• Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse

We are a leading producer and supplier of mini polycarbonate greenhouse in China. We have a lot of expertise dealing with huge or mass transactions for businesses all around the world. Weprofab specializes in various types of greenhouse, particularly mini polycarbonate greenhouse. At Weprofab, you’ll find some of the most outstanding mini polycarbonate greenhouse pricing and offers. You can save a considerable amount of money and also energy. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away!

Get WeProFab Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse to Help You Grow Your Business

At WeProFab, you can get numerous mini polycarbonate greenhouse alternatives. We offer you cost-effective items and services that will surely meet the needs of your customers. We can assist your company in expanding by delivering high-quality solutions that will have a beneficial impact on your clients. You can give us your information and inquiries, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Aluminium 6mm Polycarbonate Greenhouses

It features an eco-friendly, easy to assemble, sustainable, and more. It has a rain gutter to channel water for irrigation.

Garden Polycarbonate Flower Greenhouse

You can use this for an extended time, and it’s easy to install; you can install this on your own.

Aluminum Frame House Greenhouse

We provide this with up-to-date equipment and machinery to make it as you expect it to be. We assure you that the quality of the product can achieve the CE and ISO certificates.

Polycarbonate Plastic Sheeting Greenhouse

Weprofab has years of experience, and our professional sales personnel can guarantee complimentary services for our clients. 

Metal Aluminium Greenhouse

It’s a rodent-proof, waterproof, and eco-friendly product, and it’s available in several colors like silver, green, grey, and more.

Low Cost Frame Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Its base is galvanized steel sheet, and the metal type that we use is aluminum. It has a double sliding door, and for excellent ventilation, it has a two/four roof window.

WeProFab: Your Trusted Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse Manufacturer

The mini polycarbonate greenhouses from Weprofab are producing with high-quality materials. For several years, Weprofab has been a prominent manufacturer of mini polycarbonate greenhouses in China. Produce a wide range of mini polycarbonate greenhouse designs, colors, and other alternatives.

Weprofab is an organization you can depend on when it comes to producing mini polycarbonate greenhouses. We pledge to manufacture, design, and develop mini polycarbonate greenhouses for your indoor gardening. You may purchase certified products at meager prices, allowing you to save funds.

Custom Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse to Boost Your Brand

Single Span Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Its color is customizable, and it’s easy to install, eco-friendly, waterproof, and has rodent proof.

Gardens Mini Greenhouse

It’s very convenient to use, has a straightforward design, and can also be DIY with anything.

Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse

Its color is customizable, and we also accept OEM services for our clients and the material we use is natural wood.

4 Lid Polycarbonate Mini Garden Greenhouse

It’s a UV-resistant product, sustainable, easy to install, and eco-friendly. It also features a waterproof floor.

Indoor Small Plastic Greenhouses

The clients customize its material, sizes, type, color, and logo. It’s perfect for you who loves flower, vegetables, and plants.

Clear Polycarbonate Garden Greenhouse

Weprofab has many years of experience in manufacturing greenhouses, and we also use advanced equipment and machinery for our products.

Mini Aluminum Polycarbonate Greenhouse

It features fire resistance, is sustainable, lightweight, and easy to process. It can work under pressure like snow.

Unbreakable Polycarbonate Greenhouses

It has four adjustable rain gutters and roof vents; has extra-wide double doors. It’s also rust-resistant.

Family Garden Polycarbonate Greenhouses

Its an unbreakable, high-impact resistant, and flexible. It can withstand extreme weather climates for several years.

Mini Solid Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Mini solid polycarbonate greenhouses are easy to assemble and have waterproof properties. They have about 1.2mm to 1.5mm PC coated frame thicknesses. Door designs, including sliding, are available. Specifications are open for customization.

All-Seasoned Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse

All-seasoned mini polycarbonate greenhouses can withstand weather changes. They have powder-coated frame finishing to prevent corrosion. These mini-greenhouses are suitable for outdoor, indoor, or patio spaces. They are available in various dimensions based on customers’ desires.

Outdoor Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse

The outdoor mini-polycarbonate greenhouses are the best protection for plants. They are supported with meta or aluminum frames with ease of assembling. These mini-greenhouses have double-layer that makes them more durable and endure temperature changes.

Renewable Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Renewable mini polycarbonate greenhouses come with powder-coated aluminum frames. They have renewable sources, water resistance, and are environmentally friendly features. Using the provided manuals, they are easy to install and assemble.

Mini Twin Wall Polycarbonate Greenhouse

The mini twin wall polycarbonate greenhouses have customizable sizes and covers’ thicknesses. Using twin wall polycarbonate sheets makes them unbreakable and resists high impacts. They perform excellent thermal insulation and protect the plants from harmful UV rays.

