Non Glare Acrylic

WeProFab is a professional non glare acrylic manufacturer in China. We have full capabilities to manufacture different kind of non-glare acrylic to fulfill your demand. Just send us your design drawing or specifications. We are going to make it perfect for you.

Use Non Glare Acrylic to Delight Your Customers

Design your product with our non-glare acrylic; we will make it outstanding to offer your customer a better experience.

Extruded Non Glare Acrylic Sheet

It is made from a special design extrusion mold. We can custom thickness and size with MOQ according to your demand.

Coated Anti-glare Acrylic Sheet

It is made from a special coating technology. We can adjust the haze rate base on your different applications.

Non Glare Acrylic Cut to Size

We can cut to size for your non glare acrylic sheet. We have capabilities on laser cut, CNC cutting, shearing.

Non Glare Acrylic Polishing

We can polish the edge of your anti-reflective and anti-glare acrylic sheet. It could be cold polishing or heating polishing.

Silk Screen on Non Glare Acrylic

We can silk screen, print or paint on your anti-glare acrylic sheet. It could be one color or complex vivid colors.

Non Glare Acrylic Assembly

We can do final assembly for you. It’s easy for us to get other accessories and offer one stop solution to you.

WeProFab: Your Leading Non Glare Acrylic Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you one-stop solution for plastic fabrication.

WeProFab non glare acrylic also names anti-glare acrylic, anti-reflective acrylic, or non-glare plexiglass. It’s a perfect substitution for non-glare glass. WeProFab non glare acrylic has equivalent optical clarity with glass. And it is safer, lighter weight, more shatter-resistant and easier to handle and install.

WeProFab non glare acrylic sheet could be made from two technologies, extruded non glare acrylic sheet and coated anti-glare acrylic sheet. We also have other plastic fabrication technologies: acrylic cut to size, acrylic polishing, acrylic bonding, screen printing on acrylic and assembly.

As one of the professional acrylic parts manufacturers, WeProFab could offer a best non glare acrylic product according to your own application. Our full capacity for plastic fabrication can give you a one stop solution. So you can focus on how to deliver value to your customers. Send us an inquiry now; we will give you something different.

Custom Non Glare Acrylic to Skyrocket Your Brand

Non Glare Acrylic for Framing

Your customers could be frustrated with glare and reflection, when they visit your show for artwork, photographs or prints. WeProFab can cut our non-glare acrylic sheet and replace your clear acrylic sheet or glass directly.

Non Glare Acrylic for Sign and Signage

You customers will miss valuable information if your sign and signage have glare. Design WeProFab non-glare acrylic in your sign. We can help you to grab your customers’ attention back.

Non Glare Acrylic for Screen Window

If you customers care about the reflection or glare on your product’s screen, don’t hesitate to replace your screen window with WeProFab non-glare acrylic or non-glare polycarbonate. We also have anti-glare film for your exist products.

Non-Glare Extruded Acrylic

Non-glare extruded acrylic provides superior endurance under continuous exposure to rain, sun, and wind and a solid hard surface that does not create sharp pieces even when broken. Additionally, it is highly recommended to use specific applications with an excessive lighting degree that results in reflection distractions. 

Non-Glare Clear Acrylic

A non-glare clear acrylic has dominant transparency and clarity—suitable for photo framing, covers, displays, panels, protectors, etc. However, if your high volume of projects requires exceeding levels of optical clarity, then the non-glare clear acrylic from WeProFab is the perfect one you can purchase. 

Non-Glare Frosted Acrylic

The non-glare frosted acrylic is 100% environmentally-friendly, toxic-free, and safe. Available with comprehensive and various properties, including sheet measurements and colors. 

Colored Non-Glare Acrylic

Colored non-glare acrylic is specialized by having a high versatility of colors: High-strength and the sturdiest materials to use in different industrial applications.  

Custom Non-Glare Eyelash Tile Acrylic

Custom non-glare eyelash tile acrylic is perfectly suiting for outdoor use. Inflated in chemical stability, weather protection, and sustainability. 

Non-Glare Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet

A high-quality non-glare acrylic plexiglass sheet is perfect for industrial, building, medical, traffic, advertisement, lightning applications, etc. 

Non-Glare Acrylic Sheet

The non-glare acrylic sheet offers non-glare surfaces that can be silk-screened or painted. Also, it is lightweight can be constantly and simply fabricated into different products. 

Flexible Non-Glare Acrylic

The flexible non-glare acrylic is available in 100+ unfaded colors, which can last long after even years of use—scatter-free sheet, easy to polish, and clean. 

