• Nuclear Protection Suit

Nuclear Protection Suit

As one of the trusted nuclear protection suit manufacturers, WeProFab could offer you the best nuclear protective clothing. We provide all colors, size, style, etc., that suits every individual. We are ready to offer you a one-stop solution for nuclear protection suit production.

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Get WeProFab Nuclear Protection Suit to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab nuclear protection suit provide high protection against particles/ liquids, ionizing radiation, chemicals, and more. WeProFab are offer wide range of protective clothing for nuclear industry.

Safety heavy protection suit for nuclear protection

Weprofab offers safety heavy protection suit for nuclear protection fully approved to required industry standards.

Anti-radiation protection suit

Weprofab anti-radiation protection suit offer thick protection to individuals from hazards. This suit has excellent shield properties.

Non woven isolation gowns radiation protection

Wepro manufacture nonwoven isolation gowns radiation protection has tear resistance, come with unique properties, offering safety and be the best apparel solution for staff.

Nuclear protection suit led cloth

Nuclear protection suit led cloth are processed to the advanced production line. Each manufacturing process is strictly monitored by an expert team.

PVC nuclear protection suit

Weprofab PVC nuclear protection suit offers a high barrier to protect individuals from harmful elements. Weprofab offers a wide range of products for you.

Chemical protective body suit

Chemical protective bodysuit is heavy-duty protective clothing., Weprofab design this suit in a range of size, style, and colors.

WeProFab: Your Trusted Nuclear Protection Suit Manufacturer

WeProFab is your reliable source for nuclear protection suits. We are manufacturing and supplying protective clothing for more than 20 years. That protection suit includes a military radiation suit, radiation protective clothing, isolation gowns, and more. We can offer you a one-stop solution for suit production.

We can make a different style of nuclear protection suit for you. Quality will never be an issue since we are following strict quality control, ISO9001, thus, we can follow the further standards as per demand. Being a top-rated manufacturer, WeProFab could offer top-quality protection for nuclear industry applications. Contact us now; we will give you the best product.

Custom Nuclear Protection Suit to Skyrocket Your Brand

Orange EN standard nuclear radiation protective clothing

We offer a wide variety of orange EN standard nuclear radiation protective clothing., in different styles and sizes to choose from.

Nuclear protective rubber suits

This nuclear protective rubber suit are made of non-toxic, flexible polymer radiation-shielding fabric. Weprofab can design these suits according to your needs.

OEM nuclear protective suit

At Weprofab, we welcome OEM nuclear protective suits. Just feel free to send us your ideal design and we will make it to you.

PPE suit radiation protective suit

Our PPE suit radiation protective suit provides a high level of chemical resistance. We can also special design this suit for particular applications.

Wholesale nuclear protection suit

Weprofab offer wholesale nuclear protection suit., avail at an affordable factory-direct price. Name your desired quantity of suit and we will supply you an adequate amount of clothing.

Nuclear PPE for particulate radiation contamination

This nuclear PPE for particulate radiation contamination offers respiratory and particulate protection. Its properties will provide a high level of safety to the one who worn.

Safety Heavy Chemical Nuclear Protection Suit

The safety heavy chemical nuclear protection suit is made from double-coated PVC and flame-retardant cloth. They have anti-alkali and anti-acid screen materials. This protective suit has anti-phosphorus, anti-chemical and waterproof features.

High-Quality Nuclear Protection Lead Suit

The high-quality nuclear protection lead suits are washable and easy to clean. They are the multi-functional protective suit that features heat resistance, radiation resistance, anti-static, and waterproof. These suits are durable and guarantee lifetime service.

Heavy-Duty Nuclear Protective Rubber Suit

Heavy-duty nuclear protective rubber suits are available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. They don’t have cracks formed even after 180° folding. These protective rubber suits are excellent protection from dangerous chemicals and fire.

Waterproof Nuclear Radiation Protection Suit

Using waterproof nuclear radiation protection suits prevents blood infections and body fluids. They have anti-static and anti-cut properties. These protection clothes are used in different application scenarios, like livestock farms, hospitals, chemistry labs, and more.