Mini Polycarbonate Ventilation Greenhouse

Mini polycarbonate greenhouses with roofing ventilation provide even plants’ air and sunlight needs. They are designed with a single door with aluminum alloy frames. Their cover and frame colors are available in different color options.

Commercial Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Commercial mini polycarbonate greenhouses have sides’ ventilation design. They are perfect greenhouses for growing fruits, vegetables, or flowers. These garden houses are easy to install, convenient, durable, and last for a long time without yellowing.

Mini Polycarbonate Tunnel Greenhouse

The mini polycarbonate tunnel greenhouses come with stable and easy assemble structures. Customizable dimensions and cover colors are available. They have galvanized frames to prevent corrosion and rust, making them extend service time. 

Walk-In Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse

The walk-in mini polycarbonate greenhouses are sustainable, rot, rodent-proof, and eco-friendly. Depending on customers’ choices, polycarbonate sheets with about 4mm to 12mm thickness are utilized. Their internal roof provides good warm and water discharge abilities.

Single-Layer Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Single-layered mini polycarbonate greenhouses indeed extend the growing season of the plants. Installing mini conservatories made from single-layered polycarbonate improves pest control and regulates temperature. They are more convenient and maximize productivity.

Domestic Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Domestic mini polycarbonate greenhouses have about 6mm to 8mm or customized thicknesses. They have hot-dip galvanized steel pipe structures and fully equipped fittings for stable installation. These mini polycarbonate greenhouses also have a customizable span.

Backyard Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse

The mini polycarbonate greenhouses for backyards have compact, waterproof, affordable, and convenient advantages. They have smooth sliding doors with an adjustable window ventilation design. Frame and solid polycarbonate color options are available.

Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kits with Pots

Mini polycarbonate greenhouse kits with pots have wood structures, making them easy to handle and move to other places. They are suitable for potted flowers, herbs, and vegetables outdoors, indoor, or in patio spaces. 

UV-Resistant Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse

The UV-resistant mini polycarbonate greenhouses are ideal plant protection from insects. They also feature anti-freeze, waterproof, and ultraviolet resistance. Adding connectors can also enhance stability that helps the greenhouse withstand heavy air pressure.

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Why WeProFab Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Weprofab is China’s leading mini polycarbonate greenhouse manufacturer. Weprofab can fulfill your desires by supplying a high-class and internally certified mini polycarbonate greenhouse. Weprofab years of experience have established its worth.

As a professional manufacturer, we provide a wide variety of mini polycarbonate greenhouses to your mini garden for your selection. Weprofab is a producer, fabricator, and designer of durable mini polycarbonate greenhouse in China. Weprofab is an expert producer of any form of greenhouse product.

Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse Advantages:

  • Gardening has the potential to become a passion.
  • In the long term, you’ll save hundreds of cash.
  • Year-Round Stress Reduction
  • Garden that is both usable and adaptable
  • Gardening in an Eco-Friendly Way
  • Pests are less of a problem.
  • Crops that are free of pesticides should be grown.
  • Boost Your Productivity
  • You Can Produce Your Organic Food
  • Expand your horizons.
  • There’s No Need to Worry About the Weather
  • Increased Growing Season

We can provide a mini polycarbonate greenhouse according to your demands from various styles, sizes, shapes, and more alternatives. Weprofab is an excellent desire if you are searching for an outstanding mini polycarbonate greenhouse provider and manufacturer. Mini polycarbonate greenhouse has unique capabilities that may meet your particular necessity. 

Weprofab mini polycarbonate greenhouse merchandise is with the maximum long-lasting polycarbonate materials. They are available in specific colors, sizes, and capabilities relying upon the customer’s requirements. In addition, we additionally have very competent personnel in the organization who are doing the most stunning products.

Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse

WeProFab can guarantee your fulfillment and also assist you in attracting the interest of your business. Weprofab is a professional company with the capacity to assure and manage strict manufacturing standards. 

This mini polycarbonate greenhouse results from extensive studies to guarantee that the same operation conditions produce the same output every time. This material is quite adaptable.

Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse

We have a considerable supply of mini polycarbonate greenhouses, and we assist our customers from various companies in making the best use of these products. We are passionate about our products, and we strive to produce and introduce new supplies due to this commitment.

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible! For additional information, particularly regarding the mini polycarbonate greenhouses, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away!

What is Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse?

Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse

A mini polycarbonate greenhouse is the best choice for having a small garden on your balcony, patio, etc.

They are designed to grow a different variety of homegrown plants.

It is perfect in most home and apartment gardens.

What Can You Grow in a Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse?