Ultra-Thin Non-Glare Acrylic

Ultra-thin non-glare acrylic is designed to lessen glare and light reflection from most viewing angles. Highly available in various sheet dimensions and thicknesses. 

Non-Glare Extension Acrylic

The non-glare extension acrylic is usually used for museums and galley galleries in displaying photographs, paintings, prints, artworks, carving, etc.

Non-Glare Acrylic Screen Advertisement

The non-glare acrylic screen advertisement features adjustable transmittance and congruent light spreading, making it ideal for any ad. 

Non-Glare Plastic Visor Acrylic

A non-glare plastic visor acrylic is available in custom cut options and sheet dimensions. An out-of-ordinary sheet that has surface pollution and scratch shield.

Acrylic Non-Glare Grade Frame

Acrylic non-glare grade frame catches state-of-the-art displays, covers, and framings—bearing with excellent optical and visual properties. 

Anti-UV Non-Glare Acrylic

Excellent quality anti-UV non-glare acrylic is reliable for long-term use. Glossy, luminous transmittance, poisonous-free, and ensured chemical stability. 

Glossy Formed Non-Glare Acrylic

Glossy formed non-glare acrylic features with firm hardness surfaces. Customization of sizes, thickness, and patterns are avaible for specific applications like ads, lightning, or signages.

Non-Glare Acrylic Signage Frame

The non-glare acrylic signage frame is lightweight and rigid. Moreover, it also has a higher impact resistance differentiating from glass.

Anti-Reflective Non-Glare Acrylic

Enduring anti-reflective non-glare acrylic is innovatively manufactured, making it flexible for industrial, commercial, residential, and professional uses. 

Extruded Non-Glare Frosted Matte Acrylic

The extruded non-glare frosted matter acrylic is easy to assembly and creates different color combinations. Durable enough to resist for both interior and exterior use.

Non-Glare Sound Barrier Acrylic

Non-glare sound barrier acrylic acquired extensive thickness, hardness, and durability—a perfect option to minimize noise, sound, and controllability. 

Flexible Anti-Static Non-Glare Acrylic

The flexible anti-static non-glare acrylic has superb static protection. Depending upon your request, it is available in various sheet dimensions, patterns, and thicknesses. 

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Why WeProFab Non Glare Acrylic

When you arrange to display artwork, prints or photos in an artwork gallery or a museum, the light glare and reflection on the surface framing glass or acrylic will definitely destroy the experience of visitors. WeProFab non glare acrylic can help you to eliminate those glare and reflection. All visitors could focus on your products from most viewing angles. WeProFab could cut the non-glare acrylic sheet into your required size. So you can directly replace your clear one.

When you design a sign or signage, tend to deliver your valuable information to your customers, drive than to buy your products. Unfortunately, the sunlight reflection blocks the valuable information, your customers become passengers. WeProFab non glare acrylic could grab your customers’ eyes back by eliminating glare and reflection. We could directly silk screen or printing on the back of our non-glare acrylic sheet base on your drawing.

In advance, you can decide to silkscreen or paint on your non glare acrylic sheet to use in different applications. They could be non-glare acrylic for framing of pictures, artwork, prints; different kind of signs or signage; nameplates; screen protectors; device windows; etc.

WeProFab Non Glare Acrylic (WPFNGA) Manufacturing Process:

Non-Glare Acrylic: A Complete FAQ Guide

What is Non-Glare Acrylic?

It refers to a material that is derived from acrylic acid and related compounds designed for reducing glare and reflection from all probable viewing angles and has a matte finish.

It has some of the ideal features, such as shatter-resistant, easy to fabricate, and lightweight making it popular in a wide range of applications.

Non glare acrylic

Non glare acrylic

How does Non-Glare Acrylic compare to Non-Glare Glass?

Strength-wise, a .125” thickness of non-glare acrylic material tends to be about two or three times stronger than non-glare glass.

A .25” non-glare sheet is about 9 to 10 times stronger than non-glare glass.

Non-acrylic is also more than twice resistant to impact compared to non-glare plastic.

In general, non-glare acrylic material is relatively lightweight, more impact resistant, easier to fabricate, and much stronger than non-glare glass.

What are the Advantages of Non-Glare Acrylic?

Easy to fabricate – this material becomes malleable when subjected to high temperatures, which makes it possible for you to mold it into several shapes.

This material also tends to hold its formed shape as it cools down, thus allowing you to drill easily, machine, cut, bond, and polish it.