Anti-Static Nuclear Protection Suit

The anti-static nuclear protection suit is full-body protection from chemicals. They are made from microporous materials with breathable features. Various sizes are available from small to 3 times extra-large. They have excellent protective effects, durability, and moisture permeability features.

Conjoined Nuclear Protection Clothing

Conjoined types of nuclear protection clothing are disposable. They are commonly used in chemical industry applications. These protection clothing are also available in yellow and red colors. They are effective protection from hazardous chemicals and corrosive materials.

Alkali Resistant Nuclear Protective Suit

The alkali-resistant nuclear protective suit features acid base-proof characteristics. They are designed with an airtight zipper, double-sealed stitched sewing, siamese gloves, built-in robust head, with non-slippery boots.

Nuclear Gas Body Protective Suit

Nuclear gas body protective suits are chemically-resistant suits with safety boots and steel toe caps. They have a high-end gas-tight zipper suited all over the shoulders to thighs. These suits are also made with an adjustable inside support belt to fit any size.

Reflective Safety Nuclear Protective Suit

The reflective safety nuclear protective suit is available in various colors, like navy blue, black, and more. These protection suits feature waterproof, anti-cold, and reflectiveness. Their sizes, logos, and labels are customizable. They have a wide variety of applications.

Aluminized Nuclear Protective Suit

Aluminized nuclear protective suits are applicable for laboratory analysis operations. They can withstand high temperatures and insulate heat. These protective suits include coats, hats, gloves, suspender trousers, and insulation shoes.

Coverall Nuclear Protective Suit

The coverall nuclear protective suits include gloves and rubber boots. They perform anti-acid, and anti-alkali strengths. These protective suits secure the skin from being hurt by droplet chemical poisons. They are suitable for nuclear industries, electronic industries, and more.

Industrial Nuclear Protection Suit

Industrial nuclear protection suits are available from small to extra-large sizes with PVC material-made. They are excellent protection from harmful chemicals, corrosive goods, and accidents. These nuclear protection suits are CCS/EC certified approved.

Camouflage Nuclear Protection Suit

The camouflage nuclear protection suits are anti-virus clothing with chemical-proof features. These protective clothing are composed of jackets, trousers, anti-virus boots, and gloves. It helps prevent burns and chemical-caused damages.

Built-In Nuclear Protection Suit

Built-in nuclear protection suits are made from chloroprene rubber materials. They have a metal zipper to ensure their closure. Their sizes, colors, and logos are customizable as per customers’ orders. They have fireproof boots with leakage resistance.

Fire Proximity Nuclear Protection Suit

The fire proximity nuclear protection suits are available in various sizes with army green color. They are suitable for fire areas with extreme radiation. This clothing is breathable and comfortable to wear with fireproof characteristics.

Nuclear Protection Suit with Air Apparatus

Nuclear protection suite with air apparatus protects the employees from dangerous chemicals. They have air apparatus, like gas masks and respirators with portable designs.

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WeProFab Nuclear Protection Suit

Weprofab develops and manufactures one of the best nuclear protection suits in China. Perfect for chemical and biological purposes.

It is capable of giving protection from toxic industrial chemicals, heat stress, gamma radiation, X radiation, alpha particles, and chemical warfare agents. It can reduce IR detection and equip with CBRN heat-sealed seams.

Weprofab has the widest range of nuclear protective clothing. This product is made from high-quality fabric to ensure the safety of the user.

In manufacturing nuclear protection suits, we make sure that we have the best materials and components. Materials and fabric that are 100% guaranteed durable and best in performance.

Weprofab nuclear protection suit has the qualities to be used in hazardous areas.

Weprofab nuclear protection suit has a high level of breathability. It has a contoured upper body for ease of removal and fitting. Designed plain ankles for better sealing to safety boots, plain cuffs for safety gloves, and full range head movement.

It can help the user stay clean and comfortable. Our nuclear protection suit also has a unique air dissipation system inside and air distribution system.

We can customize nuclear protection suit specifically according to your needs. We can provide this product

Weprofab nuclear protection suit is your perfect product for your biochemical market. It will surely satisfy your customers. This product is developed and engineered by our professional engineers.

We can assure you that it has all the requirements in the nuclear clothing industry. Our nuclear protection suite provides support in high-stress areas to minimize blowouts. It also has an elastic ankle, back, and wrist.

