in developing a wide range of materials for industrialization equipped WeProFab to provide quality service that is globally competitive. As an ISO accredited organization, we guarantee materials that lead clientele to reach their goal.

Your needs are our concerns and your ideas are our top priority. WeProFab leads people to bring their plans and aspiration into realization. Our knowledge about all industries locally and internationally ensures that we give research-based and intensively planned product materials. Choose excellence, choose WeProFab!

Custom Medical Device Enclosure to Skyrocket Your Brand

32mm Medical Device Enclosure

We design medical enclosures according to the size you need. Customization includes cutout, laser engrave, colors, and the likes. This one is a 159*99*32 plastic handheld enclosure.

Electronic Medical Device Enclosure

The electronic device shown in the graphic is precisely designed with durability that makes the product ideal for long-lasting medical equipment.

Heavy Gauge Plastic Medical Device Enclosure

This heavy gauge plastic medical enclosure is curated with stylish grey and black polycarbonate materials that warrant a thick surface inside-out.

OEM Plastic Medical Device Enclosure

Product that is accurately developed, this medical equipment shell is the best choice. Customization offers from logo to graphic design. This assures that the product is built for what our customers desire.

Small Device Medical Device Enclosure

Typical features of this product are it is lightweight and is made of fiberglass material. Colors and sizes depend on the clients’ requests.

5 Products Found.

Why WeProFab Medical Device Enclosure

Your clients are our clients and we value them as much as we value you. The materials you need are our top priority. By that our company continues to grow and venture limits and possibilities. WeProFab medical device enclosures are manufactured based on international quality audit as our company is ISO accredited.

We envision meeting the need of your next medical equipment projects with our high-quality medical enclosure devices. We surely love to hear from you!


Here are the medical device enclosure features WeProFab provide:

  • Durability
  • Noncorrosive
  • Ergonomic-wise
  • Protection
  • Aesthetics

Materials that last is the bare minimum quality a product should have. WeProFab products are accurately built to be durable. In a sense, it can repel agents that can cause damage to the material. Moreover, these materials are also noncorrosive. It can endure high and low levels of temperatures that ensure its capacity to stay in shape. Moreso, that these medical devices will be used intensively by the medical personnel day and night.

Today these two features of a medical device enclosure are not enough for a product to be globally competitive. It has to be ergonomically designed to fit the demands of the medical sector. Materials that are efficient are badly needed as they will significantly affect the overall performance of equipment. Hence, WeProFab enables the planning and production team to design projects that should not hinder mobility and access. This should include painstaking and thorough planning. WeProFab already noted that. In other words, designing the materials is the company’s top priority. Significantly, the client’s consideration revolves around the products’ biocompatibility, type of environment the material will face. Medical institutions are investing in materials that are advanced and are excellently manufactured as these companies deal with life. Thus, security is necessary for developing medical device enclosures. One of the things to be considered is, it has a tamper-proof feature.

Since these products will be used in assembling medical equipment, they must be easy to clean. WeProFab knows the industry with its years of experience. Materials that are used in developing products that are used in the medical institution must prevent health-associated infections with the use of materials that are filth-free and can hold strong cleaning chemical agents.

Lastly, WeProFab develops materials that are eye-pleasing. Aesthetics is most likely being taken for granted most of the time, but WeProFab realized that first look leaves the first impression, and impression set the trust the clientele gives to its partner.

Do not hesitate to message us. We love to talk to you about our products. Send your queries now!

Medical Device Enclosure – Your Ultimate FAQs Guide


What is a Medical Device Enclosure?

In the medical industry, medical device enclosures are used.It is completely capable and FDA certified.

It was constructed to combat diseases caused by poor sanitation and more advanced or non-invasive techniques are used.

Medical Enclosures are built with the capability of delivering rigorous features.

Manufacturers who are qualified and experienced are authorized to handle the entire medical enclosures fabrication process.

What are the Applications of a Medical Device Enclosure?

Medical device enclosures can be found in a variety of activities, in fact, in almost all day-to-day activities these days.

Medical enclosures are extremely important in the following areas:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Surgical Uses
  • Other Healthcare Facilities
  • Electro-Medical Equipment
  • MRI Machines
  • Pacemakers
  • Monitoring Systems with Housings
  • Surgical and Medical Instruments
  • Surgical Appliances

What are the Primary Characteristics of a Medical Device Enclosures?

Medical device enclosures come in a variety of characteristics to suit your needs.

They provide a long service life, increased strength, and flexibility for any intentional use.

Design characteristics to consider are as follows:

  1. Appearance Aesthetics
  • A patient’s self-assurance is critical. As a result, a useful-looking medical enclosure can be useful.
  1. Improved UV stability
  • Medical device enclosures have UV stability features that protect against sunlight.
  1. Extreme Flexibility/Strength
  • Medical enclosures are incredibly powerful and of exceptional quality.
  • Their strength allows them to resist harsh environments.
  1. Medical Containment Designs that are user-friendly
  • Medical enclosures are not only comfortable, but they are also easy to use.
  • Because medical equipment is used by patients or physicians/doctors, its ease of use is critical.
  1. Simple Contamination Control Maintenance
  • Medical device enclosures should be extremely easy to clean and sanitize.
  • It’s critical to be safe. This medical device must be child-resistant and secure.