In other words, you can easily mold it into any shape that you deem ideal for your needs.

It is highly transparent – non-glare acrylic material maintains its clarity as it gets older.

This is to imply that non-glare acrylic material is resistant to fading but, at the same time, allows for efficient light transmittance as well as providing an ideal aesthetic appeal.

Of course, this is beneficial, especially for applications that require exposure to sunlight and UV rays.

Much stronger – You’ll notice that non-glare acrylic is somehow resistant to impact, chemical corrosion, and abrasion, among others.

This makes it a perfect choice for many applications across different industries irrespective of the environment.

Its durability is thus guaranteed, thus giving you value for your investment.

Cost-effective –You might not believe this, but the truth is that non-glare acrylic material tends to be comparatively cheap than other materials such as glasses.

Relatively lightweight– The essence of this aspect is that it makes it possible for you to use it in a wide range of applications since it would easy to carry and fix it around accordingly.

So you can be sure that you’ll use a lightweight material and get great results even in applications that seem relatively challenging to achieve.

Easy to clean and maintain – it is arguably one of the materials that are easy to clean and maintain regardless of the rules surrounding its care and cleaning.

Using a soft wet piece of microfiber cloth and is necessary during cleaning.

You simply need to ensure that you use the recommended cleaning detergents, especially for non-glare acrylic items that are oriented much to visual appeal.

Are there Drawbacks of Non-glare Plexiglas?

Yes, and they include the following;

  • It is somewhat more rigid; hence it’s easily susceptible to cracking compared to other materials such as polycarbonate.
  • Plexiglas also have higher chances of chipping, which doesn’t make it an entirely suitable option as far as aesthetic over time is considered.
  • When you burn it, it tends to release toxic fumes, which can be dangerous to the environment and human wellbeing in general.

How does Non-Glare Acrylic Work?

Typically, non-glare acrylic has a matte-like finish.

The essence of this type of finish to minimize unwanted or unnecessary glare as much as possible.

This material gets rid of reflections by harsh light wavelengths, which might somehow cause glare to appear on its surfaces.

It is the matte-like finish that also tends to blur the optical surface, prints, or artwork for that matter.

Non glare acrylic

 Non glare acrylic

Can you print on a non-Glare Acrylic Sheet?


There are specific printers designed to print images, artworks, or any other applicable visual impressions on a non-glare sheet.

However, it is essential to note that it can be relatively expensive.

Also, during printing, some fumes could be released, which might be dangerous to human and general environmental pollution.

How does Non-Glare Acrylic vs. Clear Acrylic compare?

Both materials are relatively lightweight, resistance to shattering, and have high optical clarity.

The critical difference is that non-glare has a matte-like finish, which is the essence of ensuring that it scatters light to reduce the unwanted or excessive light.

On the other hand, clear acrylic can carry a static charge and also allows for 8% of light reflection.

Non-glare acrylic, however, allows for 8% of scattered light reflection.

Can WeProFab Apply other Coating Technologies on Non-Glare Acrylic Sheet?


WeProFab offers several coating technologies that can be integrated with a non-glare acrylic sheet.

Some of these technologies include the following;

  • UV coating
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Anti-glare film
  • Photochromic coating
  • Anti-fog coating

WeProFab Provides which Types of Anti-Glare Coating for Acrylic Sheet?

WeProFab offers a wide range of coating types on non-glare sheet surfaces including the following;

  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Absorbing AR coating
  • Multi-layer anti-reflective coating
  • Circular polarizer
  • Gradient index AR coating

What are the Features of Anti-glare Acrylic Sheet?

This material has a wide range of features but the most fundamental ones that you need to know about include the following;

  • Easy to bend and mold given that it softens with high temperatures and maintains the molded shape
  • Hard-wearing which means that it is ideal both for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Weather-resistant
  • Offers excellent thickness tolerance
  • Provides high optical clarity
  • Lightweight and relatively rigid
  • Has ideal electrical resistivity
  • Low water absorption

Are there Specific Quality Tests for Non-Glare Acrylic?

Definitely! And some of these quality tests include the following;

  • A refractive index test which conforms to the ISO 1183 standards
  • A total light transmittance test which conforms to the ISO 13468-1 standards.
  • Chemical resistance tests
  • Haze tests
  • Scratch resistance tests
  • Impact resistance tests
  • Heat resistance tests
  • Flexibility tests

The essence of all these tests is to guarantee the safety and of the material and also ensuring that it meets the dynamic performance as per the standards of the industry.