We can produce nuclear protection suit that can be customized specifically according to your needs. We can provide this product perfectly fit to what your customers need.

In fact, Weprofab produces nuclear protection suit in both ODM and OEM services. With this product, you can expand your market in the domestic and international markets. Our company is eager to provide all the solutions you need for your business.

Weprofab supplied one of the best products in the world. We can give you outstanding quality products and after-sale services. We have decades of experience in this industry and have manufactured thousands of products.

Weprofab has the capability of providing your orders no matter how much is it. You can check on us anytime and see how our company and products work.

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Nuclear Protection Suit: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Nuclear protection suit is a piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) specifically designed to safeguard the wearer from nuclear and radioactive hazards.

This guide discusses various elements surrounding this PPE and elaborates on various factors to inform and influence your buying decision.

What Are The Designs Of Nuclear Protection Suit In The Market?

Figure 1Nuclear protection suit

You can find them in a broad range of designs, which of course, is fundamental since it widens your choice options when seeking the ideal one.

Essentially, the designs often vary from one manufacturer to another, but the common ones from WeProFab include the following;

  • OEM Nuclear Protective Suit
  • Nuclear PPE For Particulate Radiation Contamination
  • Heavy-Duty Nuclear Protective Rubber Suit
  • Anti-Static Nuclear Protection Suit
  • Waterproof Nuclear Radiation Protection Suit
  • Conjoined Nuclear Protection Clothing
  • Alkali Resistant Nuclear Protective Suit
  • Aluminized Nuclear Protective Suit
  • Reflective Safety Nuclear Protective Suit
  • Industrial Nuclear Protective Suit
  • Coverall Nuclear Protective Suit
  • Camouflage Nuclear Protection Suit
  • Nuclear Protective Suit With Air Apparatus
  • Fire Proximity Protection Suit
  • Built-In Nuclear Protection Suit
  • Nuclear Gas Body Protective Suit
What Are Nuclear Protection Suit Made Of?

Essentially, nuclear protection suits are designed from nanotechnology and radiation-resistant materials.

You can also find quite a number in rubber, fabric, lead, Teflon, Tyvek, PVC, boron and activated carbon among others.

However, the ideal type of material for making this suit is dependent on specific nuclear sources you are exposed to.

For instance, most of these materials are effective against Alpha and Beta particles, X-ray and Gamma-ray radiation among others.

What Does Nuclear Protection Suit Comprise Of?

A typical nuclear protection suit consists of different components, which include the following;

  • Apron – It is the main garment designed to cover the entire body from the head to toes.

Apron is generally available in different sizes and designs depending on your preference,

Figure 2 Apron

  • Gloves – Most hand gloves that come as part of nuclear protection suits are made of Butyl material.

Figure 3 Gloves

They are vital here since they ensure none of the nuclear elements sneaks into your body.

  • Gas Mask – It features a filter and respirator that offers full-face protection to enable you to survive if nuclear disasters occur.

Figure 4 gas mask

  • Boots – This type of footwear is essential for protecting the feet from exposure to nuclear elements.

Figure 5 Boots

It is recommended that you find boots, which are relatively lightweight and comfortable but firm enough.

How Does Nuclear Protection Suit Work?

Generally, a typical nuclear protection suit is designed with materials that inhibit penetration of nuclear particles from getting into your body.

The material either repels or absorbs the particles preventing them from getting on your skin surface.

Hence, you simply need to ensure that you wear the suit accordingly and adequately to enhance its efficiency in nuclear protection.

What Are The Different Designation Levels And Ratings For Nuclear Protection Suit?

Ideally, the designation levels and ratings vary from one region to another.

In the US, rating of nuclear protection suit is categorized as level A, B, C or D.

  • Level A – It is the utmost maximum protection level against vapors, splashes, mists and gases. This level features garments, full-face mask, boots, gloves and breathing apparatus.
  • Level B – This protection level of nuclear suits protects against harmful chemicals and splashes. It also consists of a garment, special boots, gloves, breathing device and full-face mask.
  • Level C- Provides protection against dangerous chemicals and comprises of respirator, garment, gloves and mask.
  • Level D – It is mostly suitable in surroundings with no direct contact with chemicals. It comes with a pair of coveralls and chemical-resistant footwear.

