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Medical Goggles

Weprofab is your reliable supplier and manufacturer in China. We have all the best medical googles you’ve been looking for. Weprofab will help you design your own medical goggles by sending us your preferred styles and design. We will give you a stunning product that surely catches attention in the market.

Get WeProFab Medical Goggles to Delight Your Customers

As one of the leading medical goggles supplier and manufacturer in China, WeProFab offers high-quality products at the best prices. Find out the best medical goggles that suit your needs.

Anti-fog Medical Goggles

When looking for a reliable supplier and manufacturer of anti-fog medical goggles, choose WeProFab. We manufacture all kinds of medical goggles to satisfy your needs.

Clear Anti-fog Safety Goggles

As a leading medical goggles manufacturer in China, we offer a range of this product that can be customized to your own technical specifications.

Chemical Resistant Medical Goggles

When in need of chemical resistant medical goggles, trust Weprofab. WeProFab chemical resistant medical goggles is your economical solution.

Anti-Saliva Medical Goggles

Anti-saliva medical goggles are easy to use, lightweight, and easy to maintain. We have a wide range of medical goggles for you to choose from.

Transparent Medical Goggles

As premier manufacturing factory, we have a wide range of excellent quality transparent medical goggles for your needs.

Dual Side Anti-Fog Goggles

Our dual side anti-fog goggles are available in different designs and sizes. We are your professional manufacturer in China that you can rely on.

WeProFab: Your Leading Medical Goggles Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also a metal fabrication.

WeProFab is expert in manufacturing medical goggles for many years. Anti-fog and anti-glare are some performances you could expect.

We produce medical goggles made from the highest-quality material. Weprofab has the capability to make your medical goggles. Rest assured that you will get cost-effective yet premium solutions.

As a leading supplier and manufacturer, we can surely boost your business requirements. In WeProFab, your satisfaction is our goal. We focus to deliver value to our customers.

Send us an inquiry now; we will give you back with a perfect medical goggle for you.

Custom Medical Goggles to Skyrocket Your Brand

Medical Goggles Manufacturer

As one of the leading OEM factory, we can offer you the highest quality medical goggles to suit your requirements. It is light and comfortable to wear.

Anti-Splash Medical Goggles

Weprofab has full capabilities to design new and innovative medical goggles. These can be availed at affordable prices.

Custom Medical Goggles

In WeProFab, we have a huge variety of custom medical goggles. WeProFab is a professional custom medical goggles manufacturer in China you can lean on.

Wrap Around Lens Medical Goggles
Anti-Saliva Medical Goggles
Tinted Lens Medical Goggles
Dust Proof Medical Goggles
Elastic Band Medical Goggles
Lab Test Medical Goggles
Foldable Frame Medical Goggles
Non-Slip Grips Medical Goggles
Scratch Resistant Medical Goggles
Colored Frame Medical Goggles
Chemical Resistant Medical Goggles
Blue Light Blocking Medical Goggles
Anti-Glare Medical Goggles
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Why Weprofab Medical Goggles

If you are in need of medical goggles for your business, then you are in the right place. Weprofab is a professional manufacturer and supplier of medical goggles in China for more than 20 years.

safety goggle for medical use

Weprofab manufacturing factory can supply medical goggles for laboratory use work or for use in the O.R. We can manufacture Weprofab medical goggles in different types, sizes, styles, colors, and designs.

Weprofab is expert in most medical goggles manufacturing. Mainly are dual side anti-fog goggles, transparent medical goggles, anti-fog medical goggles, chemical resistant medical goggles, shatter-resistant medical goggles, and many more.

Supplying medical goggles from Weprofab will surely boom your business. Because our medical goggles have a lot of advantageous features. Your customers will feel comfortable when wearing Weprofab medical goggles. This kind of goggles is what customers most needed.

medical goggle manufacturer

In medical professions, the threat of random airborne particles and fluids is often present. Especially nowadays we are all facing problems with the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why Weprofab manufacturing factory produced eye and face protection for you.

All of our Weprofab medical goggles are lightweight. Most nurses, doctors, hygienists, and dentists prefer to use lightweight medical goggles with wraparound anti-fog lenses. As mention earlier, Weprofab is offering anti-fog medical goggles to fulfill your needs.

Weprofab is the most reliable supplier and manufacturer of medical goggles in China. We can supply the highest quality medical goggles throughout the world.

Since then, most healthcare professionals and other successful industries have relied on us for high-quality medical goggles.

