• Optical Grade Acrylic Sheet

Optical Grade Acrylic Sheet

WeProfab optical grade acrylic sheets are safe for various applications. They are ideal for displaying, advertising, and signage—moreover, an admirable and smooth appearance. Professionally fabricated from superior and outstanding materials. Weprofab optical grade acrylic sheet offers a high-grade quality and thermal stability!

Get WeProFab Optical Grade Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab optical grade sheets have interesting features, ideal for different business fields and industries. You can choose different optical grade acrylic sheets options. Weprofab optical grade acrylic sheet will surely delight your customers!

Optical Grade Clear Acrylic Sheet

The optical grade clear acrylic sheet is a practical replacement for glass. It features a UV-resistant acrylic sheet that withstands extensive interior and exterior applications. 

Optical Grade Acrylic Frosted Sheet

An optical grade acrylic frosted sheet is non-toxic and has good chemical endurability. It is available in aesthetic unfaded color variation that resists more extended use. 

Optical Grade Mirror Acrylic Sheet

The optical grade mirror acrylic sheet has extreme protection from UV radiation. Additionally, it also features with high-level of transparency, glossiness and is accessible in custom cut sizes.

Optical Grade Custom Shape Acrylic Sheet

The optical grade custom shape acrylic sheet adopts the top-grade optical grade materials and designs. It has a stable and versatile appearance, making it ideal for exhibitions, signs, etc.

Sublimation Optical Grade Acrylic Sheet

The surface of the sublimation optical grade acrylic sheet is limpid, easy to clean, and uneasy to scratch or crack. It has excellent endurance against extreme weather conditions.

Optical Grade Acrylic Extruded Sheet

The optical grade acrylic extruded sheet is easy to handle, lightweight, and has constant brightness and smooth surfaces that produce top-quality display laser and printing outcomes.

Optical Grade Foamy Glitter Acrylic Sheet

A wide range of optical grade foamy glitter acrylic sheets has unparallel versatility, durability, and hardness, making them useful in architectural, industrial,  and other professional fields. 

Optical Grade Acrylic Light Guide Plate Sheet

Optical grade acrylic light guide plate sheet has an excellent light transmission and transparency. A highly-resistant acrylic sheet that endures for indoor and outdoor installations.

Cut-to-Size Optical Grade Acrylic Sheet

The cut-to-size optical grade acrylic sheet is accessible in custom sheet measurement and thickness. An environmentally-friendly sheet that has high adaptability to installation properties. 

WeProFab: Your Leading Optical Grade Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Weprofab optical grade acrylic sheets are manufactured with a professional and good appearance. They are applicable for outstanding customer services on thicknesses, colors, patterns, logos, and styles. However, customers are free to request an optical grade acrylic sheet with exact specifications.

Weprofab optical grade acrylic sheets are guaranteed excellent and stable quality. Moreover, the optical grade acrylic sheets are easy to fabricate and form. Exceed the particular demands of various customers!

Custom Optical Grade Acrylic Sheet to Boost Your Business

Extrusion Optical Grade Anti-Reflection Sheet

The extrusion optical grade anti-reflection sheet is available in custom measurements, colors, and thickness. Suitable for plaques, license plates, nameplates, etc.

Optical Grade Laser Dotting Acrylic Sheet

An optical-grade laser dotting acrylic sheet exhibits the entire brightness across the surface. It can engrave landscape arts, character images, logos, etc. 

Unbreakable Optical Grade Acrylic Sheet

An unbreakable optical grade acrylic sheet is a high-sturdy acrylic sheet that is uneasy to break and damage even for longer use. Perfect for display signage, advertising, billboards, etc. 

Optical Grade Transparent Color Acrylic Sheet

The optical grade transparent color acrylic sheet is highly exquisite and of professional quality. Available in various translucent colors and unique sizes.