In a mini polycarbonate greenhouse, most plants grow herbs and spices.

What are the Sizes of a Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse?

The mini polycarbonate greenhouses are available in:

S6 size 

This size is the smallest, with a height of 90cm, 65cm width, and 50cm depth.

S10 size 

It is usually placed on the balcony or patio.

The S10 size has 150cm height, 65cm width, and 50cm depth

S14 size 

The S14 size was placed under the window or shed.

Measures 90cm height, 125cm width, and 50cm depth.

S24 size

This mini greenhouse is placed in the back garden or the yard.

The size are 150cm height, 120cm width and 50cm depth.

What are the Advantages of Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouses?

Mini greenhouses made with polycarbonate have a lot of advantages, including:

  • Strength

Polycarbonate-made mini-greenhouses are unbreakable. 

Polycarbonate features make them endure massive force and impact.

  • Light transmission

Mini polycarbonate greenhouses block Ultraviolet rays.

It transmits light about 88% that is ideal for growing plants.

  • Heat Reservation

Choosing polycarbonate-made mini-greenhouses retains heat.

A 3 or 4mm polycarbonate sheet is the ideal thickness to achieve the best heat reservation.

  • High-Durability

Mini polycarbonate greenhouses endure harsh weather conditions.

Polycarbonate-made mini-greenhouses will never discolor for many years.

  • Great Maintenance

Mini polycarbonate greenhouse is easy to clean.

  • Extends Growing Season

The mini polycarbonate greenhouse offers long-term growing plants and vegetables.

The light spreads evenly all over the building.

  • Shapes and Size Availability

The polycarbonate-made mini-greenhouses are easy to find.

There are numerous mini polycarbonate greenhouses styles and sizes available.

  • Easy to Install

Installing a mini polycarbonate greenhouse doesn’t require experts.

Unlike glasses, they can be assembled quickly.

  • Cost-Effective

The polycarbonate-made mini-greenhouses are more cost-effective than glasses.

  • Customizable Frame

The mini polycarbonate greenhouse is commonly made up of woods.

You can paint or design what you want for your mini greenhouses frames.

What are the Disadvantages of Polycarbonate-Made Mini-Greenhouses?

There are also some disadvantages of mini polycarbonate greenhouses, which includes:

  • Easy to Scratch

Abrasive materials are not suggested to use for cleaning.

Be careful also with your gardening tools; it can cause scratches.

  • Accumulates Dust

Polycarbonate-made mini-greenhouses accumulate dust.

Dust gathering affects its light transmission.

It is recommended not to skip weekly cleaning.

  • Growth of Algae

Skipping weekly cleaning causes algae to develop.

It formed stains inside and outside of the greenhouse.

  • Condensation

Condensation quickly develops between mini polycarbonate greenhouse layers.

This disadvantage reduces light transmission and increased algae development.

How to Maintain the Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse?

Mini Polycarbonate greenhouse

Cleaning Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse with Mild Solution

Use 100% cotton cloth fiber and warm soapy water.

Wash it with a mild solution, rinse and dry using a soft cloth.

Do not use solvent as a cleaner.

Drying mini polycarbonate greenhouse instantly prevents water spots.

What are the Things to Consider When Purchasing Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouses? 

There are things you’ll have to consider when buying mini polycarbonate greenhouses.

Size – always purchase the most suitable size of mini polycarbonate greenhouse for your specific applications.

Framework – Make sure of choosing well-manufactured frames.

It may be made up of well-seasoned wood or aluminum.

Glazing – Polycarbonate material for mini-greenhouses provides inflexibility.

You cannot easily view insides polycarbonate greenhouse than of glass-made one.

Airing – Ensure proper plants ventilation, especially during summer seasons.

Open front doors, top opened, and lift top are risky.

Roof lights and sliding door models are great choices.

Flexibility – Avoid designs with no shelving and fixed shelves.

Your plants may grow out during seasons.

What are the Types of Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse?

Below are some types of mini polycarbonate greenhouses.

Lean-to Mini Polycarbonate Greenhouse

  • Lean-to Mini Greenhouse

This mini greenhouse is also familiar as a “wall’.

It designs with the structure to stand.

  • Ridge and Furrow Mini Greenhouse

This mini polycarbonate greenhouse connects to the gutter.

Commonly applicable for commercial growing.

  • Detach Mini Greenhouse

A type of mini polycarbonate greenhouse that stands alone.

However, these types are also available in metal or wood material mini-greenhouses.


Considering the reliable source of a product will help you to choose the right product.

The mini polycarbonate greenhouse is ideal for a home garden house area.

Its quality and capability are perfect for plant lovers.

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