Whether you are in need of medical goggles, or you are a supplier or distributor, Weprofab medical goggles are always the best choice.

Here at Weprofab, you can find protective medical goggles that meet your specific needs. We have a large selection of medical goggles that you can choose from.

Medical safety Goggles china

As a certified manufacturer and supplier, Weprofab is equipped with advanced automatic production lines. We have 10 sets of medical goggles manufacturing line and in-house fabrication factory.

With regard to the quality of medical goggles, Weprofab has passed various certifications such as SGS, ISO 9001, ISO 4001, CE, UL, and many more.

Medical Goggles supplier in china

Aside from medical goggles, we are also offering a sterile mask, medical face mask, protective suit, medical face shield, and many more.

For inquiries, contact our team now!

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Ultimate FAQ Guide To Medical Goggles

Medical goggles are increasing in importance today as they are necessary for healthcare workers in a time of disease outbreak.

In a global pandemic outbreak, there is a shortage of personal protection equipment including PPEs and medical goggles are coming into focus.

Medical Goggles

 Medical Goggles

Medical goggles are cost-effective personal protective equipment (PPE) with high light transmittance and impact resistance standards.

If you have a question about medical goggles, read on.

You will be able to find all that you need to know about medical goggles here.

How Do You Assess Standards And Ratings Of Medical Goggles?

The quality of medical goggles is guaranteed by manufacturers with ISO 9001, SGS, UL, CE, ISO 4001, and other certifications.

Both non-prescription and prescription medical goggles must meet basic and high impact requirements.

Medical Goggles Standards

Medical Goggles Standards

The “drop ball” test is used to check basic impact strength and establish standards.

Here, you drop a one-inch steel ball from a height of 50 inches on to the lens of the medical goggles.

The lens must not crack, break, or chip on impact.

For high-impact or high-velocity testing, you direct a ¼-inch diameter steel ball towards the lens at a speed of 150 feet per second.

When this is done, the lens must not crack, break, chip, or get dislodged from the frame.

The + sign on the lens indicates it is approved for the high-velocity test.

If the lens is photochromatic, you will find a “V” sign on the lens.

If the lens has a special tint, check for the “S” mark.

Medical goggles with non-removable lenses are also marked for meeting basic and high impact standards.

How Do You Decide On Which Medical Goggles To Buy?

Medical Goggles Choices

 Medical Goggles Choices

Polycarbonate is commonly used as lens material for medical goggles.

Though it is half the weight of glass, it has a much higher impact resistance.

Even if you do not require prescription lenses, it is best to purchase custom medical goggles that meet your exact eye-protection requirements.

For the highest impact rating, look for markings like “Z87+” on the frame.

If you must have prescription lenses, consult your doctor, optical store, or custom medical goggles manufacturer with a valid eyeglass prescription.

If you have presbyopia and are over 40, consider a bifocal reading element at the lower end of the lens.

You also get medical goggles that you can wear over your regular spectacles.

Though progressive lenses are costlier, they are easier on the eyes for all distances.

Finally, determine the type of medical use or outdoor conditions before you choose your medical goggles.

Your manufacturer can provide custom goggles with wrap-style frames, lenses with matte, non-shiny, anti-fog, or anti-reflective coatings.

What Are The Different Types Of Medical Goggles?

You can choose between medical goggles with advantageous features, those which are comfortable to wear or fulfill specific medical needs.

· Anti-Fog Medical Goggles

Anti-Fog Medical Goggles

Anti-Fog Medical Goggles

The anti-fog medical goggles come with wrap-around lenses that demonstrate high scratch-resistant properties.

Choose from clear, amber, or grey colored lenses.

Get a clear line of vision with the anti-fog coating on these transparent lenses.

A 360-degree seal design is used to create these dust-proof and comfortable goggles.

The fully-adjustable comfort strap is designed for all head sizes.

Anti-fog splashing technology is used to prevent tiny particles from disturbing your vision.

You can wear the anti-fog medical goggles in hot and humid conditions, in labs and workshops, in rainy or snowy weather.

Customize your goggles with an anti-fog coating that prevent fog buildup by allowing condensed water to flow over the lens as a continuous film that does not affect visibility.

· Clear Anti-Fog Safety Goggles

Clear Anti-Fog Safety Goggles

Clear Anti-Fog Safety Goggles

Your clear anti-fog safety goggles can be customized to meet your technical specifications.

