• Medical Safety Box

Medical Safety Box

As the premier medical safety box supplier and manufacturer, Weprofab can help you get the right product to fit your needs. We could produce the 100% tested and guaranteed products to showcase your brand. Contact us today!

Get WeProFab Medical Safety Box to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab medical safety box come from assorted types, sizes, and specifications that suit your budget and will boom your business.

5L Medical safety box

Weprofab 5L medical safety box has very good performance. This is leak-resistant, puncture resistant, and durable for any uses.

Cardboard Medical safety box

Weprofab supplies cardboard medical safety box that meet the international requirements adn standards. Both useful in home and hospitals.

Disposable Medical safety box

Weprofab offer disposable medical safety box that is easy to use and powerful. As a professional manufacturer, we can supply the solution you require.

Medical Safety needle box

This medical safety needle box is used during the handling, storage, installation, and transport of medical items to be disposed or store.

Medical Sharp Container safety box

Weprofab medical sharp container safety box can be manufacture based on your specifications. Specify your design and send them to us.

Plastic Medical safety box

At Weprofab, you will get an excellent plastic medical safety box at a very competitive cost. It has good performance as a storage keeper of medical items including needles used for injections.

WeProFab: Your Leading Medical Safety Box Manufacturer

WeProFab can help your business grow through our high-quality medical safety boxes created by our professional engineers and well-trained designers. We can be able to supply products that is based from our customer`s specifications.

We could even offer you a one-stop solution for your needs, whether you are an ODM or OEM clients. We make sure you will get 100 percent durable and quality guaranteed medical safety box.

At Weprofab, we always make sure to manufacture products that are convenient and very reliable to use. You will surely experience a hassle-free shopping transaction with us. Allow us to guide you!

Custom Medical Safety Box to Skyrocket Your Brand

7L Medical safety box

Weprofab can customize 7L medical safety box according to your required parameters and features. You can even ask to print your own logo here.

Biohazardous Medical Safety box

Weprofab manufactures biohazardous medical safety box that conforms with the international performance standards.


Househould Medicine Safety box

The Household medicine safety box made by Weprofab are designed to meet your needs. You can choose designs from our wide collections.

Hospital Medical Safety box

Looking for a hospital medical safety box for hospital use? Weprofab got you covered! We have range of options available for competitive prices.

Medical Safety box with keys

This very lightweight medical safety box with keys is more prefer by most of our clients. Other designs are offered the same price to fit your budget.

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Why WeProFab Medical Safety Box

Medical Safety Box

Weprofab is a professional distributor and manufacturer of medical safety boxes. We offer the widest range of products that are suitable for home and hospital uses. All the products conformed to the safety standards for your satisfaction. If you are looking for a compact device to store your medical supplies, Weprofab medical safety boxes are your best choice.

Weprofab Medical safety boxes, also called strong sharps are constructed from plastic materials or cardboard materials. It is one-piece and flat-packed with a handle and aperture.

The intended use of our medical safety box is to efficiently and safely contain and transport safe recycling or disposal, and store used sharps injection equipment. These usually have locks and keys for safety purposes. Safety carried with only one hand during transfer to the disposal area.

Plastic Medical safety box

However, our version of the medical safety box comes from different colors, sizes, and strengths. It is available with an unbleached sulfate board medical safety box, yellow medical safety box, and non-chlorine bleached white medical safety box. The fill line on the box is also available in red or black, all are clearly marked on the vertical faces of the box.

Our unique medical safety box remained functional when used. It has features such as leak-resistant, durable, closable, and puncture-resistant under stress and normal use during the handling, storage, installation, and transport of medical items to be disposed or stored. Weprofab ensured to use of high-quality materials that resistant to tearing, laceration, abrasion, and degradation.

Medical Safety Box

Weprofab manufactured medical safety box for other companies that wish to boom their brands and to showcase their products. We can help you together with our professional engineers. We can be able to supply products that are based on our customer`s specifications.

Aside from its world-class performance, our medical safety box also exceeds the international performance standards. We always make sure to manufacture products that are convenient and very reliable to use.

The performance and quality of our products are 100% tested and guaranteed. One of our goals is to satisfy each of our clients from around the world. So what are you waiting for? Weprofab is perfect to be your partner for your business.

Contact us now for your tons of orders. We will deliver the right products to boom your business!

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