• Oxygen Face Masks

Oxygen Face Masks

If you are looking for a trusted and reliable manufacturer of oxygen face mask, WeProFab is the right manufacturer for you! In China, WeProFab is the leading manufacturer of high-quality and affordable oxygen face masks.

We offer oxygen face masks manufactured using superior grade raw materials. All our oxygen face masks are approved by international standards. Customization of your oxygen face masks is also available at WeProfab!

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Get WeProfab Oxygen Face Masks to Delight Your Customers

At WeProFab, we offer a vast selection of oxygen face masks that are suitable for a wide range of applications. Our oxygen face masks will surely meet your expectations.

Simple Face Mask

WeProFab manufactures simple face masks that will fit in patients respiratory rate. It is available in customizable sizes.

Nebulizer Mask

WeProFab nebulizer mask comes with mask interface adaptor. These are widely used for delivering accurate concentrations of oxygen.

Non-breathing Face Masks

WeProFab produces non-breathing face mask that comes with a oxygen reservoir bag. It also has a one-way valve-system  that helps in preventing fresh gas and exhaled gases from mixing.

Venturi Masks

Through our advanced technology, WeProFab is able to produce venturi masks that are lightweight. It offers good visibility and soft outer seal.

Adult Non-Breather Oxygen Mask

WeProFab adult non-breather oxygen masks are soft and comfortable to wear. It comes with kink-resistance tubing , latex-free construction, and fits-all connector.

Elongated Oxygen Mask

Our elongated oxygen masks are manufactured with different sizes that will fit in a variety of face shapes. It features adjustable elastic tubing, multiple sizes, and more. These are made from medical grade PVC raw material.

WeProFab: Your Leading Oxygen Face Masks Manufacturer

In China, WeProFab is known as a premier manufacturer of oxygen face masks. We focus on making innovations while providing maximum quality and excellence. Thus, we can guarantee you a world-class product.

We specifically manufacture oxygen face masks to meet the requirements of medical clinics, hospitals, healthcare centers, retailers, and more. All our oxygen face masks are manufactured with a variety of specifications according to international quality standards.

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Custom Oxygen Face Masks to Boost Your Business

Medical Oxygen Mask

WeProFab manufactures medical oxygen mask that is designed to give comfort and soft form. It has a barbed fitting that will prevent the patient from disconnecting the mask.

Standard Disposable Simple Oxygen Mask

WeProFab standard disposable simple oxygen mask is mostly hooked up with a tank. It functions as a breathing device that covers the nose and mouth. It delivers oxygen to the patient directly.

Pediatric Disposable Oxygen Mask with Tubing

WeProFab pediatric disposable oxygen mask with tubing features adjustable nose clips and elastic straps for a better fit. These are available in customizable tubing length.

Latex-free Oxygen Mask

Our latex-free oxygen masks are suitable for infant, pediatric, and adult. It features ultra-light and high-transparency. These are also customizable according to your specification.

Nasal Oxygen Mask

WeProFab nasal oxygen mask features direct connection to manual resuscitator, high Fi02, latex-free, and made from DEPH free medical grade materials.

6.6 Tubing Oxygen Face Mask

6.6 tubing oxygen face masks are suitable for adults. Available in a variety of colors such as transparent green, blue and clear mask. Designed with different tube sizes attainable at a cheaper price.

Adjustable Elastic Strap Oxygen Mask

WeProFab oxygen face mask has an adjustable and elastic strap in different colors such as black and white. Have quality performance to transfer breathing and life support. Flexible and smooth surface for anti-irritation.

Adult Oxygen Face Mask

Choose different types of oxygen face masks suitable for adults such as non-breather and simple oxygen masks. Reusable and easier to clean mask made of quality and tested PVC material.

Disposable Oxygen Face Mask

The disposable oxygen face mask has a 2-meter-long tube that provides a secure flow of oxygen. Anti-fog and quality for heavy flow oxygen medical grade mask material offered at a competitive price.