Features like optional elastic strap on a low-profile design, lenses that absorb 99.9% of UV rays, and optional prescription inserts can be included in your clear anti-fog safety goggles.

The anti-fog coating remains effective for at least 20 – 25 washings.

Your supplier can customize medical goggles to meet your specific requirements.

· Chemical-Resistant Medical Goggles

Chemical Resistant Medical Goggles

Chemical-Resistant Medical Goggles

You can use chemical-resistant medical goggles at construction sites, factories, and industries to protect your eyes from harmful chemicals, liquids, and dust particles.

Designed for wide-vision comfort wear, these goggles are made of polycarbonate, are lightweight, and can be worn over some types of prescription glasses.

The chemical-resistant and durable medical goggles have flexible one-piece frames and lenses that offer comfortable yet firm fits.

The strap can be adjusted to suit your head shape, and the scratch-proof coat over the lens allows you a clearer vision.

· Anti-Saliva Medical Goggles

Anti-Saliva Medical Goggles

Anti-Saliva Medical Goggles

The anti-saliva medical goggles are made of environmentally friendly acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) material.

These high-quality medical goggles have anti-droplet, drool-proof, and anti-dust properties that are ideal if you are a medical worker coming in close contact with sick patients.

Comfortable to wear, you can reuse the anti-saliva medical goggles after completing the boiling water disinfection process.

The wide-angle design adjusts to different face shapes and sizes.

They effectively form part of PPEs to protect you from viral diseases like the coronavirus COVID-19.

· Transparent Medical Goggles

Transparent Medical Goggles

Transparent Medical Goggles

You can get excellent quality transparent medical goggles customized to meet your requirements for any work environment.

These goggles are made of transparent polycarbonate material that transmits 100% of the light.

This is an excellent alternative for protective glasses that are worn over existing eyewear.

If you are a medical worker or a person working in new outdoor and indoor conditions, you can wear these free-size goggles directly over your prescription glasses.

· Dual Side Anti-Fog Goggles

Dual Side Anti-Fog Goggles

Dual Side Anti-Fog Goggles

The dual side anti-fog goggles are created with a flexible fit temple design that maximizes clarity and visual comfort.

These anti-fog goggles come with anti-fog seals secured with elastic straps.

Preferred by users who look for anti-fog properties, high impact standards, and 99.9 percent UV protection, you can use dual side anti-fog goggles in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and chemical industries.

· Anti-Splash Medical Goggles

Anti-Splash Medical Goggles

Anti-Splash Medical Goggles

The anti-splash medical goggles are economical and come with anti-fogging and indirect venting options to increase anti-fogging capabilities.

You will find these goggles offer protection against viral droplets, splashed saliva, and other viral attacks.

Lightweight and stylish, you can customize anti-splash medical goggles to absorb 100% ultraviolet light, 100% light transmission, and increased impact protection.

· X-ray Radiation Goggles

X Ray Radiation Goggles

X-ray Radiation Goggles

The X-ray radiation goggles belong to a range of leaded protective eyewear with comfortable wrap-around plastic frames.

These goggles are designed to align with a secure fit around the contours of your face.

High-index lenses are used that allow 20% more visible light as compared to other standards lenses.

Rubber temple and nose pads make sure your eyes are protected at all times when you perform Xray procedures.

You will find that a strap is provided to make adjustments for a firm fit over smaller heads.

· Respiratory Protective Medical Goggles

Respiratory Protective Medical Goggles

Respiratory Protective Medical Goggles

Made of high-quality polycarbonate material, respiratory protective medical goggles are designed to hold air-conditioning valves for respiratory protection.

You can use these medical goggles made of lightweight polymer material in hospitals, labs, and outdoor settings.

Add the increased anti-impact and anti-shatter properties to the mix, and you have a pair of respiratory protective medical goggles that are comfortable and do not increase burden on your nose with the ergonomic nose care design.

· Safety Lab Protective Medical Goggles

Safety Lab Protective Medical Goggles

Safety Lab Protective Medical Goggles

The safety lab protective medical goggles come with small myopia lenses that are directly worn over eye glasses.

Made of environmentally friendly ABS material, these goggles have a generous and beautiful arc mirror surface.

Folding mirror legs and a comfortable nose bridge frame make these medical goggles highly secure with a secure seal.

You can use these goggles with their PPEs to block viruses, protect against saliva and droplets.

