• Nylon Rods

Nylon Rods

WeProFab is the main producer of nylon rods in China. We have plenty of various types in our nylon rods that suit your construction materials. Also, we can customize your nylon rods o have better applications and to gain satisfaction with our products.

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Get WeProFab Nylon Rods to Delight Your Customers

Our nylon rods are the best for all businesses and construction uses. Since we can produce a very high-quality, lightweight, and exceptionally strong.

Custom Nylon Rods

We provide plenty of sizes of nylon rods and you can select either it is large or small. Since we can custom sizes and colors available about customer’s request and we assure to reach customer’s expectation.

Extruded Nylon Rods

At WeProFab, the extruded nylon rods have an excellent quality that provides you using the latest extrusion technique. It has plenty of fine mechanical and physical properties.

Nylon Rods Manufacturer

WeProFab is the prime fabricator of nylon rods in China. We can fabricate finished or customized nylon rods for you. It can be obtained in high-quality, good dimensional stability, and low-cost products.

Oil casting Nylon Rods

Our oil casting nylon rods are supposedly easy to machine with less internal stress due to the fabrication processes. It can improve its wear properties and offers a permanently lubricated surface.

Raw Material Nylon Rods

Our nylon rods are fabricated using high-quality raw material with the advanced techniques by WeProFab experienced executives. It can be obtainable in good electrical properties and high-impact resistance.

Resistant Nylon Rods

Our resistant nylon rods are high wear resistance and toughness, making it perfect for pulleys, bearings, gears, and many more. It can be accessible in toughness, lightweight, and economical.

WeProFab: Your Leading Nylon Rods Manufacturer

WeProFab is an authorized manufacturer and supplier of nylon rods in China. We have plenty of experience and capabilities since we exceed 20 years in the industry. Our nylon rods are the most admired engineering plastics in construction and markets.

Our nylon rods have solid, solid black, 5mm, threaded or non-threaded, resistant, raw material, oil casting, and many more. As an ISO 9001 certified, we strictly manage and check the quality of our products. Our nylon rods assure tested quality.

We offer custom-made nylon rods for better satisfaction of your needs. We perform product processing that includes thermoforming, bonding, and more.

To serve your exact required, we provide ODM and OEM services. We can produce custom-made nylon rods base on your designs.

Custom Nylon Rods to Expand Your Business

5mm Nylon Rods

In WeProFab, we have plenty of sizes available and you can pick the exact sizes for your nylon rods. It can be accessible in lightweight.

Non Threaded Nylon Rods

Our non-threaded nylon rods are used to extends out of the surface of the application site. It can be accessible in high-impact resistance.

Solid Black Nylon Rods

If having a black color for your solid nylon rods is your desire, WeProFab can produce black or natural options for you and provides good impact resistance.

Solid Nylon Rods

Our solid nylon rods have a dine combination of wear resistance, toughness, low coefficient of friction, and dimensional stability.

Threaded Nylon Rods

WeProFab threaded nylon rods are the perfect choice for use in the oil refineries, food processing, chemical industry, and marine applications.

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Why WeProFab Nylon Rods

Looking for the most attested nylon rods supplier? WeProFab fabricates many types of wide range applications in industry and we are the one entrust in regards to fabricating electronic industries. Our nylon rods are the most admired engineering plastics.

We fabricated very useful nylon rods for all businesses and construction. We have various kinds of nylon rods like resistant, extruded, oil casting, raw material, and many more.

Nylon Rods

Our nylon rods had an extensive range of uses including electronic, marine, and automotive industries. It is also applied in wear pads, gears, bearings and bushings, seals and gaskets, food processing machinery parts, rollers, and many more. It is a great choice for use in the chemical industry, oil refineries, and marine applications.

WeProFab nylon rods had a superior bearing and wear properties, strong and rigid, self-lubrication, small coefficient friction, and fine chemical resistance.

Our nylon rods offer a consistently lubricated surface and minimize friction in comparison. It is very tough and hard-wearing materials for your construction or businesses.

Nylon Rods

Our nylon rods are easy to machine and fabricate. It reduces the noise, weight, and wear of mating parts. It also has excellent shock absorbing properties, has good electrical properties, superior abrasion resistance, fine dimensional stability, lightweight, and has very good impact resistance and strength.

WeProFab nylon rods are inexpensive yet long-lasting products. We can perform cut-to-size for your nylon rods and many sizes are available. Just send us your sizes and colors and WeProFab can produce the exact design for your nylon rods.

We, WeProFab offer made-to-order, custom-made, and produce a better nylon rod for our customers. We can provide a solid, solid black, 5mm, threaded or non-threaded nylon rods for you. Whether you are a nylon rod dealer or customized nylon rod, WeProFab is your best fabricator.

Nylon Rods

As a CE certified, WeProFab provides tested quality products since we manage and check the quality of our products before transporting to our customers.

WeProFab guaranteed with our products since we fabricate it using our latest machinery equipment.

For further information or any questions about our nylon rods product, please message us and we will glad to serve the best for you.

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