What are the Different Kinds of Standard Medical Enclosures?

  1. PROTEC Medical Device Enclosure for Desktop
  • This enclosure is the most recent design.
  • They are also fire-resistant rated.
  1. Wearable Medical Device Enclosures
  • Protection is provided by the body-case wearable medical enclosure.
  • It is built to fit watch strap and has a digital watch design.
  1. Handheld Medical Device Enclosures
  • The style-case medical enclosures are built to meet the standard for protection.
  • They are versatile enclosures for medical tools and can be managed with a cable remote.
  1. Contoured Medical Device Enclosures
  • These contoured medical enclosures are designed with extreme protection.
  • These are ideal for laboratory and additional medical electronics and can be mounted on a wall or desk.
  • They offer an appealing design and a useful duration in the healthcare industry.
  1. Handheld Medical Device Enclosures
  • These handheld enclosures are designed with security in mind.
  • It has a single grip handle. With this feature, you may be able to make the housing process easier.
  • It can also track bed tenancy without the use of wires.

What Should You Think About When Buying a Medical Device Enclosure?

When considering purchasing a medical enclosure, there are two factors to take into account:

  1. Medical Containment
  • The first consideration is their ability to create compressed tolerances.
  • This ability ensures that each aspect will be used as intended.
  1. The second factor is to select the precise wrap-up for medical enclosures.
  • Choose an exterior finish that will contribute to the strength and durability of the structure.
  • Their aesthetic value in medical enclosures has an impact on a variety of applications.

What Materials Does a Medical Device Enclosure is Made of?

The most common Medical Device Enclosure materials are plastic, and carbon fibers.

The material chosen is determined by the feature of the unit as well as the cost/value advantage.

Smaller enclosures are typically made of plastic, allowing manufacturers to reap the benefits of the plastic’s style options.

Steel is the preferred material for larger enclosures with heavier weight-bearing requirements.

The inside of a plastic enclosure can be coated with metallic shielding materials to provide the required level of protection.

Medical Device Enclosure made of medical plastic enclosures are sometimes available in PC or ABS.

Some are made of hard plastics that are sufficient to protect the items stored inside them.

What are the factors to Consider When Choosing Medical Device Enclosure?

This information can be useful if you are a manufacturer of medical devices such as diagnostic enclosures.

These factors should be highly considered:

  1. Exactness and Consistency
  • The high accuracy of medical enclosure design features must be extremely accurate.
  1. Longevity
  • You should be aware of the enclosure’s maintenance schedule and presumed longevity.
  1. Transportation Range
  • Think about your necessary maximum distance.
  • Use extreme durability sensors to reduce the risk of unanticipated failure during transport.
  1. Workability
  • Always consider the user’s satisfaction and allow for successful serviceability authentication.
  1. Mechanical Security
  • Hazards are probable if the patient or user is frequently exposed to it.
  • These dangers need to be avoided as soon as possible.
  • For mechanical safety, medical enclosures must meet the required standard.
  1. Debris Protection
  • Medical enclosures must be dust-free to avoid damage and destruction.

What are the Advantages and Benefits of a Medical Device Enclosure?

Medical device enclosures are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles.

It can perfectly fit your needs while also saving you money. Here are some of its benefits and advantages:

  • These medical device enclosures have been quality-tested and certificated to ensure peak performance.
  • Impact-resistant which is made of durable plastics like polycarbonate.
  • Highly specialized technologies that allow them to last for a long time.
  • These have tight-fitting lids and unique molded handles for good traction.
  • Durable features at friendly prices
  • Dependable and durable with a variety of purposes ranging from storage to packaging.
  • Attractive appearance; it is also eco-friendly and stylish.
  • It is long-lasting and simple to integrate.
  • Medical enclosures that are protected, creative, and technically advanced.
  • High-quality and unique design elements.
  • It is perfectly suited to your business and personal requirements.
  • It will make reconstruction and preservation easier.
  • It offers high dimensional constancy and is resistant to damages.
  • It is also fire and chemical-resistant.

What are the Design Features of a Medical Device Enclosure?                   

Medical Device Enclosure has numerous design features that will surely meet your requirements like the following:

  1. Safety and Protection
  • This enclosure is highly resistant to hazardous materials and provides safety for thieves.
  1. Visually Appealing
  • Apart from functioning effectively, it is also good looking and has the best aesthetics.
  1. UV Resistant
  • It provides superior resistance to outdoor weathering.
  • This unique protection helps to prevent discoloration of sensitive material.
  1. Ergonomics
  • It makes it comfortable to use and the gentle curves are easier to keep clean.
  1. Toughness
  • It is stronger than expected.
  1. Easy Cleaning for Infection Control
  • This kind of enclosure is easier and simpler to wipe, clean and sterilize.


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