· OEM High-Quality Medical Goggles

OEM High-Quality Medical Goggles

OEM High-Quality Medical Goggles

The OEM high-quality medical goggles are custom-made to your requirements.

You can get medical goggles in different sizes, designs, types, styles, and colors.

You can get transparent, shatter-resistant, chemical-resistant and anti-fog medical goggles all at one location.

With the invasion of the COVID-19 virus, manufacturers have developed enhanced capabilities to fulfill large orders worldwide under tight schedules.

· Autoclavable Safety Medical Goggles

Autoclavable Safety Medical Goggles

Autoclavable Safety Medical Goggles

The autoclavable safety medical goggles are made of special materials that make them safe for autoclaving or sterilizing with high-pressure steam.

You can perform the autoclaving process at 121 degrees Celsius without melting these medical goggles.

They adjust immediately to any face shape and come with anti-fog coating that does not affect the large field of vision.

· Ultrasonic CR Medical Goggles

Ultrasonic CR Medical Goggles

 Ultrasonic CR Medical Goggles

The ultrasonic CR medical goggles offer you full vision and a non-irritable wearing atmosphere with indirect ventilation.

The full line of vision means you can work safely in any workplace that requires a clear view of everything around.

Suitable for cleanroom use, the ultrasonic CR medical goggles can be autoclaved at 121 degrees Celsius.

Use the soft silicone strap to adjust these safety goggles to satisfy your individual needs.

· Disposable Sterile Medical Goggles

Disposable Sterile Medical Goggles

Disposable Sterile Medical Goggles

The disposable single-use sterile medical goggles are part of PPE gear.

These are completely closed full vision safety goggles.

They protect you from liquids, grit, and mechanical risks.

You can use wear these goggles over your prescription spectacles and in conjunction with respiratory masks without affecting your vision.

They are soft and exceptionally comfortable with an adjustable headband.

Additional anti-fogging and side protection properties make these medical goggles suitable for use in cleanrooms.

· Gas Tight Safety Medical Goggles

Gas Tight Safety Medical Goggles

Gas Tight Safety Medical Goggles

The gas-tight safety medical goggles meet international standards for PPEs against infection.

While other medical goggles have vents to increase ventilation, these goggles are completely airtight.

It protects you from gases released at room temperature from chemical substances.

You can use these medical goggles to handle hazardous biological substances and protect yourself from viral attacks like the Ebola outbreak.

· 3D Printed Medical Goggles

3D Printed Medical Goggles

3D Printed Medical Goggles

The 3D printed medical goggles were designed specifically to combat the coronavirus.

The main medical goggle frames are made of plastic material that are durable and offer good strength.

You will find that sealing rings have excellent elongation and flexibility and provide better sealing capacities when compared to traditional polycarbonate material.

You can get lenses made of acrylic coated with anti-fog coats.

These 3D printed medical goggles are disinfected under high heat, UV light, and pressure.

You can watch this video to see how medical goggles are being 3D printed to help ease the medical goggles shortage.

How Do You Wear Medical Goggles For Protection?

Use medical goggles to protect your eye mucosa from exposure to the coronavirus or other diseases.

These goggles must fit your facial features and must be compatible with the respirator you choose as part of your PPE kit.

Wear your filtering facepiece respirator (FFP) first to achieve a firm and comfortable fit with the help of the metal nose clip.

Once you have a close fit over your nose, put on your medical goggles to protect your eye.

Place the goggles over the FFP respirator mask’s straps and adjust the fit by positioning the textile elastic straps fitted to your goggles.

If you use medical goggles with temples, make sure they fit well and are in the right position.

To remove your medical goggles, remove the medical goggles only after you have removed your PPE gown.

Discard the single-use goggles or place the reusable medical goggles in a container or bag for disinfection.

Place your finger under the textile elastic strap at the back of your head.

Hold the front part of the goggles at the sides while you slowly pull the stretched elastic strap over your head.

If you have worn medical goggles with temples, pull the goggles with your forefinger and thumb on both sides and remove from over your head.

This video shows you how to doff and clean medical goggles before and after wearing them.

How Do You Maintain Your Reusable Medical Goggles?

Check your reusable medical goggles daily.

Replace torn, worn out, twisted or knotted goggle straps.

If your medical goggles fogs quite easily, use a defogging solution to clean the lens.

If the lens is scratched or pitted making it difficult to see through, replace your medical goggles.

The right medical goggles will offer the best protection against all possible viral and physical hazards.

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