Is Non-Glare Acrylic Scratch Resistant?

Not necessarily. It tends to scratch quite easily.

However, there is always another abrasion-resistant coating technology that can be integrated.

It becomes essential in protecting the anti-glare acrylic sheet from abrasion or scratches when rubbed against something.

Can you Drill Non-Glare Acrylic without Cracking?

Yes. In fact, non-glare acrylic drilling in one of the most popular fabrication methods for this particular type of sheet.

If you want to drill this material without cracking, you need to have the best tools and equipment and understand the process diligently.

The best way to do this is by making sure that you, first of all, determine the best spots to drill on the material.

You also need to ensure that you have a drill bit size, which corresponds to the thickness of the non-glare sheet.

And finally, during the drilling process, you also need to factor in how to regulate the drilling speed as well as tilting the drilling machine to the apt angle.

This way, you’ll have perfect holes in the material without any slightest crack on it.

Are Anti-glare Acrylic available in Tinted Colors?


They are available in a wide range of tinted colors, which is vital since it makes it possible for you to choose the particular one that suits your requirements.

Where can you use Non-Glare Acrylic?

You can use it in various items such as the following;

Anti glare acrylic film

Anti-glare acrylic film

– Laptop screens

– Car window and windshields

– Tablets screens

– Mobile smartphone screens

– Building windows

– Eyeglasses

– Face shields

– On a wide range of helmet visors such as motorcycle helmet visor, full face respirator visor, hockey visors, and football visors, among others.

– Framing purposes

-Making displays of a retail store

Can you Machine Non-Glare Acrylic?


You can machine non-glare acrylic material to allow you to attain the best results possible as long as you have the right machines and also have the knowledge of machining this product.

In fact, nowadays, one of the preferred fabrication methods for non-glare acrylic is machining, in many instances, CNC machining.

What are the main Non-Glare Acrylic Fabrication Techniques?

They include the following

Drilling – It primarily involves using an appropriate size of the drill bit and a drilling machine to create hole or holes of the surface of the non-glare acrylic sheet.

Cutting – It is about reducing the size of the non-glare acrylic material to a suitable size ideal for the particular application that you’re considering. Laser cutting is the most preferred technique for cutting this material.

CNC Machining – This is a fabrication method which entails the use of pre-programmed computer software to control the movement of the machine and respective tools.

It is a more efficient, faster, and reliable technique that is currently gaining popularity.

Bonding – It is a process that involves joining of different parts of the polymer material using a specific bonding substrate that is applied on both ends of the spate materials.

Polishing – It is a fabrication technique that involves using a wide range of elements to clean the non-glare acrylic material somewhat and enhance its clarity as well as visual appeal.

Can you Polish Anti-glare Acrylic Sheet?


Nevertheless, you need to understand the best technique for polishing this material as well as the recommended polishing agents to avert damaging the surface during the process.

What are the Uses of Non-Glare Acrylic?

The uses are wide-ranging of course depending on the particular application, but some of the most common ones include the following;

  • Manufacturing point of sale displays in retails stores
  • For making motor vehicle windscreens and windows
  • For making signage used for commercial advertisements and information purposes.
  • For creating lighting equipment and other related devices
  • For making window panes in the construction and building industry.

Can WeProFab Customize Non-Glare Acrylic?

Most definitely. We have all the machines, toolsipment as well the expertise to ensure that we provide a customized non-glare acrylic sheet for your needs.

All you need to do is provide adequate inform, equation regarding the customization that you want.

Which Products can you make using Non-Glare Acrylic?

  • Eyeglasses
  • Helmet visors
  • Face shields
  • Signage
  • Photochromic lenses
  • Welding lens cover
  • POS displays
  • Automotive windows and windscreens

How do you Manufacture Non-Glare Acrylic?

Non glare acrylic

 Non glare acrylic

Anti-glare acrylic material is formed through a process commonly referred to as bulk polymerization.

The catalyst and the monomer are placed in a mold to allow for the reaction.

The batch cell is the most preferred method of bulk polymerization since it is somehow simple and easy to adapt as far as making an acrylic sheet is concerned.

So during the reaction, the mold is sealed, and heat applied.

Heat might as generate during the reaction. A controlled temperature cycle is observed to ensure that there’s proper cure time as well as preventing the formation of bubbles.

Once the plastic cures, the mold is opened, and plates cleaned and reassembled for the next batch.

Well, this process could be intensive and hence requires appropriate monitoring of the stages.

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