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Oral Suction Devices Manufacturer

Weprofab is one of the reliable oral suction device manufacturers in China. As an expert, we offer the most reliable and heavy-duty machines, perfect medical technology solutions to all our clients. Send us your design now, we will make something different for you.

Get Weprofab Oral Suction Devices to Delight Your Customers

Over the years, Weprofab gain expertise and in-depth knowledge in providing oral suction devices. We offer the best cleaning options and solutions.

Oral Suction Devices Manufacturer

As a leading oral suction devices manufacturer, we offer high-quality products and efficient services.

Portable Suction Machines

Weprofab portable suction machines can be used in different medical scenarious, including hospitals, emergency settings, and more.

Dental External Oral Suction Device

At Weprofab, we provide a dental external oral suction device that quickly filters viruses, bacteria, spray, etc.

Extra Oral Suction Price

Our extra oral suction price ranges according to quantity. All of medical device is FDA and CE-certified.

Portable mucus suction pump

Weprofab portable mucus suction pump is very flexible to meet your patients’ most urgent needs.

Surgical Suction Equipment

Our surgical suction equipment is designed for the aspiration of fluids during surgical operations.

WeProFab: Your Premier Oral Suction Devices Manufacturer

Weprofab oral suction devices are extremely simple and effective to use. It has been widely used in different areas, including hospitals, clinics, and home healthcare. Weprofab could offer the best quality oral suction devices to meet your requirements.

As a leading manufacturer, we provide solutions to OEM or ODM customers. With knowledge and expertise in manufacturing medical solutions, we can help you fulfill your needs. Kindly specify your detailed requirements and we will make it for you.

Custom Oral Suction Devices to Skyrocket Your Business

Suction Catheter

Weprofab suction catheter comes in different lengths, used to extract bodily secretions.

External Oral Suction Device

Weprofab external oral suction device can be used in the treatment in the dental clinic. You can customize products according to your project needs.

Adult Oral Suction Device

This adult oral suction device is ideal for use in the aspiration of body liquids. Available in various sizes.

Suction-Easy Disposable Suction Unit

Weprofab suction-easy disposable suction unit has a unique double-valved design. It is a disposable, inexpensive, and very effective oral suction device solution.

Home medical suction devices

Our home medical suction devices are very simple and safe to operate. Wepro offers a guaranteed lowest price on all products.

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Why WeProFab Oral Suction Devices


Weprofab is one of the professional manufacturers of oral suction devices. We offer the most reliable and heavy-duty machines to all our clients.

Weprofab oral suction devices ideal use for children and adults. If you are looking for a perfect medical technology solution, Weprofab is your one-stop choice.

Weprofab oral suction devices come in both stationary and battery-powered. It is ideal for the aspiration of body liquids, especially for emergency responses.

Oral Suction Devices-1

At Weprofab, you can find great products, extremely simple and effective to use.

We manufacture a wide range of oral suction devices for different needs. You can choose the right product for your requirement.

Weprofab oral suction devices have been widely used in different areas, including hospitals, clinics, home healthcare, and others.

It stands out from others as its easy to carry, lightweight and portable perfect for emergency uses.

In addition, Weprofab oral suction devices have all the supplies. It includes filters, suction tubing, suction catheters, suction canisters, and a variety of yankauers.

Oral Suction Devices-2

Overheating is not a problem since it will automatically power off when it reaches 30 minutes. 100% full function is guaranteed because the quality is carefully tested.

Furthermore, Weprofab oral suction device has large flux, high negative pressure, and low noise.

It has the latest designs with a square negative pressure meter and suction bottle hidden inside that are made from plastic.

We produce these products with designs more fashionable and precise. Also comes with oil-free lubrication pump to make it patient-friendly.

Weprofab oral suction devices is easy to operate, simple maintenance and have overflow protection.

We also manufactured oral suction device that has an angled tip design to provide easy access to buccal surfaces.

Oral Suction Devices-3

It allows practitioners to remove oral debris and secretions properly. Its tip has a soft sponge that stimulates, freshens, and cleans oral mucosa. Weprofab has to be powered by one hand to perform other task.

Our oral suction devices are perfect for mouth cleaning. It is individually wrapped, durable and reliable.

Weprofab oral suction devices is your best cleansing solutions, secretions and debris removal.

We make sure that our oral suction devices are safe to use and developed to help patients and doctors perform operations perfectly. Weprofab oral suction device comes in all sizes and quantity you want.

It has passed all the certifications and FDA-approved. Our company can produce these products with all the specifications that you need for your business. Weprofab is your to-go company providing all the solutions for ODM and OEM customers.

Oral Suction Devices-4

Weprofab has distributed oral suction devices all over the world. We have gained knowledge and expertise in manufacturing oral suction device.

Our main goal is to produce products that will provide satisfactory performance to our customers.

For years, Weprofab has mastered all the steps and techniques in manufacturing outstanding products.

Contact us today. One of our experts will speak with you to find the oral suction devices product that fits your needs.

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