Multi-Functional Optical Grade Acrylic Sheet

Multi-functional optical grade acrylic sheet is lightweight and sustainable. It is chosen as the top-tier material used for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Optical Grade Lenticular Acrylic Sheet

The optical grade lenticular acrylic sheet is made from the highest selection of acrylic materials. It is sturdy, lightweight, and has great compatibility for any application. 

Clear Black Optical Grade Acrylic Sheet

A chain series of clear black optical grade acrylic sheets specializes with a consistent appearance even for long-term use. Great for heavy-duty and enduring installations.

Optical Grade Plaque Acrylic Sheet

The optical grade plaque acrylic sheet is easy to cut and form into different shapes and patterns. It is much lighter compared with glass and can resist great impact. 

Advertising Optical Grade Acrylic Sheet

The advertising optical grade acrylic sheet is the perfect one to choose for advertising purposes. It is among the most popular acrylic sheets used for vast promotion and market-to-market needs.

Optical Grade High Flexibility Acrylic Sheet

The optical grade high flexibility acrylic sheet features smooth and well-polished surfaces. It has excellent flexibility to formulate numerous cut shapes, letters, patterns, and other designs.

Optical Grade Anti-Static Acrylic Sheet

Optical grade anti-static acrylic sheets are designed with superior and perfect cut edges. They are applicable for a broad range of applications.

Optical Grade Blue Acrylic Sheet

An optical-grade blue acrylic sheet extremely improves the external light. It comes in different specifications, including thicknesses, sizes, and shapes.

Optical Grade PMMA Acrylic Sheet

The optical grade PMMA acrylic sheet is applicable for OEM and ODM services. Its sizes can be customized in different sizes depending on the customer’s needs.

Optical Grade Scratch-Resistant Acrylic Sheet

An optical-grade scratch-resistant acrylic sheet is not easy to scratch and damage. This material absolutely enhances viewability and produces a unique appearance.

Optical Grade Fireproof Acrylic Sheet

The optical grade fireproof acrylic sheet has great resistance to chemicals, especially fire. It is available in various colors, shapes, and thicknesses.

Optical Grade Diffuser Acrylic Sheet

Optical grade diffuser acrylic sheet is highly made from optical and reliable properties. It reaches an aesthetic appeal and outstanding appearance.

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What are the Features of an Optical Grade Acrylic Sheet?

Optical Grade Acrylic Sheet

These are the different features of an optical grade acrylic sheet:

  • Tensile strength
  • Good impact resistant
  • Lighter in weight
  • Excellent toughness
  • Very good dimensional stability
  • Thermal stability
  • Weather resistance
  • Great transparency
Are Optical Grade Acrylic Sheets Customizable?

 Definitely yes!

Optical grade acrylic sheets can be customized in different sizes, including their thicknesses, height, width, or the entire measurements.

Additionally, customizing colors are applicable for optical grade acrylic sheets.

The optical grade acrylic sheets can meet or exceed different demands.

Customers can request an optical grade acrylic sheet in exact details or specifications.

What are the Different Colors of An Optical Grade Acrylic Sheet?

The optical grade acrylic sheets are available in the following colors:

  • Clear
  • White
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Brown
How Much Does the Optical Grade Acrylic Sheet Cost?

An optical grade acrylic sheet is well-known due to its affordability.

The optical grade acrylic sheet is more advantageous than other materials in terms of cost.

However, the total cost of an optical grade acrylic sheet will still be based on its thicknesses and whole measurements.

Mostly, their prices are from $25 up to $30 per sheet with the standard sizes.

Why Choose WeProFab to Customize Your Optical Grade Acrylic Sheets?

Weproifab is a popular optical grade acrylic sheet that offers professional customization services.

These are the following advantages of WeProFab:

  • Great capabilities for optical grade acrylic sheet fabrications and customizations.
  • Providing a one-stop solution for your requirements.
  • Utilizing a complete manufacturing line.
  • Decades of experience in manufacturing and customizing an optical grade acrylic sheet.
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