However, in Europe, the same type of rating system applies but uses 1-6 as follows;

  • Type 1 and Type 2: For protecting against chemical substances, both gaseous and liquids.
  • Type 3: Used for protecting against liquid chemicals for a fixed period.
  • Type 4: Offers protection against liquid chemical spray for a specific duration.
  • Type 5: Protects against liquid chemicals and covers part of the body for a restricted period.
  • Type 6: Covers part of the body by protecting it against liquid chemicals.
Does Nuclear Protection Suit Protect You From Radioactive Elements?

Ideally, nuclear protection suit offers essential protection against a wide range of radioactive elements.

As earlier stated, nuclear protection suit has several protection levels depending on type of nuclear you are exposed to.

However, there is hardly any nuclear protection suit that can protect you against exposure to extreme energy and highly penetrating forms of ionizing radiation hazards.

Hence, this garment can protect against the external contamination occurring whenever radioactive material is deposited on body surface.

How Does Nuclear Protection Suit And Hazmat Protection Suit Compare?

Nuclear protection suits and hazmat protection suits are designed for a relatively similar purpose of protecting harmful substances from getting to your body.

Ordinarily, hazmat protection suit is quite general and are designed to offer protection against a wide range of elements.

On the other hand, nuclear protection suit is specially designed to offer protection against different nuclear compounds.

Figure 6 Hazmat protection suit

In a nutshell, a hazmat protection suit is a general garment for protection against dangerous substances, whereas nuclear protection suit is specifically designed to protect against nuclear elements.

Nonetheless, both suits ensure you attain and enable you to get out of any survival challenges easily.

What Are The Main Regulations Of Using Nuclear Protection Suit At Workplace?

Nuclear protection suits are usually subjected to different regulations at various workplaces where they have been deemed a necessity.

Some of these regulations include the following;

  • It must be appropriately evaluated before use to ensure it fits its purpose accordingly.
  • You must maintain and store appropriately
  • It must come with instructions on how to use it safely
  • All employees wearing these suits must use them correctly
What Are The Ideal Maintenance Practices Of Nuclear Protection Suit?

Usually, it is vital always to understand the precise cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance procedures of nuclear protection suits.

Ideally, the process often varies vastly depending on the specific type of nuclear protection suit.

Some common maintenance practices for these suits include the following;

  • Ensure you use the suitable disinfectant and detergents when cleaning the nuclear protection suit as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Never dry the nuclear protection suit in direct sunlight at any moment. It reduced the efficiency of the suit and, in the long run compromising its efficacy.
  • Replace any worn out accessory that works along with the nuclear protection suit.

Even so, it is important to note whether the nuclear protection suit is disposable or reusable before establishing how to clean and maintain it.

Is Nuclear Protection Suit Available In One-Size-Fit?

Not necessarily.

You can always find this garment in a wide range of sizes, including custom sizes.

Hence, when purchasing this outfit for your workers, it is vital to inquire from the manufacturer the number of sizes the suit comes in.

It is also necessary to define the maximum height and whether the suit has integrated waist belts.

Of course, there is always a recommended sizing chart, which guides you in determining the right size for this suit based on weight ratios.

Therefore, you need to ensure you present the right sizes of your employees to ensure you obtain the correct suit sizing.

Which International Standards Does Nuclear Protection Suit Conform To?

Since nuclear protection suits are often used within a range of industries, there are several industries and international standards they need to conform to.

Mainly, the international standards usually vary from one region to another depending on the actual market of the suit.

For instance, in Europe, EN certification is a requirement for all the nuclear protection suits within the region.

But in USA and Canada, NFPA is the leading certification standard for nuclear protection suits and related accessories.

EN 943 standard covers all protective clothing against liquid and gaseous chemicals.

On the other hand, NFPA 1991 certification standard specifies the minimum design, manufacturer and performance requirements for vapor-protective clothing.

Even so, CE marking is another significant certification standard for nuclear protection suits.

Hence, any time you buy this clothing, ensure it carries this particular certification marking.

What Is The Cost Of Nuclear Protection Suit?

There is no fixed price for purchasing nuclear protection suits.

In essence, it means several aspects determine the actual amount of purchasing this clothing.