Infant Oxygen Face Mask

There are different types and sizes of oxygen face mask that suits infants. Different tube sizes according to their air flow speed are made of different materials such as medical grade PVC, plastic, and more.

Large Oxygen Face Mask

Choose the right material when buying an oxygen face mask. Only cover the nose and mouth part of the face for comfortable transfer breathing. Comes at different acceptable prices according to its sizes and colors.

Partial Rebreather Mask

This is similar to non-breather which has a 2-way valve connected to a reservoir bag. Provides a comfortable fit that prevents skin irritation. Has elastic and comfortable green strap and other color options.

Portable Oxygen Face Mask

The portable oxygen face mask is designed for different uses and fits any machine. Designed with a metal strip for the nose and adjustable elastic strap. These accessories are reusable and easier to clean.

PVC Oxygen Face Mask

There are many types of oxygen face masks for your customer’s selections. Adjustable strap and metal strip featuring anti-fog and smooth surface prevent skin irritation for longer use.

Reusable Oxygen Face Mask

Reusable oxygen face masks are available in vented and non-vented types. It is made of silicone plastic suitable for adults featuring moisture resistance. Great price offer for your expandable business.

Simple Oxygen Mask

The simple oxygen face mask is suitable for adults, kids, and infants. The highest quality oxygen mask provides comfortable breathing. Get a complete selection for your business in a friendly rate offer.

Single Use Medium Oxygen Face Mask

Oxygen face masks are available for single use. Standard sizes and transparent colors are suitable for kids and adults. Made of non-toxic PVC for a medium concentration.

Small Oxygen Face Mask

The small oxygen face mask is available for kids and adults. Designed with high and low flow for non-breather and rebreather oxygen face masks. Lightweight and easier to wear because of its stretchable and smooth mask surface.

Transparent Oxygen Face Mask

Oxygen face masks are available in different transparent colors such as green, blue, and clear. These accessories retain moisture and provide quality air flow. Available in standard sizes for infants, adults, and children.

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Why Choose WeProFab Oxygen Face Masks


Oxygen Face Masks

WeProFab is amongst China’s leading manufacturers of oxygen face masks. We have a rich experience in manufacturing oxygen face masks that are used in different medical facilities around the world. We have the most advanced manufacturing capability for oxygen face masks in China. We also supply high-quality oxygen face masks to retailers and distributors worldwide.

WeProFab is also equipped with modern technology. It enables us to manufacture a wide range of oxygen face masks. We manufacture oxygen face masks with different size variations to fit any face shapes. These are suitable for adults, infants, and pediatrics.

Our oxygen face mask also comes with high-quality tubing. All the tube lengths are customizable according to your specifications. Aside from that, it features adjustable nose clip and elastic strap for proper adjustment.

Oxygen Face Masks

We manufacture oxygen face masks that are integrated with kink-resistant multi-channel tube to ensure a regular oxygen supply. It is also designed with universal connector so it can be connected to any oxygen source.

WeProFab oxygen face masks are used to deliver accurate amount of oxygen to patients’ respiratory system. Commonly, our oxygen face masks are made from medical grade materials such as PVC to ensure clear and soft finish to ensure comfort and easy monitoring.

If you are in need of oxygen face masks for medical use or for your business, consider to purchase at WeProFab! Our mission is to develop and design a wide range of innovative oxygen face masks. With our years of experience, we understand every demands and needs of our clients.

Oxygen Face Masks

Aside from that, we are also a certified manufacturer of oxygen face masks. We have state-of-the-art facilities and advanced manufacturing capabilities. Our strict quality control team also do rigorous inspection of our products to ensure quality.

At WeProFab, we offer fast delivery time, 24 hours online service, certified products, flexible MOQ, and professional team to offer excellent services. We promise to give you excellent quality products and excellent customer services.

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