For instance, the quantity of the suits you are purchasing at the same time usually influences the unit cost.

Technically, most manufacturers provide higher discounts when you purchase many pieces of this suit instead of purchasing fewer pieces.

Also, the design of nuclear protection suit you are buying significantly influences the actual cost.

Standard designs are quite cheaper to buy, whereas custom designs can be pricey depending on how simple or complex you want.

Besides, the type of material used for making this component is integral in determining the ultimate price.

Of course, some materials and fabrics tend to be more expensive than others making the final product quite costly.

What Is The Durability Of Nuclear Protection Suit?

It depends on the type of nuclear protection suit you are purchasing.

Some types are merely designed as disposables, which are only used once.

However, some are designed with relatively strong materials that guarantee longevity.

Such designs have varied durability, depending mainly on how you maintain them.

Also, the actual type of material used and the overall design construction determines the durability of such nuclear protection suits.

Furthermore, the actual application and specific elements and substances it is also exposed to influence the longevity of this clothing.

Of course, the manufacturer always indicates the expected durability of a specific nuclear protection suit based on several factors.

Can You Reuse Nuclear Protection Suit?


Most nuclear protection suits are worn for a short period anytime they are needed in different applications.

Technically, depending on the type of work, you can wear nuclear protection suit for more or less two hours.

Thus, depending on the material used in making the suit, you can always decontaminate it and get breaks with some frequency.

But the number of times you can reuse it is also dependent on its general condition.

Therefore, you need to ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the number of times you can reuse this protective clothing.

What Important Aspects Surrounds Getting Nuclear Protection Suit On And Off?

Essentially, different nuclear protection suits have numerous ways of donning and doffing.

Therefore, since there is a high-risk hazard usually surrounding these suits, procedures must be adhered to.

It is vital to understand these procedures and ensure the wearers get right information, instruction and training before wearing and taking off nuclear protection suits.

Nevertheless, the fundamental elements surrounding taking this suit on and off include the following;

  • Ensure the nuclear protection suits you are purchasing have vivid instructions.
  • View all the videos demonstrating the procedures to the workers regarding donning and doffing on this protective garment.
  • Make sure you establish consistent procedures throughout the workforce.
  • Where necessary, a doffing partner should be available.
What Do You Wear Under Nuclear Protection Suit?

You can wear any form of garment as long as it is a proper fit.

Ideally, the undergarments to wear with nuclear protection suit should fit you snugly but not necessarily too tight.

Always wear close-fitting underwear if the nuclear protection suit is air-tight.

Ordinarily, tightly fitting full-body undergarments have slightest chance of interfering with your motion.

Importantly, ensure the specific undergarment you wear under nuclear protection suits should be as comfortable as possible.

Which Occupations Require Can Wear Nuclear Protection Suit?

Nuclear and hazardous materials are often present on several job sites.

Hence, it means workers from numerous occupations require these suits of different levels.

Nevertheless, the common industries where wearing of this PPE is quite common to include the following;

  • Building and construction
  • Healthcare sector
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Chemical plant industry
  • Toxic waste clean up
  • Firefighters
Which Accessories And Additions Should You Consider When Buying Nuclear Protection Suit?

Different applications would require different accessories in the bid for protection against nuclear materials.

However, it would be ideal to consider other aspects you may wear or carry alongside the typical nuclear protection suit.

Some common accessories and add-ons you may need with this suit include the following;

  • Anti-fog visors
  • Cooling vest
  • Ventilation system
  • Lights
  • Radio
  • Flame retardant material
  • Height adjustment
  • Ergonomics
  • Appropriate breathing apparatus
  • Gas-tight fit for safety gloves, masks and boots
How Can You Customize Nuclear Protection Suit Designs?

You can use several ways to customize different nuclear protection suit designs.

However, the main ones often used include the following;

Branding – It entails imprinting your brand, logo or badge on a suit.

Branding the suit is an essential way of ensuring you get unique designs. Moreover, it makes it easy for you to market your brand.

Sizing – This merely refers to designing the nuclear protection suit to fit the right size as required.

In many instances, this creates an ideal fit for the wearer, which is essential in enhancing comfort and efficiency in different operations.

Figure 7 customized nuclear protection suit

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